Andrew Loses It

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Disclaimer: all characters in this story are entirely fictitious. The events described never happened. Please do not read if you are under 18 or are offended by explicitly sexual material.

Andrew walked home from the party. No, he didn’t really walked, he stumbled and staggered, legs held as wide apart as he could, nursing an asshole that only a few hours earlier had been the virgin bud of a true stud, and was now gaping obscenely. Even as he walked he felt it throb and pulse… and he felt the warm liquid leaking down along his inner thighs – liquid that could only be Thomas’s cum. His mind kept going back to the party – a party to which he had been specially invited and to which, he now realized, he never should have gone.

Andrew had come to New York for college. At 18, the boy from Iowa had the sexual experience of a grown up, because apart from his sunny blond good looks and his tall, slender frame, he carried a secret weapon. He may have been almost a boy, but many men would have envied him his dick. At 11 wrist-thick inches, that dick had deflowered more girls than Andrew could remember. And, as often as not, as his reputation spread, many a married woman had gone to bed with him too. In New York, as soon as a few college girls slept with him, word of mouth spread… his size and prowess soon became almost legendary.

Little did Andrew know when he started dating Sara, that this was the beginning of an entirely new phase of his life. Little did he know that she would be the last girl he would fuck. Sara, rather inexperienced sexually, found Andrew impossible to resist. The stud fucked her to multiple orgasms, leaving her panting, trying to catch her breath. After a week, by which time Sara’s previously tight little pussy had become rather less tight, she decided to introduce him to her mother as her boyfriend. Bettina, Sara’s mother, almost had a spontaneous orgasm when she saw the boy. Tall and lean, and with a telling smirk on his face – she new instantly he was immensely hung. But what really drove her crazy was the idea she had upon seeing him. The boy was tall and masculine, true. And he had, beyond doubt, fucked her daughter many times. But he was also the perfect guy for a fantasy she had long had. That fantasy was to see a true hung stud fucked by an even bigger man. And Andrew, despite his obvious experience, had an air of freshness and innocence that drove her crazy with lust.

Later that night, she called Thomas, an old and intimate friend. She did not know how hung Andrew was and she definitely wanted to see him fucked by a bigger dick. But she was sure she was not taking much of a chance with Thomas. The 35 year old Jamaican had an uncut monstrosity in his pants that was well beyond the foot-long mark – at 13.5” it was the biggest dick Bettina had seen (and felt) in her entire, considerable, experience. Blessedly, Thomas was bisexual, so güvenilir bahis her plan might just work. When he agreed to her idea, all that was left was to organize the party.

And so, some days after his visit to Sara’s house, Andrew was invited to attend a party at Bettina’s house. Sara could not come that day – he would be going without her.

As he entered the apartment, and was greeted by Bettina, Andrew had no idea what was about to happen. He had come with the sure cocky walk of a man. He would leave very much changed. Bettina introduced him to some guests and when he met Thomas and the black man grasped his hand and held his eye, Andrew had a fleeting feeling of panic. Some time later, after a few drinks, he began to notice the attention of a pretty woman who kept looking at him from across the room. He approached her and struck a conversation. A few minutes later, they slipped from the sitting room and headed for a bedroom. Right on his cue, Thomas followed them, unobserved.

Andrew had finished undressing himself and his partner and was lying on top of her in bed, when he suddenly felt her tense and look at something behind him. Looking back, Andrew was shocked to see Thomas, completely naked, stroking an impossibly huge black erection that reached far above his belly button.

“Hey man,” Andrew said, “what the fuck are you doing here?”

“Try to guess,” answered Thomas and climbed on the bed.

Andrew’s first thought was that Thomas wanted a piece of the action and that he was about to take part in a threesome. It was to be a threesome but of a different kind. Unexpectedly for him, Thomas seized his waist and pulled him up on all fours, suddenly, alarmingly bringing his burning huge cock in contact with Andrew’s thigh.

“What the fuck are you doing man?!” screamed Andrew.

“Just what you said – fuck” smiled Thomas and slid his cock between Andrew’s thighs.

Instinctively, involuntarily, Andrew squeezed his thighs together. He was shocked at the girth of the cock between his legs – it felt as thick as an arm. Just then the woman got up from the bed and left the room, to be replaced by a naked Bettina who suddenly appeared from behind.

“Are you ready, my boy,” she said patronizingly.

“Ready for what, bitch?” screamed Andrew who was now fully sober and shaking.

“Who are you calling a bitch, slut,” shouted Bettina and slapped him across the face. “Look who is about to be fucked by the biggest cock in Manhattan!”

With that, she stretched on the bed, placing her head right under Andrew’s ass. The view was breathtaking. The young stud’s slender long legs were framing Thomas’s black phallus – she could not wait for the action to begin.

Andrew struggled to get free but Thomas held him in a firm grip.

“No stop!” screamed Andrew.

“He won’t stop till you are full of his cum,” Bettina türkçe bahis hissed, “Are you feeling like a frightened virgin right now? You should be – try to remember well this moment – the last moment of you as a stud. When you get up from this bed, my boy, you will have taken more cock in your ass than many women take in a year.”

Thomas pulled his cock from between Andrew’s thighs and placed it at the opening of Andrew ass. The tiny asshole twitched in agonized anticipation.

“No, pl…” Andrew started to say…

And Thomas plunged. He had lubed his cock well – Andrew’s resistance collapsed in less than a few seconds. The black man’s huge hands completely encircled Andrew’s waist. Thomas pulled him onto his erection and thrust his hips forward at the same time. The destruction of Andrew’s virginity happened in less than a second. The huge cockhead pried Andrew’s ass open and slipped inside. Bettina could barely believe her eyes. Almost in slow motion, she saw Andrew trying to clench his ass shut. She saw the huge black monolith begin to overcome the resistance as the tiny bud of Andrew’s hole expanded, climbing up on the invading cockhead. Suddenly, the entire huge cockhead slipped into Andrew’s ass. And then, unexpectedly, even for her, Thomas plunged and buried his entire inhuman cock in Andrew’s deflowered asshole. At the same instant, Bettina experienced an earth-shattering spontaneous orgasm. Her fantasy had come true. The young stud was completely impaled on a monstrous cock.

Andrew screamed and flailed on the bed. His mind lost coherence for a while … the impossibly huge invasion was splitting him apart… had split him apart.

“It is done, honey,” Bettina cooed, out of breath herself. “You are not a virgin anymore… Look at you – the big stud huh! Well, I’ve got news for you – you have an even bigger stud between your legs now… You’re a common slut now… The only thing missing is pumping you full of cum and that won’t be missing much longer. Now spread your legs wider for the real man behind you – give him a better access.”

Andrew could hardly hear her. The pain was impossible and he kept screaming and gasping. He fell on his face and let the man thrash away at him. And then something unexpected happened. The pain gradually receded, to be replaced by a feeling of passion and satisfaction he had never known. Gradually, imperceptibly, his moans of pain turned into moans of pleasure. His conscious mind seemed separated from the experience, observing the raw animal take over. Bettina noticed it first.

“The slut is getting had, Thomas. He likes getting it in the ass!”

Andrew barely registered her talk. What mattered now was that thing battering his insides, stretching and loosening his formerly tight asshole. He did spread his legs as far apart as they would go. And then he used his elbows as leverage to begin meeting the stud’s thrusts. Andrew güvenilir bahis siteleri began pushing onto the invading cock, fucking himself on it, ruining his own ass beyond recognition. His own erection was painfully, impossibly huge and with each thrust of the black cock in his ass he moaned and screamed, in utter abandon.

Thomas was almost out of his mind with lust. He felt Andrew’s surrender and somewhere in the back of his mind he felt sorry for the boy. He knew the road he was carving in Andrew’s ass now. He knew that within months the boy would be the most insatiable bottom in Manhattan. Hundreds and hundreds of cocks will follow him down this hole. He was creating a slut – Andrew had gotten used to his huge cock much faster than he had expected. And few smaller cocks will be able to satiate the boy in the future. But he was the first in that butt and he savored the knowledge of Andrew’s cum-filled future as he moved closer and closer to giving the boy his first ever load of male cum. From his vantage point above he witnessed the ruination of the tight ass. The boy was pushing on his huge cock with complete disregard for pain. Even now his ass was beginning to feel looser. Thomas was almost there.

Andrew felt the change in the cock movements. He felt Thomas thrust deeper and hold his cock fully embedded in his ass for longer. He felt a strange sensation at the entrance of his asshole and reached back to explore. With a shock he realized that the stud was rubbing, no grinding his enormous balls at the entrance of his ass. That thought, the realization that the impossibly huge cock he had seen minutes earlier was entirely buried in his ass caused a meltdown. Andrew howled and thrust back as far as he could, holding the ass-splitting cock fully embedded in him. And then he came violently – cum splattered on the wall and the headboard of the bed in front of him.

The boy’s screams and his sudden orgasm pushed Thomas over the top. He grabbed Andrew’s shoulders and thrust forward as far as he would go and his cock exploded in the former stud’s ass. Andrew felt the huge cock expand and throb and he knew that with each throaty moan Thomas was pumping his ass full of cum. Bettina saw the men climax and the sight caused her another orgasm of her own. She could see the outline of Thomas’s cock along Andrew’s belly – she could see just how deeply Thomas was filling Andrew’s ass.

Before the evening was over, Thomas fucked Andrew two more times and by the end the boy could barely stand on his feet. His virginity was gone and, by the time Thomas was drilling him for the third time, the last vestiges of being a stud left Andrew. Fittingly, Bettina refused to give him his boxers back when he was getting ready to leave.

“I am keeping these as a trophy,” she said. “These were the last boxers you ever wore as a real man. When you wore them, you had a tight ass. It is only fitting that you will never wear these boxers again. It is only fitting to go home without underwear on the night you became a slut.”

To be continued…. Please send thoughts or comments to the link below.

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