Accidental Fantasy Ch. 05

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Jennifer was right on several counts. We did have to show Mom that she could be proud of us and we absolutely had to have a plan. The sex had been fantastic but if that’s all we had, we had nothing at all.

That night, as I did my journal entries, I took a few minutes to take a look at myself, not physically but as a person. I hadn’t worked in months and I was still facing at least three months of idleness. Eventually, insurance would compensate me for my lost time, etc, etc. but that did literally nothing to advance career or personal goals. It was time for some specific steps, a course of action if you will.

The next morning, I told Jennifer that I wanted to do my speech therapy right away and I wanted her to start getting tough with me.

“What brought this on,” she asked.

“You,” I replied. “You made me think last night that if we have any chance to make it as a couple, we have to start with a plan and I realized that I didn’t have a plan for myself. Without that, we can have no plan as a couple.”


“So I’m working on one and one of the first things I have to do is to be able to speak clearly and distinctly. I’m assessing my career goals and how to get there too. I can’t just sit on my ass for three months, Jenni. I have to have a purpose and a plan of action. I know you said to relax and let you worry about our financial goals but that’s not realistic. If I can’t work, there must be other things I can do.”

“Have you been reading my mind?” she said. “I stopped at the school last night to turn in some papers and I saw a brochure on her desk. It was about rehabilitative educational opportunities and Danni, the state will pay for whole thing. She told me she has eleven people in her classes right now and she has no doubt that you’ll qualify for college study funds. Their whole goal is to get you to be productive again. You have to face one fact Danni. There’s no way to know your eventual physical condition. I’m not trying to be negative, just honest. You’re doing great right now and there’s no reason to assume that you won’t be a hundred percent but there is no guarantee. You can’t do your job without doing a lot of standing and walking so now is the time to give yourself some options.”

I was speechless. How could I not have even considered that I might be handicapped or more? The injuries had been traumatic and extensive. A year from now, two years, ten years, how do you plan for the ‘just in case’ factor?


“Sorry, I guess I zoned out there for a minute. Do they have someone at the school like a counselor or something?”

Her face brightened and she kissed me. “Her name is Dr. Grodney. She’s awesome. Oh baby, I’m so proud of you right now, I could burst. I love you so damned much.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” I said. “Now are you going to help me with speech or just stand there looking beautiful? I’ve got therapy in just over an hour.”

I drove myself so hard at therapy that my therapist told me I had to slow down or risk muscle damage. I had goals now and by god, I was going to walk without stumbling all over, wobbling, or limping if I could help it. When he handed me a cane, I almost told him to shove it up his ass but when he showed me how to use it just to help my balance and coordination, I accepted it. It wasn’t as easy to use as I thought but it really did help.

When I got home, my smart assed girlfriend/nurse/lover said she’d buy some condoms so I could use it as a dildo.

Our lovemaking that day was less frenetic and more enjoyable. She spent a great deal of time on foreplay, making love to my breasts, one after the other, until I was so wet I felt like I should be floating. Instead of diving into my clit, she licked, kissed and caressed my thighs, pausing here and there to nip at some flesh and hold it in her teeth. When she licked over me, it was slow and sensual, dragging her flat tongue over my labia until they were puffy and sensitive.

She spread me open and blew her hot breath over my clit several times before she pressed her tongue into me in her special way, forcing it into a very sensitive spot just below my clit until I was so far gone that nothing could reverse the path of the oncoming orgasm. Just before I came, she slid a long dildo into me and slowly made love to me. My orgasm wasn’t a powerful one, it was a beautiful one. I slid so gently over the top that it was only with a slight quiver that I came. It was beautiful. I returned the favor with the same slow paced love making, gently bringing her to the brink, to take her over the top with two fingers and my lips.

“”We’d better change these bandages,” she said, as she caressed me. I winced as she pulled off the bandages, and again when she applied the cream before replacing them.

“There, that should do it,” she said, but her voice sounded funny. I turned around in time to catch her wiping at her eyes. I grabbed her and pulled her to me, holding her so hard I thought I’d crush her.

“Will you stop that, honey? Please? It wasn’t your fault, and they will heal.”

“I illegal bahis can’t help it, Danni,” she said. “You can’t see what I did to you.”

“I don’t care, sweetie, I really don’t. I love you too much to worry about it.”

She went to wash her face and I got up to straighten the bedding.

When we got on the bed, I started fondling her breasts. “We don’t have time,” she said. “You’re mom will be home in just over an hour and we have to clean up in here.”

“Too bad,” I said. “I want more.”

I reached in the drawer to get the two vibrators I’d placed there just in case as we moved into a sixty-nine.

She tasted so damned good that I kept licking and sucking until she was squirming all over the place. I had just pushed the vibe into her when we heard the garage door open.

She jumped off of me and pulled me to my feet. “GO,” she commanded, pushing me to the shower.

We didn’t have time to really shower so we wiped soapy foam through our pussies and rinsed off. We pulled on our clothes without bras or panties and more or less made the bed. A quick spray of room freshener and we were on our way to the living room.

Mom smiled when she came in like the cat that ate the canary, but she didn’t say anything. .

“I’ve got dinner if you’re interested,” she said.

“Sure,” we said.

We went to have some cavatina from Rediccio’s restaurant and some ooey gooey French bread to go with it full of herbed butter and sun dried tomatoes.

As we shared some tiramisu later, Mom said the words that sent me into a tailspin.

“Jennifer, we have to talk about next week,” she said. “The insurance company called and they may not pay your wages after this week. We can go after the other insurance but can we justify it if they file an appeal?”

“I won’t be here during the day any more after tomorrow anyway,” she said.

I excused myself, went into the bathroom and proceeded to fall apart. Of course we knew that it had to happen sooner or later, but we hadn’t discussed it or anything and I wasn’t prepared for it. I choked back some tears and fought to maintain control but I didn’t have a chance.

Mom thought I was throwing up so she came to check on me. “Are you all right?” she asked.

“She didn’t even talk with me about it.”

“She hadn’t planned on telling me that until tomorrow night. Talk to her. She’s really hurting too. She could have said it better but she can’t help it. She has to go back to work at the hospital to pay her rent. I can’t afford to keep paying her.”

I finally washed my face and went back out. She was in the living room with her back to me. I walked over and wrapped my arms around her and just held on for dear life. “I’m sorry, Danni. I didn’t mean to say it like that, I really didn’t. I’m sorry.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I didn’t intend to say anything till tomorrow evening but…”

“Mom says you have to go back to work,” I said.

“I can’t pay my rent if I don’t,” she said. “You’re mom can’t pay me after this week.”

“When am I ever going to see you?” I asked. “You go to school almost every night and you have to study too. Are you trying to say we have to break up?”

She spun around like a top. “No, honey, oh god no. Never. Danni, I love you. I could never hurt you like that. Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry if you thought that I…”

I think the pressure had been building for so long that when the dam burst it was like the Grand Canyon ruptured.

We finally got settled down and went back to the dining room where Mom was waiting for us.

“I’m sorry, Mary,” she said. “I didn’t handle that at all well and I hurt Danni. I hope you both can forgive me.”

“Of course,” she said. “You’ll be paid thru Friday. Will you be here this weekend then?”

“I was hoping to spend the weekend here if I can. I took my name off the registry as of tomorrow and I don’t start at the hospital until Monday. Danni and I want to talk with you about some things such as school anyway.”

“You’re going to college after all, Danni? “

“The state will pay for it,” I told her. “Jenni got the information for me. I’ll fill out the forms this weekend and she’ll turn them in on Monday and set up an appointment with Dr. Grodny, the counselor, to go through it with me.”

Mom was thrilled. She’d been bugging me to go and now she’d get her wish.

I was sitting cross-legged on the bed that night, making my usual entries in my journal when the phone rang and Mom told me it was Jennifer.

“You must feel guilty or something to call me,” I said.

“I’ve been sitting here watching you,” she said.

“Yeah right,” I said. “Funny, I don’t see you here.”

“Look up, Danni, what do you see?”

“Ok, I’ll play your silly game,” I said. “I see my reflection in the mirror over my dresser.”

“It’s an illusion, she said. ‘its really me. You’re sitting cross-legged on the bed and your journal is in your lap.”

“That’s too easy,” I said. “You know I do this every night.”

“I know,” she said. illegal bahis siteleri “Put your journal on your pillow, darling.”

I shrugged and did as she asked. “Now what?”

“Open your legs for me baby. I want to see your sweet pink pussy.”

I covered the phone with my hand and whispered. “Stop it. My mom might be listening in.”

“She isn’t,” she said. “Driven Woman” just started and she never misses it.”

She was good, and she was right. Mom wouldn’t let anything stop her from watching her favorite show.

“Close the door, Danni, and open your legs to me,” she insisted.

“Oh god, Jenn, don’t do this to me,” I begged. “You know how I am.”

“Put the phone in front of you and put it on speaker but turn the volume down,” she said.

“If Mom comes in here, you’re dead meat,” I said, but I did as she said.

“Touch yourself, Danni. I want to hear you when you do it. Run your fingertip through your slit.”

“God you are a bitch,” I said, reaching down to do as she told me. I leaned back a little and pushed my finger through my lips and dragged it from bottom to top and back again. I was determined not to make a sound but the moan just escaped before I could stop it.

“I love that first soft moan you make,” she said. “Do that until I tell you to stop.”

Of course, I did it but the soft moan she referred to became a series of mewling sounds.

“You can put your fingers inside now,” she said. “I want you to masturbate just like you’d want me to be making love to you right now.”

“You do know I hate you, don’t you?” I said, as two fingers entered me.

“No you don’t baby,” she said. “Let me hear you. Put the phone right by your pussy. I want to hear your fingers as they make love to your sweet pussy.”

“Oh god,” I groaned.

“Look up, Danni,” she said. “Watch your fingers make love to you.”

I didn’t want to do it, but I did. She knew what would happen and it did. Watching me masturbate kicked my libido into overdrive, but just about the time I was really starting to get into it, she stopped me.”

“Fuck, Jenni,” I said. “Why did you do that?”

“I changed my mind, baby. Reach in your drawer and get the white vibe.”

Oh shit, she was evil. The toy she mentioned is a multiple function, multi speed vibe capable of reducing me to a puddle of cum and sweat.

“Do you have it all the way in, baby? I can’t tell.”

“I will so make you pay for this,” I said, but I pushed it all the way in and turned the vibe on slow.

“What a sweet sound that is,” she said, “but it would sound better if you press the pink button.”

The pink button would energize the tip of the toy, making it rotate in a slow arc pattern deep in my pussy. I thought about not doing it but she would know by the lack of the sound of the motor.

“Ngggggggggg,” I groaned. “Oh god, that feels so good in there. Oh my god.”

She was silent for a few minutes as my pussy was being massaged deep inside and my clit was being stroked by the clit finger attachment. I gave up trying to conceal my sounds of pleasure and just let it out.

“High speed now,” she said, snapping me out of the pre-orgasmic haze I was in. “Do it Danni,” she insisted. “Come for me, honey. Come for me.”

I decided I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction so I focused my mind on a verse that came to me.

“You can’t stop it,” she said. “Your thighs are twitching now, aren’t they Danni. Your back hurts right at the top of your ass isn’t it? Oh, you can fight it, but your body will win and we both know what happens when you hold back. Is your anus drawing in yet, Danni? Is your body getting tight? Be careful because you’re going to scream when you come. Better bite down on something because your almost there and there’s no turning back now because your about to lose control. Scream for me, baby. Come for me honey, I’m waiting to suck your sweet cum away.”

I grabbed my pillow and jammed it into my mouth and dropped back to the bed as my body defied my will and disintegrated in a cloud of blackness that swallowed me.

I started breathing just in time to hear her calling my name. “Breathe, Danni. Breathe now. You have to come back now. Talk to me, baby.”

I dragged the phone up near my face. “Fuck you,” I said. “I’m dying and you’re too late to save me.”

“You love me and you know it,” she said. “Besides, I just gave you one of the best orgasms you’ve ever had.”

“You gave me nothing,” I said. “I did it without you.”

“Sure you did,” she said, “just like I just came almost as hard as you without you.”

“You didn’t.” I said.

“I did,” she repeated. “I used my pink tornado twister and a certain blue probe you saw in the catalog.”

“Go to sleep,” I said. “I’m too tired to talk any more and my bed is so wet I’ll have to make it or sleep on the floor. I think I’ll sleep on the floor. It smells like pussy in this room.”

“I love you so much, Danni,” she said.

“No fair,” I said. “I can’t stay mad at you when you say that.”

“I canlı bahis siteleri know, honey,” she said. “I love you so much.”

“So now I’m supposed to say I love you too, I suppose.”

“You’d better,”

“Well, I don’t”

“Then I’ll have to find another woman to love,” she said.

“You do and I’ll cut your tits up and shove them up your ass,” I said.


“Oh very well. I am so damned deep in love with you that I can hardly stand it and if you don’t get your ass over here early, I’ll have to attack you, kiss the breath out of you and have my way with you.”

“I may be late,” she said.

I hugged my phone and softened my tone. “I love you so much, please hurry, Jenni. I miss you so.”

I waited for her in the morning, wearing my robe with nothing under it. The minutes dragged by so slowly. I could feel my body almost vibrate with anticipation and when I heard her coming in, I stood and took a few steps toward the door. She smiled and came to me with sweet kisses and loving embrace. Within seconds, my robe had dropped and we were heading for the bedroom. I’d lit several vanilla candles in my room so the air was sweet with their fragrance as she laid me on the bed and began stripping.

We embraced with so much love that we had tears in our eyes, wrapping our legs around each other as we rolled back and forth on the bed. Her hand found its way to my pussy and slowly entered me as I held her tight, my fingers grasping at her ass. She worked her way down between my legs and put my legs over her shoulders. Her tongue made its way into me and once it found my clit, her lips surrounded it and her tongue caressed it.

My hands were knotted in her hair, forcing her face into me and my legs were crossed behind her back as a beautiful orgasm built and began to take control. Her fingers took over to finish me off with a coup de’gras from her thumb rubbing over my clit.

She licked up every drop, then put her head on my stomach as I calmed.

I started to move to give her the same pleasure but she stopped me.

“Save it for later, baby,” she said. I started to complain, but she put her finger to my lips and kissed me.

We spent most of that day cleaning the house and especially my room so that Mom could relax some the next day. The rest of the time, we cuddled and snuggled into each other, not talking a lot, as we tried to prepare ourselves mentally for the way things would have to be after the weekend.

“I’m going to spend every minute I can with you,’ she promised. “once I get my schedule from the hospital, we can plan some things together. I can study with you and if we’re careful, we can still make love several times a week.”

“I know,” I said, “but it won’t be the same.”

“Of course not, but we can do it, honey. We just have to adjust.”

She got up and went to her bag and came back with the pink tornado and the blue anal probe.

“They tried their best to take your place, but without your touch, it just wasn’t the same.”

She lay back on the bed and pulled her legs up over her chest. It is a position that I love because of the way it exposes both pussy and anus so well.

I kissed, licked and nibbled her until she begged for more and pushed the vibe into her. It has one of the most vigorous vibrating actions I’d ever seen while it twisted and turned inside of her.

“Oh god,” she cried, “I need the blue one. Hurry honey. In my ass. Please.”

I sucked on the blue probe to moisten it and pushed it into her to begin slow strokes that matched the strokes of the vibrator going in and out of her pussy. She sank her teeth into her own calf as she started to come, but had to throw her arms out to dig her fingers into the bedding, dropping her legs down to dig her heels into my ass as she came. I’d never seen her come that hard and I’d never seen that much come pouring from her pussy. It was all I could do to keep up with it, but I did.

We lay in afterglow for almost an hour but had to shower and clean up before Mom came home. Jenni was staying over for dinner at the Roadhouse Steak House so we put on some jeans and shirts and were ready when she came home.

The steaks were perfect and the mood was cheerful that night but it got even better.

“Jennifer,” Mom said, “Can you stay over tonight?”

“Holy shit, did you just say what I think you said,” I asked.

“You did,” she said, “but I didn’t appreciate the way you started it. You need to watch your language.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. You just caught me with my brain spinning.”

“I can, Mary,” Jenni said, “but I didn’t bring any clothes to stay over.”

“We can pick you up some jeans and a shirt,” she said, “and since my darling daughter seldom wears panties any more, I’m sure she can spare some if you wish. I’m sure we won’t be offended if you don’t wear a bra.”

“Mom, what’s going on?” I asked. “Why the sudden change in attitude?”

“I need some help tomorrow,” she said. “I want the guest room completely cleaned and the linens washed.”

“We can do that,” Jenni said.

“What’s the occasion, Mom?” I asked. “No one has used that room in months.”

“Well, she said,” If Jennifer is going to be living with us, we need to be able to at least pretend that she’s not sleeping with you.”

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