An Androgynephilic Daydream Ch. 02

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That night as I lay in my bed, I tossed and turned in a restless sleep. My mind was alive with thoughts of her, thoughts of pleasing her, thoughts of submitting to her, thoughts of running my hand along her hard flat masculine chest, tweaking her small manly nipples, breathing deeply of the musky male scent of her armpits.

The contradiction between her feminine facial features and hairstyle with her hunky-stud body shape had my heart pounding in my chest. Every thought of running my hand along her hard pecs drew me to only desiring to be her servant of sexual pleasure.

Reaching into the drawer in my nightstand, I pulled out a jockstrap. When I meet her, I want her to be wearing it as I pleasure her pussy with my lips and tongue. For now I wrapped it around my hardening cock as I began stroking. I imagine it warm and wet with her vaginal juices.

As I did, she entered the room. She was wearing noting but a pair of men’s y-fronts and a ‘beater’ white undershirt. Her erect clit made a bulge in the front of her y-fronts that longed to be sucked. The undershirt was tight across her chest and molded to the firm shape of her smooth chest and rippled abs.

Reaching over she grabbed the jockstrap from my hand and tossed it in the corner. Taking my hand, she slipped my fingers into the fly opening of y-fronts. Her pussy hair was damp with her juices, canlı bahis şirketleri and finger slipped easily along her slick vaginal lips.

Her hard nipples poked at the fabric of the undershirt like taut little pimples. Sensing that I was mesmerised by her manly frame, she grabbed me with her strong hands and lifted me to my feet. I grabbed one of her BB like nipples between my teeth and pulled at it, causing her to groan and a pulse go through her pussy.

I ripped at the undershirt to give me unfettered access to lick the skin of her flat masculine chest. Her perspiration and pits had a strong smell that told me she had been working out and as I sniffed at her chest my cock grew even harder. I continued sucking at her small nipple of her left pec and running my tongue around the areola. With my one hand I massaged her flat manly right pec and stroked at her erect clit with the other.

Her bare chest rippled beneath my touch as I tickled at her firm manly nipples with my tongue. I licked at her salty sweat and savoured every droplet. Reaching around I felt the firm flat mounds of flat muscular butt cheeks. They felt so tight and hard in her tighty-whities. The thought of teasingly rubbing my cock along her crack through her men’s underwear had me starting to dribble pre-cum from my cock. As if she could sense the teasing I was thinking canlı kaçak iddaa of, she grabbed my cock and squeezed, then rubbed the tip along the seam of the fly of her briefs.

She then dropped to her knees. At first I thought she was going to orally pleasure me, but she soon showed that I was solely meant for her delight. Again she took my cock in her hand, and then began tracing round her small nipple with the head. The sensation of feeling the skin of her flat manly muscular chest on my cock head soon had the pre-cum leaving sticky streaks on her pecs. Then just as I had sought to tease her, she squeezed as she sensed that with one more circle I would cum. Standing up, she uttered one word, “No”, and then pushed me to my knees.

In total submission I looked up at her. Her firm muscular pecs made her chest look so very strong and manly, her torso glistening with the sweat of the rippling washboard of the muscles of her abdomen.

I pull her Y-Fronts down to her knees to reveal her hairy unkempt bush. I run my tongue along her firm muscular thighs and then I grab her tight firm masculine ass and pull her crotch hard against my face. Now all I want is to suck on the erect clit that juts obscenely from the midst her pubes.

As she pounds at my face with her clit I suck to match her thrusts. With one hand I begin stroking my cock again canlı kaçak bahis and with the other I reach up and tweak one of her tiny hard nipples. The muscles of her hot hunky chest quiver and spasm beneath my touch.

Sex with her takes on a quality that is more like two men fucking than a man and woman, and I am absorbed by the incongruity of that because as I look up from my position of sucking her cock-like clit I see that hard flat masculine chest of hers and then her beautifully feminine facial features, the pert lips blood red with lipstick, the eyes outlined in black eyeliner accented with coloured with the shades of eye shadow on her eyelids, all framed by her soft curly hair.

As I feel her clit begin to pulse between my lips, I know that I can no longer hold back and I moan, “Please let me cum”. She pulls me to my feet and places my fingers around her erect clit and begins guiding my hand in stroking it. Likewise she takes my cock in her hand and strokes it. As our mutual dick pumping reaches a rhythm I again bite at her manly little nipples, now erect and hard. Her hot hard flat chest feels so good against my cheek and I feel her heart beat increase as a twitch in her clit signals that she is coming. It is then that my penis dumps its white gooey load all over her bush, the droplets clinging to her masculine pubic bush.

Laughing she pushes me back on the bed, dips her finger into the sticky mess of my cum on her bush, and then licks it off with a sly grin as if the semen was hers. I close my eyes as she leans over, and whispers, “tomorrow, in weight room, be wearing a jockstrap.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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