A Visit to My Mother in Law

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I got up to get my things for the shower, and as I did I realized I had gotten very hard down below. As soon as I realized this I tried to discreetly adjust my cock, but she saw me and I swear she smiled. “You jump in while I dry off and get dinner ready” she said. The shower felt great, hot and long. Of course I stroked myself as I imagined my MIL and me in all sorts of sexual ways. Just then after a quick wrap on the door Sandy walked right in. “You’re going to need this” she announced holding a towel. I stood frozen behind the glass door, my stiffness still in my hand. “Sandy!” I shouted, “You should have knocked”! I said, embarrassed and excited at the same time. “I did” she replied; “You must have been too busy to notice,” she laughed. She put the towel down and left the room. “Holy shit!” I thought, “My mother in law just saw caught me jerking off in the shower! Now what?”

As I came to the dinner table in shorts and a t-shirt, I was pleased to see her braless also in short white terry cloth shorts and a sleeveless shirt that offered excellent views of her breast from the side or front. This was a pretty revealing outfit I thought, but again figured it was all in my head. As I sat down she came over with a glass and bottle of wine. Setting the glass down she began to pour. As she did, her gorgeous tits hung down and were clearly visible to me, close enough for me casino siteleri to touch and smell. This time I made no attempt to hide my approval and she gave me an approving smile. Was she coming on to me? The rest of dinner was much the same, she seemed to go out of her way to give me clear views of her free swinging breast or her nice ass. My cock was raging hard!

After dinner we moved into the living room to watch a movie she had gotten. I sat on the couch and she sat right next to me. She smelled great! “More wine?” she asked and I nodded yes. Again she leaned over directly in front of me and I just blurted out “You know Sandy, I’m not going to be responsible for my actions if you keep doing that!” I laughed as I said it, and she laughed also. “Does it bother you to see my body? I just wanted to be comfortable, but I’ll go change if you’d like.” “Of course not” I replied, “You’ve got a great body, but then I’m sure you already know that don’t you?” She laughed again and sat down next to me with her wine. Leaning against me I instinctively put my arm up on the back of the couch. The movie was about chocolate and the effect it had on sexual drive. It was very erotic and we downed a few glasses of wine during it. It was extremely arousing to watch those erotic scenes with her! At one point right after a scene in which a women exposed her breast and the man she was slot oyna with hungrily attacked her, Sandy patted her hand on my bare thigh and said “It sure is nice having you here!” she then allowed her hand to rest on my thigh and occasionally, almost unconsciously rubbing my thigh up and down. I couldn’t stand it! So I put my hand on top of hers and said how nice it was to be with her as well. She looked me right in the eyes and smiled “We’re going to have a great time together!”

The movie ended and we chatted for a little while, then went off to our separate beds. I was so horny I could wait to lie on my bed and relieve myself. Sandy must not have thought about that though and again after a quick obligatory know she poked her head in the door. “What would you like for breakfast”? Well this is it I thought, now what do I do or say? “Sandy you’ve really got to learn to knock!” I exclaimed. “You’re right,” she said, not taking her eyes off my hard cock. “But I’ve never seen a man masturbate before, it’s very sexy, and you have a very nice cock” she continued “Would you mind if I watch?”

What? Would I mind? I have a VERY nice cock? It was the way she said it that blew me away. And I’ve never heard her say cock before! “Sandy” I said still slowly moving my hand up and down, “This is all your fault you know. Seeing you today, first all sweaty in your short little tennis canlı casino siteleri dress, then the towel and walk into my shower, the no bra look, and now this! I’m only human you know! Do you have any idea how sexy you are?”

Well that was more than I meant to say and I was worried now that I had gone to far. You know what they say, that fantasies should stay fantasies. Then she spoke. “Do I really have that affect on you? You know, you’re not the only one who’s horny around here!” She stood in my doorway now, staring at me sliding my hand up and down my cock. She had changed into her nightgown. Not expecting to have me see her, just poking her head in a doorway, her nightgown was fairly sheer. Her beautiful breasts were clearly visible through it. She had on some panties, though I couldn’t make out what type of fabric.

Not thinking about the consequences, I blurted out “Well maybe we can help each other?” OK, now what will she say I thought. My wildest dreams were realized when she walked towards me on the bed, slowly removing her nightgown as she came closer “ Maybe we can” she said. With that she lie down next to me and we kissed. Our mouths were soon locked in a passionate kiss. For me it was years of fantasizing come true. For her, I don’t know if it was the wine or me or a warm body, but I didn’t much care.

Our hands and legs were now moving wildly about the bed. Somehow I got her panties off. My hand was alternately grabbing her ass and her breasts. Her hand had made its way done to my stiff hard on. She slowly squeezed it and rubbed it with her long fingers. God it felt good!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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