Adam’s Little Sister Ch. 05

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It seemed like the longest Friday ever. Certainly it was the longest Friday I can remember. I know I was managing to work, but I don’t know how. I was operating on autopilot, in a semi-daze. A sex induced haze.

I had, as near as I could figure, two women who wanted me badly. Wanted to make love, to be made love to. No, quite frankly needed – to be fucked. To be fucked and sucked. To kiss, to fondle, to suck cock. Two beautiful women, any man’s dream.

And the strangest part, the most confusing, bewildering and somehow mysteriously erotic part – was that they were both related to me. My sister and mother.

I don’t profess to know why it’s happened. Why me, why them, why now? The truth is, the fact still stands, I don’t care. That’s right, I don’t care. Two beautiful, erotic females. One willing, capable, sexually charged male. All I know is, it’s the best, the hottest sex I’ve ever had, and I don’t care who they are – I’m game. You hear me?

There was still the matter of logistics, though. Who would do what with whom and when. One of them would be me, and that’s what matters most, I chuckled to myself.

What if I had a choice between the two of them? I mused.

There was Susan. Young, strong and horny as hell. Beautiful body and big, firm tits. She would do anything I asked her to do. Even more. She was entering the most potent sexual stage of her young life, and wanted to explore and be explored. Every hole, every inch of flesh was a hot spot to her. I could fuck her with a cucumber in one hole and a vibrator in the other if I wanted. I’m just saying . . .

Then there’s mom. A classic beauty, still young and incredibly fit, with the most beautiful, sexy calves and legs I’ve ever seen on a woman of any age. She was entering the stage of her life where she was helplessly, overpoweringly in need of sex.

Her inexorable desire was an incredible turn on in itself. She had to be kissed, sucked, made love to passionately. Her body cried out for it and she was powerless to deny herself. She, too, would do anything to smother the fire within – though nothing would.

Talk about a Hobson’s choice.

The end of the day dragged like the last hour of an all-day lecture. With the end in sight, it seemed to take forever. But as 6:00 approached, I became giddy.

“Hot date?” one of my colleagues asked, walking by and noticing the dreamy look on my face.

“No, nothing like that,” I sighed. “I’m just glad the week is over, and I can finally relax.

“Amen to that,” she said. Well, I thought, there’s relaxing and there’s relaxing . . .

The phone rang at my desk, and I heard a familiar voice on the line.

“Hi, mom,” I said. I’ll be coming home soon.

“Your Aunt Veronica is sick,” she lamented, “and I’ve got to go there to take care of her tonight. Can you rustle up something to eat for you and Susan, or get a pizza?”

Aunt Veronica is mom’s younger sister, just 36 years old and in terrific shape, like mom. As teenagers, I’m told their beauty drew stares from strangers wherever they went. I liked Ronnie a lot. She loved to laugh, and was more like an older sister to me and Sue. I knew she had been having marital difficulties, and wondered it this had anything to do with them. But I didn’t want to pry.

“Don’t worry, mom.” I reassured her. “We’ll find something to eat. I hope she’s feeling better.”

“Thanks, baby. I’ll probably be home late, so don’t wait up.” Then she whispered low into the phone. “But don’t forget, sometime this weekend I’m going to be alone with you and make you scream my name as you cum.”

I knew my mom. She meant it. It also meant I’d have the night alone with Susan. And another encounter with mom. Cool.

When I came home, my sister was again at a soccer practice, and had left me a note.

‘Adam Went to a pool party at Gina’s. Mom is at aunt Ronnie’s until late, she said. I’m going to have a pizza with the girls – sorry. I’ll be home later – WAIT FOR ME.’

Alone and abandoned. What’s a boy to do? I raided the freezer and heated up some frozen enchiladas, washing them down with a couple of ice cold Coronas. Not so bad.

By this time, it was about 9:30pm. I was watching a basketball game on TV when Susan came home. I heard her put her gear down, her thongs clicking as she walked into the den.

Susan stood before me, a vision in a light blue bikini. The top was so sheer; I could make out her brown nipples beneath the material. Her large breasts were just barely contained within. The bottom of the bikini covered her crotch adequately, but when she turned slightly, I could see it was a thong design, leaving her shapely ass exposed. With her taught stomach and powerful thighs and calves, it was heavenly.

“Susan!” I marveled. “When did you get that bikini? I’ve never seen you wear anything like it!”

“My friends talked me into it,” she replied a little self-consciously. “They say it’s great for getting a tan in, and everyone is wearing them. Do . . . do you like it Adam?”

“I think it’s fantastic – I love it casino siteleri on you, and you look just gorgeous!”

You should have seen her face brighten, like the sun just lit it from inside. You can’t give a girl enough compliments, especially when they are true.

“I love you!” she blurted out excitedly, thrilled that I liked how she looked. She bent down to give me a kiss, and I raised my lips to meet hers. Her long, dark hair fell down and surrounded my head.

Susan took my face in her hands and kissed me with real feeling, sliding her tongue inside my anxious lips and exploring the inside of my mouth. Our tongues found each other and joined in a playful dance. After a minute of two, I reached up and found her breasts, holding the bottoms with my palms while my thumbs encircled her nipples. Within moments, her nipples were straining against the sheer fabric, and my sister’s breathing was showing signs of arousal.

I reached around the back of her bikini thong and rubbed my hands on her firm, round ass, marveling at its tone and texture. It was greasy from suntan lotion, and I rubbed my hands around it, squeezing her ass firmly, which brought a low moan from her throat. I took a few fingers and rubbed them in her ass crack as we kissed, stopping just shy of her anus. Sue was beginning to tremble slightly. Then she abruptly got up.

“Wait a minute, Adam,” she said. “I’ve been covered with sweat and suntan lotion all day, and I’m gross – too gross. I’m going upstairs to shower it off. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

A few minutes to my sister can be quite some time, but I nodded reluctantly and she went upstairs. I heard the shower running. After about five minutes, I heard it stop, and the bath start. Susan loved baths. This might take a while. And I couldn’t wait.

Pouring two bottles of beer into glasses, I went upstairs and walked past the bathroom.

Peering inside, I paused.

The bathtub/Jacuzzi is a large oval shape, large enough for at least two and probably three people. It is sunken into an Italian tile pedestal, several feet around on each side, where the decorator placed candles and vases. As I’ve said, dad has the bucks to spare and likes his home just so.

Susan was leaning her head out of the rub, her shiny wet hair back off her face. The tub wasn’t filled too high, and her heavy breasts were easily breaking the surface of the water, as was one shapely calf. My balls tightened at the sight.

I continued into my bedroom. There, I quickly undressed, leaving my clothes in a heap on the floor. I grabbed the glasses and casually walked into the bathroom.

“I hoped you’d think of something like this,” Sue chuckled when she opened her eyes. “Put those glasses down and come on in.”

Putting the glasses on the tile near her head, I climbed into the tub in back of Sue, who settled in between my legs. We wasted no time.

With my back comfortably settled against the angled end of the tub and my sister sitting between my legs with her back to me, I reached around and caressed her wet, slippery tits, shiny and beautiful. Sue reached her arm around my neck, then moved her head back and licked me. My cock was starting to grow like a weed in wet weather.

Our lips found each other, and we kissed deeply, our tongues probing as far as they could into each other’s mouths. I squeezed her wet nipples harder and she moaned into my ear.

With my cock between her legs, Sue reached down and encompassed it with her hand, leaving more than half exposed. Then she softly stroked up and down, sending shivers of delight through me.

I took her hand and moved it so that my cock was sliding up and down her slit, teasing and tickling her clit. My sister’s breathing became more labored, and she held one hand over my cock as I rubbed it up and down on her swelling pussy lips, making contact with her clit on each pass. She was blowing air through open lips.

One great thing about water is its buoyancy. It was nothing to lift Sue up in the large tub and spin her around. Then, lifting her with my hands under her ass cheeks, I impaled her on my meaty shaft. Slowly, with her arms wrapped around me, I lifted her up and down on my cock, while I sucked each nipple into my mouth in turn.

“Oh, God Adam,” she wailed. You are the best brother in the world. Your cock is doing things . . . to me . . . . deep inside me that . . . . make me . . . wild.”

I was enjoying the ride, too, but felt a little too much friction in the position, or perhaps because of the water. Lifting Sue off my cock, I had her stand at the edge of the rub, leaning against the wall.


Walking into the house, I was glad to be home. My sister wasn’t physically ill, but the problems with her marriage had taken their toll. Now separated, she was fearful of the single life once again. I calmed her down as only a sister can, and promised to go back tomorrow so we could speak further. I was hoping to get home in time to be alone with my son, Adam, if possible. My pussy was positively buzzing slot oyna with the thought of being filled with his ample young cock. I knew my baby could keep a secret, and I was willing, no praying, to do anything and everything he wanted – and more.

I came in, rather quietly I suppose, and heard unusual noises and voices coming from the bathroom upstairs. I silently made my way up the stairs, and looked in the crack of the door. What I saw simply blew me away.

My daughter, Susan, was standing in the bathtub, leaning against the wall. My son, Adam, was kneeling behind her. His hands were spreading her ass cheeks and he had his tongue inside, licking her – my God what an ass she has. I never noticed how beautiful it was. Susan was struggling to stand upright, her legs bending. She was breathing heavily, moaning and encouraging Adam.

“That’s it, Adam,” she cried. “Lick my asshole, brother, stick your tongue in just like – – ohhhh – – ohhhh yes, just like that.” It looked like she was rubbing her pussy with her other hand.

I backed away from the door – for a moment. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was too much to believe! But it was -undeniably – the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed. I couldn’t help it – like a moth to a flame, I was drawn back to that crack in the door.

Susan had turned around and was standing up, holding onto her breasts. When had she developed such a breathtaking body? It was marvelous. Her breasts were huge, and gorgeous beyond words. Her athletic body was tight as a drum, with curves in all the right places. I loved looked at her wet body, admiring it, fantasizing about it.

Susan’s legs were parted just enough to allow Adam’s tongue to lick her partly shaved pussy. His hands were holding her fine ass, pushing her pussy into his mouth. Sue’s eyes were closed tight, and she was clearly a willing participant.

“Oh Adam,” I heard her say, “Lick my pussy – – yes, right there. Take my clit into your mouth and – – oohh – – OOOHHHH – – that feels so incredible!”

I backed away from the door again and slumped to the floor. What should I do? My entire body was flooded with sensations. I pinched my nipples, and shock waves of desire undulated all over my body. I felt moistness grow within my pussy folds. I touched my pussy and – oh my – it nearly set me off on a dizzying ride. I heard the water splash and I couldn’t stop myself from looking again. Oh my God.

Susan was on all fours in the bathtub. Adam was supporting himself with his hands on the edge of the tub, his arm and shoulder muscles rippling. He was in a squatting position and was – pumping his cock in and out of Susan. In and out he shoved that big, beautiful cock inside my baby. I could see it come almost all the way out, then slam back in, accompanied by a heavy sigh of pleasure from Sue. Her huge tits were swinging back and forth, and her tongue licked her lips feverishly. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. My juices were just flowing now, filling my panties with warm liquid.

I slumped back against the wall again, but this time my head made a bumping sound.

I got up and quickly slithered back down the stairs. This time I made more noise when I entered.


“What was that, Sue?” I said, pulling my cock out of her warm pussy. “Did you hear that noise?”

“The only noise I heard was me moaning, and your cock squishing in and out of my pussy – which I hope you’ll start again now!”

“No, wait,” I persisted. “I heard a noise – maybe mom’s home. You’d better look quick.”

Now concerned, Susan got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself. I heard her go downstairs, followed by voices. Mom was home – Shit!

I jumped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and sprinted to my room. Inside, I quickly picked my underpants up and put them back on. I was pretty sure we’d be just fine. I was dying to cum – but the feeling took second place for the moment.

It seemed like forever before Sue came upstairs. What was going on? Was it Aunt Veronica? Had mom heard or seen Sue and I? The suspense was nerve wracking.


After what seemed like hours, though in reality I knew it wasn’t, Sue softly knocked at my door. I sat on the bed shirtless, in my boxer shorts. She came in, wearing her white terry-cloth robe, which gleamed against her tan skin and dark hair.

“What the heck happened?” I said, wide eyed. “What took you so long? Is it Ronnie? Did mom see us, or hear us? I thought . . . .”

Susan reached down and put gently placed her finger on my lips in a “shhh” motion.

“Some of everything,” she said knowingly. Then she sat down next to me and paused before speaking again.

“Adam,” she said softly, looking at me in a way she never had before, “is there something you want to tell me?”

“Tell you about . . . ” I was trying to put the puzzle she was creating together.

“About you and mom,” she finished.

Now it was my turn to pause. This was truly uncharted water. A murky, deep ocean. Or a shimmering, crystal clear lake. canlı casino siteleri The next few moments would tell.

Breathing in deeply, I began. “Well, Sue, this has nothing to do with the way I feel about you. It started one night, a few weeks ago, when you were at the sleep over. Mom was sad, lonely. I went into her room because she was frightened, she’s heard a noise . . ..” I told her the story about how mom and I made love – wild, passionate love. “I don’t blame mom, I don’t blame myself. It happened and . . . “

Sue stopped me again by putting her finger to my lips. I didn’t know what would happen next. I sat, speechless, my heart beating violently in my chest. I was mildly light-headed.

“Adam, I know the story,” she started. I just heard all about it from mom.”

“And . . .?” I interrupted.

“I can’t say why the three of us are the way we are. Maybe it’s in the genes. I don’t know about dad and I don’t want to – have no interest. This is about you and me and mom. “

I listened silently.

“There have been two lonely, needy and, may I say, incredibly horny girls in this house for quite some time. The only person who recognized it, and gave us unselfish, gentle and incredibly loving care is you. You should be given a medal.”

I blushed, my cock stirred, and I continued to listen as she finished.

“Whatever the future may bring, the world must never know what has happened and is going to happen here in this house.”

“Of course,” I vowed. “But when you say ‘going to happen’ what do you . . ..”

Susan took my hand and I stood up. Walking in front of me, she led me into the hallway, and slowly opened mom’s door. Then she led me by the hand into mom’s room.

The room was dim, lit only by a few candles, and it took my eyes a second to adjust. Mom was lying on her bed, illuminated softly by candlelight. She was wearing a completely sheer white lace camisole. It hugged her curves like a Ferrari, and hung from her shoulders by two thin straps. Underneath, her aureoles and dark nipples were clearly visible, pushing through the fabric like two bottle tops. The camisole ended at her tight mid stomach, leaving her navel uncovered.

Looking further down, I saw her matching lace thong panties. Closer inspection revealed the outline of her pussy lips, but no pubic hair peeked out of the edges.

Her long, fantastic legs were covered by sheer white stockings, which ended at mid-thigh. She was a sight. Incredibly beautiful and underwear-model sexy. I was overwhelmed and dumfounded. What was going on here?

“Adam,” mom said, her voice filtering through the room, “sit down next to me.”

I heard and obeyed. It was so surreal. I sat on my knees, kneeling upright on the bed.

“Susan and I had a wonderful talk,” she continued. “She told me everything that has gone on between the two of you, and I told her everything that’s gone on between the two of us.”

I remained silent.

“We decided – if it’s OK with you – that the best solution, the solution that would make us all the happiest, would be if the three of us shared our love. We could make each other so happy. We want you. We want each other. We can make it work.”

Before I had a chance to speak, a chance to even think, I heard Sue slip her robe off her shoulders, and felt her big, warm breasts against my back. Soft kisses covered my neck and shoulders. Mom raised up on her elbows and, holding my chin, delicately set her lips upon mine. Tilting her head, she kissed me tenderly. I kissed her back.

My participation in this menage a trois was my unspoken approval of the situation.

As I was kissing mom, I reached down and massaged her breasts through the thin lace of her top. I could feel her excitement channel through her kiss and into my mouth. Her gentle kiss became increasingly passionate, as she swirled her tongue inside my mouth. I flicked her nipples with the back of my thumb, and they stood straight up at attention. They weren’t the only thing standing straight up.

Susan was still kissing my neck and rubbing my chest. Breaking away from mom’s kiss, I turned my head to kiss her. She eagerly accepted my tongue, and we engaged in an enthusiastic tongue-wrestling kiss. Mom leaned into me and used her tongue to delicately lick around my nipples before sucking on them, which had an immediate effect on me. I looked down at her face. Her tongue was darting out of her soft lips, making its way around my nipples. Our eyes met and locked. They were clouded with raw lust.

At that moment, my cock decided to make a guest appearance, forcing itself out of the slit in my boxers. Mom softly stroked it as she kissed and licked my chest and nipples, bringing the bulging monster to its full height and girth. I lifted up off my knees as she removed the boxers.

Mom leaned down and bathed my cock in her saliva. It was pouring down the sides of my pole as she slobbered lovingly all over it. Mom must have been hotter than a summer’s day in Arizona, because she was literally making love to my cock with every part of her mouth and face. Her teeth lightly skimmed the surface of my skin, causing tremors in the pit of my stomach as she glided over the hard ridge of my glans. She kissed and licked, rubbing my wet rod all over her face.

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