Air Hockey 101 with sis

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Note from Slick: The other air hockey story, “He aims, he shots, he scores”, went over pretty well so I thought I’d try it again. All characters are at least 18 years old. All rights reserved.

“This is just temporary,” Ted said to his kid sister Tina as he carried her boxes up the stairs to his apartment off campus. Last year she was a frosh in the dorms and had planned on getting an apartment with a friend but it fell through at the last moment.

“Were do I sleep?” she asked looking around the two bedroom flat.

“Sorry but you get the futon,” he smiled putting her box down by the piece of furniture.

“But your roommate will see my sexy pajamas,” she giggled.

“I would advise you not to wear anything sexy around Brian,” Ted laughed. “He has a steady girl but I don’t think we can trust him.”

For the next hour they carried her stuff in and packed most of it away in a hallway closet. “I need a shower,” she said feeling sweaty and dirty.

“Go ahead but the door lock is broken. I guess we will have to fix it now.” He watched her cute butt in the PINK cotton shorts walking towards the bathroom. She stopped at her suitcase and leaned over to pull out clean white panties and a bra. When she leaned forward her shirt pulled up and he saw the strap of her pink thong.

Ten minutes later, as he sat on the futon, he heard the shower going and then heard Brian coming in. “So is she here?” He asked.

“In the shower,” Ted answered. “And don’t even try to peek.”

“Hey, she’s your kid sister,” he grinned. “I wouldn’t even think about it.”

“Yes you would and you are thinking about it now,” Ted sighed. “She will only be here for a week or two so back off.”

They heard the shower running but the door opened. Tina walked out with only a towel around her bust and hips and saw Brian. She giggled, “I forgot my shampoo. Hi Brian.”

“Err..hi,” he said noting that she had developed since the last time he saw her.

She giggled and moved back into the bathroom.

“That was not your little sister. That was a WOMAN!”


Tina soaped her whole body and rubbed the shower gel over her firm breasts and hard tips. She had recently broken up with her long time boyfriend and was hoping to meet someone with more experience. Although she had lost her cherry she had little sexual history. After washing her hair she moved out of the shower to dry it.

“Are you almost done in there?” Ted asked at the door.

She tightened the towel around her body. “Almost…why?”

“I gotta go really bad.”

She unplugged the hair dryer and walked outside with it. “I can dry my hair out here.” She saw Brian sitting at the tiny kitchen table peeking at her bare thighs under the large white towel. She sat on the sofa carefully to make sure he couldn’t see up under the towel.

“OK,” Ted said zipping up. “The bathroom is yours again.”

“I’ll finish out here,” she grinned.

They heard a knock on the door and Ted opened it to see his girlfriend Lisa. She walked in and saw Tina sitting with only a towel. “Wow, aren’t you the brave one?”

“Hi Lisa,” Tina said turning off the hair dryer. “I’d hug you but I think I should get dressed first.”

“Good idea,” Lisa smiled. As Tina walked into the bathroom Lisa hugged and kissed her boyfriend. “Two weeks without sex in this apartment,” she whispered.

“I still have the bedroom,” Ted whispered. “That door has a lock.” He took her hand and led her inside. Before closing the door he looked at Brian. “Keep Tina busy.”

“Sure,” Brian grinned.

A few minutes later Tina walked out. “Where did they go?” She looked at the closed door. “Oh…that.”

“I’m supposed to keep you busy,” he grinned noticing that she was wearing the short shorts with PINK on the butt and a tight tee shirt.

“Good,” she smiled. She moved behind him and looked over his shoulder at the laptop screen on the table. “Chat line.”

“Yes, mostly my friends back home,” he said smelling the fresh shampoo odor from her hair.

“Any available guys?” she leaned forward over his shoulder and pressed her left breast into it.


“I don’t know if I can keep quiet,” Lisa giggled. “It’s been a while and I’m so horny.” She pushed off her shorts showing him her new lime green thong. “Do you like?”

“Yes.” Ted pulled off his shirt and pushed down his shorts and boxers at the same time displaying his seven plus inches hard-on.

“Why are you so hard?” She giggled. “Is your little sister turning you on?”

“God, that’s disgusting,” he said as he helped her remove her bra and then her thong.

“Other animals fuck their relatives,” Lisa grinned. She moved onto the messed up bed and pulled him down on top of her. Both did not need foreplay so she opened up and guided him home. “Easy because it’s been a while,” she whispered.

Ted tried not to think about his sister’s tight ass and firm titties. But his cock was as hard as he could remember.

“She did turn casino oyna you on didn’t she?” Lisa whispered as she licked his earlobe. “Maybe we can get her to do the threesome you’ve always wanted.”

“Ohh,” he moaned imagining Lisa and Tina kissing and touching.

She too was hot thinking about touching another female for the first time. They had only recently started to talk nasty while they fucked. “Or should we have the threesome with Brian?”

“Not Brian,” he said quickly. He had told her that he wouldn’t do a threesome with another man.

Lisa smiled as he pumped in and out steadily. “How about Brian’s girlfriend Jackie? I know you would like to suck on her tits.”

“Ohhh,” he moaned again pushing down harder each time. The bed was now banging against the wall. He thought about Jackie’s huge tits but then imagined it was Tina he was fucking.

“Which one am I?” Lisa asked as she held onto his ass. “Tina or Jackie?”


Tina heard the bed banging and the moans and giggled. “I didn’t know my brother had it in him.”

“He doesn’t,” Brian laughed.

Tina laughed and blushed. “Oh yeah it’s Lisa who has it in her.” She moved her face closed to his and rubbed her soft cheek against his ear. “I thought you were supposed to keep me busy.”

Brian’s shorts were pushing upward as he leaned to the side and looked into her baby blue eyes. He didn’t move as her face and soft lips moved to his. Their eyes closed as her tongue dashed out to force open his lips and teeth. His tongue mixed with hers as they heard the loud fucking sounds in the other room.

Brian knew it was wrong but his body would not let him turn her down. Their lips remained locked as she moved around the chair and sat onto his lap and hard-on.

Tina didn’t have much experience with intercourse but she could kiss with the best of them. She teased and sucked on his tongue as his hands moved over her back and then downward to cup her marvelous ass. For another minute they kissed and then he lifted her butt and placed it down on his bulge. Her legs opened enough for the hard tip to jab directly into her covered pussy. It was then they heard Lisa’s and Ted’s cries of satisfaction.


“Tina or Jackie,” Lisa said again knowing that just the thought was turning him on.

“Ja….Jackie,” he moaned about ready to pop.

“Are you sure?” She teased. “I know you would love watching me lick Tina’s sweet little pussy.”

That was it. “OH GOD! NOW….NOW!!”

“WAIT FOR ME!” She cried lifting her damp slot up and then down. “OH YES……I’M CUMING!”

His body fell to the side and both looked up at the ceiling. “That was…..just make…..believe,” Ted said trying to catch his breath.

Lisa closed her eyes and smiled. Lisa rolled off the bed and dressed before going outside. Ted was still breathing heavily. She opened the door and looked across the room and saw Tina jump off of Brian’s lap. She smiled and walked out closing the door behind her.

“What was that?” Lisa grinned watching Tina pushing down her shorts. She looked over at Brian and saw his arm fall across his crotch hiding the obvious.

“We were…uh…just looking at…a chat…line,” Brian said hoping that she wouldn’t tell Ted.

“Oh OK,” Lisa giggled. She smiled and walked into the bathroom.

“We can’t do that again,” Brian said to Tina who moved to the sofa and picked up her IPOD.

“Whatever,” Tina said before putting on the earphones and leaning back.

Lisa came out about the same time as Ted. “We are going out for a bite. Do you want to come?” He asked his sister.

Tina removed her earphones. “What?”

“We’re going out for a bite. Do you want to come with us?”

“Sure,” Tina grinned. “Are you COMING Brian?” She teased.

“Uh….no,” Jackie is coming over later and I have to clean up the bedroom.

“What for?” Ted joked. “You are just going to mess it up.”

“I want a bedroom,” Tina whined as they walked out.

As they walked outside and to Ted’s car Lisa decided to tease him even more. She put her arm around Tina’s waist and bumped hips as they walked to the car. Since it was only a two door sedan Ted held the door open for Tina to crawl into the back seat. As she leaned forward Lisa gave her a nice long pat on her little behind.

“Hey!” Tina gasped after stopping. She turned towards her brother.

“It wasn’t me,” Ted laughed.

“ME,” Lisa giggled. As Tina turned Lisa reached out and cupped her right buttock. “Doesn’t she have a cute little butt?”

Ted thought that Tina might object but his sister instead just wiggled her ass while Lisa squeezed it. He glanced at Lisa and whispered, “Stop.”

Tina moved into the backseat and smiled at Lisa when she moved in front of her. She had messed around with her girlfriends before to tease the guys so she figured that Lisa was doing the same to Ted. She decided to join in the fun. The drive was short to the restaurant so when Lisa held the door open for Tina to get out slot oyna the younger girl leaned forward and lightly kissed Lisa’s lips. “Thank you.”

Lisa smiled and winked over at Ted who saw the whole thing. After walking inside and finding a table Lisa said she had to go to the restroom. Tina quickly followed her.

“I know what you are doing,” Tina smiled at Lisa who was leaning forward to the mirror looking at her lipstick.

“Guys are so weak,” Lisa giggled. “So do you want to tease your brother for a while?”

“Sure,” Tina answered. “I’ve kissed my girlfriends many times to turn on our boyfriends. Have you? I mean ever kissed another girl?”

Lisa suddenly became the hunted instead of the hunter. “Not really but I’m game.” She started to walk by Tina until the smaller girl grabbed her waist and turned her. She was startled when Tina pulled her face and lips downward.

Lisa thought it would be a light peck but Tina’s mouth was open and her tongue was like a snake moving to find Lisa’s. She resisted at first but the girl was really good. She moved her tongue out to mesh with Tina’s as the girl’s fingers moved down and cupped her ass. Lisa broke away and looked into Tina’s passion-filled eyes. “How much experience do you have with girls?”

“Enough,” Tina giggled. “I owed you an ass squeeze.”

“Save it for Ted,” Lisa smiled pushing back. They again checked their hair and lipstick before going out to meet the victim.


Ted was looking at a TV screen in the corner when the girls came back. He shifted over to make room for Lisa but saw her slide in across from him with Tina. “I ordered cokes,” he said giving them a suspicious look.

“Good,” Tina grinned. She picked up the one menu on their side and opened it. Lisa immediately leaned over to look as well.

Ted saw his girl’s right breast push into Tina’s arm. He felt the stirring below and held the menu up to block the view.

Lisa giggled when she saw the menu. When Tina moved back she shifted closer until their breasts met and flattened out. “Ted, what did I get here last time?”

Ted lowered the menu and saw the two breasts together. He dropped the menu on the table and didn’t look up. “Uh…chicken salad sandwich I..uh..think.” He was not going to give in to their teasing. After making his selection he looked up over their heads at the TV screen and Jeopardy.

“I love your necklace,” Lisa said loud enough for him to hear. She reached up and picked up the tiny gold chain. She felt her wrist touching Tina’s other breast but she didn’t move away.

He tried to keep his eyes on the screen but couldn’t when he saw Lisa’s arm rise upward. He gulped when he saw it touching his sister’s boob. “The waitress is coming,” he whispered.

Lisa pulled her wrist down and moved away. They placed their order and after the waitress moved away Tina placed her left hand on Lisa’s bare thigh just above her knee. Lisa smiled and did the same to Tina.

Ted thought they were finished but saw the two arms crossed. He sighed and tried to focus on Double Jeopardy.

At first they just squeezed and rubbed on the lower thigh to get his attention but when he didn’t look Lisa’s hand moved higher and higher until she touched the bottom of Tina’s shorts. Tina smiled and moved hers to Lisa’s shorts.

Their fingers continued to rub and tease but not under the shorts. They suddenly forgot that their purpose was to tease Ted because the touches were turning them on. Tina had touched her best girlfriend at her eighteenth birthday party after too much booze. She was high but remembered every second of it. “Your legs are so smooth,” she whispered to Lisa knowing that Ted could hear her.

“Yours too,” Lisa giggled. She felt Tina’s middle finger make the first move under her shorts and quickly did the same under Tina’s shorts.

Ted had enough. “I know what you two are doing so just give it up. It’s not bothering me.” His cock was rock hard under his stretched shorts.

“I think he’s lying,” Lisa grinned. She hooked her wrist and made first contact against Tina’s damp crotch.

Tina hooked her wrist and jabbed into Lisa’s covered slit.

“Ted, will you reach under the table and get my purse?” Lisa asked feeling the sister’s finger exploring until she touched her covered clitoris.

Ted could see their arms moving and tried not to reach under the table but his body deserted him. He leaned sideways on the bench seat and looked at the purse and then across to the two girl’s legs. He saw Tina’s fingers pushing into Lisa’s panty-covered pussy and his girlfriend’s fingers rubbing onto his sister’s panties.

“Can’t you find it?” Lisa giggled. She hooked Tina’s panties and pulled to show him her very wet and sparsely covered blonde bush.

“He’s taking a long time,” Tina said getting overly excited. Her legs opened to give him a better view.

Ted took a deep breath and sat back up with the purse. “It was way under there,” he grinned. “The food is coming.”

“We should wash canlı casino siteleri our hands,” Lisa smiled. Again they stood and walked to the restroom. Once inside they broke down laughing. “We probably should stop now.”

Tina stopped laughing and reached behind her to lock the door. “But you got to cum back at the apartment and I didn’t.”

“We…uh..were just..teasing Ted,” Lisa said as the young girl grabbed her hand and then forced it down under the cotton shorts. She felt the thin bush and then the moist pussy lips.

“Please,” Tina begged holding Lisa’s finger against her.

“I’ve never,” Lisa whispered.

“I’m sure you know how,” Tina smiled. She let go of Lisa’s hand and after pulling it out felt Lisa’s fingers start to explore and touch.

Lisa realized that it was something she wanted to do. As she played with Tina’s little clitty she decided to feel her out. “It’s Ted’s fantasy to have a threesome with two girls.”

Tina knew right away where she was going with it. “But he’s my brother.” Her legs opened wider to let Lisa’s middle finger deep inside. “I don’t think that he wants me to join you two.”

Lisa moved her lips to Tina’s tender earlobe. She suckled as she finger-fucked the girl. “I think he does. He got really hard and excited in the bed before when I mentioned your name.”

“Ohhh,” Tina moaned almost there.

“It excites you too, doesn’t it?” Lisa’s finger moved faster and faster.

“I’m going to cum,” Tina stated factually.

“You want to join us don’t you?” She rubbed faster and faster until Tina’s hips shot out.



Ted figured they would continue to tease him but Lisa moved next to him this time and they finished their meals with no more incidents. As Tina walked ahead of them to the car Ted whispered, “Are you through with your little game?”

“That was just warm-ups,” Lisa grinned. “The game will be starting soon.”

“Shit,” he said as she moved ahead and hugged around Tina’s hip.


Brian was alone when they got back to the apartment. “Jackie couldn’t make it.”

“Too bad,” Tina smiled. She walked over to the air hockey game across from the sofa and took off the portable top. “Why don’t we have an air hockey championship?” She had played against both Brian and Ted before in the apartment and was pretty good at it.

“I’m in,” Brian grinned.

“Sure, why not?” Ted asked. At least it would stop them from teasing him. “Who plays who?”

“Will you play Lisa?” Tina asked.

“Sure, I’ll play,” Lisa said knowing that Tina had something up her sleeve. “What do we play for?”

“We don’t have to play for anything,” Ted answered. “Just to determine who is best.”

“That’s boring,” Tina grinned. “How about whoever loses a game has to remove an article of clothing?”

“Hey yeah that sounds good,” Brian said standing up.

“OK,” Lisa agreed. They all looked at Ted.

“Whoa, I’m not stripping in front of my kid sister and she’s not undressing in front of me.”

“Grow up Ted,” Tina laughed. “I’ve seen a naked guy before. You’re just afraid I’ll kick your ass in air hockey.”

“And, I don’t want my girl naked in front of my horny roommate,” he said firmly.

“Who says I’ll be the one naked,” Lisa stared. “I’ve beaten both of you before.”

Ted knew that he was outvoted and decided that since it wasn’t his idea no one could blame him. “OK but no one else finds out about this.”

“Good, so how do we do this?” Tina asked. “Lisa and I have six items counting our shoes.” She looked at Brian and Ted figuring they had on shirts, shorts, underwear and shoes. “And, it looks like you guys have five items.”

“That’s fair because when they take off their shirts they won’t be showing anything like we will,” Lisa added.

“Who plays who?” Brian asked ready to get the game going.

“We all play each other to five. If you lose you have to remove something each time,” Lisa smiled. She had wondered how Brian was hung and figured today would be a good day to find out.

“I’ll play first,” Lisa grinned. “Who wants to play me?”

“I will,” Tina grinned. They took the paddles and Lisa served. She took care of Tina in less than two minutes. “Take something off.”

Tina kicked her right shoe in the middle of the floor and handed the paddle to her brother. Brian took the other paddle and a war took place the next fifteen minutes. Back and forth the puck flew until Ted was the winner.

“You can’t beat the hockey king,” Ted bragged.

Brian kicked his right flip flop near Tina’s. Lisa and Ted were next and he quickly found himself down 4-0.

“Get ready for a comeback,” he grinned. Lisa knew most of his tricks with the head fakes and the angles. She blocked them all until he swung so hard the puck bounced off of her paddle and back into his slot.

“Well King how about tossing your shoe in the pile?” Lisa laughed.

The play continued with Brian playing Lisa and Ted playing his sister. As luck would have it all the shoes were in the middle and the next loser would take off a real piece of clothing.

Lisa and Tina lined up again. “Your blouse or your shorts?” Lisa asked.

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