Alone with My Sister

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Big Tits

I hadn’t spoken to my sister, Sarah, for over a week. Not since THAT NIGHT when things changed forever.

My friends Pete, John and I had been watching a porno film one night when she came in and the most unbelievable thing had happened. She stayed, watched the film with us for a while and I got to film my two best friends fucking my younger sister and coming in her beautiful little mouth. (see “A night in with the lads – and my sister!”)

She had avoided me ever since. Never eating with me and our parents – always some excuse about having had dinner at her friend Julie’s house or about going to gym practice or something.

I was glad in a way, seeing my sister’s body for the first time since we were little kids and watching her with the guys had been weird for me. I had always been mildly irritated by my goody-goody sister and by the way she manipulated my parents with her teenage tantrums and her sulking. My mates had been saying for some time now that Sarah was looking really horny but I had just dismissed it as them trying to wind me up. Everything was different now – watching her through the lens of our video camera as she sucked on Pete’s cock and seeing John fuck her had changed things for me. I saw her now for what she was, a really gorgeous young girl with an incredible body.

All those times she had said that she was going to gym practice and run out the door in a pair of tight shorts carrying the tiniest leotard – and I never once even had the remotest thought of her sexually! Now things were different – I couldn’t get the thought of her body out of my mind. I felt so guilty, so disgusting. How could I fantasize about my own sister? The trouble was that every time I thought about that night I got so turned on. It was more than just watching a threesome – it was with my sister and everything about it had a heightened sense of excitement. Surely this was all wrong.

On Friday nights I always went out for a few beers with the guys and this Friday was going to be no exception. I came home around 7 o’clock to find a note on the table from my parents saying that they were at our Aunt Susie’s for dinner and that Sarah was going over to Julie’s – again! So I grabbed a sandwich and went up to my room to chill out and get changed for the evening.

It was still early and I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was alone. Stripping off my clothes, I jumped onto the bed and reached on top of the wardrobe for my latest porno magazine and relaxed on the bed casually stroking my cock while I flicked through the well-thumbed pages. I was determined to make it last so I studied each page and tried to imagine myself there at the photo-shoot, able to walk around each scene, touching a girl here, fucking a girl there and generally having my pick of the bodies on display. One of the girls was by a pool, staring right into the camera with a few strands of her blonde hair across her face and a cock buried deep in her mouth. My cock twitched, it ached to be wanked harder and I knew exactly why. As I looked into the picture all I could see in my mind was Sarah through the camera lens, her eyes sparkling and staring right at me as she ran her tongue over Pete’s cock. I knew what to do.

Throwing the magazine aside I jumped up and instinctively pulled on some sweat pants. Practically running across the hall to Sarah’s room I started to think back to THAT NIGHT and what had happened to the videotape. No one had argued when Sarah asked for the tape and I expected her to have destroyed it but what if she hadn’t? What if it was in her room? I knew that I wanted to see it and to see her. I knew that I wanted to come whilst looking at my sister’s body being fucked and sucked and fondled. I was so excited and I couldn’t work out why this had never crossed my mind before! I guess it had taken a while for me to accept what it was that was making me so horny – all day every day – and to come to terms with it. Now it was time to admit it to myself. The thought of my sister was turning me on.

Sarah’s room was bigger than mine with two full wardrobes full of clothes. I decided to start there and careful not to disturb anything I looked around in the bottom amongst her shoes and in the boxes of stuff that sat there – nothing!

I dragged everything out from under her bed and almost forgot their original positions as I frantically searched for the tape. Not a thing – so I started to go drawer by drawer through her tee shirts, casino oyna underwear and gym kit – not even pausing to look closely at the assorted thongs, bras and panties that my little sister now wore – no tape!!

I stood, dejected, in the middle of the room and figured she must have destroyed it after all and as I started back to my room, my eyes lit on the bookshelf above her bed. A mixture of school books and cheap novels were held together at each end by two jewelry boxes – one, I knew was full of make-up, the other with mostly costume jewelry and stuff from when she was a kid. I was so excited. My heart was beating faster and faster as I reached for the box lid. Lifting the lid I swept the fake pearls, brooches and hair clips to one side and there it was – the tiny cassette from the video camera with no telltale markings on it. I pushed the stuff back into the box and almost ran to my room feeling the excitement build inside me. Sarah had no VCR in her room and besides, the camera tape had to be put inside a case to play it on a normal machine and I had the only one in my room. There was no way that Sarah had even seen the tape since it was made and I felt so horny knowing that I would be the first to review that night and all that had happened.

I put the tape in the playback case and put it in my VCR turning on the TV at the same time. I jumped back onto the bed and reached for the remote – not even pausing to pull off the sweats. I had to rewind the tape and reached down to hold my cock as I waited. It was so hard it ached! I couldn’t believe how horny I was and my heart rate would have worried any doctor!


I jumped as I heard the front door bang then froze as I heard footsteps downstairs cross to our dining room, pause and then start back towards the stairs and begin to come up them. The sound of Sarah’s trainers were unmistakable and the bounce in her step betrayed the identity of the intruder. My erection had died the instant I heard the door and now I flicked the TV channel to MTV and made sure the jogging bottoms I was wearing covered me adequately – not that I expected Sarah to come into my room, she had avoided me completely lately and that just wasn’t going to happen.


The door flew open and I turned to see Sarah running towards me screaming! ” You bastard!!” she shouted and launched herself at me with fists flailing, hitting my arms and shoulders, trying to get at my head. ” I hate you!” she screamed ” You fucking bastard!”

I grabbed her wrists and as she wrestled with me I could see her face, contorted, angry and with tears streaming down her face. “Calm down” I said. “What’s wrong with you?” She stopped wriggling and just burst out crying. I loosened my grip on her wrists and as she sobbed uncontrollably, she sat down on the edge of the bed. She was wearing a thin yellow vest and a pair of cut-off shorts and her fine blonde hair was tied in a single ponytail. She must have come from gym because her body glistened with slight perspiration and her face was flushed.

” I …didn’t …think …you …could be so cruel” she said through her tears. Her whole body heaved as she sobbed and I reached forward and put my hand on her shoulder. She shrugged me off and buried her head in her hands – crying.

“What is it Sarah?” I said, “What’s wrong?”

She wiped her hand across her nose and sniffed “You. …gave them …the tape – I knew I should have thrown it …away!”

” No I didn’t,” I said, again reaching forward to touch her shoulder reassuringly. She looked up slowly, “But …someone took it,” she said still with her hands over her face but now looking over the top of them – right at me!!

” I took it,” I admitted. “I haven’t given it to anyone”

“Give me it back” she spat “I don’t want people to see it – I’ll be laughed at all the time at school”

I didn’t understand the comment but could see that she wouldn’t want a video of her being fucked doing the rounds at her college.

” I wasn’t going to show anyone Sarah – please believe me.” I said gently, squeezing her shoulder and looking into her tear-filled eyes. She seemed to relax and then surprised me by asking; “Then why did you take it? – Where is it?”

“I…erm…I …erm …was going to look at it.” I stammered, suddenly feeling embarrassed and realising that my perverse thoughts were about to be discovered.

“But I don’t understand, there’s only me on the tape” slot oyna Sarah said. “Why would you want to see me doing it, I’m no good.”

“What do you mean?” I asked – genuinely curious. Her reply shocked me even more as she started to cry again and only said the words softly. “I mean I’m not very good at it am I – You lot must have been laughing at me all week. It was the first time I’d ever even seen a real one – let alone done anything with it.”

I smiled and lifted her head with my fingers. “Sarah, you have no idea how much the guys thought you were great. They haven’t stopped asking me about seeing you again but I told them to leave you alone because I thought you would have a problem with that. They think you were fantastic and think you have the sexiest body ever!”

She looked into my eyes warily, wanting to believe me but still afraid this was a cruel trick. “Honestly?” she asked

“Honestly” I replied smiling. She seemed to sigh and wiped her eyes saying; “So where is it?”

I didn’t answer, simply lifted the remote and switched on the tape. She swung round to face the TV and said “Oh my god!” with her hands over her mouth in horror. On the screen was a close-up of John with his face buried in her crotch. As he realised the camera was on him he grabbed Sarah’s ass cheeks and offered her cunt up to the camera before plunging back down to it with his tongue. The tape had no sound so Sarah and I sat in silence as we watched the events of the previous week unfold in vivid detail before our very eyes. My cock had sprung into action, instantly hard at the sight of the sex scene on screen. I suddenly began to notice her proximity to me on the bed. She was sitting on her bare legs, further down the bed from me resting on her right arm, which was just touching against my shin. My hands were in my lap to hide my erection but she was sitting with her back towards me and neither of us was moving at all. Our breathing became the only sound although I was certain that she could hear my heart pounding!

I had to admire my camera-work! As it pulled back from John’s oral exertions I got a full-length shot of my sister with her breasts being fondled by Pete while he eased his cock into her mouth. She really did have wonderful tits. This was the scene I had replayed a thousand times over in my mind. Seeing my sister’s body on the TV and having her sitting there next to me was almost too much to bear. My prick was aching and I couldn’t help but reach slowly down and squeeze it through the tented sweatpants. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“Were you going to play with yourself?” Sarah asked without turning round. I felt the blood rush to my face and made things worse by stammering “Wwwhat?”

“I don’t understand,” she said. “Why would you want to look at a video of me? I’m your sister.”

She was still watching the TV as now John was gripping her little body and fucking her really hard on screen. “It’s just that watching anyone having sex is really horny.” I lied. “Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“No, no” she said. “I don’t mind – in fact I’m glad that you don’t mind looking at me, I never thought that I was the kind of girl that guys would fancy.”

“Are you kidding?” I replied. “All my mates think you’re really hot.” I could see that she was relaxing more now – I was getting more uncomfortable by the minute when suddenly she said; “If you want to play with yourself can I watch you?” My heart nearly missed a beat and I jumped on the situation quickly saying; “Are you sure you want to? I don’t want you to feel bad about it.”

“I really want to” she said turning round “I didn’t get much chance to look at John and Pete’s cocks and I really want to know what to do to make guys feel good.”

I didn’t reply, I simply looked into her eyes as I slid the trousers down over my cock and gripped my erection in one hand waving it proudly in the air. Sarah was leaning across my legs now, her left arm over my legs and resting on the bed. She looked down at my cock and I took the hint by slowly pumping my shaft as the head of my cock swelled and seemed to want to grow to meet her gaze. Over her shoulder I could see John shooting his load onto her stomach on the television but back in the real world I decided to give her a display to remember.

With Sarah’s attention captivated by my cock, my eyes were free to look over her body and this made me harder and more excited as I surveyed canlı casino siteleri every inch of her chest. Her soft, pert little breasts were pressed against the cotton vest, restrained by the fabric I could see the shape of her puffy nipples against the material. The vest plunged slightly and although I couldn’t see down it, there was ample bare flesh at the top of her little cleavage to look at and imagine kissing and licking. I took my left hand and spat onto my fingers, then reached down and started to draw my fingertips up and down the head of my cock whilst I stroked the shaft gently with my other hand. I could hear her breathing heavily now and as I teased my cock-head with my wet fingers I looked down at the crotch of her shorts. I was certain that I could make out the folds of her cunt and realised that she was squirming slightly under my gaze.

” Do you want to touch it?” I said softly, surprising myself.

Sarah didn’t reply, she just put her fingers into her mouth and withdrew them covered in saliva. Without looking up at me she reached forward and replaced my fingertips at the tip of my cock. She traced circles round and round my knob, smiling gently to herself as she felt me buck and twitch at her strokes. I was still rubbing my shaft but now she reached forward with her other hand and wrapped her fingers around mine, working with them up and down my aching cock. It was becoming too much for me, I decided to be bold and reached out to stroke her breast with my hand. She shirked away from me with an annoyed look and with that – the rules were set. I settled back into working her hand up and down my shaft, leaving her other hand – now wet again after another trip up to her mouth – to tease my knob. I started to increase the pace of our strokes and lifted my ass to meet her hand circling my cock-head. Sarah looked up at me and smiled, a mischievous smile but one that contained genuine affection. I returned her smile closing my eyes momentarily in a signal of how much enjoyment she was giving me. I took my hand away now and let her determine the speed of her strokes.

She didn’t disappoint me and seemed to understand that I was nearing my climax because her hands started to move with more urgency. Licking her fingers one last time she started to work both hands in unison, pumping my shaft and rubbing the head of my cock until I was thrusting against her hands faster and faster towards coming. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits and was imagining sucking on them when the first waves started to hit me. I thrust myself into her hands and she squeezed my shaft and rubbed furiously at the tip of my cock. I almost leapt off the bed when I came. All that pent up frustration and yearning while she was part of my sexual fantasies was released in that moment. A stream of thick come shot through her fingers and surprised even me at its intensity. Sarah kept pumping my shaft and sperm oozed from the end of my cock as she watched, fascinated, slowly rubbing her come-covered fingers together – feeling the texture of the slippery liquid and smiling.

I was wasted! As the waves of my orgasm subsided I realised that I was sitting on my bed with my sister holding my cock! Guilt started to sweep over me and I started to feel like I’d done something terrible. Yet again Sarah shocked me out of my trance.

“Will it taste the same as Pete’s?” she said casually rubbing her fingers together.

“Pretty much I guess” I replied meekly and then watched mesmerised as Sarah lifted her hand to her mouth and put three of her fingers into it and then licked my come of the rest of her hand. She looked up at me with her fingers in her mouth and again I caught the mischievous look in her eyes as she made a meal of sucking each finger in turn to make sure she hadn’t missed any spunk!

“Mmmmm!” she said softly. “That was really great. Did I do it right?”

“Brilliantly!” I said suddenly aware of my naked crotch. “I’m sorry about trying to touch you – I just got carried away.”

“Its ok” she replied. “But it isn’t right for us to…well…you know – it isn’t is it?”

“No you’re right,” I said bringing some sanity to my actions. “And we mustn’t tell anyone about this eh?”

“God no!” Sarah said sharply, and then looked right into my eyes as she said; “If you do tell anyone I’ll say that you forced me to do it and you’ll be the pervert!” She rose from the bed. “And besides, if you tell anyone what happened – then I’ll never do it for you again!” And with that she turned on her heel and walked out of the room leaving me sitting there with my sweatpants pulled down, my cock wet and shriveled and my imagination running into overtime!!

To Be Continued…

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