Amy’s Panties

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For anyone who has read my first story “Friday Night Party”, they see in the end that I end up with Brandi’s g-sting on. I have had a panty fetish for a long time, just something bout them turns me on. Ever since I put on my first pair of girls underwear I have been hooked, not sure if it’s the fact that they feel good or if its the fact that it’s a forbidden thing or even if it comes from the fact that many of the pairs I have, have been acquired from various females. This story involves one of many friends’ sisters I have “borrowed” panties from.

Growing up in a rural area can be tough, not a whole lot of things to do and any major shopping mall is at least an hour away. However we country people still have plenty of fun and I myself wouldn’t want to be in the city no way no how. One of the big things of being in a rural area is knowing everyone and I mean everyone. Everyone knows everyone and everyone helps each other out no matter what it is. I acquired a few of my many pairs of panties just by being a good person and helping out one of my friends while he and his family were going to be gone for the weekend.

I pulled into the long dirt driveway of Jesse’s house and before long I was just near the barn. Jesse and his family were going to be gone for the weekend and had asked if I could come out and do the cattle chores for them. I knew in taking the job that I would have a good chance of having some time in the house to see if illegal bahis I could find some of Jesse’s sister’s panties. Amy is 20 and has a super tight body with 34c tits (know that now after being in the panty drawer) and her younger sister Jenny who is 18 and is average build with 36c tits.

I quickly finished chores and made my way up too the house. I let my self in and kicked my boots off and headed up the stairs. Amy’s room was the first one I cam to and the top dresser drawer was my target. Bingo! She had a ton of sexy as satin and lace bras and thongs and g-strings and bikinis. Dam this girl had some nice ass shit. What the hell I am going to try some on. I kicked off my jeans and took of the black thong I had on. First pair was a red satin thong with a lace back. A bit tight but still sexy to say the least. Next was a black bikini, but it had the ruffle sides, which I don’t much care for. I took that off and went to another pair. I was so lost in the moment of being in Amy’s panties that I didn’t even hear or see her friend Tina pull up to the house.

I was just putting on a black satin thong when I heard her. I whipped my body around to see her standing in the doorway. It was all she could do to not laugh at the sight of me standing there in the thong and she walked over and patted my crotch and told me it looks as if those might be a bit tight. I bout came right there at the feel of her hand on my panty covered cock. She illegal bahis siteleri got down on her knees and pulled my cock out of the thong and quickly engulfed it into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock for a bit then she withdrew and started sucking on my balls. While at the same time she stroked my cock. I started tensing up cause I could feel that I was about to blow my load and just before I did she jumped up and pulled me over to Amy’s panty drawer and started jacking me off till I came all over Amy’s lingerie.

I quickly went limp and Tina shoved my cock back into Amy’s panties. We lay down on the bed and I told her of my fetish, she just sat there and listened and told me not to worry cause she wouldn’t tell anyone long as I fuck the hell out of her before she leaves. I was up for it in a heart beat and quickly pulled her jeans off and pulled her blue bikini panties aside to revel a very wet and bald pussy. I pushed her to the bed and climbed on top of her and slowly inserted my cock into her. She wasn’t the tightest girl I have ever fucked but she was doing dam good at meeting me mid way by thrusting her hips towards me while I was slamming down to reach as deep as possible. I kept working my cock in and out of her until I was just ready to blow my load for the second time when I jumped up and jerked it all off on her face. She looked pissed at first but then started laughing and trying to lick as much as she canlı bahis siteleri could up. I lay down next to her and she leaned over and gave me a huge kiss. I could for sure taste the fresh cum still on her lips.

I knew it was getting time to get going so I got up and put my jeans back on not even thinking that I had on Amy’s black thong and not the other one I wore to the farm. Tina got up and did the same and in no time we were both heading back down the driveway. When we both got to the end Tina turned one way and was soon over the hill. I turned right back around and headed back towards the house to do what I had planned on doing, getting some panties.

I made my way but in the house and up the stairs and grabbed two pairs from Amy’s room, a thong from Jenny and even choose to hit Jane’s (the mother) drawer and to my surprise found some very sexy ass bikini’s and thongs. I choose to take two of them and figured I best leave it at that and get my ass out of there.

The next afternoon they returned home and Amy came over to my house with the check for working and I told her it was no big deal. She said she would be glad to come over to my place any time if I needed any help and I told her I would keep that in mind. She walked back over to her truck and just as she opened the door something feel out causing her to bend over to pick it up and in doing so her thong rose above her jeans I seen it was the black one that I had had on the night before. Did she know?

Hope you enjoyed. I am trying to work into the story writing slowly and hopefully incorporate more conversation. I would love to get some feed back on this, my second story. Thank you


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