Amor Prohibetur Ch. 06

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My Daughter’s All Grown Up

To all the readers of Literotica Forums,

Well, here I am, writing this down when I’d probably be better off just keeping it all to myself. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but like I said, here I am and here’s the story. I’m keeping my name out of it. I’ll just sign this off as Anonymous like some of these other people are doing. As for my daughter’s name, June, well, that one’s real. Here we go.

At what point does a daughter become more than a daughter? At what point does she become a woman? Over and over again, I’ve been asking myself those questions. I want to say it was a long, slow process of growth, but that doesn’t feel right. It was more like one day she was a girl and the next day she was a woman. It feels like it happened that way, overnight. Suddenly there was another woman living in the house with us. The little girl was gone.

My daughter’s name is June. That’s the month she was born in. When my wife was pregnant with her she was adamant that would be my daughter’s name. I always tease them about that, because what if she’d been born in October or November?

Anyway, this is how it all started up. Thanks to the latest bum in the White House, I was working six-hour days and I was bouncing around all over the week. The only steady part of my schedule was that I usually left the house at eight in the morning and came back at around four. My wife didn’t have it any better. She worked further away than I did, at a grocery store. She was gone in the afternoons. Our shifts always overlapped, so that I wouldn’t see her going out and she wouldn’t see me coming in.

Ever since June was 14 or 15, the house had become a gathering place for her and her friends. There would always be a gaggle of them, boys and girls, and they would be laughing it up and running around all over the place. You know, doing what kids that age usually do.

Things changed a lot, when these boys and girls turned 16 and 17. This is when they started getting serious about dating. The boys were flirting with and petting the girls, and the girls started using make-up and wearing sexier clothing. Something must have taken place down the line, because after a while most of the boys stopped coming over. By the time June turned 18, a little, unruly crowd of up to six or seven girls could be found in the house. They came over in the afternoons, when school was out or on the weekends.

Now, June was the type of girl who wanted to take pictures of everything in the world. We bought her a digital camcorder for Christmas. Since this was her senior year, she started taking that thing with her everywhere. She would take it to school where she’d record her friends and her fooling around, making faces and joking with each other. She used her camcorder at home too, whenever her friends were having a sleepover or a party. She would record when her friends and her were practicing some new dance move. By the time this… incident took place, June had a good collection of memory cards going.

Then this whole twerking craze started up. I mean, I only caught glimpses of this on the news a couple of times. I didn’t even know this was what the girls were doing at first, but that was it. They were twerking.

I came home one afternoon to find maybe five girls in my living room. They were giggling and listening to hip-hop music, which personally I can’t stand. All these girls were wearing tee shirts and tight shorts, which were a little too tight in my opinion. But that was what all of June’s friends were dressing like those days. I saw right away that the mood changed when I walked through the front door.

The way they clammed up made me suspicious. For a second I wondered if they’d gotten into my beer, or if they might have been smoking weed or something. You know, that same reaction any parent might have when presented with a similar situation. I didn’t see any evidence that they were doing anything wrong, so I made my way into the kitchen like I always do.

Usually when I get home, my routine goes like this. I’ll grab whatever food my wife left for me in the microwave, a beer or two, and head into the living room to catch a ball game. This was my plan for that day, when June came into the kitchen and tried to convince me to do otherwise. Her friends wanted to dance in the living room, she said, and couldn’t I go and watch TV in my bedroom?

I didn’t understand why this was so different from any other time. I’d seen a lot of those girls dancing before. I’d know them for years already, from the time they were flat-chested and straight as boards, to when they’d started to blossom out into young ladies. I got along well with all of them, or so I thought.

June was persistent and I got testy with her. I refused to change my routine, and so she took her friends into her bedroom. I got to watch my ballgame and I figured that was the end of it.

A Saturday came up a few days later.

I got home at my usual time. June and a bunch of girls were already there. They had that same awful hip-hop music going on. June had her casino oyna video camera out, but I hadn’t made it halfway to the kitchen before she got in my way.

June wanted me to go and watch TV in my room again. She was being loud in front of her friends and she physically tried to push me out of the living room. This is a very annoying habit that she picked up from her mother.

I refused. She said there wasn’t enough space in her bedroom for her and her friends to dance. I said, tough. The only concession I was willing to make was that I’d turn the volume on the TV down. I wasn’t about give up my living room when all sorts of sporting events were going on that day.

June made faces at me, as I went around her and got my food and my beer. She was still making faces when I came back. These faces worked on her mother, but on me, nope. I sat down on my chair with my sandwich, my bag of chips and a big cup of ice for my two beers. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to show off my authority in front of the girls, or to be an asshole to my daughter. I just wanted to relax a little and watch a game.

June was peeved, but her friends were shrugging it off as if June was making a big deal out of it. They had a little debate, while I scanned through the program listings to see what games were on. A couple of the girls didn’t care that I was sitting in the living room. They said they’d all danced that way in front of boys before. Some of the other girls wanted to go into June’s room or into the backyard, and keep dancing there.

Again, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I’d been around these same girls for years. I’d seen them in their bikinis and I’d seen them in skimpy clothes. I wondered what the hell kind of dance they were practicing. Were they stripping? I mean seriously, what could it be that was such a secret?

One of these girls, well, I’m going to call her Kim. Kim had always been a little bold with me. She would sometimes sit with me on the couch and watch sports with me, so she was something of a baseball and football fan. She’d taken to eating my chips. If I saw that Kim was in the house, I’d put extra chips in the bowl for her. She’d even take drinks of my beer. While I did scold her about doing this at first, she kept at it. Eventually I relented and just let her do it. Well, this Kim came over and took a drink of my beer. She was watching me close as if daring me to say something to stop her.

I figured out a long time ago that Kim liked me. She was a cute girl with brown hair and a slender shape. Her figure was a lot like most of June’s friends. While I did think Kim was attractive, there was no way in hell that I was going to put my hands on her. I knew Kim’s parents. I couldn’t even imagine what her father would say if I touched his little girl. Still, she was nice to look at with her budding breasts, and her hips that had only recently begun to take on a more womanly shape.

Kim told the other girls that she wasn’t as shy as they were. With the music still playing, she started her dance. Looking back on it, I don’t know if I’d even call it a dance. Kim simply turned around and put her hands on her knees. She stuck her ass out blatantly so I could look at it. Then she started bouncing her ass up and down. I’d heard of twerking before, but like I said, I’d only seen a glimpse or two of it on TV. Here I was getting an eyeful of it thanks to one of my daughter’s friends.

I don’t know that I tried to look away from it. Kim’s shorts were white and tight enough that they almost qualified as underwear. Her ass bounced, I mean it literally bounced. All of a sudden my pants felt a whole lot tighter.

One of the other girls asked June why she wasn’t recording it. This spurred my daughter into pointing the camera first at June and second at me. I could just imagine what I looked like. My eyes were wide open and so was my mouth. By then, I couldn’t even remember which game I wanted to watch.

Now, I guess there’s always one person in every group, who wants to take the attention away from everyone else and put in on him- or herself. Among June’s friends, this would be a girl who I will call Kathy. This girl didn’t even wait for Kim to finish her twerking. She just bulldozed Kim out of the way and told June to put the camera on her. Kathy got down on her knees with her back to me. This little hussy pulled her tight black shorts up so they’d ride all the way up her ass. She got down on all fours and she started to bounce her ass, too. She had plenty of ass to show, as her shorts ended up looking like more of a thong than anything else. It wasn’t that Kathy liked me in any particular way; it was more that she wanted the spotlight to be on her.

Most of the girls loosened up after this. I guess having me in the room made it more of a dare, or more of a turn-on. As turned on as I was, I didn’t do a thing to stop them. They twerked by crouching and holding their knees, by doing a quasi-push-up with their ass high up in the air, and with one leg on the floor and another on the couch. They really got loose later, slot oyna when they started turning their bodies upside down. They held themselves up by their arms, while their legs were propped up against the wall and their butts bounced in the air.

Kim kept doing it in front of me. She kept inching closer and closer to the couch every time, until the backs of her legs were touching the front of mine. Her ass was only inches away from me, bouncing in those tight white shorts. She would look over her shoulder, back at me, giggling out loud with the rest of them.

It wasn’t right for me to stare that way at all those high school girls, but I did. I could have stared at them all day long while they were dancing that way.

The only ones who didn’t twerk were my daughter June and one other girl. They were both too shy to do what the others were doing in front of me. I couldn’t help but chuckle when the other girls started ribbing them. The one girl, she took it all in stride and let the barbs bounce off of her. June, being June and so much liker her mother, got mad. My daughter didn’t get mad at her friends, mind you, but at me, as if I’d taken her friends away from her.

That’s when Kathy came up in front of me and lifted her shirt up. She flashed her bra at me. This caused most of the other girls to laugh out loud, all except June. Kathy dared Kim to do the same. Kim went to stand beside her and she lifted her shirt up, too.

Kathy pulled her bra up and so did Kim. Kathy wiggled her tits for me, and so did Kim. By that time I couldn’t take any more of it and I got the hell out of the living room. I’d just taken a few steps toward the hall, when Kim ran up behind me and slapped me on the ass. I thought, I’d better leave right now or else I’m going to end up fucking that girl.


On Sunday, thankfully, the girls were out doing something. On Monday they were all off at school.

Monday and Tuesday were my days off that week. Having known this ahead of time, my wife had her schedule changed so she could work earlier shifts and be home in time for dinner. This left me alone in the house for pretty much the entire day. After doing some work in the yard and lifting weights in the garage, I took a shower and had a seat on the living room couch. There wasn’t anything worth watching on. I remember frowning and wondering what else I could do to pass the time.

I started thinking about how Kim had shaken her ass over and over in front of me, and of how she’d flashed her tits at me. I ended up getting hard. I had the thought to pull my shorts down and take out my cock, to have myself a little fantasy with Kim in mind. I did stroke myself a couple of times, with my eyes closed and my mind visualizing things.

That’s when I remembered June’s camera. Unless she’d taken it to school with her, that camera was sitting in her room somewhere. It had all that video of her friends shaking their butts on it. I could jerk off to that, I decided.

I went into June’s room. After a little searching, I found my daughter’s camera and her little box of memory cards in her closet. I took a seat on the edge of June’s bed, and I scanned through the video until I came to the scene in the living room. I saw myself standing up to head to my bedroom and Kim running up behind me to slap me on the ass. Once I was gone, Kim stepped in front of June and she said something into the camera.

“I don’t care if he’s your dad, I want to fuck him!”

Some of the other girls laughed when they heard this.

“You bitch, you’d better not!” June’s voice said.

“The next time I come over, I’m going to fuck him.” Kim replied. “Don’t try to stop me, either.”

I rewound the recording to when the girls were twerking upside down and against the wall, and bouncing their butts in the air. While watching that, I lay back on my daughter’s bed and I jerked myself off.

When I was done with it, I wondered if I could have refused Kim, if she’d followed me into my bedroom that Saturday. I wondered if I could refuse her if she came at me the next time she was in the house. I found that I really couldn’t answer that question.

I thought to return the camera back to its spot in the closet, when I opened up the little box with all the memory cards in it. I started wondering what else June had recorded. Since I still had several hours to go before anybody else got home, I started watching some of her other videos.

I watched my daughter hanging out with her friends. They were always laughing and goofing around. When I compared that to how droll my own life was, I envied them for it. There was a party where a bunch of the girls flashed their tits, and a parking lot where one girl lifted her dress and shook her butt and ran off. Everyone around June was laughing. I saw a young man standing next to my daughter. Brazenly, he reached over to grasp her breast, which made June giggle and push him away. I watched Kathy casually stroll through a girl’s bedroom, wearing nothing at all. I watched Kim briefly sucking on a Popsicle as if it were canlı casino siteleri a cock, before she and the girls around her started laughing. I found another video of the girls twerking in my living room. This time, some of them had dared each other to flash their panties at the camera. They did and I watched that, too.

I was starting to feel like an intruder into my daughter’s memories. I decided to put all of her memory cards away, when I saw that she had several unlabeled cards in the back of the box. I assumed these were blanks, but I stuck one into the camera anyway.

I found a video of June sitting on her bed, wearing a white shirt and black panties. She was rubbing herself on her stack of pillows while she made sexual noises. I found another video of June leaning over the edge of her bed and twerking; first with tight pink shorts, second with white panties. A third video showed June setting the camera in the closet. She was wearing a long shirt that came down to her knees. As I watched, June lifted her shirt up and turned her back to the closet. She started twerking again. This time, she didn’t have shorts or panties on. She was bare-assed naked. I’d missed it, I thought. I’d missed the moment when June had gone from being a little girl to being a woman. The little girl was gone.

I had another erection by then. I kept trying to tell myself that it was because of Kim or Kathy, or any of the other girls I’d watched on those videos, instead of my daughter. I set her camera and the rest of her things back in the closet, and I left her bedroom.

I went back into my daughter’s room on Tuesday, and I watched a lot of those same videos again. When I lay back on June’s bed and started stroking myself, the video I was watching was of her.

The routine went back to normal on Wednesday.

I got home at the usual time. My wife was already gone, but there wasn’t the usual gaggle of girls I was looking forward to seeing. Instead, I heard hip-hop music coming out of my daughter’s bedroom. I wondered if a couple of them were in the room twerking again.

I did what I normally do. I got my food out of the microwave, some cheese crackers to munch on and a couple of beers. I sat down on the couch and clicked on the TV. While I usually don’t go for drag racing, that was the only thing on. I started watching that until something else started later.

June came out of her bedroom later and walked by on the way to the kitchen.

“I know you were in my room.” She said. “My videos were all out of order.”

She got herself a glass of juice and she went back to her room with it.

I didn’t say a word.

On Thursday, things got even worse.

June and Kim were in the living room when I got home. Their music was loud and they were both laughing and twerking, and recording each other’s antics. This time, June didn’t have to persuade me to go into my bedroom; I was going to do that all by myself.

When Kim saw me with my edibles and my drinks, she called out to me. “I want some beer! And you have to stay, because then you can watch me dance!”

Goddamned high school girls, I thought. I knew what she wanted from me. While I wasn’t ready to do that with her, I went ahead and sat down on the couch anyway.

I ate and I drank my beer. They danced and they drank my beer, too.

This surprised me at first, as June knew better than to drink any alcohol in front of me. I suppose that I allowed her to, only because I was letting my guard down for when Kim made her move on me. Sober, I wouldn’t have dared set a finger on that girl.

Since June wasn’t much of a drinker, and because she was drinking too fast, she ended up getting giddy first. My daughter was giggling a lot and recording Kim’s crazy maneuvers.

Kim stepped over next to the wall. She tried to put herself upside down so she could twerk her ass in the air, but she kept losing her balance and falling over. June and I both thought this was the most hilarious thing we’d ever seen.

Eventually, Kim gave up on the move. She came over to set her hands on her knees and twerked in front of me. She did this for a while, until I guess she found her shorts bothersome. Kim took them off and started twerking in her panties.

Her ass was jiggling and bouncing right in front of me. Despite the warning flags going off in my head, and despite the persistent images of her parent’s faces, I reached out and put my hand on it. Kim pushed back against my palm. She rotated her ass, while my cock strained hard against my shorts.

What I didn’t expect was for Kim to move away and grab the camera from my daughter. I hadn’t seen June take off her shorts, but there she was in her white panties, stepping in front of me and twerking her butt at me.

I don’t know how long I sat there, watching my daughter dance that way. I could blame the alcohol, I guess, because my hand went out there and touched her ass, just like it had touched Kim’s ass earlier. June didn’t press against it, however, she just kept her body leaned away from me, and her ass still. My hand roamed. It started to sink in that this was my daughter I was feeling up. I felt the sudden need to get out of that living room, so I made the excuse that I wanted to get another beer. I went into the kitchen and Kim came in right behind me.

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