Affairs Assistant Ch. 07

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Each time I came to work, my boss had a peculiar routine with me. He would have me kneel on the cold marble floor and suck on his huge cock until he told me to stop. Sometimes it was only for a few minutes, sometimes I would be pleasuring him for so long that my jaw would feel sore and my knees ached. But he never came. Not even when I looked up at his scowling face with begging eyes. Instead, he would pull his fat dick out of me and tuck it into his Calvin Klein briefs. He would zip up his trousers and tell me whether I was a good girl or I needed more practice.

When I was good, he liked to walk me into the sunny atrium in the middle of the house and offer me champagne. When I was bad, he would put his hand stiffly on the back of my neck and walk me into his intimidating study, sitting me across from him in a cold leather chair.

Either way, after that, he would give me my assignment. Sometimes my assignment was for a week, a day, or a few month. It could be as inane as signing hundreds of documents in Mr. Sterne’s name, or steaming his clothing. Sometimes it was perverse. I had several of his clients that I was required to send a nude photo to every day, my pose in the picture depended on the client’s request. I also attended business meetings with Mr. Sterne. My role sometimes was to slowly remove my clothes as part of a presentation, or to let each meeting attendee touch my bare breasts.

My friends were enjoying the summer between high school and college while I worked for Mr. Sterne. Each day, thousands of dollars dropped into my account. Sometimes with instructions to buy a certain outfit or wig, or to attend my next day of work wearing a specific perfume.

Today, he surprised me. “Your assignment is to attend a gala with me. Tonight. My wife will be there.”

“Oh,” I said, unsure how to react.

“My wife and I’s relationship is none of your business, keep that in mind,” he said curtly. “But you are to listen to me, not her. You do not take any orders from her.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, still confused.

“Now, come with me. I have a dress for you.”

He led me to his hallway-sized walk-in closet. It was adorned with three Tiffany chandeliers that dripped with crystals and beads of gold. There were cushioned seats for slipping on shoes, there were rows of shelves lit by hidden lights. The shelves were lined neatly with shoes, stacks of shirts, velvet jewelry displays, and photos of young naked women who I assumed to be his past assistants. None of their faces were in the photos.

Once in the back of the closet, I noticed a gown hanging on a display hanger in front of a full length mirror. It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. The fabric was soft, but structured. It was black, elegant, timeless. Not a single seam could be seen on the outside, and it was embellished with just a few minimalist details. A slit going up the thigh, a symmetrical lack of shoulder coverage, a hint of sheerness in the back of the dress that would tease a view of the line of my spine and my shoulder blades. I stared at it in admiration, realizing it was in my exact measurements. “This is beautiful. Thank you.”

In the mirror I noticed Mr. Sterne looking intensely at me. I heard his belt unbuckle and I felt his hands on me quite suddenly. With one hand he pressed my head sideways against the mirror and with the other he grabbed my pussy from behind. With my cheek against the cold glass, I struggled to ask. “What are you doing?”

“You can’t go to this party as a virgin. Not this one.” He roughly shoved my panties aside and pushed up my denim skirt above my ass.

“Wh-what?” I said, breathlessly.

“She’ll know,” he whispered. And suddenly, he pushed the full length of his cock into my pussy.

I let out a wail of pain. I was barely wet enough to take in his length. The feeling of his dick inside me was overwhelming and painful. I wasn’t ready. Despite this, he shoved himself into me. His hips smashed into my ass and pressed my breasts and face harder into the glass of the mirror.

“I have to fuck you,” he breathed.

“Wh-whyyy?” I moaned.

He pulled out slightly and then pushed back in. I nearly howled with the pain. I could feel warmth on my upper thigh. Blood, perhaps.

“She’ll know,” he whispered again. And he began pumping in and out of my pussy with the strength of what felt like three men. I cried out each time, squeezing my eyes closed and trying to claw my casino siteleri fingers against the mirror.

“You wanted it,” Mr. Sterne said angrily. “Don’t make those bitch sounds.”

I moaned, and his dick began to slide in and out of me more smoothly as I became wet. I did want him. Ever since my job interview, I wanted him. I wanted him even more as he gave all of his attention to his beautiful daughter and not me. He was finally inside me, taking me violently because he couldn’t stand it any longer. I loved that thought, and this time when my mouth opened I moaned happily and my tongue found the cold of the mirror.

“Give it to me, daddy,” I said, teasing him.

“Don’t fucking talk,” he retorted. He reached over my back and pushed my head again. I opened my eyes and watched our reflection. His expression was angry, but as I watched, it turned to a softer expression. It was fascination mixed with longing. He held my waist and started fucking me faster than before. The contact of our bodies made a loud smacking sound, like my body hitting the mirror. With his mouth open in a helpless sort of way, I found him cute rather than terrifying.

“You like it, daddy?” I asked.

He didn’t respond, he kept looking at his dick as it moved in and out of my body. His hand turned and two of his fingers found their way into my mouth. I sucked on them eagerly.

His face crushed into a wince, and he moaned. I moaned back, knowing he was about to cum.

“Fuck you,” he struggled to say. He pushed into me deeply again, shoving my helpless body into the mirror harder than ever before. Then, I felt my pussy overflowing with sloppy warmth. His cock was pulsing inside me. Mr. Sterne bent over my back in relief, groaning loudly.

His hand dropped from my ass and slid between my legs.he pushed his straightened hand upward and rubbed it up and down against my clit. Between his skin and mine was a hot layer of his cum. And it was being rubbed into my pussy.

My body trembled, and my pussy tightened. And then, a release, as an orgasm ripped through my body. My knees trembled and I moaned, almost screaming and collapsed on the ground. My hand flew down to my clit to continue rubbing as Mr. Stern’s hand fell off of me. I came harder than I ever had from masturbating. My toes curled and my back arched.

When I finally opened my eyes, Mr. Stern was above me, buttoning his pants and straightening his tie. He looked down at me. “Get dressed. Meet me downstairs.”

His chauffeur was there once I came down in my new gown. Mr. Sterne was sipping brandy when he looked up at me. His expression was hard to read, but he gave me a curt nod that indicated that I was to his liking.

We rode in a limo into the next town. I drank more than usual on the way there. I wasn’t of age to drink, but my boss fed me about three tumblers of whiskey during the ride and I didn’t object. I guess I was more nervous than I realized.

I got really horny by the end of the ride and climbed onto Mr. Sterne’s lap despite his objections.

“You think I’m hot,” I said, leaning into his face.

He looked away. “Don’t act so desperate.”

I reached down to his crotch to grab his cock just to feel his girth again, but to my surprise he was completely soft. It was difficult to grab him. He pushed me off of him and I fell onto the leather seat beside him. “Enough,” he said.

The limo rolled to a stop and the driver helped us out. I felt a little dizzy on my heels. I held onto Mr. Sterne’s arm for balance and we walked inside.

We were in a hotel. Its scale and style was intimidating. We walked into the ballroom and were immediately swallowed up in orchestral music. The lighting was dim and the air smelled lightly of vanilla. My mouth watered, but I didn’t know if it was because I could feel my boss’s firm arm in my hand.

“Ah, Miss Jamie,” said a man’s voice. I turned to see who was speaking. “Brad, nice to meet you,” a slender young man reached out to shake my hand. I did so without recognizing him.

“You’re quite the photographer,” he said, smirking.

I looked down at his hands, I recognized his tan fingers and clean fingernails. I had seen his hands grabbing his dick in photos before and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, hi Brad.”

“Hi,” he said again, smiling back at me. “If Rob lets anyone steal you, let me know. I’d love to show you around.” He winked and Mr. Sterne led me away. slot oyna

“Jamie,” said my boss. “This is my wife, Liza.”

I turned my head in shock and was met with the sight of a beautiful, full-figured woman with wavy brunette hair. Her lipstick was a perfect shade against her skin and her eyes seemed to stare into my soul.

“Hello,” I stammered. I reached out to shake her hand.

She gave me a glance-over instead. “So you’re his new assistant?”

I lowered my hand.

“Yes,” Mr. Sterne jumped in.

“What an interesting choice,” she said, her lips hovering above her glass of wine. “I see you still like them young. Does she know about Mary?” Mr. Sterne seemed to freeze on the spot. I had never seen him react that way before. Then, her eyes turned back to me. “Don’t tell me, he’s only fucked you once.”

My eyes turned to Mr. Sterne but he was staring straight ahead.

Liza laughed at us. “You’re too cute. I hope you didn’t bring her here to make me jealous. It’s not working, you know.”

Mr. Stern reached over and pulled down the top of my dress to expose my right breast. “Even with these tits?”

Liza laughed again, probably at the shock on my face.

Mr. Sterne stormed off and I lifted my dress back up to my shoulder, embarrassed. A few people around us were still staring. My face burned. Unexpectedly, Liza came to my aid. She put her arm around me and walked with me toward the women’s bathroom.

“He’s pathetic,” she said, sighing. We went into the bathroom together and I leaned against the sink as she touched up her makeup. I stood there staring at her beautiful face, not sure what to say. She looked at me in the mirror. “Nice dress,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said. Did I say it too loud? Oh god, I was drunk.

“I recognize it, you know,” she said slyly.

“You do?” I asked.

“Oh yes. I picked it out for tonight. We were shopping for your outfit yesterday, he and I. You’re pulling it off so well.”

“Thanks,” I said again.

She popped a pill into her mouth and placed one in mine. She took a swig from a flask in her purse and made me follow. My throat burned and breathed heavily, trying to get rid of the flaming hot air in my mouth.

I coughed and she turned to me. “Are you afraid of me?”

“A little,” I admitted.

She smiled at me, looking at my lips.

“Who’s Mary?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll find out next time you’re working,” Liza said, amused, her face so close to mine.

“I’m not sure-” I said.

She cut me off. “Just go with it. This is a party. Besides, it’s more fun if we gang up on him.” She grinned and started kissing my neck passionately. I grabbed her back as pleasure ran through me. My grasp had her lips pressing into my warm skin just a little bit harder. I felt her hot tongue and let out a moan without thinking about it. The few women in the restroom were looking at us, stifling shocked laughter.

Liza drew back and looked into my face. “Just follow my lead. We can get him on his knees.”

We walked back out to the ballroom. The pill I took was starting to take effect. The air around me felt warm and pleasant like the humid air of summer. The vanilla scent in the air was now more noticeable and Liza’s hand on mine felt like velvet.

We approached my boss, her husband as a pair, smiling. He looked back at us startled.

“Jamie,” he hissed. “Come here.”

“Nonsense,” said Liza. “You and I are going to dance. Just for appearance’s sake.” The orchestra began a new song and Liza and Mr. Sterne swept away to the dance floor.

Brad found me, pulling me to him by the waist and dancing with me halfheartedly at the edge of the dance floor. “You look so delicious,” he told me.

His face was a blur and his hands on my body felt amazing. I leaned my body into his. “I like you,” I slurred.

“Oh yeah?” he asked. “Come with me.”

He lead me out of the gala and into a dim corridor. He pushed me onto a cushioned bench and knelt before me, forcing himself underneath the skirt of my gown.

I felt his hot mouth against my cunt and I moaned loudly. His hand shot up and covered the lower half of my face.

He started to eat my pussy, showing me what it was like for the very first time. His lips and tongue worked together on me as if he was trying to force his entire face into my slit. My pussy’s wetness sopped onto him from the bridge of his nose to his canlı casino siteleri chin. Each of his movements felt like another step up on a mounting burst of pleasure. My hands were blindly grabbing at the wall on which I was leaning. His tongue seemed to know exactly what I wanted, I stroked my clit up and down without stopping but his lips widened and narrowed against me at whim. I moaned loudly into his hand.

Just then, Liza appeared around the corner with Mr. Sterne. “Oh look at what we have here,” she giggled.

Mr. Sterne stared wildly at me, and I could barely keep my eyes open as I looked back at him.

He quickly leaned down and pushed Brad violently away from me. “She’s mine, you fucking idiot,” he said.

Brad fell back and used his open palm to wipe at his face. “I couldn’t help it,” he said.

“What the fuck does that mean?” said Mr. Sterne, shaking with rage. He scooped up a handful of Brad’s coat and punched Brad squarely in the face.

“Hey!” I exclaimed.

Liza came and sat beside me on the bench. “It’s okay, honey. He’s just worked up,” she told me. Then she took my cheek and turned it and gave me a deep kiss.

Her tongue was warm and sweet with wine. Her perfume was like a net that I was captured in. It was like pink blossoming roses. Her hair fell over my shoulder as she kissed me and I felt wrapped in bliss, despite the strangeness of the whole situation.

“Jamie!” scolded Mr. Sterne.

In response, Liza opened her mouth slightly and played with my tongue sexily with hers. I moaned into her mouth and I felt her respond with a mischievous giggle.

She leaned half of her body over me and her hand pulled down the should of my dress just as her husband had done and began to squeeze my breast.

“You’re right,” she said. “Nice tits.”

Mr. Sterne was standing frozen again.

“Really nice,” said Liza seductively. She took her own breasts out of her form fitting red dress. They were huge, round, and her nipples were a dark red. She leaned into me further, pressing her chest to mine. “Mm, you feel good, Jamie. I see why he likes you.”

My hands went instinctively to her breasts, feeling them softly at first and then groping their massiveness. I was so wet and so high.

Her hand found its way into the slit of my dress and her fingers touched my pussy with a sly kind of confidence only another woman could have.

“Wow,” she breathed into my mouth. “Look at him.”

I opened my eyes and saw Rob covering his mouth with his hand.

“What? Want some?” Liza asked.

Rob stepped forward and towered over us. For the second time tonight, he undid his belt buckle and took out his fat cock. It was already hard, lengthening more with every second. He leaned over us, his hands indicating that he was about to pull up his wife’s dress to fuck her like he had fucked me earlier.

Instead, Liz raised her leg and pressed a sharp stiletto into her husband’s chest. “Mm-mm,” she said, shaking her head. “Not so fast.”

Brad was on the ground nearby, holding his face in pain but watching the scene unfold with wide eyes.

“Get on your knees,” she said in a sultry voice.

To my surprise, Mr. Sterne sank down to the ground in front of us. I never would have imagined I’d ever see him in this position. I wasn’t sure how Liza had done it. I couldn’t properly think at the moment. Everything felt so warm and soft, I mainly wanted to be kissing someone again.

Liza pressed a gentle hand to my back and leaned me toward him.

Mr. Sterne leaned into me in return and we began to kiss. His salt and pepper beard scratched my face. His lips were fuller and softer than I thought they would be. He tasted like drool and whiskey. His strong hands lifted. One of them held my throat and the other joined his wife’s in rubbing my pussy.

I whimpered into him.

Soon, Liza pushed him away and continued kissing me.

I felt my dress come off and I realized I didn’t know how much time had passed between that and when Liza had put her lips on mine.

I felt her fingers enter me and my sleepy eyes were open just enough to watch Mr. Sterne place his hardened cock into Liza’s pouting mouth. I felt Brad enter me at some point but was too sleepy to watch him fuck my body. Mr. Sterne and him started to kiss sloppily, each of them with their dicks in a different pussy. Liza’s moans were so hot, when she started to orgasm, I followed right behind. I felt amazing.

Everyone was touching each other there in the dark corridor. The orchestra was playing in the distance and somewhere in the hotel, a clock was striking midnight.

That’s all I can remember.

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