Abbie Breastfeeds Parents

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So here I was, 21 years old, with a three month old baby, and my husband’s National Guard unit gets called up for active duty, for an indefinite period of time. I wasn’t working, and didn’t want to spend all of my time in our little apartment all day taking care of our son, so I decided to move in with my parents until my husband came home. Let me tell you having a baby really changes your live, forget about time to yourself, the only time I didn’t have Markus (my son) right beside me was when I would go to the gym in the morning before my husband left for work. Now with him gone I didn’t even get that chance, but the two months of steady work that I already put in had really paid off, I lost almost all of the weight I gained during pregnancy. The only part of my body that hadn’t returned back to my pre pregnancy state was my breasts, they were still a DD cup, a huge difference from the B cup I had before. My hips and legs had slimmed down nicely. I had always worked hard at keeping my body in good shape, I’m fairly tall, 5’7″ with long sandy blond hair with long legs and what I have been told is a great ass. I had always been a bit unhappy with the size of my breasts, wishing they were just a bit larger, now I found myself wishing they were just a bit smaller. I always thought I would look the best with C cup breasts.

I packed up our little Sentra with as much stuff as it could hold and headed back to my parent’s farm. It is over a six-hour trip, bad enough under the best of circumstances but with a small child it is even worse. And Markus wasn’t feeling well so that made the trip a total nightmare, he cried almost the whole trip, only falling asleep for the last hour or so. He hadn’t eaten before we left, I tried, but he never eats when he doesn’t feel well, and my breasts were over full and aching for most of the drive. When I pull up I was so relieved that I wouldn’t have to endure them bouncing any more every time I hit a bump. I looked down at my shirt as I turned off the ignition and I had two large wet spots on the front of my shirt from my breasts leaking, soaking through the pads in my bra.

I was exhausted when I got out of the car, and it was only 3 in the afternoon. When my parents saw my soaked shirt they gave me a knowing smile and we saved the hello hugs till later. Markus woke up when I picked him up and I took him inside to feed him while I let my parents begin to unload my car. I couldn’t get him to eat but after about half an hour, I did manage to get him back to sleep, but he had a high fever, I went to get advice from my parents. The assured me it wasn’t anything to get alarmed about but they called their doctor for me just to make sure, and I went to find my breast pump, I had to do something about them, I was seriously uncomfortable.

The good news was the doctor didn’t think we had anything to worry about but he would stop by to check on Markus, he was going to visit some of his family and our house was on the way. One of the few nice things about small towns, some doctors still made house calls. The bad news was that I couldn’t find the breast pump, I called all stores in the area that might have one and most were closed on a Sunday afternoon, and the few that were open didn’t have any. I tried relieving some of the pressure by “milking” myself by hand I got milk out I couldn’t get enough by hand to make a difference. I even tried to suck them myself but while and trying to push my swollen breasts up so I could put my lips around my nipples was very painful.

When I heard the doorbell I put my bra and a new blouse on and went to talk to the doctor. He checked out Markus and said all he needed was some Children’s Tylenol, some rest and something to eat. I told him that I was having trouble getting him to eat he suggested that if he didn’t eat anything soon I should try giving him a bottle, I thought “that might help with Markus’s problem, but it wouldn’t do anything for mine”

I thanked him and I tried to get Markus to eat again, still no luck my dad came in with a bottle of formula and offered to give it a try. My nerves were fried by this time, and he always had a lot easier going than I ever was so I was happy to turn things over to him. I went out and laid down on the sofa and tried to take a little nap. I couldn’t sleep my breasts kept throbbing, and I just couldn’t get comfortable, after about an hour my dad came back out and said Markus was sleeping and had eaten almost a full bottle of formula. My mom came and sat down beside me and said, “we hate to see you so uncomfortable”.

“I know mom, but I just don’t know what to do” I was almost in tears as I replied to her.

“Well, I went through the same thing so I know how you feel. I know how I could help you if you were willing” she said in a very motherly tone.

“What idea” I was willing to try about anything by this point.

“Well I could, well to be blunt, suckle your breasts to get the milk out of them”

I was a bit surprised by this offer but it did make sense, it would work if she would really be willing to do it, I was more than willing to let her. “Are you serious mom?”

“Yes I’m serious, casino şirketleri I want to help”

“Well thank you, are you sure you want to do that?”

“Yea I’m sure, your dad did the same thing to me several times when you were growing up”

I leaned forward on the sofa and began unbuttoning my dress. My mom said “Here let me help you out of that, it needs washed anyway”. She helped me stand up and I unbuttoned my dress and let it fall to the floor, I felt a bit embarrassed standing in front of my dad in just my bra and panties. As I sat back down my mom picked up my dress and handed it to my dad “Here go put this in the washer” and he left the room with it.

I was uncovering one of my breast, my mom sat down beside me and said “lets just take that thing off” and she helped me unhook and remove my bra. I leaned back on the sofa, closed my eyes and tried to relax, my mom put her hand no my stomach and I felt her lips touch my left breast. I blushed as her lips touched me, I could feel my face flush hot. I just tried to put all thoughts out of my mind and relax. She began sucking harder and harder I could feel the milk flow out of me, and the pressure subsiding. Soon she switched to the right breast and her hand moved up from my stomach to my left breast, she caressed one breast as she sucked the other one. I found myself moaning just a bit, this all felt so good, when I finally realized I was becoming aroused by this, and that she appeared to be trying to arouse me, I sat up “mom?”

“It’s ok honey just lean back, and relax, it’s ok” she looked up and smiled at me her chin had milk dripping off of it. Unsure of what to do, I just followed her instructions, closing my eyes once more as she began to caress my breasts again with her hands and lips. She stopped briefly to say “that’s good” then as she began to suck my breast again her hand moved down and began to rub my crotch through my panties.

I tensed up for a moment, but forced myself to relax. After a minuet or so of the pleasant feelings pushed all other thoughts out of my mind, without thinking I spread my legs, making it easier for her to rub my panty covered crotch. I sort of lost track of time for a while, it felt so good, the aching in my breasts was replaced with the wonderful feeling of having then gently sucked and caressed, as my milk flowed out of them, not to mention how great it felt having my clit rubbed. The last time I had sex was almost a month before I gave birth, and sense then I had not even masturbated, so I was well overdue for an orgasm. And when it finally came it was a large one, I was loudly moaning as she rubbed my clit harder. I just pushed back harder into the sofa, moaning louder and louder as my orgasm built.

I relaxed and caught my breath a bit still enjoying the feelings of her hands and lips on me, she stopped sucking my breasts and her hands became still on my body, “feel better?” she asked.

“Oh yes” I sighed, as I opened my eyes, her mouth and chin. It was then that I noticed my dad sitting in a chair watching me. “How long have you been there?” I asked him.

“Long enough” he said with a smile.

I suddenly became very embarrassed I jumped up and ran out of the room, I closed the door behind me as I retreated into my bedroom. I just sat there the sudden realization of what happened hit me, I just couldn’t believe that it really happened. I looked down the front of my panties was totally soaked, but as humiliated as I felt I couldn’t get over how great it had felt. As I sat there taking this all in there was a soft knocking at the door.

“Can I come in?” my mom asked as she sticking her head in the room

“Sure” I replied and I was relieved when she came in the room alone, I could only imagine what my dad thought of me at this moment.

“Are you ok?” she asked and I just nodded my head yes. “I hope your not upset with me, I just wanted to make you feel better, I didn’t plan on touching you like that it just happened” she paused for a second “well maybe I planned it a little”. I looked up at her and she gave me a slight smile.

“Are you serious? You had this planned?”

“No it isn’t like there was some master plan in all of this, when I first thought about offering to help you out, I was only thinking about your problem, nothing else. But the more I thought about it, well I started to think it might be nice for both of us if I explored a bit, I hope you understand.”

“Did Dad know you were thinking about touching me like that?”

“Yes he knew I was thinking about it, but he didn’t think I would have the nerve to really do it”

“How long did he watch?”

“He came back into the room right after I got started” I could feel my face flush again. “It’s ok, he has seen you naked before”

“But not for years, and never at a time like that!”

“Yes but it’s ok, well it is ok with him, I just hope that after you think about it for a while it will be ok with you. Really you don’t have to be embarrassed”. She patted my leg and got up leaving me alone to think. After thinking for I realized that what is done is done, and after all, the only thing casino firmaları I did was just sit there, I didn’t do anything wrong.

I got dressed and went to check on Markus, he was just waking up, his fever was down and he seemed in a lot better mood, picking him up we went back to the living room. My dad blushed a bit when I came in and gave me a slight smile. I put Markus down and went to help mom with dinner.

After dinner I was helping clean up when dad came up behind me and said, “I hope you didn’t mind me watching that.” I looked up at him and he smiled at me “It was very interesting” he said with a big smile, then he patted my bottom quickly then went back in the living room.

I tried to feed Markus again but still no luck, Dad once again came to the rescue with a bottle, he got him to eat and then put him down for the night, he only recently began sleeping through the night. We stayed up talking, not about what happened earlier, but mostly about my husband and what he was going to be doing. Around 11:00 they started talking about going to bed, they both worked in town, they live on what we all call a farm, it’s really just an old farm house with a few acres and a barn, they don’t even have a garden there. Before the got up to brush their teeth and stuff my mom asked me “Would you like a little relief before we go to bed” I thought about it for a bit. My breasts were starting to fill up again, and while they weren’t bothering me now I knew they would be before morning.

“Sure, if you don’t mind” she just smiled at me.

Then my dad jumped in the conversation “Do you mind if I do it?”

I looked over at him, it was one thing to have my mom touching my breasts but my dad? The room was silent as I thought about this. He is handsome older man, very tough and rugged looking almost like he belongs in a western movie, not working as an Office Manager.

As the silence dragged on I could tell both my parents were becoming a bit uncomfortable, I’m sure they thought I was upset at my dad’s suggestion, I wasn’t I just needed some time to think.

“Well it’s ok with me if mom doesn’t mind”

“I don’t mind, well just a bit, he is taking my fun away,” she said in a joking tone.

I sat back down on the sofa, after removing my shirt and bra, topless but with my jeans still on, his large strong hands quickly began to explore my chest. Soon his mouth followed, where mom was slow and gentle he was somewhat aggressive, sucking powerfully on my nipples, and grabbing both of my breasts and pinching my nipples almost to the point where it was painful. He would reach down from time to time and rub my crotch, but with my jeans on it didn’t feel nearly as good as it did before. I just leaned back and tried to put the thought that it was my dad touching me out of my mind and just enjoy the feelings. Just as I was starting to really enjoy things I got a sudden shock and I felt another set of hands on me, they were unbuttoning my jeans. I opened my eyes and saw my mother kneeling on the floor naked undoing my jeans. I took a few moments to admire he body, I had not seen her naked sense I was a small child, she has size C breasts, just the size I have always wanted. They were a lot firmer than I would have expected for a woman her age who breast feed her children. Also he crotch was very hairy, a stark contrast to my shaved pubic area. After she unzipped my jeans I lifted up my rear end and allowed her to pull them off of me, this was quickly followed by her removing my panties as well. Then she got on the sofa next to me and as my dad was sucking my breasts she began to kiss me as she caressed my body. After a few minuets of her kissing and caressing my body he took one of my hand and placed into her breasts, I had never felt another woman’s breast before, I blushed and I began to touch her. While this was going on my dad began to finger me just a bit as he continued to suck my breasts. Then my mom gave me one last deep kiss and then got up and knelt on the floor between my legs and began to lick me.

As I began to moan with pleasure my dad finished draining my breasts and he stood up and removed his pants, and for the first time ever I saw my dad’s penis. It was rock hard, and just over seven inches long, for some reason I had assumed it would be larger, but still it looked nice. He got on his knees behind my mom and without saying a word slipped inside of her and began to fuck her, he grabbed her hips and was forcefully thrusting into her. With each thrust as he slammed his body against her ass, her face was forced deeply into my crotch bringing a moan of pleasure from me. As I watched them have sex I couldn’t help but be aroused, I came with a series of very loud moans. My dad started to climax just as my orgasm was finishing, after he came he kept pumping my mom until she came a very short time later.

After that we all became a bit embarrassed, there was a long awkward silence. Nobody knew quite what to say, finally my mom broke the silence, by saying that it was very late, and we should all probably go to bed. I quickly got my things and went back to my room. I climbed into bed güvenilir casino but couldn’t sleep I just couldn’t believe what had just happened.

So the next morning I tried to sleep in but Markus had other plans, I got up just after my parents left for work. I was sort of glad that I didn’t have to talk to them, I was still very confused about what happened the night before and a bit embarrassed. Markus seemed to be feeling better, I was about to see if I could get him to breast feed but at the last moment for some reason I went and fixed him a bottle of formula instead.

After feeding Markus and getting myself a bowl of cereal, I decided to do a bit of snooping, I figured my parents were a lot wilder than I ever thought they were. I searched their room carefully and what I found shocked me, well actually it was what I didn’t find that shocked me. There was nothing, not a vibrator, not a dildo, not even an old playboy or any sexy lingerie. How could they both be so kinky the night before and not have any “toys” or anything like that.

I spent most of the morning cleaning up the house, doing some laundry just stuff like that. After I fixed myself a sandwich for lunch I gave Markus another bottle, even though my breasts were full of milk. It was a hot sunny day so I went outside laid down on a lawn chair in the sun, with Markus napping next to me under the shade of an umbrella. I was naked but living in the country with trees all around the house nobody could see me unless they pulled into the driveway.

I had been enjoying the sun for over an hour and was thinking about going inside, when I heard a car pulling into the driveway. I smiled to myself a bit wondering who got off work early to come home. I opened my eyelids just a bit and saw a mail jeep parked next to the mailbox. Not sure what to do I just closed my eyes and pretend to be asleep, so what if he saw me, it isn’t like I’m overly shy. After a few minuets of me hearing the jeep idling by the mailbox I began to wonder what I should do. Fortunately Markus came to the rescue, he woke up and started to cry, I sat up and picked him up, and then “noticed” the mail jeep parked there. I tried to act a bit shocked, I waved she smiled and waved back then drove off, I breathed a sigh of relief and went back inside.

Soon after I got back inside my mom called and asked if I wanted her to pick up a breast pump for me on her way home. I told her that Markus was feeling better and that she didn’t need to get one for me. She was happy that Markus feeling better.

Around 5:30 my mom got home, I was still naked having not put anything on all day, I enjoyed being able to walk around all day long that way. She seemed a bit embarrassed when she got home, sort of unsure of what to say or do. Finally she asked if I was OK, I smiled and that I was fine, it was clear that she wanted to talk about last night but was unsure about how to proceed. She asked if Markus had been eating, I told her that he had several bottles of formula today, she asked why I didn’t breast feed him. Well it was my turn to blush, I responded “Well I thought you guys might want to, um” I wasn’t sure how to finish that sentence.

She smiled and said, “yes we both do, that is if it is ok with you”

“Yea it is ok with me, last night was a fun, even if it was a bit freaky”. She just smiled and blushed just a hint, then I asked her about the lack of toys in her bedroom. I was a bit concerned that she might be upset that I searched her room but she wasn’t. She just explained that dad was too worried about someone seeing one of us at the adult book store to ever go get any. I told her that she could order them from the internet but she was worried about giving out her credit card, or more likely dad was, he worries way too much about stuff.

Dad came in on our conversation and said that he would like to try some toys in the bedroom but was worried that someone might see him. I told him he was just a plan Forman, not like he was the Preacher, I think he was just too shy to go. I mean the closest bookstore is over 30 miles away and if anyone saw him they would be doing the same thing he was. He asked if I had any toys and I told him that we have a couple of vibrators but that I didn’t bring them with me, I was afraid that one of them might find them while I was staying there. We all had a good laugh at that.

Mom quickly stripped naked and we crawled into bed, she began to suckle my breasts, dad just stood there watching for a while, then he took off his cloths and got in bed with us on the other side. He began to suckle my other breasts, and both of them started to run their hands all over my body. After my breasts ran dry my mom came up and kissed me, hard on the lips her tongue slipping deep into my mouth. She is an amazing kisser, while we were kissing my dad began to kiss my stomach then lower, he crawled between my legs and started to eat me as mom and I continued to kiss. I let my hands touch her, I was a bit nervous at first but her skin felt so good as I caressed her with my fingertips. My hands quickly moved to her ideal sized breasts, her nipples were hard and sensitive, I could feel her body shiver with pleasure as gently pinched her nipples. It didn’t take long until I was having a very powerful orgasm, thrusting my hips into his face grinding my crotch onto his tongue I was sobbing with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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