Air Force Blue

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(Line and Renee)


It was a cold winter night at an Air Force base up north on a Friday. While many soldiers were out at the bars drinking heavily and chasing skirts, others were having a great time at the Junior Ranks Mess Hall where a huge Mess Dinner was held before the Holiday Season. Members of the military community, men and women, were all dressed up for the grand occasion.

Wearing dry cleaned uniforms, jackets decorated with medals, well-pressed pants, black shiny boots looking like mirrors, proud men serving their country. Several women were dressed up the same as the men, while others, and plenty of them, wore nice short skirts, brown nylons, and shiny black high heels. A sea of people wearing blue uniforms: Air Force all the way!

While savouring their three-course dinners along with glasses of wine and flutes of champagne, soldiers of all ranks were having conversations of all kinds. What nobody noticed was two women sitting beside each other, talking about their monotonous lives at home. One of them was a single mother of one boy, the other married with two boys — and her husband and children were away for the weekend.

Line is a cute French lady with short dark hair, a single mother wearing glasses. A real bigger woman with a huge bulging booty, huge thighs, huge calves, all dressed up in her blue uniform wearing a short blue skirt — very tight on her — brown nylons, and black high heels. A gold medal is pinned above the left breast pocket of her uniform — an award for twelve years of dedicated service without any incidents. She drove vehicles for the military from limousines and staff cars to big fuel trucks. A hard-dedicated worker, very proud to a member of the Air Force.

Her friend Renee was rather a different woman. Married with two boys, she developed a reputation of cheating on her husband and ex-boyfriends before her marriage with all the men she desired. She was exceptionally talented at giving every man she met the most mind-blowing blowjobs they’ve ever had. Working part-time at a bar, she met other military men and civilians alike for some wild sexual escapades. What she does not realize is that the lady sitting next to her has not stopped staring at her beautiful body.

Over the last few months, Line has been fantasizing about Renee. While delivering goods to a warehouse daily, Line deals with Renee regarding all the paperwork. They became friends, and on that cold winter night at the Mess Dinner, they made sure they sat next to each other.

Who could blame Line for dreaming about that hot tall short haired brunette, with a nice big toned hard butt, sexy legs, and luscious lips used to perform fellatio? Like Line, she wore her uniform proudly, with a short blue skirt, brown nylons, and black high heels with that illegal bahis gold medal award pinned on her jacket as well.

Line’s eyes were only on Renee. As they were talking, Renee could feel Line’s hand caressing her legs under the table. At first, Renee became deeply surprised, trying very hard not to show her puzzled look to all the other people around at their table. She pretended as everything was normal. Her friend had just too much to drink.

Line could not stop caressing Renee’s brown nylons covered legs. Renee grabbed Line’s hand, but Line held onto it tightly. Still, they kept on talking. Renee said to Line that it was a good time to go home and asked Line if she wanted a ride. Line gladly accepted.

Both women walked across the dining hall all the way to the coat area where all the Air Force blue trench coats were hanging. They were the only ones leaving the Mess Hall at that moment. Like a gentleman, Line grabbed Renee’s long trench coat, helped her to put it on. Renee was even more surprised at that gesture. When she turned around, Line grabbed Renee by her coat, pulled her towards her to give her a nice long kiss.

Shocked and confused, Renee told Line to come with her right now. She was more worried that anyone witnessed what just happened, but thankfully no one was around. Both women walked towards the parking lot into that cold winter air. With their shiny high heels on, they made sure that they not slip on any ice.

Line sat on the passenger side of Renee’s minivan. As Renee started driving her vehicle, she was still shocked at that unexpected kiss.

“I cannot believe that you kissed me, Line. What’s the matter with you?” Renee asked still stunned.

“I wanted to do this for a very long time, ma cherie!” Line confessed while caressing Renee’s legs.

“You kissed me! You kissed me! Stop doing that while I am driving!” Renee said trying to remove Line’s hand off her legs, but Line grabbed it and held it tightly like before.

“I really want you, Baby! Je te veux Renee! For a long time, I have been thinking about you.” Line admitted to her friend.

“Wait until I drive you home and just be quiet!” Renee said sternly.

The drive back home was silent for the rest of the way. Renee could not stop thinking about what Line did to her. Sure, she had too much champagne. Perhaps by drinking, Line could truly overcome her shyness to reveal her true feelings. A single mother who never regretted having her son, who in the end was rejected by the man who left her for a younger supermodel type woman.

Renee began thinking about all the things Line confided in her. Still stunned, Renee pulled into the driveway realising that they were now at her house and not Line’s. Renee turned the ignition off her vehicle.

“I still cannot believe that you kissed me. And you grabbed my legs under the table.” Renee said.

“And illegal bahis siteleri what did you think of all that?” Line asked nervously.

“Just hold on a minute and stay there!” Renee said while getting out of her minivan slamming the door.

Renee walked around her vehicle, opened the passenger door, precipitously starting to kiss Line right on her lips. Now it was Line who became deeply surprised, feeling Renee’s hands caressing her huge bulging calves while still kissing her passionately.

Both women were enthralled into an incredible embrace, Line caressing Renee’s short hair, kissing her even more deeply. It was bitterly cold outside, but even with the passenger door slightly opened, Line and Renee felt the intense heat burning inside of them. For Line, this was too good to be true.

“Let’s go inside!” Renee said helping her friend out of her vehicle.

Renee unlocked the door, entered her house while holding Line’s hand. Line followed her, this time Renee helped Line taking her long trench coat off. After hanging their coats in the closet, both women kissed deeply with their hands all over each other. Renee held Line’s hand leading her into the living room, where both women sat down on the couch holding hands.

“I just can’t believe how you feel about me.” Renee said kissing Line’s hands. “You are my first woman. I love men with a passion and…”

“Ssshhh!” Line said kissing Renee’s lips without giving her the time to finish her sentence. “I need to go to the bathroom, Baby!”

“Go ahead, sweetie! You know where it is in this military home.” Renee said while eagerly staring at Line’s huge bulging booty and thick legs walking slowly crossing the kitchen and going towards the bathroom.

Renee took off her jacket still staring at Line. After putting her jacket on the couch, she got herself a glass of water while Line was looking at herself in the mirror after flushing the toilet. Line smiled as she saw her friend standing behind her with her light blue shirt with medium hard boobs.

Renee grabbed Line from behind, kissing the back of her neck while her hands fondled her body. Line could feel Renee kissing her cheek repeatedly with the warm breath on her right ear. Line turned her head and met Renee’s lips with repeated kisses. Renee stuck her hot tongue into Line’s mouth before she swiftly kneeled behind her.

Line could feel Renee’s soft hands caressing her huge bulging calves and thighs along with nice hard kisses all over them. Quickly Renee lifted Line’s skirt up to reveal her unbelievable huge derriere. With both hands, Renee grabbed her friend’s booty, kissing and licking it continually until she delightfully tore apart Line’s brown nylons exposing her massive flesh. Line truly enjoyed what Renee was doing to her. She had more than she bargained for.

With one finger, Renee inserted it right into canlı bahis siteleri Line’s pussy. While stroking at the same time, Renee’s tongue infiltrated right into her friend’s pussy lips. Moaning immensely, Line could not help to burst out yelling how good it felt. Renee could taste the cum out of Line’s twat with great amusement.

“Oh oui! Oui Bebe! Ouiiii!” Line screamed at the top of her lungs.

Standing up, Renee put her arms around Line kissing her deeply once more. She grabbed Line’s hand leading her into her bedroom. As both women kissed, Renee unbuttoned Line’s jacket, taking it off and putting it on a chair. She undid Line’s light blue shirt very gently, kissing her chest as she undid each button. With her hands, still kissing, Renee undid the straps of Line’s white bra revealing her nice sweet breasts.

Line did the same to Renee by undoing her light blue shirt. She could not help but notice Renee’s big firm boobs covered with a white bra. Line undid the bra and quickly started sucking on her friend’s tits immensely. Renee caressed Line short dark hair, kissing her forehead aroused with deep craving.

Out of the blue, Renee pushed Line onto her bed, lifting her skirt up yet again. Lying on her stomach, Line could feel Renee’s lips kissing and hot hands caressing her bulging calves all the way up to her enormous ass. Renee’s lucky face was buried right into her friend’s huge flesh. Line relished all the attention that Renee was giving her.

The tall brunette could not stop licking Line’s big chunk of booty, and once again started licking Line’s pussy from behind. Renee’s lips began sucking her friend’s pussy and clit hard and at the same time Renee switched from sucking to tongue-fucking Line’s pussy. After a quartet of slaps on her huge ass, Renee regained control by once again licking Line’s pussy. Thanks to a soft fluffy pillow, Line’s face was buried in it, choking her loudest moan of the night. Line was in heaven.

Renee started kissing Line’s back all the way up to her neck. She then laid on top of Line, feeling every single inch of her body against her own. Kissing her cheek continually, Renee whispered into her ear how wonderful this night has been. She never expected making wild passionate love to another woman.

The following weekend, Line did not drink at all. She was at the bar where Renee worked, staring at her dressed in a tight t-shirt, tight skirt, and shiny black high heels. Line was all dressed up in a nice red dress with red high heels. She wanted to dance with Renee so badly. Kudos to her when she could control all her impulses until both women got home. They made love with complete adoration for one another. No booze, no drugs. It was the most wonderful weekend both women ever had.

Renee’s husband was crushed when she left him to be with Line. Both women went on a three-week long Christmas Holiday trip away from the military base and away from the cold harsh winter air from up north.

For Line, it was the first time she really felt wanted, desired, and loved. Renee became a wild lover with Line, loving every single minute of it.

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