After the Party

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Booty Shake

One night I threw a party at my parents house. They had taken a trip with my siblings and I had the house to myself. So I invited everyone from school and told them to bring friends. By midnight the house was packed with drunk seniors and a couple people that had graduated the year before and were home from college.

It was a successful party since the cops had shown up twice but didn’t break it up until about 3am. When it did end there were a couple stragglers who stayed behind to hang out and help clean up but eventually they all left as well. All except for this dude Matt that had graduated the year before I did. He stayed and helped me finish collecting all the garbage and even helped with mopping the floor while I vacuumed.

After we were done I thanked him for being so awesome and helping me out. He laughed and said it was no problem then thanked me for throwing the party. He brought up how it sucked that he didn’t get laid that night, and how he was just dealing with massive blue balls. It was regular guy talk so I laughed and joked about how he would be having a date with his girl Handgela when he got home.

He said “No im serious, like look at this!” Then he motioned his hands to his crotch. He had a noticeable bulge showing through his pants. I guess I stared at it too long because he made a joke about pictures lasting longer and laughed. I was of course really embarrassed and it must have shown because he said “Bro it’s not a big deal we both have the same equipment.”

Then he looked down and said “Damn dude looks like you have an appointment with Handgela too” and pointed towards my dick. I had gotten noticeably hard. I became intensely embarrassed and worried he was going to call me gay. So I started stuttering while trying to apologize with some excuse. He just brushed it off and then cooly said “Dude no judgement we all get them” then pointed at his hard dick again and said “Obviously!” I was just about to bring up going to bed when he asked if I owned any porn. He joked that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to safely drive home this horny. I had purchased a couple porn dvd’s from a local adult store after I turned 18, so I told him I did.

He said “Well dude would you mind if I watched one and got this taken care of?” I was so flustered from him again showing off his big dick through his pants I just nodded and led him to my room. My room was more of an extra living room in the basement. I had taken it as my own when we first moved in and just slept on the big comfy couch in front of the tv every night.

He sat down on the couch and I got my secret stash of porn dvd’s I kept hidden in my underwear drawer. I made sure to stand just the right way to hide the movies I owned since two of them where gay porn and I didn’t want to have to try and explain those. I grabbed a dvd at random and it was one where there were two guys fucking one girl in every scene. I put it in the dvd player to get it started then I went to leave the room but he grabbed my forearm.

He said “Bro dont make it awkward. I dont want to sit alone on your couch just jerking off in the dark while you wait for me to finish. Take a seat and take care of yourself too, it’s not weird if we are just jerking off in the same room.” Then he led me to the couch and had me sit.

It dawned on me that I was about to see his cock. Just the thought made me a horny, nervous wreck and the mix of those emotions just took away all of my energy to argue. We sat there for a couple minutes just watching the porn not doing or saying anything. Then he stood up and excitedly said “Good choice dude this is really hot! Bro take off your pants and get comfortable.” Then he turned so that he was only a foot away and directly facing me.

He undid his belt, unzipped, then pulled down his pants and underwear. He did it without bending over so they only went down midthigh. Then he let them fall the rest of the way. The other thing that happened was his thick long cock bounced up about half a foot away from my face.

I stared directly at it while he stood there for what seemed like minutes, even though I’m pretty sure it was only a couple seconds. His dick was almost as thick as a toilet paper roll and close to 8 inches. It was circumcised and had curly light brown pubes that looked like they had been trimmed. I couldnt take my eyes off of it and when he spoke it startled me.

He said “Dude I’m feeling self conscious here, take off those pants don’t leave me hanging.” I struggled with my belt and the whole time he just stood there with his cock right in front of my face. I got my pants off; but then I got nervous taking my underwear off. I wasn’t embarrassed of my penis size, it was about 6 inches and thick enough to fit comfortably in my hand, but his dick just seemed monstrous in comparison. He smirked and said “Dont be shy dude its nothing I havent seen before”. So I pulled down my underwear and strings of precum came down with them.

Then he pulled off his shirt, canlı bahis şirketleri he was muscular and he had a noticable 6 pack. I stared at his naked body just hypnotized by how attractive he was. He said “That’s a nice shirt, you should take it off so you don’t get cum stains on it.” I nodded without blinking and pulled off my shirt. I was toned and my stomach was flat, but it was not nearly as defined as his.

For a moment I wondered how we would explain what we were doing wasn’t gay if someone walked in to see us both naked; his big cock directly infront of my face.

He sat down again but this time he sat right next to me so we were thigh to thigh. He looked down and said “You have a nice looking cock dude. I guess this porn is doing it for you huh?” I nervously giggled and nodded then I turned my head to stare at the porn. I started to slowly jerk off.

He started to jerk off as well, but he used his left hand and I could feel his arm rubbing against mine as he did it. We sat next to each other while he rubbed against me and I fought the urge to stare. After a couple minutes I became curious to see how he jerked off, so I risked another glance at his hard cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The moment i saw his meaty shaft being pumped up and down I turned my whole head towards it. I just stared at his thick cock and his soft, bouncing balls while I continued to play with myself.

“You can touch it if you want.” He said “It’s not gay for friends to jerk each other off while watching porn together dude: it makes it way better.” I froze up. I didn’t know what to say or do. I just sat there eyes wide open realizing he caught me masturbating to his hot package.

He reached over, grabbed my hand and led it to his dick. I wrapped my hand around it and without meaning to I let out a small moan. I had imagined touching another guys dick hundreds of times, but this was even better than I had expected. Once my hand was firmly planted on his cock he reached over and started to play with my dick.

He took my precum and swirled it around its head and then started to pump it slowly with a rhythm. I tried to mimic what he was doing to me but my hand was shaking and it wound up being pretty off rhythm. We sat there for a couple minutes jerking each other off. Eventually I became a little more relaxed and started to put more effort into it.

I ran my hand up and down his thick cock. All of my fantasizing couldn’t prepare me for how hot it was to pleasure another man. Whenever my hand would get to the base of his member I would lightly rub his soft, smooth balls with my fingers. Part of me began to secretly hope that when he eventually came, that I would be able to aim it at my naked body at the last moment. I reasoned if he accidentally came on me then he couldn’t think I was gay. The mental image of his cum shooting all over me made me jerk his cock even harder.

He leaned his head back, started moaning, and said “Bro that feels amazing.” Then he let go of my dick and put his arm around my shoulder. He said “Use both hands.” So I took my left hand and rubbed his balls while I used my right hand to jerk his shaft. I couldnt tell how long I sat there leaned over his cock while I used my hands to make him pump out streams of precum.

While I pleasured Matt he moaned and lightly rubbed my back. Eventually he put his hand on the back of my neck and started to push it towards his dick. By then I was really horny so I didnt say anything as my face started slowly getting closer and closer to his cock. He stopped when my mouth was about an inch away from his dick. I could smell the musk of his balls and cock. They smelled like mine but different at the same time. The scent made me even hornier.

My dick immediately start leaking precum and I moaned again. I stuck out my tongue and licked the head of his penis. I savored the slick feeling of precum in my mouth. it was tangy, salty, and very interesting. While I was enjoying the taste of his seed, Matt began moaning louder while he rubbed the back of my head. He wasn’t pushing my head like a jerk, it was more like he was trying to remind me why his cock was touching my lips.

I began licking the head of his dick all over. Then I licked up and down his shaft all the way to his balls. I couldnt believe what I was doing. Part of me kept saying “This must be a dream, it just has to be a dream. There is no way you are licking a real cock.”

There was a moment where I started to kiss the head of his cock while I tried to build up courage to put it in my mouth. My throat was becoming dry from being nervous and drunk and I kept thinking “This has to be a sign we need to stop.” Against that thought I continued to kiss and lick his cock and balls, but I couldnt bring myself to put it into my mouth. The part of me that was still horribly ashamed of my gay urges refused.

For some strange reason it reasoned that licking a cock was still straight but sucking the same dick is what canlı kaçak iddaa would turn the whole thing gay. He started to notice my hesitation and pulled my head up. He said “You dont have to suck it dude.” As the relief of the situation washed over me, he then said “Is it cool of I try something though?” I just nodded while I sat there leaned over another mans cock as I still continued to play with it in my right hand.

He had me get up then turned me around and gently pushed my shoulders down until I had my elbows on the arm of the couch and my ass was up in the air in front of him. He pushed open my legs and then spread my ass cheeks. While I sat there panting from anticipation and hornyness he spit on my asshole and started to play with it with his finger. I recoiled for a second and he grabbed my hips and held them where they were, then he went back to playing with my ass.

He spit on my ass again and started to push his finger into my virgin hole. Although it felt weird, wrong, shameful, gay, and painful it also felt amazing and I started to moan and lift my ass so he could get better access. After a couple minutes he stopped and I felt him get up and move towards me. Then I felt something against my asshole that was way bigger than his finger.

I started to protest but he shushed me and slowly pushed my head down while pulling up on my hips, trying to get me to spread my ass as far apart as possible. He spit on my asshole again and swirled the head of his cock around my ass for a couple seconds, then he pushed forward. His cock wasn’t lubed up enough and my virgin ass was just too tight. He couldnt get it in there by gently pushing it in. He started to push harder and it started to hurt really bad and I tensed up while yelping with pain. He immediately stopped and apologized.

Then he spit down the crack of my ass and said “I bet this will feel better.” I felt his thick cock slide between my ass cheeks. He was right. Feeling the shaft of his dick rub against my slightly lubed ass felt really good, and every full thrust I would feel the front of his balls rub up against the back of my balls. Every time his balls would rub against the back of mine my dick would jump up and I would get a cold shiver run up my spine.

I began moaning in pleasure as he started to speed up and then he grunted and said “Fuck im gonna cum! Can I cum in your ass?

I immediately said “Yes ohh god yes!” He pushed the head of his cock directly against my asshole and then I felt this warm surge fill it.

He yelled “Ohh fuck ohh fuck” and pulled back a couple inches. His second spurt of cum splashed against my asshole and then it spurted again. This time it hit the back of my balls. Then he pushed his dick forward one last time, this time my ass was so lubed up from his thick hot cum that he got the head of his cock into my ass right as he shot the last of his load inside me.

My mind was racing; I kept thinking “Ohh my god my ass is full of cum!” I immediately felt closeted shame. I almost got up and ran away right there. The only thing that stopped me was the immense hornyness that was just begging for more.

He grabbed my hips and moved me so that I was on my back with my head on the arm rest. My balls felt like they were going to explode and I was hitting the point of just desperately needing to cum. I looked down at him and his half hard cock and I grabbed my dick to jerk off. He grabbed my wrist and said “Let me do that.” I put my hands under my head while looking at him pleadingly.

He took some of his cum on my balls and started to jerk me off using it as lube. Every time I began feeling like I was going to cum he would stop and wait for me to calm down. Then he took his left hand and stuck one of his fingers into my ass. The combo of getting fingered and jerked off almost instantly drove me over the edge, but he stopped again. He looked at me and said “Your ass is really wet right now, do you want me to try sticking my dick in there again?”

I responded with “Ohhh uhhh I… uhhhh.. Yes!” His dick was already hard again. He lifted my hips up then began scooping the cum that was on my ass and balls. He started lubing up his cock. The entire time my dick was bobbing up and down from the anticipation of finally cumming. Then he straightened up and pushed the head of his dick against my ass and began gently pushing forward.

This time the head of his dick slid in without an issue. It still hurt, but way less than before. Again I was struck with this feeling of shame, but it was overpowered by my desire to feel his cock in my ass. He slowly began pumping his cock into me back and forth. Each time he would go forward he would push in slightly deeper.

The entire time he held onto my dick but wouldnt jerk it. I was almost crazy with the need to cum and I started to move my hips with his dick trying to get it in further. After a couple of minutes the pain was barely perceptible and it began to feel really fucking good. It was like canlı kaçak bahis every one of his thrusts would send a wave of pleasure through my body. I began moaning in rhythm to his cock entering and exiting me.

Panting he looked at me and said “Do you like this cock in your ass? Does it feel good?”

I moaned back “Yes oh my god yes!” I couldnt believe I was being penetrated by another man. The times I jerked off to gay porn I had of course fantasized about it, but I never would have believed it would actually happen.

There was a panicked voice in the back of my mind that was screaming “Stop now, stop now! The horny part of my mind looked at the guy with his toned body and hung cock and yelled “More!” He began to slowly play with my dick in his hands and I began moaning even louder.

He looked down at me and asked “Do you like getting fucked in the ass?”

I responded in between moan causing thrusts “Yes ohhh yesss I do ohh.”

Then he said “Say it out loud.”

I moaned “I.. uhhhh… like getting … ohhh… fucked in… uhhh… the assss!”

He grunted and said “Your ass is so tight! Im only half way inside of you and I’m already about to cum! Ohh fuck, I’m gonna cum in your ass!” I started to move my hips into his dick faster, I just wanted to feel him cum deep inside my ass.

For a second I had a moment of clarity and I realized that I was having gay sex. Not only that, I was the one getting fucked. My shame began to really build up but then he yelled “FUCK IM CUMMING IN YOUR TIGHT ASS!” He began stroking my cock fast and hard and I immediately had an explosive orgasm. My cum came out with so much force and quantity that it splashed onto my face and his chest and all over my stomach. Then I felt his hot cum spurt deep into my ass, which made me spurt one last load of cum.

I was dizzy with a post orgasm headrush so it really caught me off guard when he leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. It was just a small peck and it was alot more rough and firm than the girl kisses I was used to. I looked at him but didn’t know what to say, then he leaned forward and kissed me harder, this time putting his tongue in my mouth. We sat there for a while making out while our bodies were slick with cum. While we kissed I could feel his dick begin to soften and then he slid out of me.

He sat up, looked down, and started to laugh. Then he said while still laughing “You got poop on my dick.” My eyes went wide and I started to apologize but he stopped me and said “Dude it happens, you couldnt have prepped for it. I’ll teach you how to get your ass ready for next time.”

I looked at his cum covered body still sitting between my spread legs and said “Next time?”

He said “Yea, this was fun right? We should do it again.” I thought about it for a moment.

I considered the fact that he was offering more gay sex, and a part of me was screaming “NO NO NO IF YOU SAY YES THEN THAT IS AS GOOD AS SAYING YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!” The other part of my mind thought back to how good it felt to have a cock in my ass and how hard I came.

Then I said “Yea we should. Next time I want to suck your cock though.”

He smiled and said “Deal.” Then we got up and cleaned ourselves in the bathroom. At one point he was leaning against the bathroom door while he watched me wipe his cum from my ass and he had this big grin on his face.

I asked smiling “What is so funny?”

He smiled even wider and said “I just knew you would love being fucked. I could just tell from the way you walk and talk you were aching for a cock.” I became upset and began to wonder if I seemed gay and no one had ever told me. Matt walked forwards and embraced me. I wanted to push away from him, but it felt so good and safe in his arms.

I looked up at him and he kissed me softly then said “Bro, I’m not saying you are flaming or anything, it’s just something I could tell after watching you all night. I; also snooped through your room earlier and found your gay porn: ok. If not for that I would have been checking out your ass, but I never would have been able to tell you were gay.”

I quickly responded back “I’m not gay dude.”

He held me tighter, pushing his heavy soft cock against mine and said “Well the way you came while getting fucked in the ass says otherwise bro. I don’t want you to stop hanging out with me, but I am gonna get you to admit your gay.” My mind was racing.

I had no idea what to say and that voice from earlier was yelling “This is your chance to end this. Tonight was just a mistake, it never has to happen again!” The thought of not being able to feel him inside of me again made me as worried as my fear of being gay. Then I started to imagine all the dirty things he was going to do to try making me admit I was gay, and even the idea of being made to say I was gay excited me.

I looked at him and said “You can try.”

He laughed, kissed me again and said “Ohh I will. By the way there is still cum leaking out of your ass.”

After we cleaned up and got dressed, we exchanged numbers. Before he left, he grabbed me, kissed me hard and passionately while squeezing my ass then he said “Next time I’m getting my dick all the way into this tight ass.”

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