A Victorian Sex Fantasy Pt. 08

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Author’s Foreword: This is the eighth part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts, the story will make much more sense if you go back and start from the beginning. The first part is mostly background so its probably a bit boring but it isn’t very long, the sex gets started in the second part.

This story is in the form of a memoir written later in life by a man looking back on his sexual adventures. As such he has the advantage of being able to use knowledge acquired over time to describe things that at the time he probably didn’t have words for.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between participants who were initially reluctant but are now fully willing, all over 18 years of age. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. I have set this story in a historical setting rather than the present for a couple of reasons: 1) I like historical novels; 2) It makes it more believable that people in their late teens and early twenties would be sexually innocent and that even older women who have been married and had children could be unaware of the rich variety that sex has to offer willing participants.

I will be interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. Constructive criticism is fine but please no feedback about how terrible incest stories are, if it offends you, please don’t read this story. I do want to say this: this story deals with two very taboo subjects, initially participants forced into sexual activity but not someone forcing themselves on other people, and incest. Neither of these things are okay in real life, when they do occur they cause immense pain and suffering. So do not take this fantasy as something that would work in real life.

I want to thank dezurtdawg for the inspiration for this story. I found his story ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, very hot, but from my personal prejudices, I didn’t totally like the fact the view point character initiated the forced sexual contact with his family and shared his family with his friends (they then had to share theirs in return). I decided I would try to come up with a story where the ‘hero’ is truly forced into sexual activity with his family but doesn’t have to share them with any other males.

Chapter Nine: Beth Cleans Gail’s Pussy and Makes Her Cum

‘Beth, sit in the chair at the foot of the bed, Cathy, go sit on your brother’s lap facing the bed. Daniel, you may play with Cathy’s breasts and her pussy, but you may not put your cock or your fingers inside her. Its all right to make her cum with your fingers, do you think you can figure out how to do that? You haven’t done it before.’

‘Play with her slit but don’t put my fingers inside, when she seems ready, rub her clit?’

‘Good boy, you’ve been paying attention.’ Our mother smiled at me and nodded her head.

Cathy had gotten up and now sat down on my lap. She leaned back against me, turned her head and whispered in my ear ‘I can’t wait to feel you inside me, feel you cum inside me making me pregnant like the others. Do you think I’ll be able to lick your cum from Beth when you’re done with her? Who do you think will lick my pussy after you do me?’

‘I think maybe Mamma, she hasn’t had a chance to eat cum from a pussy yet and I can tell she wants to and I’m pretty sure you’ll be the one up for doing Beth.’

Cathy squirmed a bit on my lap ‘Ooh goody. I want this all sooo much. And I can’t wait for Mamma to eat my pussy before you take me.’

Beth was now seated in the chair by the bed, her hands resting on Gail’s lower thighs, waiting to be told she could start. Mamma walked around to the opposite side of Gail and stretched out on the bed beside her daughter, leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the month, which Gail eagerly returned. Then Mamma looked at Beth. ‘All right dear, you can go ahead. Its probably better that you not put a finger inside her tonight, her broken maidenhead is probably still a bit sore.’

Beth immediately leaned forward and kissed Gail’s pussy and then began licking enthusiastically between Gail’s pussy lips. Beth moved her hands up and spread Gail’s slit güvenilir bahis open wider and stared intently ‘So pretty!’ before diving back in, pushing her tongue into the hole of Gail’s vagina and then covering it with her mouth and began sucking the juices from it, humming appreciatively. Gail began moaning and tossing her head from side to side as the feelings built up inside her.

Our mother reached out and began to play with Gail’s closest erect nipple, gently rolling it between her fingers. Gail’s moaning became louder and she opened her eyes and looked at her mother. ‘Oooh mommy, it feels so good! I feel so naughty and I love you so much but not just you, I love all of you.’

Our mother leaned down and kissed her on the lips, her hand still toying with Gail’s nipple. Raising back up a little ‘And we all love you too darling, especially your oh so naughty mother.’ And she resumed kissing Gail passionately on the mouth.

While this had been going on, I had taken one of Cathy’s breasts in my hand and was exploring it, stroking it, squeezing it, and playing with the nipple. My other hand was between her legs which she had obligingly spread to give me unobstructed access. I was feeling the yielding flesh of her pubic mound, springy but not as plump as our mothers, playing with the soft hair covering it, before finally sliding my finger into her outer slit and exploring it. My finger slid easily up and down, she was very wet and slippery, I found her opening and pressed my finger gently against it but not trying to put it inside, then I moved up her slit to find her clit, found where it was and then began circling it with my wet finger but trying to avoid direct contact. Cathy moaned and one of her hands took hold of the nipple on the breast I wasn’t playing with and she began playing it with herself.

Gail had now taken all the stimulation she could handle and she tore her mouth from her mothers and almost screamed ‘Please, make me cum!’ and I saw Beth move up and take Gail’s clit into her mouth and attack it with her tongue. I took that as a sign and began running my wet finger directly over Cathy’s clit trying to get her to cum also. Both Gail and Cathy screamed and shuddered violently and then slumped. I had to wrap my arms quickly around Cathy or she might have toppled off my lap.

Chapter Ten: Mamma Loves Cathy

Satisfied with the result of her ministrations to Gail’s pussy, Beth sat back in the chair. Gail hadn’t squirted this time but Beth still had quite a bit of juices around her mouth and on her chin. She brought her hand up and rubbed the juices from her face and then sucked the wetness from her fingers. Mamma was gently kissing Gail on the mouth now, letting Gail resurface from her cum at her own pace.

Cathy stirred on my lap and straightened up ‘Wow, that felt really nice brother. Thank you.’

‘Thank you darling sister. I enjoyed it too. Its really the first time I got to touch all the naughty places on one of your bodies.’

‘Well, you can touch my naughty places anytime you want, if its going to make me fell like that!’

I saw Mamma look over at us from the bed, she smiled lovingly at us. I smiled back and blew her a kiss. Gail began rousing at this point and she reached and put a hand on the back of your mother’s neck and drew her face down to hers, kiss mother gently on the lips. ‘That was wonderful, thank you.’ then raising her head and looking down her body to Beth sitting in the chair between her legs. ‘And thank you dear sister, your mouth and tongue on my pussy felt so good. I’m looking forward to returning the favor.’

‘I’m looking forward to it myself.’ Beth replied.

Mamma got up from the bed and came back around to where Cathy and I were sitting, she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the mouth, then kissed Cathy lingeringly, reaching out and gently fondling Cathy’s left breast. ‘Are you ready for Mamma to love you now baby?’

Oh yes Mamma, please, I want it so badly.’

Mother drew Cathy to her feet and gave her another kiss on the lips. The she looked down at my lap ‘How are you doing Daniel? Are you going to be ready for Beth to give herself to you soon?’

My cock had begun to show life again. While the events I’ve just described had occurred, my cock had starting filling and rising again until it had been pressing up on Cathy’s buttocks, it hadn’t gotten hard enough to be uncomfortable türkçe bahis being held down but now that she was off it, it continued its upward climb. I reached down and gave it a quick stroke and then released it. ‘I should be ready soon Mamma.’

‘Very good, if it is necessary, I’m happy to suck on your cock to finish getting you completely hard.’ I don’t think Mamma was ever aware that her tongue came out and wet her lips, staring at my rising cock.

‘I don’t think it will be necessary this time Mamma, but I may need your help when its Cathy’s turn.’

‘Just let me know. Now, Cathy, lets get you on the bed.’

I looked back at the bed and saw Beth helping Gail off the bed and into a chair. Beth then pulled another chair close and sat next to her sister, putting her hand on her thigh and stroking it lightly. I saw Mamma look at the edge of the bed where they had all been lying, frown and reach out to feel the comforter.

‘This has gotten very wet here’, she moved to the side of the bed and pulled the comforter off and shoved it to the floor behind her. She then left Cathy standing by the bed and crossed over the vanity getting a large towel from it, looked back at the bed, at the towel, and then picked up several more. She then came back and put most of them on the bedside table and then spread the first towel at the foot of the bed. ‘Here darling, put your derriere on this.’

And Cathy climbed on the bed and did just that, spreading her legs wide so her mother would have access to her pussy to give her the loving that Cathy so desperately wanted. She kept her upper body elevated with her elbows, so she could look down at what her mother was going to do. Our mother seated herself in the chair and leaned forward and examined her youngest daughter’s pussy. If she had had at first any hesitation in making love to her daughters, it seemed to be completely gone now. She didn’t seem to be hesitating from doubts, but from enjoying the view, staring at it hungerly. Mamma reached out and used her fingers to spread Cathy’s already slightly gaping outer pussy lips so that the interior was fully visible. ‘So pretty!’

I had to agree. I could see so much better now that I was seated up close and just to the right of the chair at the foot of the bed that Mamma was in. I could clearly see the details of Cathy’s pussy, the bump at the top of her slit which I had felt with my finger, the puffy, inner lips and at the bottom of her slit, the virgin opening to her vagina, glistening pinkly, fluid seeping slowly out of it. Suddenly, I wished that I was the one who was going to get to lick her pussy, taste her juices and make her cum. My mother and sisters were all getting to taste each other’s sex and I wasn’t! And I wanted to taste them all and return the pleasure that they were all giving me and each other, so much!

But that didn’t seem to be my role tonight. I resolved to have Mamma teach me how to pleasure them all with my mouth, starting with herself, at the first opportunity.

Our mother finally yielded to her hunger and brought her mouth down on Cathy’s pussy, first giving it a kiss, then putting out her tongue licked slowly up from below the bottom of Cathy’s slit to the top, collecting the fluid oozing out of Cathy’s hole as she went. ‘Oh darling, you taste so good!’

Cathy moaned and closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the sensations her mother was giving her but then quickly opened her eyes again, not wanting to miss watching a single moment of what her mother was doing to her.

Now, I could see mother stabbing her tongue into Cathy’s virgin hole over and over and then pressing her mouth over it and sucking fiercely, her checks hollowing from the suction. Cathy began moaning continuously now and seemed to be struggling to keep her eyes focused on what our mother was doing to her. ‘I love you Mamma! It feels so good! Please, I’m almost there, make me cum!’

I watched as Mamma moved her mouth to Cathy’s clit and licked it, then took it into her mouth and I assume, continued to attack it with her tongue. Cathy’s eyes closed and she fell back flat on her back and screamed ‘Yeessss! I’m cumming Mamma! I love you!’

Our mother quickly got to her feet and then threw her body on Cathy’s, moving up to place her breasts on her daughter’s and her hips between Cathy’s wide spread thighs. Between their legs, I could see that her plump pussy mound güvenilir bahis siteleri was pressed against Cathy’s. Mamma began kissing Cathy passionately, her mouth wet with Cathy’s juices smearing them around Cathy’s mouth. Cathy put her arms around her mother and appeared to be kissing her back just as passionately.

Mother appeared to be very stimulated by what she had been doing, I noticed that she was now rubbing her pussy mound against my sister’s and started moaning into her mouth. Then she raised her head and exclaimed ‘Oooh mmyy! I’m cumming! And then she was still, her head falling to rest on the bed next to my sister’s.

I watched as my sister’s hands began stroking our mother’s back, a look of contentment on her face. After a couple of minutes, she turned her head and kissed our mother’s ear and not getting a response, took our mother’s earlobe in her teeth and gave it a gentle bite. ‘Mamma, I love feeling your body on mine, but can I get up now?’

Our mother gasped and then rolled off to the side. ‘I’m sorry darling. Did I hurt you?’

‘Not at all, but I can breath better now. Did you cum from rubbing your pussy on mine?’

‘Yes, I was so excited from loving you that I just had to kiss you, and when I felt my pussy pressing against yours it felt so good it just seemed to happen. I never imagined two women could do that. Actually, before tonight, I never imaged women could do any of the things we’ve been doing with each other.’

‘Aren’t you glad we did find out? Can we continue to do them after tonight? Will Daniel be able to continue loving us all? I can’t wait to feel him inside me!’

‘After tonight any of us who want to continue can, it will be up to each of us to make our own decision. I love all of you and hope that all of you will want to share yourselves with the rest of us. But it is not something that would be right for me to require of anyone if they do not wish to participate. I don’t want a commitment now, I want each of you to think about it after this evening is over and decide with your head and your heart what you want to do. Can all of you do that? It could make our life very difficult if we continue and we need to discuss that before this continues beyond tonight.’

We all murmured ‘Yes Mamma.’

I don’t know about the others, but I already knew what I wanted. I hoped desperately that all four of them would decide that they wished to continue. Now that I had seen them all naked and had kissed them and felt their naked bodies and been inside two of them, I wanted it to never end. I wanted to taste Mamma’s pussy and each of my sister’s pussies as Mamma had been doing. And I never wanted to stop putting my cock inside them and making them cum. Of course, I loved them, and if any or all of them decided not to continue, I would accept their decision without protest, as I would never want to cause any of them a moment of distress.

Then there was the sound of applause. I looked and it was the woman. ‘Such a loving and caring family. It is hard to believe that you are married to your miserable, dishonourable, brute of a husband.’

‘Believe me, I wish I wasn’t. Not that I regret having had my children for a single moment, but they are absolutely the only good thing to come out of my marriage. Well, that and the improved financial situation of my family that allowed my sisters to find husbands. Not that their husbands seem to be much better than mine, but like me, they did get lovely children out of it. When he made it clear how despicable he was, I moved out and both my family and his father supported that decision.’

‘Lucky woman. When my situation became known, much of my family and and my dead husband’s family turned their backs on us. Fortunately not all of them though.’

Then she continued ‘Now, I think it is time for daughter Bethany to become a woman.’

Author’s afterword: I’m now caught up to what I’d gotten finished before I started posting this story. I will continue writing but new postings will probably be farther apart, as I can’t spend all my time working on this, much as I would like to. I know how the next couple of parts will go and have a pretty good idea how the parts after that will play out. Farther out, I have ideas but haven’t really played enough with them in my head to have filled out any details. I may eventually reach a point where I will declare this story line to be book one and start a book two with the later adventures of our hero. I also have ideas for other stories, some fairly well fleshed out in my head, others less so.

Please let me know at you think of the story so far and please vote.

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