ABC Modeling Company Pt. 03

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is 100% is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Volunteers for story continuity or editing desired I would love a second opinion.


Chapter 23 – Anna’s Night

Silently we walk upstairs, all of us holding hands. We turn into my room and there is a massage table in the room.

I let out a “Hmmmmmmm. I like the looks of this already.”

Ron spoke first, “I think we can dispense with the towels. Cindy and Beth, would you help prepare the sacrifice?”

I gave Ron a worried look. The three of them gave a knowing laugh. I think I have been set up. Ron verifies the temperature of the oil and isn’t satisfied. He goes to the washroom and heats them in hot water until he is happy.

Meanwhile, I stand still as silently as they efficiently strip off my clothes. There is no playfulness like Beth and Cindy, this is like changing for bed. I am a bit disappointed.

Cindy saw the look on my face and whispered into my ear, “Ron told us no stimulation of any kind. You will get plenty, don’t worry, we have been planning this for a while.” Then she takes a step back and gave me a knowing look as she remembered back to some fond memory. I bet she is thinking of my brother sticking his massive cock in her cunt and pounding the fuck out of her. That thought brings goose pimples to my arms as Ron walks in.

Ron saw the goose pimples and stares daggers at the girls. They shrug their shoulders.

The girls blindfold me and then help me onto the table, face down. I can’t see anything, but my ears do the job for me. I hear Beth and Cindy walk over to the bed, remove their clothes, and get in bed. I can hear them making out, my pussy starts to tingle thinking back to our early days talking about Ron while having wild passionate sex. It just dawned on me that thinking of Ron jumpstarted them. Interesting.

I hear Ron moving around, he is near. He whispers in my ear very softly, so Beth and Cindy can’t hear, “Relax, I am going to make you feel really good. Your brother is going to put his oiled hands on your body and bring you to places you never thought possible. You are going to orgasm many times and think you may die. I won’t let that happen. You are safe.”

Ron then drizzles warm oil over my arms and back. I can feel it running over my arms and pooling on my back. He quickly begins to rub his hands over my arms. Nothing sexual or erotic, it’s just spreading the oil around. Again, I am not impressed so far.

He now takes my hair, gathers it and uses something, something flexible almost clamp like around my hair high on my head. My hair falls forward after the bunched-up part. Smart, no hair on my neck now. He takes his hands and ever so slightly rubs my neck. For all his strength, he is amazingly gentle. His fingers glide over my skin. No pain, just a slight tickling effect. He spends a minute on my neck and around the ears just lightly massaging.

He then moves down to my shoulders and rubs a bit harder, kneading, stroking, and rubbing my skin and muscles. Ok, this is better. I can feel the tension of the day, of the last two weeks, just melt away. He squeezes and presses just short of pain, never crossing the threshold. Both hands work in unison on opposite sides of my body.

I can’t help but let out a low moan. Cindy and Beth have stopped, and I assume are watching.

Ron continues to my back. He gets up on the table, he is straddling me, he is nude. I can feel his oiled cock running up and down my back, catching in my butt as he uses the same hard and soft treatment from before, but he is using longer full-length strokes to go from my collar to my butt cheeks. Now, this is amazing.

Beth and Cindy start talking, alternating phrases, “Look at that monster”, “It touched her ass”, “put it in her ass Ron”, “insert that steel rod”, “He is her master.” I love dirty talk.

I am slowly moaning, feeling the tingling, feeling my body taking over, feeling my gushing pussy. Then I hear ‘He is her master’ and Zeus’s lightning bolt hit me. My body goes rigid, I can’t move, I didn’t want to move, this feeling is terrific. Ron never stops. I am relaxed yet more sensitive now.

Beth says, “I told you that would do it. Did you see that reaction? One for Anna.”

She was right, Anna one, Ron 0.

Ron kept at the massage like nothing happened. He then adjusts and starts doing my left arm and hand. I found the pattern, where there are good strong muscles he is harder and firm in the pushing and where it is less muscular and more sensitive (elbows and wrists), he is far more sensitive. Back and forth he went until he jumps off, goes to my hand, and starts sucking on my long perfect fingers. It is like receiving oral sex. Less physically stimulating but hit a home run mentally.

He then repeats the same long procedure on the other side of my body. He takes his time, casino şirketleri no rushing to the naughty bits like I know he wants. He is doing this for me. I involuntarily moan again.

He gets up and onto the table, straddling my butt and facing my feet. A bit more oil on my legs and again it ran over the edges. He is firmer this time. He is rubbing the top and sides of my legs. He starts at my ankles and works up to my ass on the outside. On my inner thighs, he only went about three-quarters of the way up. His cock is dragging along my skin.

Beth and Cindy start the dirty talk again. “Look at the hole”, “Look at those lips”, “he is getting closer”, “Will he hit the hole”, “How many fingers can she take?”, “Skip the hole”.

I yell out lustfully, “NO!”

They giggle and continue, “Look how close he is getting”, “Oh no, he missed”, “Maybe next time”, “Closer, closer”, “Oh noooooo”, “maybe this time”, “Maybe he doesn’t want it”, “Maybe he forgot”, “Maybe he is saving it for us”, “Master likes us”, “Master wants her too”, “Master is oh so close”, “Master is teasing the bitch”, “Master likes the slut”, “Master hates sluts”, “Master loves obedience”.

Between their talk, and Ron getting closer and closer, again I go stiff, feel lightning bolts, but this time I enjoy aftershocks. That is something new, never had that before. The best way to describe it is tiny recurring orgasms. I know they feel good but their short bursts of pleasure. My body can’t combine them into a single burst of pleasure. Yet because it lasts so long, there is still a lot of pleasure. It’s amazing. After it subsides, all I can do is breath. However, my breath is raspy, I’m worn out, it sounds more like a purr.

Cindy says, “Never seen aftershocks or heard her purr before. We have been missing out on so much.”

Ron gets off the table and moves to the foot of the table and like my fingers, he performs oral sex on each toe. It is amazing. I am on the edge already and only two toes done. He is a master with the pressure and the twisting and swirling of the tongue.

After the last toe, he stands up, more oil on my butt, and slaps it hard. “OUCH!” I yell. Beth and Cindy let out an “oh?”

That hurt like hell. Then he softly rubs the oil in and the pain recedes into pleasure as it trickles into my pussy. Again, a hard slap on my other cheek which I again follow with an “OUCH!” Again, it hurts but I am surprised to feel the pain almost immediately turn into pleasure and go directly to my pussy which is now like a faucet and is radiating enough heat that the table is warming up.

Whack, whack! Each cheek takes a sizzling slap but this time I let out a moan. My pussy is quivering.

Beth screams out, “See, I told you she would love this. She is a submissive and loves domination. She wants to be a slut. She will do anything for you.”

At hearing the word dominated, I convulse, spasm, trash about, and then fell limp.

Anna three (I think), Ron zero. How do I count the rolling orgasms and the aftershocks?

Whack, whack, whack, whack and then a gentle caressing of my butt cheeks. His fingers are going farther into my crack and closer to my volcano that is spewing molten lava. Finally, after all that teasing, a finger makes its way into my hole. I let out a low long moan. Then the finger is gone.

That asshole. The finger returns, presses in deeper. I moan, and it’s gone again. I whimper “please.”

The finger is back, it goes further, it starts to move around the edges. Then it is gone again. I let out a moan and start to sob softly.

The finger is back. It has a friend. Together they make a circle, then they split and do both sides up and down. I suppress the moan hoping the fingers will stay. They don’t. I scream, “You dirty bastard, finish the fucking job!”

Whack, whack, whack, whack, no soft caress this time. Ron spoke, “Master doesn’t like being told what to do.” I let out another moan and a sob or two. The magic fingers return. Both fingers start going at me passionately but this time more of a fucking motion, in and out followed by an around the world, then two sets of in and out, and another round of splits up and down.

His other hand starts rubbing my ass. Scratching the hole, probing for entry. My tight opening wants no intruders. Unfortunately, my defenses are not up to the task. His thumb makes its way into my rectum and starts twisting around.

That did it, a bomb goes off inside me and rushes at warp speed to my extremities. The touching of the skin, the teasing, the fingering, and then the mortal wound, the thumb, all created the best orgasm of my life. The pleasure is too much, it is awesome but as it fades, so did my consciousness.

I awoke a few minutes later. I am now on my back, he is massaging my collarbone. I can feel oil on my neck, arms, and chest. As I wake up, Ron stops and gets up on the table, he is straddling my waist. Like before, he is magic on my shoulders, arms, and hands. He is giving the casino firmaları exact same detailed attention as he did when I was on my back.

Before he starts on my chest, Beth and Cindy start talking dirty again. “He is going to maul those tits”, “Look at them nipples”, “titty twisters”, “Master likes inflicting pain”, “Master loves soft pillows”, “Master is going to hurt those nipples”, “Master should bite those nipples” then they stop. I feel Ron make a quick movement out of rhythm, I bet he told them to stop with a hand signal. Guess they are obedient as well.

Ron rubs every cell of my chest other than my boobs and nipples. I am growing frustrated, I want that feeling, I want him to take them as his. He takes his large muscular hands and gently, barely touching, teasingly, he brushes my breasts. It tickles, I giggle. He grabs a good handful and squeezes hard like he is trying to make them burst and releases. Grab, squeeze, release, grab, squeeze, and release. Ten rounds of that then he starts twisting the boobs back and forth like an old radio dial.

I must moan. There is pain but plenty of pleasure as well, far exceeding the limited pain. It’s as if he wants me to feel pain but limit the pain so it’s only enough to shock me, not hurt me. That’s exactly what I want. He knows this, and he loves me so much he is willing to inflict pain on me. I start crying and Ron stops.

I yell, “No, no, no, keep going, these are happy tears.”

Ron continues the assault on my breasts then changes tactics and quickly rubs a nipple. I know what’s coming, the anticipation is killing me. Over time, more and more rubbing of the now rock-hard nipples until finally there is the quick hard but short squeeze of the nipple. I scream out an “Ouch!”

He is now rubbing only the nipples in a slow barely touching motion teasing me like a SOB. Then he pinches the other nipple a little longer. Again an “OUCH you mother fucker.”

More teasing and then again another, longer, harder squeezing of the nipple and I follow with an “Oh fuck that hurts.”

Cindy replies, “You can stop this at any time.”

Beth chimes in, “There is a lot more still.”

I reply, “Fuck you this is awesome” which they return to me in unison, a single word, “SLUT!”

Ron takes both nipples now but doesn’t squeeze them, he pulls them straight up. The nipples are lifting the breast, the pain is slowly increasing as his hold on them increases. The weight of the breast wants to pull back, gravity wants my breasts back in place. Ron has other ideas.

Ron lets off a little pressure then starts tugging again, a bit further than before. Again, he lets up the pressures, then pulls harder. Each bit of pain is going directly to my hole, it’s intense. I can’t see anyone but somehow that increases the sensation. I hear and feel more.

Ron continues his pulling to the point I let out a scream of pain. I LOVE THIS! I can’t verbalize anything. I am nearing yet another orgasm, it’s building with each pull. Then the little fucker pinches hard on my nipples and holds. The pain builds exponentially until I scream out, go rigid, and turn into a puddle of water. Instantly he releases my nipples, yet the tickling of my sides continues, a light teasing of my body as my high slowly drifts away.

Beth comments, “Oh my, look at that fucking grin on her face. Ron, hurt her some more.”

I just know Ron shot her a look as she says, “Zipping it now.”

Ron now moves to my thighs and is straddling me there. He wets a finger in oil and starts to trace it around my pelvis in a large circular motion that I know will end in my honey pot. Slowly he traces his finger over my smooth tan skin. Dipping his fingers often. As he gets to my pubes (I have a landing strip), he stops.

Now he is using both hands to massage this entire area except for where I want it most. I notice a new aroma. This must be a different oil, more of a lavender than the previous vanilla. My nose is as sensitive as his hearing. The oil is a bit thicker, I can feel the difference, less slick and more like a gel although still very much a liquid. Interesting.

He stops all movement. Nothing. I can’t feel any movement, I can’t hear a thing, I smell nothing new. I am trembling with anticipation.

Cindy starts this time, “use a finger”, “use a dildo”, “put a finger up her ass”, “restrain her”, “Master, whip her”, “Master, share her with us”, “Master, give her a gangbang”, “Master, pee on her”.

Then silence. Those thoughts all going thru my mind. Would he really do that to me? Would he share me? I shudder.

Ron in a flash has his mouth in my pussy. He is breathing hard, blowing into my hole, licking my outer lips, blowing and licking, blowing and licking, I am climbing that big O ladder of release.

Ron changes tactics again and uses his tongue wide and laps at my clit. Strong deep licking that I can feel on the sides. Then he curls his tongue a bit and starts to swirl around my dripping hole again. Some güvenilir casino more flat tongue lapping up my fluids followed by the thinner version that rings my cunt and hits alternating sides. I thought it was a star but seems more random now.

I am quickly climbing the ladder; my breathing is getting faster and irregular. With the blindfold, I can hear my heart beating and my heavy breaths. I scream out, “TOO GOOD, OH FUCK, SOOOOOO GOOOOD”.

Ron has a renewed energy and is going quicker. I am screaming something even I can’t understand, I feel my toes curling, I am near the point of no return, and he slows to a crawl.

Beth shouts, “You mother fucker, that is mean!”

Ron slowly speeds up his flat tongue, thin, flat, then, slurp, slurp, OMG this is good. Again, I am nearing that point of release and the mother fucker slows to a slow crawl again. I scream out, “You do that again and I will kill you myself!”

Ron picks up the speed again. Same stuff, I know the pattern, almost willing my body to match his very talented tongue. Again, I am close, curling the toes, almost got release, then he slows down. I start to cry and scream, “P L E A S E!! I need it”. Normally I would have worried about the neighbors but who would they call? That pleased me.

Ron then caught me off guard, he put his mouth down against my cunt, blows air into it so it puffs out and then did what felt like motor boarding, also known as “the raspberries” and a hum somehow at the same time and it hit, it felt like I fell off the ladder. All goes silent, it’s like time stopped, I couldn’t feel, or hear anything. I am in a black place and the sun is reaching out to me. Then I feel the heat of the sun consume me, it is pleasure beyond anything I can describe.

I wake up in bed with Beth and Cindy giggling as they kiss me. The blindfold is gone. Ron is taking a shower. Beth softly says, “That must have been ok.” she grins big, “you bucked Ron off the table and into the oils, he got an oil shower, now he is taking a real shower. He should smell divine when he is done.”

I hear the shower stop, he dries off, then came and sat on the side of the bed.

Ron says, “OK, I have given you a nice ride and fulfilled a few fantasies. I think you enjoyed most of it. I am fully prepared to honor your wishes and keep things as they are. John and mom gave a nice speech but it’s your decision. You will live with the results forever. You need to be 100% positive if we are to go further. You don’t need to make a decision now, I will wait forever for you.”

Beth and Cindy’s mouths drop open.

I thought for a second, I want him to think I was thinking hard about this decision, and that it is still a battle. It never was.

Confidently I say, “Ron, I made the decision a long time ago, probably sometime when I was in high school right before you got good at martial arts and started winning the fights. I knew how much you loved me, Beth, and Cindy. You were willing to do anything for us. I had no idea you felt the same way. I was a scared insecure little girl and you were the one person that made me feel special. You gave me strength, but I knew that society would not approve.”

Beth and Cindy are nodding their heads.

I continue strongly, with confidence, “Then we lost you to the Army and you never came back. Thank the heavens Beth reached out for help in finding you. Since you came back to us you have been everything to us. You continue to protect us and pleasure us. You have awakened Beth and Cindy to new avenues sexually.”

Beth and Cindy smile longingly, remembering back to their nights.

I smirk, “If you think there is any chance you will ever get away from me again, that we won’t be lovers till we drop dead, that I won’t do anything in this world to keep you near me, then you would have to be the blindest man I have ever seen. So yes, I have thought about the consequences. I have thought about the future. I know what I want.”

Ron whispers, “What do you want?”

I answer, “I want you to spread my legs and continue to please me and make me a whole woman. I want you to fuck me. Now. Any questions?”

Ron smiles and says, “No.”

Ron spreads my legs wide and bends them at the knees. I am dripping with anticipation. His cock looks like a solid piece of steel in the shape of a cock. I ask Beth and Cindy to get on the bed next to Ron. They quickly comply. They are both wearing sundresses, but they’re not wearing panties, they can finger themselves.

They are both wet. I start to finger them lightly as Ron starts to enter me. I let out an “OH!” as the mushroom tip enters my entrance. Ron starts the slow process of feeding that monster cock of his into my silky glove. Slowly, over a few minutes, he dives deeper, past Cindy’s three-quarter depth, past the inch Beth left. He ends up bottoming out on my cervix as our bodies are touching. He fits perfect.

I now understand the phrase feeling full. I know I have a passage and it takes a dildo with ease. Ron is a bit bigger in girth, it stretches me out in a very pleasing way. It is hot and firmer than the imposters. It has more give and the skin slides against my walls. It holds fast then slides, no plastic can do that.

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