All in the Family Ch. 04

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Please read the introduction to Chapter 1 if you haven’t already done so.

I am writing this story as close as I can from the material shared by this amazing couple. They trusted me with their story, and I hope I have done them justice. With their consent, I have taken liberties with the sexual content and in creating much of their dialogue in the interest of telling a more erotic story, but the basic settings and occurrences are accurate. I have also chosen to tell it in my friend’s voice instead of as a narrator. Jack


Everything was kind of normal while Dad was there. That following Sunday we took him to the airport to go home for a week of work. Mom decided to stay with us. Needless to say, after being together for just two days of that two week period Dania and I were very, very horny. We couldn’t just leave Mom around by herself so we stuck it out at the cabin. That isn’t to say we didn’t have a great time. We all really enjoyed each others company and we always had something to talk and laugh about. Dania and Mom decided to teach me to cook so I would make some nice girl a good husband.

We were sitting on the beach, Dania in one of her “normal” bikinis and Mom in a bikini as well. I couldn’t help notice how great Mom looked in that bikini with her long legs, her large breasts and flared hips that Dania had not matured into as yet. I could still picture her naked body. Man was she a hot women and I was happy my father had that to come home to. He was clearly in love and totally devoted to her – and she to him. For the first time I actually realized how powerful that kind of love could be.

“You guys having a good time?” Mom asked.

“Yeah great” we both answered at the same time.

“You know, I have been observing you two for a couple of weeks and I notice some differences. You guys have always been close – from the first time you met it seems. But I sense a much deeper relationship and much greater comfort level between you now. That is so very unusual between siblings especially ones of the opposite sex. What’s the secret?”

Dania and I looked at each other and communicated as only lovers can thru their eyes. Did she suspect anything? Did she know what we were up to? Should we tell her? Dania answered first.

“The time up here together has really been good for us and our relationship. We don’t have any of the distractions of friends and school. We both broke up with our steadies and we could support each other and we really shared a lot. Didn’t we Dan?”

Taking Dania’s lead I said “Yeah, it’s been great. It’s not always possible to share male attitudes and perspectives with a girl without any of the other stuff getting in the way. I trust Dania to respond honestly with a female’s perspective and her own as well.”

“And I totally trust Dan the same way!” Dania chimed in.

“You two have certainly matured a lot in the last year and I am now sure that Dad and I have given you something powerful – a sense of personal value. I am sure now you will make good decisions for yourselves. And you guys are so lucky to have each other to rely on in that way. Most people only get that when they marry a long time friend – like I did to Dad. That intimacy in having casino siteleri sex with that special friend, someone you love at many levels, binds you like no other relationship. I don’t think it is reproducible any other way.”

“I think I understand” said Dania. Then she realized what she said and blushed a little.

“Hey Mom, how did you and Dad hook up?” I said quickly changing the subject to get Dania out of hot water before Mom could think about her response.

“Oh that’s easy. Cecile and I knew each other from work before she married Dad. We met up at the prenatal classes. It was kind of nice and Cecile and I shared a lot during the pregnancy – kind of like being sisters. After you guys were born we went our separate ways. After Cecile died, Dad and I renewed our relationship.”

As she was telling the story I kept getting this idea that she was leaving out important facts like who Dania’s father was. I would glance at Dania and I could tell she was having similar thoughts. She had said that her Mom never spoke about her father at all. Coincidence number four thousand, Dad didn’t speak about my Mom much either. I decided we would discuss it later. Time flew buy as she told the story of how they finally decided to see if the kids would be OK with it. Dania and I smiled at each other thinking that we were sure glad they had. Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch, Mom said she was going into town to stock up on groceries and replenish the wine bar. Dania and I decided to take the boat to the island for the afternoon so we could be alone and free without the fear of Mom interrupting us. As soon as we reached the island, we stripped off our clothes and took a short swim. Then we made love on the blanket in the shed. It was incredible. Dania came three times just during the time I was pounding her pussy and two more while I was stroking in and out of her ass. She had become fond of having me in her ass, especially when I put three fingers in her pussy and used my thumb to play with her clit at the same time.

We found out she liked the dirty talk like ‘Fuck me… fuck me.. fuck your slut … pound that pussy.. fuck your sister’s sweet little ass…stick that big dick in me… harder … harder… faster.. fuck me faster and harder.. dump your cum in me … cum in may ass’ while she was in the midst of it all. Truth be known I liked it too. We also had discovered we both like the cowboy position, her straddling me and pumping up and down while I rubbed her tits and tweaked her nipples, and the doggy position where I was taking her from behind – in her pussy or her ass. She liked to have her tits hang free and feel them swaying back and forth while I pumped in and out, and she could push back stronger. But to get her over the top, I would get her on her back with her ankles on either side of my head. The entire vulnerability of the position, the decreased vaginal opening and the increased angle to the asshole gave her incredible sensations in her canals that she could feel all the way up into her cervix. She would be wild with lust. She would buck and thrash, scream, moan and groan the whole time. The folds of her pussy walls gripped my dick and I could easily bottom out with the tip of my dick resting in her slot oyna cervix. I would always cum in gallons.

What was amazing was that we never seemed to tire of making love to each other. It was always better and more sensual than the last time. Sometimes we would rest with me in her ass from behind, holding her tits and playing with her clit while she languished in her state of arousal. Sometimes she would lie between my legs and play with my dick, holding it in her soft hands and stroking it and kissing it endlessly and even sucking on it. Her favorite game in that position was to watch me cum all over her.

When we quieted down a little, I turned to Dania and asked her about the conversation with Mom telling her my observations.

“You know” she said, “I was thinking the same thing. There are some things that just didn’t seem to add up. I don’t think she would lie to us directly, but I think she was leaving out something.”

“Maybe we can find out if we get Mom drunk.” I suggested.

“You’re terrible, but it might work” she answered and we began our plan.

That night, we announced we were going to cook and Mom should relax on the porch with a drink. Now Mom wasn’t a big booze drinker but she liked Caribbean sweet drinks. I had found a recipe for a pina colada and we had purchased the makings at the store. I made the drink with a lot of rum – double what the recipe ordered. Mom had one and than another remarking how great they tasted after a long day in the sun.

“It brings back such wonderful memories” she said, already feeling the effects of the alcohol.

By the time we served dinner she was drunk as hell –no only from the drinks but from the two bottles of wine we drank. I should say she drank, because Dania and I barely had any – on purpose.

We were sitting in the great room with Mom sprawled on the couch. She was still drinking her wine when we broached the topic again.

“We were talking about how great your and Dad’s story is and how you were so sensitive to how we were together. How come?”

Through her drunken haze she answered

“I have a brother that I love so much that I would do anything for him. And I did!” That was the first that either of us knew she had a brother.

“Where is he now? Who is he? How come we have never met him?”

“Oh, you know him all right” she said and passed out on the couch. We just stared at each other in total amazement.

“I guess we overdid it a little” I said.

“Hopefully she won’t remember too much tomorrow” said Dania. We covered her with a blanket and went outside to talk.

“She spoke as if we know him and that he is still alive and very much part of her life” said Dania. “Who could that be?”

As I was thinking about it I suddenly had an idea. I went into the house and got Mom’s wallet. I remember she had pictures in it and I thought maybe she would have one of her brother.

“Maybe there’s a clue in here.” We went through the entire wallet, but the only pictures were of us and Dad. Then I noticed something hidden under a picture. It was a California driver’s license with Mom’s picture.

“When were you guys in California?” I asked.

“It must have been before I was born. Check canlı casino siteleri the dates.”

Indeed it was issued before we were born. I commented,

“That’s funny, Dad was from the same town. I wonder if they knew each other back there?”

‘Well they are the same age – they must have gone to high school together! How big a town could it be? ”

“How weird! There is definitely something more.”

And then I saw it, a picture with the edges torn and frayed attached to the back of another picture. What I saw startled me.

“Look at this. It looks like a picture of Mom and Dad as teenagers!” Dania came over and stared.

“My God, it is. How come they are together? Where was this taken? When was this taken?” We didn’t what to think. It appeared that they had lied to us about something so silly as knowing each other in California. Then Dania started to cry.


“I wonder if Dad is “the brother”?” was all she could get out before she started to sob. I grabbed hold of her and held her tightly. She was sobbing and crying and shaking uncontrollably. I stroked her hair and her back and held her face to my chest. I could feel her tears being absorbed by my shirt. It was all she could do to stay standing. My mind was reeling with the thought that somehow Mom and Dad were related and that they were having the same relationship that Dania and I were having.

After a time, Dania calmed down. We sat down on the steps to the beach and held each other – saying nothing. Then Dania broke the silence

“Do you think that maybe what we have is genetic? I mean, if Mom and Dad are really sister and brother, their love affair is just like ours. Is that possible?”

“I really don’t know what to think” I said “but it sure looks that way. Think about how she instinctively knew that there might be something more between us.”

Then I suddenly remembered the wallet. I had left it out on the porch with everything spread out on the table.

“Shit” I said and jumped up and started back toward the cabin – Dania right behind me. I stopped at the steps. There was Mom standing by the table with the papers in her hand and crying.

“Oh no .. oh no” she was wailing “How could I have been so stupid to think they wouldn’t find out?”

We came up on the porch and put our arms around her trying to comfort her.

“Nooooo ” she wailed “don’t. We have been so selfish about wanting happiness that we didn’t consider anything else- even you two. Can you ever forgive us for deceiving you?” and she sank into a chair crying. Dania and I looked at each other in stunned silence.

Mom looked up at us through her tears and then seemed to get hold of herself.

“Sit down you two, I have something to tell you – to explain to you. You must keep this a secret between us. If Dad even finds out you know it will destroy him. He has never been so happy and I don’t want this to be the thing to change that. We made a promise to each other. I am hoping you will understand because I know how you two are and what you are up to. You aren’t kidding me about what you guys do all day at the island. I recognize the signs and the change in your relationship. The intimacy is unmistakable. I just couldn’t confront it because of what you now appear to know. It would be a little hypocritical. We’ll discuss that later. Right now you need to know how and why about Dad and me. So, let me start at the beginning.”

To be continued

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