An Audience of None

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Anna was quite alone. There was nobody in the house, but even so the door to the bedroom was locked. The window was shut and latched, the blinds drawn, the curtains shut over the blinds. The lights were off, and the digital alarm clock on the table was turned over so that it wouldn’t light up the room with its red display. Anna was quite alone in the dark with her thoughts and her body. She thought of being watched.

She lounged on a neatly-made bed, on top of the covers so that her imaginary audience could see her nakedness, for she was stark nude. Chestnut curls rippled over ivory shoulders with nobody to see. Her long white limbs stretched luxuriously across the bedspread for nobody’s benefit but her own. But in her mind, there were eyes on her. She could feel their gaze as surely as she felt the cool air of the bedroom on her body. The corner, by the door; yes, that was where he would be standing, her unseen lover, arms folded, leaning casually against the wall with his dark eyes on her.

She blushed, alone there in the dark. What she was doing felt silly. But she abandoned herself to the fantasy, and allowed herself to feel sexy and powerful. She posed, hands behind her head, legs lazily crossed, one finger twirling a brown curl of hair. illegal bahis Though the room was completely dark, she could imagine the grin that would spread across his face, and the rapidly stiffening bulge in his neatly-pressed pants. She laughed out loud at the thought, then arched her back and brought her right hand around to cup one plump breast. Her other hand wandered further south, and she was startled at her own wetness. She smiled wide, blew a self-conscious kiss into the darkness, and began to do something very private.

Her hands and legs trembled a little as she played — stage fright, even in this empty room with only her imaginary lover to see. But of course that didn’t stop her; the half-frightened embarrassment she felt was exactly what she wanted. She felt the unseen eyes as powerfully as if she had a real audience, and her body responded as it usually did to this fantasy, with an aching tidal wave of lust. She wouldn’t think of indulging the fantasy in real life — she didn’t even like making love with the lights on — but here, in the safety of darkness and solitude, she could loosen up somewhat. And for a woman as shy as Anna, the mere fantasy of being watched was enough to make her shiver. She struggled against the shyness illegal bahis siteleri while secretly reveling in it, wallowing in it at the same time. She writhed and posed in the ways that most embarrassed her, and made her feel the most beautiful and wanton. The two feelings were one.

Her freshly-shaven cunt felt good beneath her fingers, and her fingers certainly felt good on her cunt. She spread her legs as far apart as she could, to allow the man in her mind to get the best possible view. She felt his desire for her clear across the room, communicated in some occult way by his stare, and struggled not to come — even now, the thought of coming in front of this invisible audience unnerved her — but it was a losing battle. While half of her cringed and blushed in profound embarrassment, her other half eagerly indulged itself. Her ears and cheeks burned cardinal red, but between her legs eight thousand nerve endings were singing in harmony.

The fingers of her right hand, stroking her clit in tight, firm circles, were soaked and rapidly pruning. The fingers of her left hand grasped and kneaded at her left breast. Her back arched involuntarily, and she allowed herself to moan aloud in the empty room. She was close. In a final seductive canlı bahis siteleri flourish for the audience in her mind, she pushed the generous flesh of her left breast up to her mouth and easily tasted her own nipple — a move that past lovers had found powerfully erotic, but which usually just made her feel silly. It didn’t make her feel silly now. She quite enjoyed having her nipples bitten and played with, but it wasn’t for her. It was for him, the unseen lover who waited in the corner, his eyes beating down on her soft body like the sun in August.

It didn’t take long. Lost in her fantasy world, her orgasm seemed to sneak up on her, so that her legs seemed to clinch together of their own accord a moment before she realized she was coming. Then it burst upon her all at once, a million volts of pleasure racing from her clit to her brain. She heard gasping and whimpering, and only realized afterward that these sounds had issued from her own mouth. It was all too much, the sensation was overwhelming, but her fingers worked with a life of their own and she had no choice but to ride it out.

When it passed, she found herself blinking alone in the darkness, face burning as if with fever, thighs soaked, and a delicious warm feeling of comfort and tension released spreading through her body with her groin at its epicenter. The man in the corner, his purpose fulfilled, was gone. Anna lay there for several minutes, basking in her satisfaction, and before she knew it had drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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