And His Sisters Ch. 02

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This is a work of pure fiction, all character portrayed are 18 years of age or older. This story contains male/female and female/female incest. If you are offended by this please do not read. All characters are fictional; any similarities to other people real/fictional, living or dead are purely coincidental and are not an attempt to infringe on any other’s copy write.


Rhys sat in his small office and stared out the window. He knew he should be grading papers, but he couldn’t focus on work. It was just a few short hours ago that he not only fucked both of his twin sisters, but had taken their virginity, and then they agreed to become his sexual submissive. The image of their naked little bodies as he got ready kept running through his head. The two parts of his mind were fully at war with each other. One side looking at these two sexy young women, both perfectly fit the idea of his sexual ideal in a woman, and willing to be his sub, and the other side screaming “they are your sisters”. He knew that most of the taboo against incest was based on genetics and preventing the human race from destroying itself. He also knew that because of cancer treatment when he was young he would never be able to have children so that wasn’t an issue. So that made it an ethical, legal, and social issue.

“Professor” Harris, one of his undergrad TA’s knocked on his open door, needing to talk about an issue he was having with one of his classes.

Audrey and Rachel stood naked by their bed chattering forth and back as they organized and put away all the clothes Rhys had bought them yesterday, holding up this blouse, that skirt, and so on as they went.

“Rhys was kind of quiet this morning.” Audrey said.

“I think he was just tired. We did keep up last night.” Both giggled

“I am scared he is over thinking this. He is a good guy, and I am worried he is going to come home and say we have to stop.”

“I guess he could, but I don’t think so.”

“Are you sure?” Audrey asked.

“No.” Rachel sat on her bed and let her own fears take over.

“What are we going to do if he does? He could make us move out, he could stop talking to us. Did we make a mistake?”

“No, I don’t think we did. I mean we decided that this what we both wanted back when we were 15 and found those stories about Dom sex he wrote.”

“I know, but we never told him about it. Maybe we should have talked to him back then.”

“We can’t change yesterdays, we can only make tomorrows, and I know I want tomorrows filled you and Rhys and lots of sexy times.”

“Me too.”

Rhys walked Halfinrock Green after taking the afternoon off. He had done a little research and found that the legal issue of having a relationship with his sisters wasn’t as big a deal as a he thought. The state district attorney set precedence of not prosecuting cases when all parties at the beginning of the relationship were over 18. The social issue led quickly to economic questions. Living in a converted bus on land he owned meant that his basic expenses were very low and he could cover the basics from the income from the couple books he had written and generic part time job. That left the ethical questions. His sisters were his sexual ideal, younger than him, very petite, small tits, and long auburn hair. They want to learn more about being subs, and they had been virgins. He knew he couldn’t write a better fantasy sex life. He cared for both of them, yet he had to think about what was best for them. They should find lovers, have kids, grow up and have their own lives. Still he had already crossed the line. He had started a sexual relationship with them, and one he didn’t want to end. He was fairly sure no guy on the planet would. Yet they are so young, just 18, if they weren’t my sister’s what would I be thinking, he thought to himself.

Audrey and Rachel spent the afternoon cleaning casino oyna the small house inside the shell of a double decker bus. They spent the couple hours scrubbing, wiping, polishing, and dusting. Rhys was a good house keeper, but they figured they would do what they could while Rhys was out. Less than an hour till he was due home and they made a fresh pot of coffee, set up a hookah, and put his beer glass in the freezer. Spending the day together naked in a space they could play made them both want to reach out and play. Yet they both remembered what Rhys had said “no sexy times without his permission”. The nerves of seeing your first lover the first time after you had had sex filled both of them. They sat on the couch and waited knowing he would be home soon.

Rhys stopped and looked at his bus when he stepped out of his car, the bus that had been his home for almost thirty years. Now it looked somehow different. He shouldered his back pack. He didn’t know if he was ready to take out the two collars he had picked up at the pet store. He wasn’t even sure if he was ready for what the night, and being Friday, the weekend would bring. He was very pleased as he stepped up into his home. He could tell by the smell his sisters had put time into cleaning. They sat on the small couch just inside the door, side by side and naked. He noticed his hookah next to his chair ready and waiting for a coal, and the coffee smelled fresh. He walked past them, dropped his pack by his chair where he always dropped it, went to the bathroom, and then up to his bedroom and changed into his typical house clothes, dockers and a t-shirt. He made the choice not to wear any underwear. He could see his sisters had been very through with their cleaning, everything dusted, windows washed, and floors done. It seemed they were taking the option of being his subs very serious. When he came back down stairs there was coal on the hookah, a beer in his favorite glass, cup of coffee poured, and the tv on the weather channel; which he turned on most of the time just for back ground noise.

As he sat down the idea hit him. As a good Dom he should set task and challenges, and one would be amazing. He picked up the hookah hose drew deeply and let out a cloud of white smoke. “You seem to have been very busy today.”

“Yes sir” they said together.

“That is very good.” He drew again from the hookah. “I think I know what I want you two to work on next.” He looked over his right shoulder at them. “Do you think you’re ready?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good.” He knew at once when he touched his beer glass that they had chilled it. He took a sip. “One of my fantasies is to have a video of a pretty girl spinning fire in a snow storm while naked.” He drew again on his hookah. “So I would like both of you to start learning how to spin poi, and get good enough, and comfortable enough to spin fire. That way when there is a snow storm next winter you can spin for me.”

They looked at each other. They had no idea what he was talking about. “You will have to show us” Audrey said.

He smiled having guessed he would get this type of answer. He had started spinning the first year he was at the renn faire. He went and got his poi, and some spare. Poi, basically weighted balled on the end of a string. The two practice sets he had being nothing more than socks stuffed into each other. “Put on your night t-shirts”. Once they had them on he took them outside and started to show them the basics of how this was done. An hour later he took them back inside. They took off their shirts without having to be told.

The logistics of them always being naked and surprise visitors hit him. “You know it might be a good idea to have you two keep a couple of those long t-shirts in the driver’s seat, and around the place. That way if someone knocks on the door you can quickly pull something on.”

“Yes sir.”

He slot oyna could see they both were sexually excited. He guessed they might be after having spent the day naked. He was too. He told himself he was the master he would be in control. He kept fixing dinner, his doing a little work, and smoking his hookah at a very slow place.

Audrey and Rachel watched as Rhys sat and smoked and did the work he needed to for the night. They didn’t need to glance at each other. Since they shared a crib they had been able to share each other’s thoughts. Not so much talking to each other, but knowing what the other was thinking and feeling. The waves of desire and anxiety kept washing over them. Rhys had shared a sexy fantasy with them and started to show them how to fulfill it. He was clearly not going to say they had to stop, and that was a relief to both of them. From the moment they found the stories Rhys had written about sex they had read and watched everything they could find about submissives, and yet they had no idea what would happen next.

He loved watching his sisters sitting naked waiting to be fucked or do whatever he commanded. He knew the fantasy he wanted to play out next. He spent the next nearly hour while his pipe burnt down in silence. A very typical night for him before his sisters moved in. Finally once his current pipe was done he looked at them. “Reload my pipe please.”

He watched them as they quickly moved and reloaded the hookah, handed him the hose, and sat back down. He took a deep draw from the hookah. Set the hose down, stood up and took his pants off. After a few minutes without looking at them he said. “Crawl over here.”

They looked at each other and slid into the narrow space and crawled toward him smiles on their faces. Then they stopped before him. He looked down and smiled. They did seem like they wanted to be subs.

“Very good” He smiled down at them. “Hands and mouths, both of you, and when I cum don’t spill a drop.” He drew deep on the hookah they started too, almost as one to play his cock, first fingers, then tongues, and then inside one mouth then the other. Having a girl blow him while he smoked was an old fantasy now both his sisters played it out. He had to force himself to keep his eyes open to watch.

Audrey and Rachel kept watching each other at they played with is cock. They watched how the others tongue ran up and down its length, how they took it fully into their mouth.

He didn’t know how long they sucked on him before he felt the pressure in his balls build. He knew it wouldn’t be long. He smiled as his cocked vanished into Rachel’s mouth. “That’s a good girl. I am…” He felt his cock jerk as he shot his cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, and kept sucking till ever bit was gone. “You’re very good girls.” He took a draw from his pipe. “I think maybe you two have earned a little reward being so good. What would you like?”

They smiled at each other. “Could we have more sexy time with you?” Audrey said.

“What do you mean sexy time?”

“Could you, you know.” Rachel said.

“I am not a mind reader. You have to tell me exactly what you want.”

“More of what we did last night.” Audrey said.

“You will have to be more specific.”

He watched as they blushed a little. Audrey looked at him. “We want you to fuck us.”

“Oh, is that what you want? What about you Rachel?”

“Yes please.”

“Yes please what?”

“Yes please fuck us.”

“Well you have been very good girls.” He took a draw from his pipe. “And I did say you could have a reward. So if that’s what you both really want.” He sat down hookah hose. “Both of you go upstairs and get on my bed. I will close down and lock up, and join you in a minute.” He watched as they nearly ran up the stairs and then took his time locking up for the night. Finally he went upstairs and could them canlı casino siteleri both sitting on the edge of the bed in his small room. He walked over and kissed Audrey and then Rachel. Reaching down with both hands to play with their little tits, he continued to kiss them. “Seeing that Audrey was first last night I think it only fair you are first tonight” He said to Rachel, and pushed her down on the bed, her feet not reaching the floor. He stepped between her legs and pulled her to him. “Now little sister what did you say you wanted?”

“I said I want you fuck me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes please fuck me, please.”

“Audrey, don’t just sit there. Put my dick in to her.” She did as she was told. Her little hand on his cock worked to press it into Rachel’s wet opening. As soon as he felt himself enter her tiny slit he pressed forward. He thrust in and out a couple of times, working himself into her fully. He watched her face, her eyes half open, and a little smile starting to curl her fine lips. Soon he was thrusting hard into her little body. “Audrey play with her.”

She didn’t say anything as she started to run her hands over Rachel’s body, her stomach, her tits, her ribs, and finally moving her fingers down to her clit. They had been having sexy times together since they had been about 14. Since that time Rachel found her fingering herself. Audrey knew Rachel’s body as well if not better then she knew her own. She loved touching her, why her little nipples always grew harder when she touched and pinched them, how her breath got faster. She could tell that Rachel was close to cumming and she loved watching.

He thrust faster and faster into Rachel, he wanted to see her cum. He wanted her to cum without asking. That was part of his plan. It didn’t take long. Rachel pressed her head back into the bed, her mouth open with a soundless cry, her legs shaking, and then her pussy clamping down on his cock.

Rhys looked down at her and stopped moving. “Did you just cum?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Did I give you permission to cum?” He made his voice as serious as he could.

She looked up at him, he could see the worry in her eyes. “No” she half whispered.

“That was very naughty.” He pulled his still hard cock out of her. “If you want to be my sub you will never cum without my permission. Now you will have to be punished.” He took hold of her and pulled her onto her hands and knees along the edge of the bed, and ran his hand over her tight ass. With his left hand he reached down and started to play her clit, rubbing, pinching, pulling. Then his right hand he reached up and then brought it down firmly, open palm against her little ass. Rachel gasped as she felt the first sting of the swat. He was amused by Audrey. Her face was one of total surprise when his hand first came down. He could tell she didn’t believe what she was seeing, and maybe that she might enjoy the same treatment. He slowly continued his punishment, pressing hard into Rachel’s clit, his hand coming down on her ass. “Now remember, you may not cum unless you have permission.”

It wasn’t long before she asked. “May I cum?”

“You think you want to cum” He increased the pressure and speed with both hands.

“Yes please, I am going to cum.”

“You do not have permission.” He swatted her ass again.

“Please I need to cum, please let me cum.” She begged.

“No.” Was all he said as he continued the pressure on her body. He could she was starting shake, her shoulder pulled tight as she fought the orgasm that was building in her body.

“Please, please big brother let me cum, I need to cum.”

“You really think you want to cum?”

“Yes, please let me cum.”

He pressed his hand as hard as could into her clit. “Then cum for me now” he continued spanking her. He watched as she tossed her head back and let her body go, the pleasure filled her and she convulsed again and again and again, then she collapsed on the bed. He looked down at her bright red ass and then up then up at Audrey who had not moved a muscle and smiled. “Are you ready to get fucked?”

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