An Old Story

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Many years ago my mother-in-law commissioned a female artist to do a painting of my wife (her daughter) and our children. My wife, thirty-one years old at the time, went to her studio with the kids and Julia, the painter, told she wanted to sketch the boys before they got bored and the wife in a second time. In two sessions the kids were done so the wife begun to pose going there alone. Four other sessions and the wife was ready too. On the last day, taking a break, Julia got my wife a glass of wine and they chatted for a bit. Julia told my wife that she was very attractive and an excellent model and asked her if she might be available to pose for other paintings. For a small fee of course.

My wife was very flattered and said she would love to, just give her a call. In a week Julia called. She had to do a series of portraits and female full figured paintings for a gallery in a nearby town and thought at my wife as a possibly model. My wife had a lot of free time in those days, the kids were in school and she wasn’t working. Money wasn’t bad and she went.

Julia gave her a drape to wear for a bare shouldered pose and asked the wife to leave her bra off just to avoid ugly marks on the skin. My wife did it without a problem and started to pose baring a shoulder.

In the beginning Julia took a lot of pictures to progress the work when my wife wasn’t available, then she posed while Julia sketched and painted.

They did small talks and the time passed pleasurably. At a certain moment my wife made a little move and the drape fell uncovering a breast down her shoulder. Very politely Julia asked her if she was embarrassed posing bare breasted under the drape. My wife admitted to be perfectly at ease and didn’t try to recover, so Julia complimented her natural modelling talent and mentioned the possibility to pose naked for an extra money.

They discussed the extras dealing quickly for topless modelling. Money was good and my accepted on the instant with no needs to discuss the new situation with me.

On the same day my wife started to pose topless exposing her apple sized breasts both. She told me what happened only later.

Days canlı bahis şirketleri went by and my wife seemed to be spending a lot of time posing for Julia but she had twenty paintings to do for the aforesaid gallery. The sessions lasted about two months.

Step by step my wife undressed totally for Julia. The wife also teased me a bit with the details of her nude modeling. The work was rather explicit and an evening she chuckled,

“if only my mother imagined what she started sending me to pose for Julia.”

I tried to investigate again and made the wife a few other questions but she was elusive admitting to pose completely naked and nothing else. She only added that in some of those paintings her face was also identifiable.

Never the less my wife demonstrated a great enthusiasm to the posing job and paid her look a close attention, keeping hair short and waxing her legs and her pubes.

At this point I was very curious to see the final paintings. Little did I know.

We were invited to his art show at the gallery and I was excited about seeing my wife’s nude and very identifiable image.

The series started with her being dressed and removing garments in progress. The painter made a great job on her visage and velvety skin with a very good rendition of expression and tones. Knowing that my wife posed naked I was not surprised that in a couple paintings Julia paid great attention to her beautiful ass figuring her long legs and sexy backside. Three other works showed my wife standing totally naked in a full frontal pose. Looking at them I understood then why the artist wanted her smooth as no one hair or modest shadow veiled her pubes.

A few other paintings showed my wife’s slender and elegant body in details focusing her hard nipples and her vagina. Something absolutely artistic but, yes, absolutely graphic also. A major canvas showed my wife reclining naked on a bed. Framed in the same frame, like the style of ancient masters, three other smaller canvases itemized her lovely hands in the action of grazing her nipples, opening her inner labia and stimulating her clitoris. Solitaire love was the title canlı kaçak iddaa of the work. No, she hadn’t been bashful at all posing for Julia.

She received many compliments and the gallery owner, another lady, treated her like a star. The paintings were all very good and sold well. At that point of the night I was very proud of my wife and her skill in posing really hit me.

What surprised me was not the paintings, which were very good and sold well, but that a minor but considerable part of her poses were with another girl in a sort of sapphic interpretation of Klimt’s The Kiss painting.

My wife standing naked to a naked girl being kissed and kissing her.

Sometimes in our pillow talks we had discussed such fantasies as making it with other persons or wife watching and I knew my wife was rather tempted to try lesbian but one of the paintings showed my naked wife cuddling to a naked girl and they touched their breasts. In another one of those paintings my wife caressed the other girl vagina.

The iper-realistic technique of the artist left nothing to the imagination and this really got my attention and excitement level up.

When we were alone I asked her, “why didn’t you tell me that there was another girl involved?”

“I was afraid you’d got upset and make me stop. I love doing it and it was only artistic modeling.”

She went on to answer my questions, yes she liked seeing the other girl nude, yes she liked to stay in the buff with her also, yes sometimes they went excited and she loved it.

Of course they had not gone any further than just naked posing and only once the other girl had her hands on my wife’s buttocks simulating a sapphic cuddling doing a pose. Making the pose they tongued for a while but that was all. On the same occasion my wife found natural caress the other girl between her legs and Julia caught the instant in a rapid sketch first and in a complete painting later.

“So you caressed her pussy with your hands for real. I thought it was the artist’s imagination,” I said in disbelief.

“Yes, I did it.”

“Have you done it many times?”

“Not so many times. Julia canlı kaçak bahis only asked us to repeat the action for a better pose. She wanted a nice sketch of the scene.”

I must say the sketch was absolutely clear and showed my wife’s fingers fit deep inside the other girl’s vagina.

“I hope you are not upset,” my wife ended and no, I was not upset at all.

I asked the wife who the other girl was.

“Another casual model,” she told me.

“Is she lesbian?” I asked again.

“No, she has a boyfriend and makes some modeling for extra money.”

At the time I was too short of money to buy at least one of those expensive paintings, but the Julia was very kind giving my wife a few sketches and coloured drawings as a present which we still cherish.

My wife went back to work shortly after so the posing just died on its own.

But a few years later, remembering those times, my wife confessed me she gave and received wet kisses from the other model. This happened when they were alone in the cabinet. I insisted and she had another confession. The extra posing activities led to some serious sapphic action and my wife had her pussy licked by the other girl. I asked her if she also went down to the other girl’s pussy.

“It has happened,” was her answer.

She met her also at her place where they had sex properly in the bed and this lasted a few months.

A short but intense sex affair, she said. The girl was so sexy that she couldn’t help to make love with her.

I asked my wife why she stopped to see the other girl and she said

“Mary, the other girl told everything to her boyfriend and pushed me to a threesome, but I always declined her proposition and the guy got bored.”

Apparently they had an argument on the day before the art show which Mary deserted for that reason.

The affair went on another month or two and the wife stopped to see the other girl definitely when she came back to a curricular work.

Now my wife is in her early fifties. Still fit, beautiful and sexy to die as she was as a mere thirty years old mom at the time she modelled for Julia. Being a well-known teacher she never posed again, even if Julia asked her for some other modeling, but I’m sure she had an affair with two different female colleagues from school. The wife never confessed her new affairs and she admitted to warm up to them only and no more.

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