Amy and Pam

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Please note, the following story has graphic sexual content. If you are younger than 18, please do not read any further. Copyright by the author, feb 2007


This moment, this very moment felt so strange.

I was on my bed with a stupid catalog. I was feeling so empty and lost. The night was so quiet. For some reason, right at that moment I felt that my life was changing. I had one foot in the life of a girl, but the other was stepping toward womanhood.

The catalog was for underwear. I know this sounds silly, but the life-change could be summed up in this simple catalog. Up until that point, I never worried – or cared – about such stuff. But now I needed these things. On a purely pragmatic level, I needed a new bra. All my old bras were too small. This was part of growing up – and it was both scary and wonderful.

It was late, and when I heard my phone ring I was surprised anyone would call me at this hour.

It was Amy. I was immediately excited to hear her voice.

She was home from her father’s house, where she had been living since her parents divorce last summer. Now she was back in her mom’s house, right across the street. I had talked to her a lot while she was away. And I knew she was going to be back home soon, but I didn’t realize that she was back already.

Our phone conversation was short, all she told me she wanted to see me – right away.

“Oh Pam – Is it okay if I come over?”

I replied, “Yes Amy, please c’mon over.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes – Please come over, please. My parents are away so there’s no one to wake up. Plus, I really wanna see you!”

She said thank you, and then I hung up the phone.

Something was wrong – I could hear it in her voice. I worried about Amy so much.

We had always been really close, and it had been hard on me – on both of us really – since she had been away. I missed talking to her, and hanging out. Ours was such a strong and close friendship.

But still, I truly worried about her. There was something so unbelievably sensitive about her. Sometimes it made her seem so naive.

But this same thing – this vulnerability, made her who she was. It allowed her to be lovely and kind.

I sat on my bed and waited. I was nervous and concerned.

It was just a minute before I heard the door downstairs. She didn’t bother to knock, she just walked in, and came upstairs to my room.

As soon as she walked into my room, I could see how sad she looked.

We hugged and said an awkward hello. I was so happy to see her, but at the same time – I was distressed to see her looking so worried.

We actually just stared at each other for a moment. She had on a simple whit t-shirt and a pair of nylon running shorts.

We tried to make a little small talk. She asked what I had been doing sitting up so late.

I was a little embarrassed because it seemed so dumb, but I told her anyway, “Well, I was looking for a new bra.”

“Really?” Amy answered.

“Well, Yeah – I mean, I don’t fit my old bra’s anymore. Now they’re all too small for me.”

Then Amy said, “Oh Pam, I’m so jealous…”

“What do you mean?”

Amy replied, “Oh c’mon – remember last summer? When we both wore those bikinis?”

And then I laughed, I knew exactly what she meant. We had actually had a long talk about our breasts, and how they were impossibly small for our age, and we lamented that we may NEVER get any bigger.

Amy said, “I still don’t need a bra, I’m just so tiny it wouldn’t do anything.”

And I said, “Well, now I need a bra, a lot has happened since last summer.”

With that, Amy smiled – but at the same time she seemed so sad. I couldn’t figure out what she was thinking, but I could tell that something was really bothering her.

I felt a little awkward with the silence, and I finally said, “Now – with my bigger chest, I get more attention from boys.”

I immediately regretted saying that. I know how sensitive Amy is about her body and especially about boys.

“Oh god, Amy – I didn’t mean anything by that…”

She answered with a faint smile, “It’s okay, I just – I mean – it’s just…”

“What is it? You can tell me.”

And after a long pause she asked, “Could you, I mean – right now you are wearing that sweater, but I would – I mean – if you could…”

I knew what she wanted, and I interrupted.

“Amy, don’t worry – I’ll show you…”

And I sat up and took off my big blue sweater. It was baggy and thick, and now it was off, and had on a plain white bra. I set the sweater on the edge of the bed.

I said, “They aren’t really that big, but they are bigger than they were the last time you were home. I can’t believe what’s happened in a year.”

Amy didn’t say anything.

I went on, “Now, even this bra is too small – see?”

Then I sat up even more, so she could more easily see my breasts.

Amy was sitting on the bed with me. And, right then she gave me a happy little smile, and any nervousness I felt just disappeared.

And – I actually wanted Amy to see. And now – with my big sweater off, all I was wearing was my bra, and illegal bahis an old silk skirt. I didn’t have on stockings or shoes.

Amy looked at me, right at my chest. She didn’t say anything, but her expression was thoughtful and kind.

I finally said, “They are obviously bigger than they were, and to be honest – I ma still not really comfortable with them.”

Amy said, “Pam, they look perfectly lovely.”

It felt so nice to hear her say that.

I said, “Thank you.”

Then I lay back down on the bed again. The house was warm and it felt good to have that big sweater off. Amy sat close to me, at the edge of the bed.

We sat there silent for a little while, I knew she needed to talk.

Finally, I asked, “Amy, I can tell something is upsetting you. If you want to talk – I’m here for you, okay.”

And she said, “Oh Pam, I don’t know…”

I asked, “What’s wrong?”

She said she had a boyfriend, but they broke up, and it was all so sad and terrible.

I said, “I understand…”

Amy said, “I am so mixed-up about everything.”

Then, she started to cry.

I reached up and gave her a hug. We sat up together for a while, she wasn’t

crying hard, but she seemed so confused.

“I don’t understand why I’m like this…”

“Amy – it’s okay, Life is confusing – especially stuff about boys, and especially about sex, and growing up and all the emotions around this”

“But you seem so confident and normal.”

“Oh Amy, I’m human too – sometimes I feel so mixed up. Especially about

sex. I can be an emotional mess a lot of the time.”

She actually seemed really surprised to hear me say that.

Amy said, “Really?”

“Yes really,” At this point Amy seemed to be done with her crying, and I

lay back down on the pillow and said, “Come here Amy,”

And she lay down and snuggled in close to me, hugging me.

She asked, “Do you really get mixed up too?”

“Oh god, of course!”

And then she said, “Oh – Bobby and I broke up, and the whole thing has been

so hard for me.”

“What happened?”

Amy carefully said, “Well – Bobby was really pressuring me to have – well, to have sex. And, well you know that I’m just so worried about getting pregnant, but he really wouldn’t stop trying.”

I said, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s okay – I wanna tell you – really…”

“Okay…” I whispered.

She went on to tell me some details, and there was something so sad in the story. Bobby sounded so uncaring, and so unworthy of Amy. She was having a hard tome telling me this, and I could tell it was difficult.

I said, “I’m listening. It’s okay…”

Amy went on, “Well, at a certain point, we would. Well – I would only let things go so far.”

“How far?”

“Well – He and I would both be naked…”

“Really?” I interrupted.

“Yeah, and we…”

I interrupted, “What was that like, I mean seeing him naked?”

“Oh – it was actually really nice.”

I felt funny asking Amy all of these intimate details, she was so

young – we both were.

But, I was asking from a real place of curiosity, and I felt – I

don’t know, I guess I felt honored that she would share these things.

I said, “Amy, I’ve never seen a boy – I mean, I’ve only heard about how

a boy can get hard.”

Then Amy carefully described exactly what Bobby looked like naked, she described as best as she could what his erection looked like, how big it was, what it felt like and – most of all – how it made her feel.

I was asking a lot of questions and I know she tried to answer them as honestly and calmly as I could.

“Oh god Amy, it sounds so – I don’t know, so scary.” I said.

“Yes – It was really scary.”

“I don’t know what I would do…” I whispered.

“Bobby would totally insist on doing some things…” And Amy trailed off.

“What? Like what things” I asked.

Amy looked nervous and didn’t answer.

I cautiously asked, “What happened?”

“He made me have orgasm?”

I was astounded. I stammered, “R-really… He did – really?”

“Yes, just once.”

I was so shocked. Amy was so young and innocent. I had no idea she would go that far with a boyfriend. But – I don’t know – it sounded so mean, it seems like Bobby was taking advantage of Amy. I had known her for so long, and I know how naive she can be. How much she just wants to be loved, and it all just felt so unhealthy.

Amy went on, “Here’s how we would end up – I mean, this is as far we would


“Tell me…”

“We were both be naked – and I was sitting on top of him, and he would rub me.”

“Rub, like how?”

“He would – Oh god, it was my – He would rub – with his hand – my vagina, and he would press hard on my clitoris.”

“Really?” I asked.

She carefully explained how she was sitting, it was on his lap. He was insistent that she stay still, and he would just rub with the palm of his hand.

I interrupted, “Amy, it sounds sort of awkward.”

“It was – but – Oh god, it felt so good.”

“Amy, illegal bahis siteleri it sounds so – I don’t know, I can’t imagine…” I said.

Amy continued talking. “This happened, just the other

night. We were doing this thing, what I explained, I was sitting right on him, and he was rubbing, and it felt really amazing. And…”


“He had his other hand, it was touching my…”

“Tell me – please…” I must have sounded like I was begging.

Amy quietly said, “He was touching my – my bottom…”

“He was, how?”

“Oh god Pam, he was touching my little butt hole.”

“You mean it – Your anus. He was?”

“Yes.” And she said in a way I didn’t know how to take.

I asked, “Did it feel good?”

“YES!” she exclaimed.

“Amy, it’s okay – that sounds nice, really…”

“He wanted to put his finger in it, he tried to…” Amy said.

“Did you let him?”

“NO!” she said, in a way that sounded so emotional.

“Amy, it’s okay – I understand, everything you’re telling me sounds so INTENSE. And at the same time, it sounds like it must have felt so good.”

Amy said, “It was, it got so intense.”

I said, “I understand, really I do.”

“But then – finally – I…”

“What happened?”

She slowly answered, “His rubbing, on my front, on my clitoris – It was enough that I had an orgasm.”

I gasped, “You did?”

“Yes – I – I finally came, and…”

“Tell me,” I begged excitedly.

“I – I came – I had an orgasm – and Oh god, it was really powerful – I mean, it was so intense that I…” and Amy trailed off.

“Amy – what?”

“When I actually came, when I had my orgasm – I squirted all over him…”


“At the same moment I came, I kind of squirted out this stream warm liquid.”

“You squirted – I don’t understand?” I asked,

“I squirted all over him, It was so

weird, I mean I came and squirted at the same time and it was a total

surprise to me.”

“Was it like peeing?” I asked.

“It was – I don’t know, it was different.”

“How much did you – I don’t understand”

“I squirted out a stream of liquid, I don’t know how much – but it really

seemed like a lot. Yes, it was a lot like peeing, but it wasn’t…” she said.

“Amy – oh my god!”

“It was a lot – I mean, enough that it got all over everything – he got really wet.”

“Was it – did it feel good?”

“Oh god, YES – it felt SO good.”

“It sounds great…” I said excitedly.

Amy spoke slowly, “It was so intense – it felt SO good – But….”

And then she started to cry.

“Amy – what’s wrong?” Amy hugged me tight. And I hugged her too.

Amy took a few deep breaths and tried to collect herself.

She continued, “Then he – oh god, Bobby said that I peed on him, and he got really mad at me…”

“Oh Amy…”

“I didn’t know what was happening – he got mad – it felt SO good, and then he got mad at me – it was…”

“Oh Amy – I’m sorry.”

“I was so ashamed…” And then she really started to cry.

“No Amy – don’t feel bad, it sounds beautiful.”

She pressed her head into my shoulder, and I just let her cry.

I whispered, “Amy, it sounds so beautiful.”

“Really?” Amy said as she cried.

“Yes – it sounds like it must have been wonderful for you – I’m totally

jealous, it sounds so beautiful.”

“But – but – he said I peed all over him?”

“My god – Amy, you had a climax – and it was somehow so beautiful, that you could squirt from it. Oh Amy – it sounds so wonderful…”

“But…” Amy said as she cried.

“Amy, you can NOT feel bad about yourself – it sounds so wonderful. – And I’m glad you broke up with him – he sounds horrible.”

She cried for a little while, and it felt so wonderful to hold her, to know I was being helpful.

As she cried, I whispered, “I hate Bobby for being mean to you. I think

that he should have been happy for you – it sounds like it could have been

beautiful. I hate him.”

Amy mumbled, “I hate Bobby too.”

“He doesn’t understand you!”

“But…” Amy whispered.

“He was should have felt so lucky to have you squirt like that – he

should have been happy.”

She whispered, “Oh, Amy – thank you.”

I hugged little Amy tight, and squeezed her for a few minutes.

Then she whispered, in a haunted and frightened way, “I was so happy, I mean – when I finally came, I mean, I really wanted it so bad, and I – I…” And her words faded away.

“It’s Okay, you can tell me…” I said as supportive as I could.

“When I finally came, the feeling was so awesome, Oh my god, the feeling of squirting was so intense – and so wonderful – I was SO happy – I was so incredibly happy…”

“I understand.”

“But Bobby – when Bobby was touching my bottom, with his finger – I was – so – so ashamed…”

“It’s okay.” I whispered.

“I wanted him to push it in – into my anus – I wanted it so bad.”

Then Amy started to tremble, I could feel her shaking in my arms.

Amy then said, “And then canlı bahis siteleri he got so mad at me – and I felt so ashamed!”

I held Amy tight – but I couldn’t say anything. All I could do was hug her.

And then she started crying, loud and hard on my shoulder. And she really held on to me tight, in an intense and desperate way.

The way she was hugging me – squeezing me – I could hardly move. She had her arms wrapped around my middle, and her face was pressed against the bare skin of my shoulder. He legs were wrapped around my middle.

I put my lips right up to her ear and quietly said, “It’s okay Amy – it’s okay baby…”

I tried to be as supportive and as reassuring as I could.

Amy was hugging me tight. And then she really started sobbing hard. I was so worried, I mean – I wanted to help. I wanted to some how calm her down.

I whispered, “Oh Amy, it’s all right.”

All this time – She was squeezing me really hard.

All I could do was let her cry. It went on for a long time minutes, and she had to release something, to liberate herself from some emotional demons. And I was so glad that I was there to help. I couldn’t do much, but I carefully rubbed he back and stroked her short hair.

And I would whisper little things like, “Oh Baby – it’s all okay.”

Then – little by little, she calmed down and eventually stopped crying. She had released a lot with that crying, and now instead of squeezing me, it was as if she melted into me.

I whispered, “Just relax – don’t worry – Just let it all go…”

Now everything changed – It was so calm and tranquil. Amy was quiet and still, and I was still gently rubbing her back and neck and hair. Her breathing had calmed, and I was sure she was asleep. I wasn’t really tired, and I felt like this moment – this experience of such closeness was so meaningful.

She was all wrapped around me, her arms and her legs. She was warm and at peace.

I whispered, “Just relax – don’t worry – relax…”

We lay like this for a long time, maybe a half an hour.

During this time, my mind was flooded. I thought to myself about Amy and all this talk about such an intimate experience, and my awkward

attempts to help. Was I too honest? I didn’t feel that way. Amy seemed

so appreciative, and I loved to talk with her – and I did it in a way that

I thought she wanted, like it was helpful.

I worried about Amy’s story, it was obviously so emotional for her.

I lay there and I thought about what she had just told me. The experience was understandably really intense for Amy, and she is so vulnerable. And I know Amy really wants to love somebody, and to be loved.

And now that she told me this story – about something SO intimate, did talking help her?

Was she more confused?

What was I doing? Was I helping? I don’t know – could I help her?

Hearing Amy tell that story, it sounded so sad.

I guess I understood about how she felt when Bobby wanted to put his finger up inside her anus. I didn’t know why, but I really thought that this was exciting. But I know why she felt that way – it was just, I don’t know? Too forbidden.

Poor Amy was in such an awkward place with someone as insensitive as Bobby.

And – Oh god, I was so thunderstruck when she told how she squirted at the moment of her orgasm. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I guess I had heard stories about woman who would release a lot of fluid, and I had even heard it could squirt. But to hear it from Amy was just too much. It sounded SO exciting, but she was all confused, and I could tell she was so deeply hurt.

But laying together was so quiet, and I knew it was helpful.

The moment was so beautiful and sensitive. She was wrapped around me with her legs pressed tight around my hips. I had missed Amy so much while I was away at school, and right then I finally realized how close were really were.

She was so still and I was wondering if she had fallen asleep. I didn’t want to say anything, and if she was asleep, I didn’t want to wake her.

Then – at some point, Amy shifted a little, in a sleepy way. But, and I wasn’t sure, but – and I know this sounds so odd, but it felt like Amy was pressing her crotch against me.

Yes – she was, she had on those thin nylon running shorts, and she had her groin pressed hard against my hip.

I feel funny confessing this, but it felt really nice. It was warm, and it just felt so good.

Then, in a very subtle motion – I thought I felt her rub herself – her groin – right against my hip.

Did it happen?

Did I feel it?

Why should I be so worried about it, maybe she just moved a little in her sleep?

But still – I was almost afraid to breath. I was afraid to stop caressing her, but it felt almost too intense, so I rubbed her neck as slow and calm as I could.

Oh god, she was sleeping – maybe? Did I just imagine it?

Then, it happened again – ever so slightly – I felt Amy pressing herself, her warm little groin, against my hip, against my skirt. It was slow and it seemed deliberate.

What was happening? I thought that – yes – this time, I really felt it.

Maybe this should have seemed awkward or strange, but what I was feeling was a wonderful closeness – and it was exciting and beautiful. Amy was warm and snugly, all wrapped around me.

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