A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 25

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Rob asked me to write about my week with Amy and her dad. He told me all about the stories he’s been sending to Literotica about us. I think it’s pretty cool and he promised to help me with my grammar and spelling. So what you’ll be reading is what I remember and a bit of help from Rob. I love him so much! I’m glad that he and my mom are getting married. I’d love to get married to him if I was old enough. But it’s OK because he treats me like I’m grown up and I just pray that someday when I do want to get married, I can find another guy just like Rob.

When we left the club to drive home Amy and I told her dad we were hungry and asked if we could stop and get some ice cream and pie at the Rock Springs Café. He took us there and I had my favorite-blackberry crumb pie with vanilla ice cream. Tom had apple and Amy had lemon. It was really good!

When we finally got back to Sedona I asked if we could stop at my house so I could get some clothes for school. We got there and found Tracy and Tammi and Joe. Tracy was getting some clothes too. I think they were all fooling around and we surprised them. But it was cool and we all closed up the house again and said goodbye.

We got to Amy’s house and went inside. Amy and I were unpacking my stuff when Tom came in and sat down with us. Amy asked him if he was tired from the weekend.

‘Actually no.’ He said. ‘I’m really kind of charged up from the whole thing.’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked him.

‘Well I have to admit that I’ve never been to a place like that before. And being there with everyone else and not wearing clothes was something new for me.’

‘And that has you charged up?’

‘Well it was a new experience to be naked with someone besides Dawn. I’ve always liked to look at naked women, but I’ve never been able to do it like that.’

‘And that got you charged up?’ I asked again.

‘Well Teri, it did. But seeing you and Amy and your sister and Tammi all naked too was pretty exciting. It’s all so weird to me. I was always taught that men weren’t supposed to be with young girls their daughter’s age, but it all seemed so right and natural this weekend and so now casino siteleri I have to rethink it all.’

‘Gee. My mom told me that a lot of grown ups have hang ups like that. Do you think you can get over it?’

I looked over at Amy. She was starting to get undressed. She had taken off her shorts and just had her t-shirt and underpants on. Tom looked at her too. I could tell that he had a funny look on his face. He was smiling and he put his hand on his leg. Amy grinned at her dad.

‘Daddy, do you like seeing me with no clothes on?’

‘Yes honey, I do.’

Amy crossed her arms and lifted her shirt over her head. Her titties looked flat with her arms in the air, but her nipples were hard and sticking out. It wasn’t very cold in her room so I think she was getting turned on too. I guess it was because she was showing herself to her father like she hadn’t done before. I mean, we were all naked together at the club and all, but this was at home and almost alone. Well we were alone, just the three of us. Tom was rubbing his leg now.

Amy was standing there now with just her panties on.

‘Daddy, are you getting hard right now?’ she asked.

Tom rubbed his leg some more. I could see the outline of his big penis in his pants.

‘Yes honey. I am. You have a very pretty young body and I like seeing you this way.’

‘Do you think I have a pretty body too?’ I asked him. I started to unbutton my shirt.

‘Oh yes Teri. I think you both are very exciting young ladies.’

I finished unbuttoning my shirt and took it off. I stood up and moved closer to him. ‘Do you like my titties?’

Tom put his hand around my waist and gently pulled me close to him. I moved so that my left titty was right next to his face. He did just what I hoped he would do when he leaned into me and kissed it. I felt a chill all over my body. I pulled away at first and then pressed myself back against him.

Amy was taking off her underpants now. I wanted to be naked too, but I didn’t want Tom to stop kissing my titty. It felt so good! Amy came over and stood right up against me so our bellies were touching and Tom moved his mouth slot oyna onto her titty.

‘Oh Daddy! That feels so good. Are you going to shoot your cum?’

Tom just kind of moaned into Amy’s chest. He loosened his hand on my waist enough so that I could step back and take off my shorts and panties. Now I was naked too and I stepped back in close to Amy. We were smushing his face in between us. If he was going to shoot his cum, I wanted to see it. I asked him if he should take off his clothes too. He stopped sucking on Amy’s nipple and stood up next to us. We watched while he peeled off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. He kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants and his shorts in one motion.

His penis was standing straight out in front of him. Amy reached to touch it first and it jumped when she did. She pulled her hand away and then reached for it again. This time she wrapped her hand around it. She could barely get her fist around the whole thing. I looked at the tip and it was red and glossy. I leaned down and put my mouth on the end and gave it a lick.

‘Oh God!’ Tom moaned.

It tasted salty and I licked it again. I felt Tom’s hand on the side of my head. And Amy started to rub her hand back and forth on the length of his shaft. He held my head just enough to keep the tip in my mouth. I liked the way it felt and tasted. I bent down to get more comfortable and took him deeper in my mouth. Amy was really pumping him now and I could feel him thrusting his hips towards me with her movements. I felt the head of hi penis hit the back of my throat and I remembered how I learned to take my mom’s rubber one deep down my throat. I relaxed my throat and let him push it way down inside. Amy’s fist bumped against my lips and my nose. It hurt at first but then she moved her hand down and cupped his sack and his balls.

Now Tom was fucking my mouth and he was making sounds that didn’t sound like words, but I could tell he was enjoying it. I loved the feeling of his huge penis inside my mouth and throat. His hand on my head felt so warm and comforting. I wanted him to hold me that way forever.

Then he let out a loud grunt and I canlı casino siteleri felt like he was shoving himself all the way down to my stomach! His penis started to throb and then I felt it shoot in my throat. I gulped and swallowed it just as he shot it again. The third shot came so fast that it filled my throat and came up onto my mouth. I started to choke and then swallowed again. It was OK. I could breathe and I wasn’t drowning. But some of his cum was dripping out of my mouth. I could feel it on my chin and running down my neck.

Finally after about twenty seconds or so, he let go of my head and fell back onto Amy’s bed. His penis slid out of me so fast it rubbed against the top of my mouth and made a funny popping sound when it came out. I swallowed again and wiped my hand on my neck. It was real slimy but I licked it off the back of my hand. I love the way it tastes. I knew right at that moment that I liked to suck men’s penises and that I wanted to do it again, and a lot!

Amy bent over and kissed me. She stuck her tongue inside my mouth and I know that she could still taste some of her dad’s cum inside. We had kissed a few times before, but this time it seemed to mean more. When we stood up, Tom reached out and we laid down on either side of him and cuddled.

‘Daddy can we sleep with you in your bed tonight? It feels so good to cuddle with you.’

‘Sure honey. I can’t think of anything that would feel better. Are you all right Teri?’ He asked me. ‘I didn’t hurt your throat did I?’

‘No sir. I love the way it felt inside me.’

‘You know, a lot of girls are afraid of a penis like mine. I mean it’s bigger than average. But you have a natural talent. It’s a very special gift. But you must use it wisely. It’s something that you should only share with people who are special to you. Otherwise, you could get a bad reputation and boys won’t respect you. I feel very special and I hope you understand what I’m trying to say to you.’

‘Yes Tom, I think I do.’ I snuggled closer to him.

After a few minutes we got up and walked into his bedroom with our arms around each other. It felt good to be together in his big bed, but we didn’t need much space. We were all cuddled closely and we fell asleep with Amy and me making a Tom sandwich.

That was our first night at Amy’s house. Do you want me to write about the other days and nights too?

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