Anna and Kayla Ch. 02

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— This story follows the first chapter, this second part includes lesbian and incestuous love, domination, submission, pegging, bondage, suggest to leave if not interested. — I thank diamond_fire for help given in the editing of this story.


After having been intimate they feel they are a couple although a special one nevertheless, wanting at the same time to make it even more special by adding Bret into it. Anna is the dominant one and Kayla the submissive one, who is also a sister to Bret. Anna’s idea as a dominant if he does accept her as such, is to have him as her slave and husband simultaneously, she knows men love watching women kiss each other and she is going to use her girlfriend to get to Bret lured in by those means and help Kayla if she makes a slave out Bret to surrender to incestuous love with his sister, something Kayla desperately wants. Anna gets turned on with the idea of seeing brother and sister kiss tenderly but mostly having total control over both of them.

“We have to stop by and get condoms.” Anna said to Kayla.

“Do we need anything else?” Kayla asked.

“We should also get water based lubricant.” Anna said having by now the rest of the stuff for a good scene.

“Are you planning to do me there also?” Kayla asked and blushed.

“I will in time slave.” Anna said to her ear.

“Then there’s no need for it now or is there, I don’t understand?” Kayla asked, hoping she would be taken by her Mistress.

“Kayla let me tell you what I have in mind, the lubricant would come to use for your brother’s arse and make him my slave and husband, that would be fulfillment for me. The thought of having my cock in him makes me wet, it’s my dominant bitch side that takes over, I want to thrust my cock in him, I know it’s gender bending, but if he is to be my slave he has to be open to my cock when I’m in the mood to impale him, it’s very deviant what I’m saying but even more so having him / her take your anal ring for the first time, that alone is worth waiting for and of course I want to be there.” Anna said, waiting for Kayla’s input.

“Anna you are a pervert alright I would have never thought of it, but them again so am I by having desire for him, I was happy enough with the idea of tasting Bret’s lips and tongue if I could have them, but taking my rear is something I did not have in my books as a must until you came along with the idea, now I ‘m going to long for your fantasy unti l can have it if it’s possible.” Kayla said and so overwhelmed that she kissed Anna passionately.

“Ok here we are two packs of condoms and lubricant.” Anna took them to the cashier. The cashier looked at them and as they left he started sketching his own fantasy as they disappeared onto the street.

“So many condoms, what for, are you stocking up?” Kayla asked.

“Baby, if Bret becomes my slave I will have to attend two girls.” Anna said smiling, making Kayla aware of her intentions and how far she is willing to go in order to achieve them.

“Do you think Bret will give in?” Kayla asked.

“I have not the slightest clue, except as you are aware of that he has the likes for me and I’m going to exploit them, it would be marvelous if he turns out submissive to the extent as you are my love. You know long enough that I have the likes for him and he has never mustered the guts to make a move on me, maybe because he is too shy. About taking him I can tell you, if it all works out he will be receiving me and if he has the need to deliver I’ll let him get off, but only in you supposing all I have in my mind works out accordingly, which I hope it does.

“It’s a bold move you are going to play with him, are you sure it can or will succeed?” Kayla asked with doubts.

“Do you remember the last time he dated?” Anna asked still running scenarios with possible outcomes and ignoring her slave’s question.

“Let me think, the last time was approximately six months ago.” Kayla said.

“Oh yes it was, the girl’s name Yvonne was it? That feeble little whore, Bret here, Bret there and when we were all together he still looked at me, I admit I love and hate your brother.” Anna said, changing her face into a hard cold look.

“The last time I saw that face on you was when we had an argument and it nearly got out of hand, my god do you feel so much for him?” Kayla asked, wondering if Anna has true feelings for her as she starts getting that awful heavy pit in her stomach, physically letting her know she feels not wanted.

“Yes I do feel for him and more that I could imagine, noticing that it’s you who helped me open my feelings for the both of you. Truth about my feelings, which I thought I did not have to spill out with you slave, but I will specially seeing that sorrowful face you have on now, I see I hit a cord and it snapped in you. Now before I see tears in those watery eyes; I love your brother but I love you as much and maybe more, never doubt that or me again my love.” Anna said and kissed her in bahis firmaları a very sweet way holding her hand after it.

Kayla smiled and passed her hand over her face just in time to avoid the first tear making its presence, easing her body expression gradually back to the happiness she feels with and for Anna, she waited a little and said, “Sorry, you know now what I feel for you and not much I can do about it.”

“You are so beautiful, I feel butterflies, oh sweet Kayla if only you had no clothes on now, I should not tell you all I feel for you being my slave, but I do enjoy sharing feelings with you, anyway for the wrong reason I have opened up my feelings for you down to the core. Don’t you dare play me or your body will end up full of welts.” Anna said seriously looking into her eyes with love and strictness.

“Understood Mistress, please tell me about you.” Kayla asked recomposed and aware, that her friend, now lover and Mistress has shown a sweet side to her as well as the Mr. Hyde side which she does not want to get acquainted with.

“Getting back to Bret, from the start of our friendship I have gone through different phases with him, from love to hating him even indifference which is a lie I now acknowledge before you, the indifference is a suitable way to shut feelings off at least in my case. You know I like him and so do you, just that you want his cock in you and I want my cock in him, maybe in the future I would take his cock in me, he is the only special guy I’d feel open to, so don’t get upset if this works out, you’d both be the same for me, of course each one has their own distinguishing traits which I’ll have for me as needed. Regarding you dear Kayla I did pick a sexual vibe from you sometimes, but never too obvious enough to make me aware of it, so being good friends I did not know about your real needs, I’m happy it happened as it did. As for me, I’ve always seen myself as bisexual and never made it apparent to you until the obvious outcome occurred; about being dominant, occasionally we have shared some of our fantasies and with our first kiss it was as having a small water spout turning into a cascading water fall with a constant flow which will go on until I get to unravel all of me as we travel in these waters, not knowing where I currently stand except that I’m dominant.. About a year or so ago, I started noticing my childhood into teenage play was becoming a stronger need in me. The day we were at the sex shop it was no longer a revolving memory but a welcome to understanding my growing needs, they are not the everyday sort of realization for the average girl, but with you they make it seem so. The cock by the means of a strap on empowers me and being a pussy at the same time allows me to have multiple fulfilling orgasms which the poor guys would only dream off.

“Yes Anna I understand better now, thank you for being a Mistress to me and hope you can take Bret in.” Kayla said.

“I thank you for letting me own you and about your brother, I want to gender bend him, you know I like penetrating so whoever is by my side has to take it in.” Anna said knowing it’s her way to live.

“I love how you show me who you are, I feel protected by you, there’s something that seems so breathtaking, it makes me wet.” Kayla said.

Anna feels warm with Kayla’s comment. On the way back to Amanda’s home, mother to Kayla and Bret where Anna spends most of her free time she asked, “Kayla do you like my cock?” wanting to reassure her dominance over her.

“Of course I do but more so, your dominance over me makes me feel submissive before you, when you make me feel your cock fondling me with your hard on aware I’m to receive you when you decide to give it to me upon your need, get’s me very wet.” Kayla said, wanting her as she finished saying all this to her.

She is so sexy Anna thought as Kayla said everything. Anna went into her own existential thoughts aware that she now thinks and feels the cock, her cock as part of her, that missing piece that nature did not equip her with, she is happy that inventive men and women have given her the chance to get it off a shelf and make it hers and all the ones that need it as she does. Since young she never found it too entertaining or attractive to receive a cock in her, but strangely enough that of delivering, giving and penetrating was a natural thought to her even before fully understanding sex, she knew in her mind or maybe her body also there’s something missing. She was lucky to have a lesbian sister who owned a strap on with whom she learnt kissing, never getting around to having full sex with her, it seemed a mutual agreement that had no need to be expressed in words, and it would not go further than that in their incestuous love. When her sister went out on weekends, she would go to her bedroom and if the strap on was available she would make it come into play, watching herself in a mirror, stroking, thinking of having sex, humping away on the bed getting so worked up that she kaçak iddaa had orgasms, this carried on like a ritual and a sexual routine when she could have it. Later on and older, life put Kayla in her way, both girls as said some time ago dated guys but nothing serious. It never got deep with either of them, both shared their short lived love stories including a guy with which they took turns dating, but never letting him get in between their legs. With each other they never stepped out of place until they both became aware of expressing the inner needs, and now as a match that has just been lit they are going for it all.

As they reached the house, both girls for different and similar reasons want Bret to hook up with Anna. Kayla wants Bret hooked up with Anna, since it could open a door to incestuous love between them, a pending want since puberty, she did not know why she tried psychological treatment which never got her anywhere, her need never diminished and she now feels ok with it in every way, hoping she can have him some day, if he could only notice her need and have the same need for her. Anna is aware of Kayla´s needs, needs that only add to her turn on for Bret which has tingled in her for very long, the idea of having him for good as a slave and husband with her slave sister as well, makes her mind burn with lust in every possible way, she could at last show her dominant side openly with them and to them.

“Shall we go in dear Kayla?” Anna asked ushering Kayla into the house. Once in the house, they see Bret watching TV.

Kayla asked, “Is mom out?”

“Yes she was meeting with one of her friends.” Bret answered and carried on watching. The girls fixed themselves a drink, looked at him and at each other with a grin that plotters have.

Anna came up with an idea and told Kayla to follow, not having to explain her plan beforehand, “Remember you are my submissive Kayla, just obey me,” Anna said in a low voice.

“Yes, as you say.” Kayla acknowledged following Anna.

“Follow me K and do as I do.” Anna said and went to the sofa where Bret is sitting comfortably, slightly showing Kayla to occupy the other side by him.

“Yes.” Kayla said. Both girls placed themselves to each side of Bret and kissed his cheeks.

Bret looked at the both of them and smiled, “What is that for?” Bret asked.

“Because you are lovely and we want to invite you to play in our game.” Anna said smiling.

“Thank you but I’m watching.” Bret answered not giving much more thought to the invitation.

“Don’t say we did not invite you to see us play.” Anna said sensually, trying to make him react. Bret carried on watching TV. Can he be such an idiot; men never catch a line unless it is too obvious, well that is why they are as they are a bunch of… Anna thought to herself, changing strategy.

“Come on subbie, let’s go.” Anna said beckoning her.

“Yes Mistress.” Kayla said putting emphasis as she mentioned Anna´s title and followed her, which could not have been better said even if she wanted to, exposing the type of relationship they are into, which could backfire for them if they don’t get him involved. Bret heard, remaining silent, digesting the way they referred to each other. It hit him as lightning does, “Can it be true, what a turn on.” he thought.

“Don’t look back subbie; I know he will be with us in less than ten minutes.” Anna said sure of her move, convinced it will lure him in. They were kissing in the bedroom when Bret made his appearance. Anna saw him and said to herself, “Yes Bret just a little more and you are mine forever.” Anna’s mind went into overdrive planning her bold move, which if it worked out right would have him before her, on his knees, always.

“Bret, you are welcome, but I have conditions.” Anna looked at him so did Kayla hoping he joins them, it would be bliss for her if she’s able to kiss and taste his lips for the first time, finally after years of desire and at moments it was total despair for her, never having a clear opportunity to express anything to him, not even a hint, but she dared not, she could not live if he rejected her.

“And what would that be?” Bret added as if he were the one in control, thrilled at watching the girls kissing.

“You are to become my slave as your sister is to me and I’ll teach you to love being owned.” Anna said in a bold move, not knowing how Bret would reply, but hoping he would fall as she planned. Anna tensed up, waiting the unsuspected yet exited at her own words said to him, which echo in her now.

Bret laughed nervously but no move or answer came from him, trying to certify what he just heard, wary, unsettled, yet eager at the same time, then silence settled in, he could not utter a word, he tried to desperately but nothing came out, he became mute.

“Well then?” Anna questioned in a demanding way. “You are submissive, you always have been and I know you want me, so let’s not argue that fact. I’ve got my boots and will put them on kaçak bahis for you, if you accept me as your dominant.” Anna articulated as if it was all settled, but still has to be decided one way or the other.

Bret went all colours, he surrendered by looking down, “ufhg.” he muttered with a dry throat, being the only sound he could muster out, which sounds like a cough but not quite so either, totally turned on.

Anna, not knowing yet he wanted her to dominate him as she pleases carried on her plan as if he were indifferent to her needs. In Anna´s mind she has to move quickly before he changes his mind or come up with second thoughts. She reaches out for him and kisses him deeply he undoubtedly follows. Anna savoured his lips and her near conquest of Bret in her mind, not knowing she has him already as she purred, “Now as promised I’ll get the boots on and you get nude for me as an offering from you to me as my slave.” still thinking it can go either way and pushing to make it work.

“Yeah.” Bret is able to answer.

She undressed and put her thigh highs on, which she shows beautiful with their classic look, shiny leather and high heels, “Come over slave and watch close to me as I pull onto my legs just for you.” Anna said sexily encasing her sensual feet in them with Bret only half an arm away from her, kneeling before her, not having to ask him to get into a supine position, which he naturally took as if he knew he is to be now in and in the future. She uses both hands to pull the zipper up slowly making him hear and watch as she touches her leathered leg as she does it, then the other boot addressing him in a purring voice, “I bought them because I love them and know that a Mistress has a way to make her slave cherish them, these alone show my authority over you.” Anna adds and by just by watching his expression it makes her nipples hard and her pussy wet, the conquering is almost done. “Now that they are up encasing my legs for you and showing you that I’m your Mistress, it would be correct to get them kissed by you slave, show me you are willing to submit to me.”

Bret already nude, mouth open, his cock speaking more for him than he could get into words, except for, “Yeah.” and kissed the boots.

“Don’t just look at me, what do you say to your Mistress.” Anna demanded.

“Wow they look good on you.” Bret said kissing them again.

“You say, thank you Mistress.” Anna corrected him.

“Thank you Mistress.” Bret said.

“Well done Bret.” Kayla said watching excited, thinking men are so easy, at least Bret is and Anna will do what she pleases with him, making attend her every whim, which will in turn open for her the forbidden door at last, which for so long contained that desire.

“Come here slave, kiss my pussy the one you’ll always have reverence for, this pussy rules, now lick me to orgasm and whenever I demand it from then on.” Anna said, hoping his tongue is useful as Kayla´s. Bret obliged, loving being given the order to do that, he is lost in the situation only hearing her voice, licking her until she makes a faint sound of her impending orgasm, with her hand makes him carry on until her second, being glad that Bret’s tongue is what she needs and wants letting him go from her grip adding, “Now slave it is bondage time for you, come over to the bed and lie down on your stomach, slave Kayla will help me get you ready.”

“Come over sexy brother.” Kayla said as she put leather cuffs on his wrists and tied these with rope to the bed posts, and then the leather cuffs at his feet attached to a spread bar.

Now that he is tied up and helpless Anna knows he is surrendering to her. Bret is now aware there is not much he can do other than take on the ride he is in for, which he wants but not truly knowing what he is in for. Anna is a woman that Bret hankered on long ago, now it’s real, always too shy to make the move on her, in the end she did the move for him and he is glad. Anna is not quite the same as he thought it could be with her, still it feels good and expressed his happiness to Anna, “Mistress I love you.” Anna likes his remark, which makes her feel she is only inches away from achieving her goal.

“From the toy bag, get my piece and condoms slave, help me onto it, but before that, gag my new slave.” Anna instructed Kayla

“Mistress, do you have to gag me?” Bret asked, still tasting the juices of her now Mistress.

“It’s good for you to get acquainted with the toys and for what I have in mind in order to soften you up; I definitely think the gag is handy. I’m going to make you feel owned.” Anna said very wet with the idea of taking and making him hers, for good.

“Please Mistress, please, don’t gag me. I’ll keep silent.” Bret said not quite aware what is going to happen to him.

“My love, I know you will make the effort, but it won’t be enough at least the first few, then you will get used to it and in time will crave it; nevertheless, it is also a way to train you.” Anna said lovingly and thinking that in the near future she will be making him get rid of his bodily hair as she had a close look at him.

“Please.” Bret said, knowing he is not going to get his request accepted, but has to try.

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