An Awakening

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Terri and Amanda had planned this spring break vacation since they first became room mates their freshman year of college. As seniors, now they were almost on their way to the beginning of the remainder of their lives. Even though it was early March, the warm ocean, Jamaican breeze, gently warmed their bare flesh as they lay sun bathing alongside the secluded beach. The crystal clear sea, reflected blues and greens from the under water world. Terri closed her eyes, dreamily, thinking of her boy friend, Paul. Wondering what he was doing in Daytona, with Amanda’s boy friend, Rick. “Probably drinking and ogling girls in thongs and bikini’s” she murmured to her self. Absently thinking it was Paul, Terri glanced down as Amanda’s hand began to stroke her thigh, gently from her knee.

Startled, Terri opened her eyes to view Amanda’s hand move up toward her bare mons. Oh such a delicious feeling she thought and then a quizzical furrow raced a crossed her brow. Amanda’s hand gently kneaded Terri’s flesh until it began a slow, probing, pressing exploration of her slippery lips. Strangely, Terri felt familiarity with this new feeling. Certainly she and bahis firmaları Paul made love together in the four years they had dated. Although something always seemed to be slightly off, she knew Paul was wild about her. Oh but the warmth, as Amanda rolled onto her stomach between Terri’s legs. Gently pushing her back, Teri had to brace her arms behind her in the sand as Amanda licked and nipped gently, her inner thighs. Amanda nibbled gently on Terri’s mound and reached up, cupping one of Terri’s soft breasts. Amanda gently flicked a rapidly hardening nipple as Terri moaned softly, thinking, “oh this can’t be wrong – it feels so right”.

Terri thrust her head back gulping in air in staccato gasps, arms braced against the sand, one leg across Amanda’s back gently urging her hungry mouth to suck tightly into her sex. Suddenly, wild vibrations beginning deep within her core stole her breath. Emanating in rapidly symmetrical circles tingling her toes, her breasts in flashing simultaneous spasms. As Terri’s breaths slowly began to slow, she opened her eyes to see a Cheshire grin lovingly spread across Amanda’s beautiful face. “I’ve always wanted kaçak iddaa to do that”, Amanda murmured. “You taste as very good as I always thought that you would”.

“I never knew” Terri said. “Yes, I sometimes wondered but I didn’t think it would be right”. Amanda gazed deeply into Terri’s eyes and told her, ‘baby, I’m not sure what this means for Rick or for Paul”. “I think that I still love Rick and I do love to feel that thick pecker of his inside of me, but you mean more to me than anyone else in this whole world”. I love you deeply and I can’t imagine us going our separate ways in three months”. Terri looked deep into Amanda’s eyes; deep into her soul and whispered, “Amanda, I really love you, too”.


Slowly, Terri slide down Amanda’s slim sun toasted body, licking and suckling like a baby at her breast. With broad licks and pulls, Terri tried to ingest Amanda’s soul through her breast into her body. Dropping her trembling hand down past the downy hair of Amanda’s mons, Terri, for the first time felt the slippery walls of her roommate, her soul mates inner warmth. Making a decision, Terri quickly straddled Amanda kaçak bahis sliding her legs up and over Amanda’s head, dipping her head down to Amanda’s steaming, quivering vulva while her hands held Amanda’s thighs apart. For the first time, Terri dipped her tongue deeply into Amanda’s vagina, taking the sweet nectar that Amanda was producing for her. With deliberate but light licks of her tongue, Terri laved up Amanda’s pussy until she was gently circling Amanda’s clitoris with her tongue. Lightening flashed deep within Terri as Amanda’s tongue was tracing the same circular path around Terri’s already swollen clitoris. Both lovers began simultaneously sucking the objects of their passion, in deeper and harder pulls. Savoring the flavors and the sensations that were beginning to vibrate deep within their middles. As the vibrations began to radiate in dazzling concentric patterns, Terri thrust her pelvis down into Amanda’s hungry mouth as Terri pulled Amanda’s clitoris as lovingly and deeply into her mouth as she could. As the Tsunami like waves broke over the bodies of the lovers, Terri’s legs pulled skyward from her knees, her slim feet arch sunward with the spasms that left both breathless.

As they entwined their legs and arms around each other, the roommates looked deep into each other’s souls and pledged, I love you, forever.

Bigblue 14 March 2001

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