After a Hard Day

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I came dragging in the door tired and stressed as hell from work. It had been a long, hard day and I just wanted to get out of my work clothes, take a nice hot shower and relax. I walked into the bedroom and flipped on the light. I walked over to my dresser and took out my blue silk boxers, a pair of khaki shorts and a white t-shirt.

I walked into the bathroom, flipped on the light and laid my clothes on the back of the toilet. I turned the shower on and adjusted the water to the right temperature, stripped off my clothes then I stepped inside and closed the shower door.

The water felt so good. I just stood there for several minutes letting the hot water pour over my body, washing my lousy day away. I quickly washed my hair and then lathered my body up. I took time washing my body, spending a little extra time in all of those special places, making sure I was squeaky clean. I stepped under the water and rinsed myself off, then stepped out of the shower. I grabbed my towel off of the back of the toilet and quickly dried myself off.

I couldn’t help but admire my reflection in the mirror as I applied lotion. Not bad for 32. I’m 5’8″ with short, dark blonde hair, slender hips, wide shoulders with bigger breast than I’d like. My body is still nicely toned and my DD’s are still where they should be. Guess I can’t complain too much.

I slid my boxers and my shirt on, opting to leave the shorts where they were. It wasn’t like I would be seeing anyone but Shay. I combed my hair then headed into the living room. My mind set on nothing but my big massaging recliner.

I grabbed the remote for the stereo, picking something mellow to help me relax. I sank into the recliner turning it on medium. I closed my eyes and let the music and the chair work their magic.

The next thing I knew, I heard keys opening the lock at the front door. I opened my eyes and turned just in time to see Shay walking through the door. Damn she looked good. I’ll never know how she handles her day so much better than I do mine. This woman looks just as sexy getting home from work as she does when heads out first thing in the morning. Not a hair out of place on her silky blonde head. Clothes looking like she just ironed them 10 minutes ago. Make-up looks like she just applied it. Shay’s like some sex goddess that just breezes through her day.

And I do mean sex goddess. Shay is 5’3″ about 120lbs. She’s blessed with those hips and ass that makes you just want to reach out and grab ’em. Awesome breast too, not too big and not too small. Makes my mouth water just thinking about ’em. Sometimes thinking of her is all that gets me through the work day.

I smile as she makes her way towards me asking how her day was. Shay leans down lightly kissing my lips as she runs her fingers through my wet hair. “It was ok I guess. Looks like we could both use a drink and I might have to share that chair with you in a little while.”

I patted my lap and told her to have a seat. She laughed, “I’m going to make us a drink then take a shower.”

She was back in less than 5 minutes with our drinks. She handed me mine and told me she’d be back shortly. I sipped on my drink as I watched her disappear down the hall then laid my head back and closed my eyes.

The next thing I know, Shay is kissing me awake and removing the glass from my hand. She grabs illegal bahis the controls, turning the vibration of the chair to low. She was standing in front of me in her robe, the belt left untied. I could feel her unbuttoning and sliding her hand into my boxers. Leaning towards me, her robe parts revealing her gorgeous body. She nibbled on my ear then whispered, “I guess I have to earn sitting in your chair.”

My senses are overwhelmed by her. I can smell the scent of her shampoo and body wash. I can feel the heat radiating from her body. Her body still has a nice pink glow from the hot shower. Her finger is teasing my slit, working her way slowly up and down it. I reach up to touch her breast and she pushes my hands away with her free hand. “Just relax and enjoy baby”, she whispers again in my ear.

I can feel my body responding to her. My nipples are hard just from her closeness. Her touch is causing me to get wetter by the second. Her finger is still teasing me, slowly entering the folds of my pussy. I inhale deeply as she finds the clit, slowly circling it with her finger. She works her finger deeper. The opening is wet and waiting for her. She grins as she teases the outer edge causing my hips to move to meet her finger. Slowly she slides her finger in, playing in the wetness. “Not so tired after all I see”, she says teasingly.

Her mouth finds mine. Her kiss is slow and seductive. Our tongues lightly circling as if in a familiar dance. Her kiss becomes more demanding. I’m completely in Shay’s spell. Her kisses hold a power over me and she knows it. They always seem to get her what she wants. This time will be no exception.

Shay sucks my tongue into her mouth, milking it like a tiny cock. I feel her removing her hand from my boxers, then I feel her hands tugging at the sides. I lift my ass to help her as she pulls them over my hips, past my knees. When her hand can no longer reach, she takes over with her foot pushing them completely off, her mouth never leaving mine. Now her hands are free to roam my body. They quickly find my breast. Her finger tips tease my already hard nipples through my t-shirt. She works her hands down my sides until she reaches the hem of the shirt, pulling it up to my neck.

Finally, Shay takes her lips from mine and removes my shirt. She kisses her way down my neck, my chest. My eyes are still closed as I feel her take the first nipple into her mouth. I can feel her tongue slowly circle it. She sucks it into her mouth lightly grazing the nipple with her teeth as she pulls away. My back arched, not wanting her mouth to leave. A moan escapes my lips as her fingers replace her mouth and her mouth finds the other. She let her other hand trail down my body using her nails. I had goosebumps all over.

I can feel her hand working it’s way down my thigh and back up straight to my now dripping pussy. Shay plays with my clit, but only for a few seconds. Her hand and mouth leave my nipples. They are so hard they ache, but they miss her attention. She kisses her way down my stomach, her hands pulling my hips to the edge of the chair. My ass was now resting on one of the vibrating pads. I could feel the vibrations deep inside my pussy. Shay kissed her way from my stomach to my thigh making me groan. She giggled as she proceeded to kiss her way down one inner thigh and up the next. She knows I can’t take illegal bahis siteleri this kind of torture long, but I enjoy it anyway.

The torture is almost unbearable as she continues to kiss up one thigh and down the other. On the next pass, her tongue darts out for a quick lick making my body quiver. Back to the thighs she goes. Again a quick lick. I groan once again in frustration. I prepare my body for the next pass knowing what is coming, she seems to be enjoying this game.

My pussy is filled with a wonderful shock as she buries her tongue deep within me. I can’t help but moan with pleasure as her tongue thrust in and out, my hips straining to meet her tongue. I can feel her tongue deep within my pussy, the vibration of the chair causing it to do a strange dance inside. Just when I think I can’t take anymore, Shay licks her way up to my clit. Jesus, I’m in heaven. My pussy is pulsing and throbbing. I feel something start to enter me. It’s the dildo from the bedroom. I guess she got it after she got out of the shower and put it in the pocket of her robe.

She works the dick inside, slowly pushing in and pulling out working in another inch at a time. Her tongue is driving my clit crazy. She knows the right spots, but intentionally stays away except for brief moments. Finally she has the dildo worked all the way in. I can feel her hand around the base and she thrusts in, pulling it almost all the way out before the next thrust. I can’t take anymore. I grab her head to hold her in the right spot. I can feel her smile into my pussy at this. It’s what she was waiting for. Her tongue begins moving faster, her hand matching the tempo. My hips arch to meet her thrust for thrust. My God, my body is on fire and ready to explode. “Oh God Yessss”, I cry as my orgasm finally peaks, making me tense and quiver. Shay slows the tempo bringing me back to earth.

Kissing her way back up my body, finding my lips Shay asks, “Feel better now baby?”

Breathlessly I answer, “God, yes. I thought you were tired too”.

“Not that tired baby”, she replies. “Ready for more”?

With that, she stands up pulling my hands as she does. I stand with her wondering just what it is she has in mind. To my amazement, Shay pulls the strap on out of one of her robe pockets and quickly fastens it around my waist and thighs. “My, my… you think of everything don’t you”, I teasingly asked.

“You better believe it baby”, she said as she placed the dildo that had just been in me into the harness. With a quick kiss, she pushed me back into the chair.

I barely had time to arrange before she was climbing onto my lap. She straddled my legs, grabbed the dick and guided it inside herself. I watched as it slowly sank deeper into her. I pulled her too me and kissed her. My hands were finally free to roam over her at will. I could feel her moving her hips a little, grinding into me. I kissed my way to her breast. God how I loved them. I placed my hands on either side of her breasts pushing them together. Her breast are just big enough that I could take both nipples into my mouth at once. I know how much she loves this. The feel of my tongue and teeth on both nipples. My tongue able to swirl around both so that neither is neglected.

I remembered where we were and decided to give Shay a little added bonus. I released her breast long enough canlı bahis siteleri to reach for the controls and turn the vibration of the chair up on high, thrusting my hips into her at the same time. “My God”, she moaned, “I love how your mind works”.

“Glad to be of service”, I said as I grinned at her.

Shay pushed down on the dick, grinding her hips. I pushed into her as she did so. I grabbed her breasts and went back to work with my tongue, teasing her nipples to a nice rock hardness. The chair was making my mouth vibrate around her nipples, my tongue seeming to have a mind of it’s own. I bit down lightly causing her to pull my head into her heaving chest. I could hear her heart beating rapidly and the moans coming from deep inside. Shay leaned down to kiss and lick my ear. She was breathing heavily in my ear. The combination of her breathing and moans was driving me wild.

I let her set the pace and did my best to keep up with her, the chair was making that a bit difficult. She was pumping up and down on the dick like a woman possessed now. I knew Shay had to be getting close. I released her breasts, leaving one in my mouth, the other left to the devices of my hand. I used my fingers to copy the actions of my mouth. As I bit on one nipple, I lightly pinched the other between my finger and thumb. I let my finger nail graze around her nipple copying the circles of my tongue on the other.

I let my free hand work its way down her body to find her dripping pussy. Through the wetness and the vibration, I heard her breath catch as I found her clit. My elbow was on the arm of the chair so it turned my fingers into a mini-vibrator. Shay pulled me closer as she screamed, “Oh My…Oh My God…Please Don’t Sto…Stop”.

I felt her tense as the orgasm wracked her body. I kept moving my hips, thrusting in and out of her. Another orgasm quickly started as the last one stopped. I just kept pumping away, my hands and mouth never missing a beat. I could feel the dick moving much more freely due to all the juices caused by the orgasms. I let go of her breast and grabbed her around the waist to keep her from slipping off the dick. I held her in place as I used my hips in a circular motion to grid the dick deep within her. I began moving my fingers on her clit faster. I could tell the next orgasm wasn’t far away.

Within seconds, Shay’s body exploded again. She was holding me so tight I could barely breathe. Faster and faster I moved my fingers, working the dick in and out of her. I tilted my hips in hopes of the dick rubbing her G-spot. She was breathing so hard that the only thing coming from her mouth was “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s”. Her body shook and trembled as I continued. I wasn’t sure how much more she could take, but I wasn’t stopping until Shay told me to do so.

I’m not sure what the record is on the longest orgasm, but I’m pretty sure Shay was giving it her best shot. Her legs were no longer supporting her at all. All I could do was grind into her. I could feel her throbbing against me, my legs were coated in her juices.

She finally released her death hold of me, pushing me back so she was at my ear again. I heard her whisper, “Th..The.. The Chair….Turn off the Chair”.

I let Shay go and fumbled for the controls. As the chair shut off, Shay collapsed against me. After a few minutes had passed, “Jesus Christ that was fucking unbelievable”, she said still a little out of breath.

……The next thing I know, Shay is kissing me awake and removing the glass from my hand….. I grin up at her saying, “Hey baby, I thought of a new use for the chair”…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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