Amanda Teasing Two Ch. 10

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I could see Hazel casting an eye over the clothes I wore. She realised I was teasing Jeff in my short skirts and low tops. Even so we shared a little grin between us. We sat watching telly and entertaining the kids, and then got them home to bed.

I bumped into one of my old neighbours a few weeks later. Marcus had gone into a record shop, and I was outside with the kids.

She started rambling on about the strange goings on at my old house. ‘That Julie girl’ as she referred to her, was screaming her head off a few days before Christmas. Before that there was a woman staring through her garage and then she fled in tears! A few minutes later some man was running in and out of the garage in just his underpants!

“Mrs Heaney you shouldn’t spy on people,” I said, holding back a chuckle.

“Well it has never been the same since your poor mother died,” she said, with an indignant sniff.

She looked down and gave the kids a smile, and then looked back at me. I was remembering the photos that had dropped on the pavement. Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“That new family living at your old house now, I don’t like them. Well that daughter of his, her school skirt is no bigger than a belt!”

“Its just fashion Mrs Heaney,” I said, now unable to control my giggles.

“Yes well, but I’m sure the girl is nearly as old as the mother.”

My laughing had subsided a little.

“I expect you got a little confused.” I offered.

“Oh no dear she had a school uniform, I mean they look more like sisters, but she called her mum, and she called the man dad, but she didn’t seem happy about it. No dear I’m sure something is going in your old house. I know people think I see things and I’m a little crazy, but I’m sure it’s a story we shall be hearing about in the future.”

I smiled but I must admit I was a little curious myself.

Two weeks before Marcus went back to Germany he went to the races with his friends. I wasn’t expecting him until late and casino oyna when the door opened I felt a little flustered.

“You are home early?”

“Yeah the racing was called off, too foggy. I thought you were cleaning up today wasn’t that the idea of mum having the kids?”

“I, I didn’t really feel like it,” I mumbled.

“Why are you wearing your dressing gown?”

“I thought we could have a little fun before the kids get home.”

“So have you been on your own all day?”

“Yeah of course,” I said, with a smile that dropped when I saw him looking at the two coffee cups.

“Oh a Faye came round for a chat. Look I’m just going to the loo and, well why don’t you give me 5 minutes then come upstairs,” I said gulping.

“Are you wearing stockings?”

“I told you I was getting ready for you,” I replied.

I began hurriedly tidying the bed.

“Have you been back to bed today?”

I jumped.

“No what ever gave you that idea?” I asked nervously.

“Because when I left this morning you had made the bed. And why is your hair all messed up?”

I watched him move to the dressing table.

“Marcus that’s my phone put it down.”

I tried to wrestle it off him. He just shoved me back on the bed and stood looking down at me.

“I thought I saw Gerry down the end of the road.”

“He came here, he came to see you,” I said frantically, “please put my mobile down.”

I tried to get it away from him again; he just grabbed my hair and held it tight making me scream.

“You whore!” he spat.

He lowered the phone to my face, and I closed my eyes not wanting to see the message I had sent.

“Get round here now and fuck my brains out,” he read off the screen.

“We didn’t do anything I swear, it’s just a bit of fun to, to tease you, I swear!”

I knew he didn’t believe me.

“Put stockings on for me babe,” Marcus read off the screen.

He threw my phone down on the bed, and I soon followed slot oyna it!

“We didn’t do anything Marcus, we didn’t I promise. I’ve never been unfaithful to you I swear!” I screeched in panic.

He grabbed my hand and rubbed it over my exposed chest. Then he turned it to my face. He looked mad as hell!

“Lick it.”

“No,” I whimpered.

“Lick it, lick it you slut!”

Slowly I licked it as Marcus looked down with a disgusted sneer.

“You’re a fucking whore aren’t you?”

I cringed as he grabbed me by the shoulders, lifted me off the bed, and then threw me back down again.

I put my hand over my face waiting for a slap, or something worse. He started grabbing at my ankles I began kicking but he soon had them pinned to the bed.

He pushed himself forward, and then grabbed my hair again until I stopped crying and struggling. We looked into each others eyes. He looked livid, and I was praying he wouldn’t slap me.

“Did he fuck you?” he growled.

I shook my head, trying to stop my bottom lip trembling.

“No I wouldn’t let him, I wouldn’t let anyone fuck me Marcus, only you, I love you!” I grovelled.

I felt him pull at the dressing gown that was trapped between us.

“No wait Marcus let me go and wash my face, you don’t want to fuck me when I’ve got an, another man’s spunk on my face do you?”

He just stopped and sat back slightly. I smiled through my tears.

“I’ll make it good for you sweetheart, I, I’ll do anything you want,” I begged.

“Anything?” he said, after a few moments.

I saw a chink of light if only I could get back into his good books. I loved him so much.

“What would you want me to do?” I whispered, and let a trembling finger stroke his face.

“Mum hates you, she told me to dump you. She said she would never forgive you for marrying me not even if you spent the day kissing her feet.”

“What?” I groaned.

“I told her that if ever you cheated on me, I’d canlı casino siteleri make you kiss her feet and kiss her ass.”

“God Marcus no!”

“Why not, I bet dad would love to watch, and I’m sure mum would get a kick out of having your tongue up her ass for a few hours.”

I struggled trying to get away.

“That’s sick you bastard!” I hollered.

I felt him ram his cock into me really hard. He smiled, enjoying the pained expression on my face, and the scream that rushed from my mouth.

“Oh yeah Amanda just imagine her big plump ass, smothering your poor horrified face.”

He thrust deeper and harder.

I couldn’t struggle any longer. I began to grip his ass. He was fucking me so hard I swear the bed base was banging on the floor. He gave my face a slap, I just slapped him back and he buried his face in my neck and called me a whore.

“Am I nice and wet where Gerry had me?” I spat in his ear.

That was it he rammed even faster and deeper.

“I’m glad Gerry’s not in the army anymore. He comes round and takes me and the kids out.”

“Fucking bitch!”

“Oh didn’t you know?” I asked, with a mocking chuckle.

“He wouldn’t do that you fucking bitch!” he hissed.

“We went to the zoo just before you got back from Germany. God you should have seen me strutting around on his arm. God I was the proudest woman alive!”

He couldn’t hold back when I mentioned his mate, he really held me tight and began to shoot with little whimpering cries.

“And you know what? I’m not going to bother waving you off when you go away again. I’m going to be putting on my stockings and my makeup and getting ready for the real man in my life! I won’t even give you a second thought. I’ll have a real man in my bed. Not one that fucks his mother!”

He stopped and pulled out of me, he just looked down with quite a shocked expression on his face.

“Fucking hell Mandy that went a bit far.”

“Sorry.” I mumbled.

“No it was well, I just thought we agreed not to use my mother again?”

“Well you mentioned the ass thing.”

“Yeah but fucking my mother that’s just, so sick,” he said, screwing up his nose.

We smiled a little knowing smile at each other.

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