Alex Ch. 01

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I watch Alex from the house, or sometimes I watch her from the stables, when she is out at the ring. She is so natural on our Andalusian Little Betty, her black hair pulled into a tight French braid and tied with a white grosgrain ribbon. Alex only braids her hair when she is teaching a lesson. When she rides on the trails by herself she wears her hair loose and curly, and I about die.

Alex began working on our farm two months ago, while I was still away at university, after Hazel got pregnant and stopped giving private lessons. Alex, wrote my mother in an email, “is a sweet girl, though quiet. She is staying in Hazel’s old room and keeps to herself, much to your brother’s dismay (she is quite beautiful).” Stacked, is how Casey put it exactly. Her body is breathtaking. It took my breath away anyway, which I never expected.

I had a few girl crushes at school, but nothing came of any of them, excluding Vicky, my lab partner, whom I kissed once when she was drunk. I watch Alex ride and then go to my room or into the bathroom and touch myself. Alex makes me wetter than any celebrity, any naked picture on the Internet, any jungle juice-drinking biology major ever could.

Saturday afternoon is no exception — I watch Alex brush Little Betty in the stables and slowly peel her clothing off with my eyes. She is wearing faded blue jeans tucked into soft brown leather riding boots and a white tee shirt that hugged the breasts that my brother and I both lust after. Her hair is pulled back, but in a low ponytail slipped through the back of a baseball cap. She finishes brushing the mare and walks to where I am standing to put the brush back.

I smile at her weakly and avoid eye contact as she approaches. Not exactly the way to seduce this girl, but it’s all I can manage. “Hi Alex,” I say, moving aside so she can reach the shelf.

“Hey,” she acknowledges me briefly and turns and walks away. But then she turns back. “Oh, hey Elise?”

I look up. Her pretty face is shaded by the brim of the hat but I can feel the intensity of her dark eyes. “Could you drive me to the bus station? My cousin Piper is coming to visit.”

I smile, genuinely. “Uh, yeah, of course. Like, when?”

Alex shrugs. “Right now?”

I nod. “Let me get the keys. We can take Casey’s car.”

“I’ll meet you at the garage then?” I nod but am already sprinting towards the house. Alex has not said more than five words to me since I met her in May. The thought of being alone with her in the car, for even the six minutes it will take to drive to the bus station, thrills me. I can feel the moisture build below. I shift in my jeans and grab my brother’s keys from the table. Then I run up to the bathroom, reapply some deodorant, and meet Alex at the truck.

We are silent for the majority of the ride, Alex staring out the window. “Where is your cousin coming from?” I ask as I turn into town.

“She just got back from Europe, actually,” Alex turns to look at me and makes me so nervous I stare straight ahead, still managing to run a red light.

“Sorry,” I say, and she nods. I turn into the station parking lot and Alex gets out.

“I’ll be right back,” she tells me, and I nod, again. I watch her from the rearview and when she goes into the terminal, I start to rub my wet puss from outside my jeans. About a minute passes. I glance into the rearview. No Alex. No mystery European cousin. I undo the button on my jean and peel the zipper down. I slip a finger under my cotton panty and start to rub my clit in a circular motion. I can feel my nipples harden as the blood rushes around my body. I keep an eye on the rearview and quicken my pace, just in case. A bus pulls into the depot behind me and I pause. I wonder if it’s Piper’s bus. I zip up my jeans and snap the button. I squirm.

The bus pulls into the garage and I watch as eight, ten people scatter to empty cars in the lot. I don’t see Alex yet, but then there she is, beaming, as she leads a beautiful blonde to the truck. I don’t think I have even seen Alex smile so big. It makes me want her even more.

The door opens canlı bahis şirketleri and Alex sticks her head in. She turns to her visitor. “Piper, this is Elise, my boss’s daughter,” she says. I smile as tall, gorgeous Piper slips inside the cabin. Alex throws Piper’s duffle into the truck bed and piles in next. It is a tight squeeze and Piper and Alex are pressed close together. Alex is grinning like a little girl and Piper looks at her lovingly. They must be close.

I pull into our driveway and as soon as I turn off the ignition Alex bounds out of the car. She grabs the bag from the back of the truck. Piper turns to me and smiles. Her mouth is beautiful. Her teeth are straight and white, and her lips are full and rosy. But then again, her whole face is beautiful, like Alex’s, though there is little family resemblance in their features. Piper has freckles on her nose and on the apples of her cheeks, framing her deep, olive green eyes.

“Thanks for the ride, Elise,” she says in a sweet, breathy voice. I nod, once more with feeling. Alex appears by the driver side door.

“Yeah, thanks,” Alex throws the bag over her shoulder. “Come on P, I’ll show you the horses.”

I watch them walk away from inside the truck, and once they are out of sight I unbutton my jeans and finish what I started. My fingers slide down the length of my pussy, and the wetness makes it easier to get inside myself. I closed my eyes, trying to picture Alex but instead I saw Piper, her pretty red lips kissing my face, finding my mouth and kissing me tenderly. In my mind she was naked, the pinkish nipples on her small, pert breasts erect and rubbing against me. Her hands replace mine and now I imagine Piper’s fingers inside of me, Piper’s thumb against my clit. I start bucking in the seat and am close to coming. I imagine Piper fingering me to complete orgasm as she kisses my mouth, my neck, my breasts. A minute later the wave washes over me and I let out a low moan.

I wipe the cum off my fingers with a Wendy’s napkin Casey left in the center console and fix my panties. I toss the napkin in a waste bin by the barn and head back to the house. From the porch I can see that Alex, on Little Betty, and Piper, on my father’s favorite Caspian, Amber, are heading out to the trail that connects our farm to the neighbors’. Piper’s blond hair is golden in the sunlight, and bounces loosely down her back. I blush.

After a (long, cold) shower I decide to take a book out to the creek. Peppermint, our chocolate Lab, follows me to the edge of the property but loses interest as I start down the trail. The weather is so warm that I am wearing only a lavender tank top and ratty olive green yoga pants. My hair is still damp from my shower and the ends are beginning to curl.

It takes me about 25 minutes to get to my favorite spot, a large smooth rock that overlooks the deepest part of the creek and is shaded by an enormous oak. I sit for a few minutes with my eyes closed, until I hear a splash down creek and Little Betty’s deep blow.

In the creek, just a few kilometers away from me, Piper and Alex are skinny-dipping. I feel my skin flush with excitement as Alex emerges from the clear water, completely naked. Her body is more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Her full breasts are perfectly shaped and end with long, brown nipples surrounded by puffy areolas. Her stomach is flat and toned. Her butt is smaller than I had thought, but her hips are full and her thighs…oh, her thighs. She is hairy down there, not that I expected anything else.

Piper, on the other hand, is clean-shaven. Even from my vantage point I can see the exaggerated lips of her glistening pussy. I lick my lips instinctively. She is sitting on the bank of the creek, long legs stretched so her feet dip into the water, watching Alex walk back to tend to the horses. Alex’s strong legs are mesmerizing; neither Piper nor I can take our eyes off of them.

I creep behind the rock, not wanting to be seen, but so desperately wanting to join them. I’m not close enough with my cousins to swim in the nude, I think, but then, canlı kaçak iddaa oh! Alex shallow-dives into the water and Piper chases after her. When they come up their bodies are wrapped around each other and they are kissing, passionately, hungrily. I grab my book and run. I want to watch, but I can’t bring myself to stay.

I don’t see Piper or Alex until breakfast the next morning, and I can’t look at them in the face. Piper is laughing and chatting with my mother, who is delighted by the attention. Even Casey shows up for breakfast, a rarity. Piper has charmed my family, but I am still awed by what I saw yesterday.

My mother asks Piper what she and Alex plan to do today, and I struggle to swallow the oatmeal in my mouth. Piper smiles brightly, and looks at Alex, “Ride horses, of course. I haven’t done it since I was a kid, and it’s so exciting to be on a farm again.”

Mom beams, proudly, and smiles to herself as she begins to clear the table. Alex frowns, suddenly. “I can’t take you riding, Piper. I have lessons all day.”

“I’ll take you,” Casey volunteers, and I glare at him, though he doesn’t notice. Alex does too, but Mom reminds him that he has to go to the feed store, and then adds, “Elise can take you out, can’t you, LiLi?”

Eight eyeballs on me, and I nod. Piper shows her perfect teeth again, and Alex gets up from the table without excusing herself and dashes off to the ring. Piper and I help Mom clear the table and then she follows me out to the stable.

“Can I ride Amber again?” she asks, and I nod. She laughs as she saddles the horse. “You don’t say much, do you?”

I start to nod again, and we both laugh. “Yeah, I’m pretty quiet.” I hop on Ulysses, the gray Andalusian stallion, and Piper and Amber follows us to the trail.

“Aly is too,” she says “Although you probably notice that already.”

“You two are really close,” I say, turning to look at her as Amber trots along besides us. “I don’t see my cousins that much, so it must be nice.”

Piper doesn’t say anything, and we ride along in silence. After about fifteen minutes has passed, she clears her throat.

“Aly is not my cousin,” she says, looking directly at me, and then quickly away.

“Oh.” The tone in her voice stops me from asking more. Suddenly what I saw in the creek flashes through my brain and I blush. Oh.

I’d never known a lesbian before, beside myself. Suddenly the woman I had been lusting over all summer — and her beautiful “cousin” — came into a much clearer view. Neither of us speaks as we ride along the trail, and when we reach the creek Piper stops.

“We should let the horses drink?” I nod and get off of Ulysses, who walks to the creek bank and begins to drink. Amber follows suit, and Piper and I are standing together. I don’t know what to do. I kick a rock. I sit down and pull at the crab grass. I do anything not to look her in the eye.

Piper walks to the bank, a little ways down from where the horses are drinking, and steps out of her tennies. My heart is pounding as I replay yesterday in my mind. But Piper picks up her shoes and turns back. She sits next to me, where I am watching the horses, and puts her arms on her knees, her head on her arms.

“Alex is my girlfriend.”

I nod.

She sighs, and pulls her hair out of the bun on top of her head, shakes it, and examines the ends for splits. “I wish my hair was curly like yours,” she says, as if what she just told me didn’t matter.

I shake my curls out and shrug. “They’re okay.” Piper shakes her head. “No, they’re beautiful.” She touches my hair. A black curl wraps around her slender fingers. She leans in and smells it. “You’re beautiful, Elise.”

I close my eyes and feel Piper getting closer to me. Her breath is warm on my neck and along my bare shoulders. Suddenly the warm breath is replaced by her wet mouth, and my eyelids snap open.

“Piper,” I protest, not meaning it, and she knows it, because now her hand is on my waist and she is pulling herself closer to me

“Elise,” she moans softly. Her mouth finds mine and I open canlı kaçak bahis for her. She slides her tongue in and I follow suit. Instinctively I bring my hand to her face and she is leaning against me so my back touches the ground. She straddles me. The weight of her body is wonderful. I kiss her harder. I can’t stop. Everything feels so natural, so good. She pulls her mouth from mine, smiling down at me, and pulls her hair back from her face. My legs are bent, and she rests against the top of my thighs like the back of her chair. Piper pulls her tee shirt off, then unhooks her bra. Her sweet breasts make me whimper and she laughs.

“You are so cute.” She puts my hands on her breasts, moaning as my fingers find her pale pink nipples. Every noise she makes emboldens me. As I rub her breasts she begins to rub against me so that our crotches touch. I cry out; I can’t help it.

She rolls off of me gracefully and lies on her back on the soft grass. Piper slides out of her cotton shorts. Immediately I notice the wet spot on her pale blue panties.

“Take them off,” she half-orders, half-pleads. Gently, I put my fingers on the waistband and run my hands along to her butt. She lifts her body into the air and I pull them down. She is breathtaking, and I tear up.

“Oh, honey,” she cooes “Is this your first time?”

I nod. “You don’t have to if you don’t want…” I answer Piper with my eyes. She smiles and spreads her legs for me. I position myself between them, laying on my stomach, propped on my elbows. Piper spreads herself open and I gasp. Everything is pink and wet and perfect. I lick my lips and Piper laughs. “It’s all yours, Elise.”

I stare into her for a moment, but suddenly a pang of guilt — “Will Alex mind?”

Piper sighs. It takes her a moment to respond, and immediately I regret saying anything. “She knows I sleep with other women.”

I nod. I bring my mouth to her thigh and she sighs again, this time in pleasure. I kiss her slowly, down to her center, and I can feel the heat as I near her pussy. I move my mouth to the left leg and repeat. I want to put my mouth on her, but first I touch her, and Piper moans.

“Yes, Elise, touch me,” she says.

Touching another woman is different from touching myself, but not that much. I know what makes me feel good, so I try it on Piper. I slide my fingers up and down her slit, moistening them before I put them inside of her. With my left hand I put one finger into her and bring my mouth to her engorged clit. Piper tastes like, oh, nothing I’ve known before. It is sweet and tangy at the same time, and my lips wrap around her little button and I suck like crazy. Piper is writhing a little, moaning, asking for more. I slide another finger insider her, crossing it with the other. I pull my mouth off of her clit and begin to lap her up. I am crazy to taste all of her. I suck on her bare lips as I continue to finger fuck her, adding a finger. She is so wet; I can feel her slickness on my chin, and can smell it under my nose. Piper is bucking now, and I know she is close. But I don’t want this to stop, so I slow down a bit. I pull my fingers out of her — they make a satisfied slurping sound — and I grin at her. Piper laughs and winks. “Don’t get distracted now.”

I lay on my back and beckon her toward me. She hurries over and sits on my face. As her pussy makes contact with my face I feel my body contract. Piper is supporting herself by her arms and she is trembling and yelling out.

“Elise, oh my god, Elise, yes yes yes yes!”

I move my mouth rapidly over her wet slippery puss, trying to slurp up as much of Piper as I can. I dart my tongue in and out of her and even when she tightens up, as the orgasm begins to come over her, I do not remove my mouth. She comes, and I can feel it and taste it and smell it, and I flood my panties at the same time.

Piper lifts her body off my face and lies next to me, naked and breathing hard. Neither of us can move, or speak, and we watch the horses play with each other in the clearing. From the opposite direction we hear a rustling, and then the clapping of a horse gallop on the dirt trail. Piper begins to dress quickly and I climb to my reading rock, terrified at who may have seen us. I have to squint but I make out Little Betty’s chestnut coat, and her rider with the French braid.

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