Aaron’s Summer of ’77 Ch. 05

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Chapter Five – Cookie and Wookiee

Adam pulls up in front of our house right at 9:00am and I am out on the front porch waiting for him. He boots Mrs. Fullerton’s car down the 401 until we get to Johnstown and then heads north up to Ottawa.

An hour and a bit later, we are driving by the Experimental Farm on Prince of Wales Drive and about to head onto Carling Avenue and Bronson on our way over to Argyle Avenue, where Dad made an appointment with the rental agent to look at this bachelor apartment we’ve come to see.

We pull up in front of the apartment building on Argyle and park on the opposite side of the street, facing the building. It’s a red brick house similar in size and architectural style to most of the other houses on the street. At one time it must have been a single family home. Three stories tall with balconies facing the street and a central door on the front façade, it’s obviously a walk-up building with lots of stairs. Hopefully, the apartment we have to look at is either on the first or second floor. The prospect of carrying my bike and dragging laundry and groceries up multiple flights of stairs is not exactly thrilling. The lady who is to show us the apartment is waiting for us out on the covered front porch by the front door.

“Hello. Which one of you is Aaron Christie?” she asks.

I reach out to shake her hand and say, “Hello, I’m Aaron and this is my friend, Adam Blanchard from Brockville. Thanks for meeting us to see the apartment.”

“I’m Jennifer, the leasing agent for the landlord. Your Father explained to me on the phone when he called that you’re starting classes at Algonquin, close by in the fall. You’ll find this place a little on the small side. It’s really just one big room with a kitchen alcove and a bathroom. The rent is $225.00 a month, with a first and last month deposit and post-dated cheques for the first year. Also, we don’t normally rent to students, so we’ll be needing a security deposit of $250.00 for any damages that may be incurred for the time you live here. Is that going to be a problem?”

“No. That sounds OK to me,” I say.

“Well then, let’s go in and have a look and you can let me know what you think. I’ve had one person already looking at the place, so if you are interested, you’ll have to let me know before you leave.”

“OK, can we see the place then, please?”

“Yes, of course. Follow me.”

“As you can see, it’s on the first floor to the right just as you come in the door. This place has new locks on the door and has just been painted. The landlord bought the building a few years ago and with the exception of this place on the first floor, it’s fully rented out. There are no laundry facilities in the building. There is a laundromat three blocks down on Elgin, beside Al’s Steak House. The hardwood floors have just been refinished. This used to be the parlour or living room back when this was still a single family house. The fireplace is decorative and not functional. You have a big window facing out onto Argyle Street. And, as you can see the place is heated with a hot water radiator just under the window over there. The bathroom has new wallpaper that I actually put up for the landlord. It has an original sink and claw foot bathtub that came from another room when the place was converted into apartments. You’ve got the IGA store for groceries just over on Isabella Street and you’re close to the Voyageur Colonial bus station, just up four blocks on Catherine. Heat and hydro are included in the rent. Phone and cable are extra. Do you have any questions for me?”

“Ummm. No. Too bad the fireplace is painted over. I bet there is some beautiful oak underneath that paint,” I say.

“It has at least four coats of paint on it and would have needed too much work to strip it down to the original wood and stain it again,” she says.

“It’s beautiful though.”

“Tell you what…if you want to put the effort into refinishing it while you are here, then I don’t think the landlord would have a problem with that at all,” she says and slowly starts to warm up to me.

I keep looking at that fireplace, imagining those scrolled side pieces, turned columns, and moldings with that original beveled glass overmantel mirror stripped down and refinished with a golden stain to match the hardwood flooring.

“Well…the kitchen is really small and there is only that little alcove for clothes by the front door and those hanging hooks between it and the kitchen. I really like the place though and the location is good. If I were to take it, would you take a deposit now by cheque and when would I be able to have keys to move into the place?”

“Once the cheque clears and you give me the security deposit and post-dated cheques, then I can hand you over the keys.”

“OK…Adam, I don’t think I’m going to find anything cheaper, closer or better this close to the start of the semester. What do you think about the place?”

“Aaron, it looks good to me. That bathtub is really big,” he says, and gives me a sly little smile.

“The güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri kitchen is smaller even than my place back in Brockville. But you’ll have the cafeteria at school and there are lots of restaurants along Elgin Street. It’s your decision, Aaron,” says Adam.

“Can I give you a cheque now then, Jennifer? My Mom gave me a blank cheque before we left this morning. I can fill out the amount for first and last month and the security deposit. I really like the place.”

“Sounds good to me,” she says.

“I have to be up in Ottawa on August 22nd to meet with the Department Head and get myself oriented to find my way around the school. Can I pick up keys for the place at the same time? I think I’ll want to move in around Labor Day, so I’ll be ready for school to start.”

“What are you going to be studying in school, Aaron?” she asks me.

“Interior Design,” I say.

“Well then…I’ll certainly know who to come to whenever the landlord wants to do something around here. Just remember though, that you can’t paint or do anything that’s going to alter the place unless you ask permission first or you’ll lose your security deposit.”

“Thanks for coming along with me, Adam. What did you really think about the place, now that I’ve rented it?”

“Well, cookie…that kitchen is smaller than a closet. And as for closets…well, there are none. And the ceilings in the place are at least twelve feet high. If you aren’t planning on doing more than making coffee and having toast in that kitchen…there is like, no counter in there at all. And if that hot water radiator in the main room heats the place, so you don’t freeze to death in the winter, then it should be OK.”

“Aaron, I saw you looking and thinking about that fireplace. Don’t do the landlord’s work for him, cookie. It looks just fine, painted the way it is now. You’ll have more important things to do with your time outta’ school than taking on something like that…like taking nice, long, hot bubble baths in that old-fashioned tub with me!” says Adam, with a suggestive laugh.”

“Now let’s hop in the car and head over to the Campus, ’cause I wanna’ see how far it is from here and just exactly where you’re gonna’ be going for classes. After that, we’re gonna’ come back here and take a walk down Elgin Street. Then you can buy me dinner, since I’m such a nice guy for bringing you up here today baby…hah…hah…hah!”

The St. Pat’s Campus of Algonquin College faces directly onto the Rideau Canal along a roadway that is called the Queen Elizabeth Driveway. It used to be the railroad tracks coming along that side of the Canal in to Union Station, right across from the Chateau Laurier Hotel, until the National Capital Commission and City of Ottawa ripped up the tracks and beautified the entire length of the Canal to promote tourism. It is quite beautiful now. St. Pat’s was purchased by Algonquin College and is an “H”- shaped, four-story red brick, vaguely Tudor-style building that resembles many high schools built in the same period of time. It reminds me of Brockville Collegiate, where I went to high school. I keeping thinking to myself, “I sure hope the time I spend here is going to be better than when I was at BCI…”

“I’ll have to be up here again on August 22nd to meet the Department Head and show her my portfolio, Adam. At least now I know how to get here from Argyle Street.”

“That was the general idea there, Aaron. Looks like the place is locked up tight for the summer though, so I guess we won’t be doing any walking around inside. Too bad…I wanted to see what it looked like beforehand with ya’.”

“Maybe when I come up to meet Camilla ‘whatshername’ on the 22nd,” I say.

“Depends on when I have to work, babe…we’ll see. I’d like to though.”

We head back to the car and hop in. Adam heads north on the Driveway and turns left over the Pretoria Avenue Bridge that spans the Canal. Then he follows the road to the right where it becomes Elgin Street.

“Might as well park exactly where we were before on Argyle and take a walk down Elgin Street. You know cookie, it’s been a year or so since I was last up here in Ottawa. I know a bit about this area. I think you’re gonna like it here, once you get all moved in and settled.”

“If you look over to the left, there is the Museum of Nature,” says Adam.

“It looks like a castle, Adam…”

A few blocks further and Adam says, “Over there on the right is a laundromat and Al’s Steak House is right beside it. It’s been there for decades. Up ahead, you’ll find a pharmacy…hah…hah! And don’t ya’ go in there checking anyone out either, cookie.”

“You’re ‘more than enough for me, Adam,” I say.

“Ya’ got that one right there, babe!” he says, while giving me a nudge with his shoulder as we walk along.

A few blocks more and he says, “There’s the Elgin Street Theatre…and look…they’re playing ‘Star Wars!’ Wanna’ go see it after we eat something, Aaron? I’ve really been wantin’ to see it. I promise not güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to eat all the red licorice on you this time…in fact, I’ll even buy it! Can we, baby?”

“When do you have to have Mrs. Fullerton’s car, back to her, Adam?”

“Not until tomorrow morning, when I hafta’ start work, babe. We’ve got the rest of the day to just fool around and see stuff.”

“OK…let’s find somewhere to eat and we’ll catch an early show then. Hopefully, there won’t be a big line-up, like there was when it showed in Brockville.”

We head all the way down Elgin Street until we reach the Lord Elgin Hotel. Right behind it is a Ponderosa Steak House. At least it is something familiar and I am guessing most of the government workers who work downtown probably eat lunch and dinner here.

“How about we stop in here, Adam? Is this good enough for you?”

“Sure thing, cookie. I like my meat tender and rare! Just like you, baby…hah…hah!”

“Oh God!” I say.

After eating we stop at the corner of Elgin and Laurier Streets and Adam starts to tell me about the Lord Elgin Hotel.

“Ya’ know, Aaron…they have a gay bar down in the basement of this hotel and it’s been here since the end of World War Two. There’s also another place where we can go and dance sometime, just on the other side of where the old train station is on the other side of the canal. It’s called the Coral Reef Club. The local guys call it the ‘oral grief’ club!”

“How do you know these places, Adam?” I say to him.

“Aaron baby, you gotta’ remember I’m seven years older than you and have more experience with these things. Every once in a while, before I met you and whenever I got lonely and horny, I’d come up to Ottawa and check out these places. I want ya’ to know about them. But, I want you to promise me and wait and I’ll show ya’ them, though…OK cookie? I don’t want you going into those places alone without me.”

“OK. Sure, Adam,” I say.

“Now, let’s see if we can get into the movie…”

“Stop hitting me with that piece of licorice! I’m trying to follow the movie!” I whisper to Adam.

“It’s my ‘light sabre’ and I’m attacking you, ‘Luke Skywalker’!”

“Well, thank God your dong isn’t as limp as your ‘light sabre.’ Honest to God, Adam! Like, just how old are you anyway?”

Adam laughs at loud and six people around us start to give him dirty looks.

“Wanna’ feel how hard my light sabre is right about now, cookie?” he says.

“Ummm…with your big, hairy cock, you’re more like a wookiee there, Chewbacca than Darth Vader. So let’s say you just keep it in your pants until after the movie?”

“Hah…hah…hah…a ‘wookiee’ and a ‘cookie’…hah…hah…hah!”

Adam is laughing out loud. Three geeks and one little old lady shush him.

We both slouch down in our seats and chuckle as quietly as we can for the next five minutes.

The ending credits start to roll on the big screen and Adam says to me as we are leaving the theatre, “So…do ya’ wanna’ feel my light sabre and rub my wookiee fur when we get back to the car there, Luke Skywalker?”

I start to laugh and say to him, “Honestly, Adam …you’re like a little kid sometimes!”

“Only when I’m with you, cookie! And just what’s so wrong with that anyway?”

“Nothing at all, Chewbacca. Nothing at all…hah…hah!”

We head back down Elgin Street and go past Pepper’s Restaurant on the right, just before the Museum of Nature. We’re almost back to Argyle Street now.

“OK babe. Let’s hop in the car and head back. I wanna’ go a different way home, though…maybe along the Rideau River Road, through Kemptville and Merrickville to North Augusta and back to Brockville after that. We can stop in Merrickville for a Coke or something if ya’ like. Is that OK with you, cookie?”

“You’re driving…and I assume you know where you’re going, Adam,” I say.

“Yeah, baby. I know these back roads pretty well. We’ll get home not too late after dark. Let’s just take our time and enjoy the ride.”

“OK wookiee. My life is in your hands.”

“It’s not alive and in my hands ’til I take it outta’ your pants there cookie. And, it better not be cummin’ to life for anyone else but me, babe!”

The rest of the ride back is pretty uneventful though the sexual tension between Adam and me is palpable as he steers Mrs. Fullerton’s car along the back country roads.

“We’re just heading into Merrickville now, Aaron. Did you want anything here before we hit North Augusta?”

“I’m OK, Adam. I’m kind of tired here, and it’s starting to get dark. Can I just put my head down in your lap and let you get us home please?”

“Just as long as my ‘light sabre’ doesn’t keep you awake down there cookie,” he says to me and laughs.

“OK wookiee,” I say, and find a comfortable nestling spot in his big, hairy pube basket.

About four miles south of Merrickville, Mrs. Fullerton’s car starts to sputter and lose power. The red ‘gen’ light comes on and Adam has to manoeuvre güvenilir bahis şirketleri it over to the side of the road.

“What the fuck!” he exclaims.

“C’mon baby, start!”

Mrs. Fullerton’s Plymouth cranks away but won’t turn over for him.

“Jeez Adam. What is it with you and cars anyway?” I say to him.

He gives me an irritated look and then turns his attention back to the car and starts to crank it and pump the gas pedal yelling, “C’mon you bastard! Turn over, you cunt!”

Then he looks at the gas gauge and realizes that we’ve run out of gas.

“Jeezus fuckin’ Christ! We’re outta’ gas babe. I can’t hardly fuckin’ believe this! Guess I shoulda’ filled up back in Merrickville.”

“Just great,” I say to him.

“Dontcha’ give me a hard time, or I’m gonna’ throw you into the back seat and fuck the ass off you cookie! Don’t care if this ‘is’ Mrs. Fullerton’s car. I’m fuckin’ horny enough to do you three times over. In fact, get ready for battle ’cause this wookiee’s gonna’ take his ‘light sabre’ and turn you over to’ The Dark Side’ right now, babe!”

There is a blanket in the back seat and Adam grabs me and pushes me back there, while he unzips his pants and hops in right behind me, with his big, hairy dick fully aroused and leaking pre-cum onto his jeans.

“Suck my sweaty, hard dong! It wants your tongue teasing it! C’mon cookie, honey…get down there and suck it now!”

So here we are, with me going down on him in the back seat of old Mrs. Fullerton’s car, inhaling and taking in the cloying, manly smell of his hairy, pungent pube basket, while paying worship to his big cock under the veiled, cloaked darkness of early evening, with us stalled out in the middle of nowhere.

“This is too coincidental,” I think to myself. “Oh well, enjoy the ride, Aaron.”

Ten minutes of him forcefully ramming his pulsing shaft deep into me and plowing my ass, grunting and working my dick at the same time and then he suddenly yells out, “Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Oh man! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuckin’ ‘jeezus’ fuckin’ fuck babe! Am gonna’ cum inside you cookie…honey…right now!”

“I don’t think old lady Fullerton ever did anything like ‘this’ in her car!” Adam says to me after his orgasm and starts to really laugh.

“Oh God! What a ‘gross’ thought!” I say to him.

More laughter from him and then on a sudden impulse, he grabs me and pulls me out of the car and drags me around to the passenger side, where he bends down and starts to give me a blow job.

“Too boned up here to give you tips on how to do this right cookie. So you just lean back and let my lips and tongue to the talkin’ while you just enjoy the lesson!”

He keeps holding tight onto the base of my cock to keep it rock hard, while licking the sweet spot where my pre-cum is leaking out. I keep hoping in the back of my mind that no one comes along and sees what we’re doing, even though we’re partially hidden by the car on the side of the road.

“Oh shit! Oh ‘shit!’ Adam…I’m going to cum real soon!”

“Just shoot your spunk into my mouth, babe. I need ya’ to fill me up tonight baby.”

“Too bad you didn’t think of that with Mrs. Fullerton’s car back in Merrickville, Adam!”

“Shhhh! Gimmee’ all ya’ got there, cookie!”

I shoot a huge load of my jizz into his mouth. He swallows it and then gets up, wipes my cum off his mouth and takes his finger and wipes my mouth with it. Then he passionately kisses me and embraces me with a tight, hot embrace.

“Guess I’d better go and get the gas can I put back in the trunk before we left Brockville this morning and fill up Mrs. Fullerton’s car so we can make it back the last few miles into North Augusta and then Brockville,” he says to me.

“You mean to tell me you actually ‘planned’ this, Adam?” I say to him incredulously, with my mouth wide open in total surprise.

” ‘Ummm, hmmm’…sure did cookie. Figured we’d ‘christen’ old lady Fullerton’s car and end this trip with something memorable to ‘mark’ it by. I like the look on your face when I shock you! I kinda get off on it, babe. But then again, I get off on just about everything about you!”

“I get off on just about everything with you too, Chewbacca! Now, put your big, hairy light sabre away and let’s go home.”

Adam starts to growl at me and then laughs as he opens the trunk and pulls out a full five gallon gas can and starts to pour it into the gas tank.

“Thanks for taking me up to Ottawa today, Adam. You made me feel a little less scared and nervous about moving up there. It helps to know that you know a bit about the area where I’m going to be living. I’m going to get a key made for you to come up any time you want. With the Voyageur Colonial bus stop so close by, you can take the bus up on weekends and any time you are off. I’d like that if you would,” I say to Adam, as we get close to pulling into Brockville.

“Will you stay with me tonight at my place, please Aaron? I just don’t wanna’ be alone this evening,” says Adam with a sad look on his face.

“Mom and Dad are expecting me back to let them know how the apartment trip worked out in Ottawa, Adam. I guess I could call them from your place and give them some excuse for not coming home this evening. I wouldn’t mind seeing your place without passing out in it, like I did the last time…”

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