A Weekend In Paradise Day 3 Finale !

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A Weekend In Paradise Day 3 Finale !
I sat totally depressed but then thought “What a weekend I’ve had, c’est la vie”. The four glasses of wine virtually untouched.

I picked one up, gulped it, and put more music on. I started on the second.

Forty five minutes later, I had just started the fourth glass, when the doorbell rang. I answered…it was Christine.

“Had to get rid of the lasses and I’m staying tonight. Just drop these bags off then lets pop to pub eh?” . Flummoxed i said “OK”. I was a bit pissed by now.

We went to the pub and had a couple of drinks whilst having a flirty chat. I was again getting some funny looks and comments from one or two people who thought I was still with Ann.

“She’s my cousin… up here for the weekend” which they appeared to accept.

“I heard that” Christine giggled. We sat and chatted, her hand in mine, and I was was feeling so good. She suddenly put both hands on my face and kissed me ! “ Ok Cuz time for home eh”.

“What now its only half six ?” I replied. “Ok your loss.” I changed my mind.

Arriving home I quaffed the glass I’d left earlier then poured us both a couple more.

We sat down on the settee.

“Sorry but I couldn’t wait. I wanted to suck you in the pub toilets but a bit dangerous i thought” Chris laughed as she unbuttoned and unzipped me. Out came my stiffening cock and her hand and head simultaneously engulfed it.

A joy to feel and a joy to watch. Her ginger head bobbing up and down in time with her hand movement. “Oh God Sparks ! I’ve longed to taste and swallow your cum since I arrived ”.

I just wanted to see and fuck her pussy !!

My rigid cock was still in her mouth and she continued to suck it slowly, looking into my eyes as she did . She increased the pace and squeezing my balls at the same time !

“I’d slow a bit hun or else I’m gonna cum soon“. ”I wanna taste it” She replied, and took my full length down her throat. “No I wanna fuck you stop please !” Too late I spurted into her mouth.

She slowly removed my cock and opened her lips ,smiling as she did, showing me my load on her tongue, then swallowed it….a couple of dribbles on her chin. “God Sparky that tasted good” “mmmmmm” was all I could reply.

She jumped up and said “drink and music”. Her slender legs moved across to the drinks and CD player. I wanted to see between them !

“Lets have a quiet snuggly hour eh” She whispered. I nodded to her. She turned my head and gave me a slow sensual kiss. “I’m here all night dear and you will get to see and fuck it !”. She had read my mind.

We sat and cuddled, chatted and kissed, listening to music, for more than hour.

We discussed the situation about Ann and this happening, which Christine was so nonchalant about. “Shes not for you ! I am ! or the girls ! We all like a fuck ! Ann is a bore !”.

Drink was finally kicking in. But we were both enjoying and happy and still horny !

“I want to fuck you now” I said.

“Soon” She replied “I need a pee” and she went internet casino upstairs to the toilet.

I listened to the music while I waited. The song was “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel which lasted for about 7 minutes. “Billy” I thought “I’ve had more than a bottle of red and white ! where is she?”. I shouted “Chris You OK?”. “I’m just nipping to shop Ok ?” I needed Proplus as I was knackered !

“Be two mins” she called back. ” Just popping to shop be back soon” I repeated.

I returned but Chris was still upstairs.

About five minutes later she walked in ! I was waiting for my Proplus to kick in in. “Take this” she said ….. Another hardener lol !

Christine was a sight to behold. She was wearing a Schoolgirl uniform almost identical to Katies from Friday. Knee length socks and a pair of trainers. Pigtails in her hair and blouse and tie topped off with hat and blazer, I was hard immediately !

“Katie told me you like naughty Schoolgirls so I asked if I could borrow her uniform when I took them home. She isn’t silly and knew why but swore not to tell Ann” She giggled “Well I’m really naughty and need to be punished for doing that don’t I”.

With that she dived across my knees and said “Spank me Headmaster !! Ive been really naughty !!”.

I lightly tapped her bottom and she spluttered ” No ! lift my skirt and spank me hard !”. I lifted her skirt to find a pair of green old fashioned schoolgirl knickers. ” Fucking spank me hard ! I’m naughty and I need punishing properly !”

She sounded just like Katie did in the early hours of Saturday morning !!

I increased the intensity. “Harder !!! Lift up my skirt pull down my knickers and spank my bare arse and harder please please” she begged. I did as I was told. “Stop and use this”

She pulled a leather paddle out of her bag. She turned her head and whispered “Hard please” . Again I started hitting, her bottom getting redder and redder after each hard blow. Wields appearing ! “Im coming keep it going !” She pleaded. I could see spurts coming from her glistening wet pussy lips, soaking the settee.

“Oh my God Sparky I need whipping now ! That was wonderful !”.

She went to her magic bag and brought out a horse whip ! With that she stuck her red bare bum in the air, looked at me and said “HARD ! OK !” I started but too gently! “FUCKING HARDER SPARKY !” The welts soon started appearing. I suddenly saw her legs coated in moisture. The harder I hit the more she moaned!

Finally she said “I’m Cumming Oh Yes Oh Yes” and a torrent of cum came from her pussy. White creamy fluid coated her thighs. I had never seen a sight like it in over 20 years of fucking!

She turned and smiled and mouthed “Thank you. That was wonderful”. I was still in awe but then realised she must be knackered and sore and she would be wanting a kip.

To my surprise she then rolled onto the floor and turned on her back then lifted her skirt. Finally I got to see her gorgeous trimmed ginger pussy. canlı poker oyna Magnificent. I dived between her legs and started licking. She was so wet and I slurped her creamy juices. ” Oh yes Sparks that’s great put your fingers in …finger fuck me hard”

“God Im coming !” and another big spurt came from between her still creamy legs. “Fuck me now !” She demanded.

I raised myself and placed my cock in front of her magnificent trimmed ginger pubes.

I entered her and pulled out, repeating it several times. “Stop teasing” she shouted “Fuck me hard !”.

I started. Slowly at first but she shouted “I want it hard i love it hard !”

I started pounding her tight wet and creamy cunt, almost ripping her blouse apart, sucking her nipples as I thrust. Her legs came up around my back. I looked at her face. Her eyes were almost at the back of her head.

“Keep Going ! Keep Going ! Oh Fuck ! Oh my God ! Im coming again!!”. I felt her pussy pulse and I didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out and watched her pussy send several gushes of her cum and white cream onto the carpet. “Oh my God that was wonderful” “It was fucking fantastic !” I replied.

We laid there and got our heads together and sat down on the settee for 10 minutes or so. It was almost ten o’clock. “Lets pop up the pub. Straighten your gear and leave off the knickers” I said laughing.

To my total surprise she said “What a great idea”. She linked my arm and said “Let’s Go”.

Schoolgirl uniform intact again we went to the pub. We found a secluded corner but she had been well noticed by people. It was weird.

She gave me a loving look, put her arm around me and kissed me. “Put your hand up my skirt for a sec”. I did. Her hairs so moist. I slipped in a finger. “mmmm” she smiled. “”Go get the drinks”.

The pub was quite busy and two of my mates were stood at the bar and had obviously seen her kiss me. They popped over and sat down opposite. “Hi Sparky where’s Ann ?” Mark asked. Christine interjected “He’s no longer with Ann. They’ve had a fall out and I’m just trying to console him. So can you leave us alone lads please” She said firmly.

“Fucking your cousin isn’t that against the law ?” Mark said. “Oh God ! The rumours had got around ” I thought. I struggled for an answer. Christine in a Schoolgirl uniform didn’t really help the situation.

“I’m not his cousin Tosspot ! I’m Anns sister ! If we want to fuck we are quite at liberty to and anyway you are just jealous that Sparks can pull and you saddos cant” she spat out at them.

“Ssssorry” Mark managed to say “didn’t mean to cause offence sorry. You look very sexy “. Christine was sat directly opposite Mark and spread her legs giving him a glance up her schoolgirl skirt ! His eyes nearly popped !!

“That’s for Sparky and he IS gonna fuck me rigid tonight as he has already…..you two go and wank each other off in the bog ok !”. She didn’t pull any punches. They got the hint and moved back to the bar.

Christine canlı bahis kissed my cheek and said “Sorry bout that but I want you for myself tonight”.

“I’ll be talk of pub tomorrow but never mind, I want to flaunt you now, so lets go and sit somewhere else more public”.

We moved to a seat opposite the bar and I placed my arm around her and gave her a full blown kiss in front of many people who I knew. I didn’t care any more.

Christine suddenly stood up and went over to Mark and Paul. She spoke to them for a minute or so and they seemed pleased. She came back to me and sat down with a wicked smile on her face. She gave me a kiss and said “Ive just apologised for my rudeness and asked if they fancied a foursome” she giggled. I looked aghast. “Of course they fucking would for fucks sake ! My night ruined” I thought. Then she kissed me and whispered “Don’t worry it’s a wind up hun”

We sat and chatted for 20 minutes or so, the lads looking over regularly and expectantly.

“Time to go” she said. She linked my arm and as we walked by them said ” An August Fool lads” and we walked out laughing.

Straight to bed when we arrived home and I was straight under her skirt. No knickers, tongue straight into her pussy. She writhed and whispered “mmmm yes Sparks that’s lovely”.

I took off my top and continued licking, again ripping her blouse open, and played with her rock hard nipples. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh Yes” her voice rising on each “Oh Yes”, until a spurt came from her cunt. “Cock in now and nice and hard please. I took off my jeans and undies and again entered her with my rock hard cock. God it was good. So wet ! so tight !

We fucked for ages Christine coming several times while I had to hold back to preserve myself when she suddenly said “Fuck my arse Sparky please”.

Now in my nigh on forty years id never fucked an arse. I explained this to her and all she said was “It doesn’t mean your a fucking queer bastard ! I just love it up the bum Ok ! Please Please please I’m begging you” She was looking at me pleadingly, so I said “Ok”.

It wasn’t some bent bastard i was fucking ! It was a gorgeous woman !

She reached for her magic bag and brought out some lube. She squeezed it onto her hand, massaged my cock then lubed her arsehole.

We looked at each other and she mouthed “Please Sparky” and turned and proffered her arse.

I slowly placed my cock at the entrance and rubbed it around her anus. “Mmmmm that feels nice but enter me please”.

I gently pushed my cock into her bum.

“Oh YES ! Deeper! Right in Sparks”. God it was tight ! The lube helped me enter and I started fucking her arse. She went absolutely ballistic ! . “Oh yes Fuck me Fuck my Arse !!” she yelled, small gushes of cum splattering from her pussy.

“Turn me over and kiss me and please cum in my bum Sparks” she begged. I did as I was told, fucking harder until she yelled “YES !” and I gave her an anal creampie. I pulled out, my cum seeping from her arse and she just said one word. “Heaven”.

We laid in each others arms and dozed off.

Christine woke early and said “I’ve got to go sorry. Keep in touch I’ve left my number downstairs”. She gave me a long lingering kiss and departed.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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