Annika’s Islands Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

“Unexpected Discovery”


“Now, just wait for him to come to you. That’s it. Now… you want one fluid movement, straight through, as if you’re aiming behind him.” Darian tightened his grip on my waist, his breath tickling my ear and making it quite difficult to concentrate. “The last thing to remember is the reflective quality of the water; it’s like a magnifying glass. Compensate by aiming just below the fish, center mass.”

He kissed my neck, eliciting a shiver up my spine. “Whenever you’re ready, Angel.”

A flush burned its way to my cheeks. I love it when he calls me that. I leaned back into him a bit. God, it feels so good having him touch me like this.

Or like last night… The memory abruptly popped to the front of my mind with vivid detail. Unfortunately, it hadn’t ended as pleasantly as it began.

* * *

“Ow…” The word slipped through my clenched teeth.

Darian froze, instantly. “‘Nik…”

“No, it’s ok. Please don’t stop…” I pleaded, despite my better judgment. It hadn’t been that painful, not really.

He slowly withdrew the tip of his finger, and I unwillingly hissed air through my teeth. Ok, maybe it did hurt.

He raised a brow, holding his finger aloft, “You were saying?”

A droplet of my blood dripped off his finger, “Most girls bleed after their first time. It’s normal Dari.”

He kissed me, with incredible tenderness, on the lips. “Sorry ‘hon. I’m not into inflicting pain. I can’t have any pleasure if you’re in pain.”

I frowned, “But…”

“No buts,” he said very firmly, “You’re in no shape to make love again tonight.” He stood and lifted himself out of the hot spring, turning to sit on the edge next to me. “There’s still daylight left, I’ll run back to the boat and grab some supplies — I’m pretty sure there was some tampons in the small bag.”

He can’t be serious. “No, I’ll be fine… Don’t leave, Dare…”

He’d have none of it, “Look, I’m not ashamed of what we did, Angel. But we’re going to have to deal with the consequences. I’ll get the supplies, and you’re going to soak in the spring ’till I get back… and wear one of the things till you stop bleeding.”

He hugged me and stood, padding barefooted and naked over to his boxers. Struggling as he put them on, I couldn’t help but look at the rather large, semi-erect organ hanging thickly between his legs. “The exercise will do me good. It’ll get my mind off of… things.”

That explains his sudden explosion of muscles. I thought rather smugly. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who’d suffered during his year-long absence.

* * *

Smiling at the memory, I stared intently at the fish swimming in front of me. Apparently I’d quite the effect on my brother. He’d carried nearly everything back to our new home. Including the boat.

I stabbed the multi-pronged wooden spear into the water in one fluid motion. My eyes nearly fell out of my head, “I got him!”

Chuckling at me, he helped lift the fish so it wouldn’t slip off, “Very good. You have excellent form… for a beginner.”

I shot him a look, “‘For a beginner?'”

His white teeth flashed, “It was good enough to put food on the table, and that’s what’s important.”

“I’m not complaining; but how do you know all this stuff?” I asked. He’d always been interested in technology, computers, and history. He was the definition of “nerd” in every aspect of his educational and professional life. Only I and a handful of others knew of his healthy living lifestyle, his love of taekwondo and tai chi, the constantly upgraded gym-room at his house.

He just shrugged casually, “Started with the book ‘Hatchet,’ I think. Plus I’ve always been interested in technology, you know that.”

“Uhm, technology?”

He took the spear from me, walking back to the shore. “This used to be cutting edge, ‘Nik… so to speak. Back in the stone age, anyways.”

I rolled my eyes and followed him, taking very wide steps as I tried to ignore the soreness throbbing between my legs, “Still. Reading about it is one thing. Mastering it is another.”

He knelt down in the shallow water, producing a knife from the small pocket in his trunks, “Dad… I mean Jack, my stepdad, use to take me out all the time as a kid. ‘Roughing it’ as he would call it. We’d take a couple packs of food and water and stuff, but we’d almost never use them. We’d build our own shelter, hunt and trap with tools we’d make ourselves. Those trips are the best memories I have of him.” A vaguely nostalgic, yet bittersweet expression hung heavy on his face.

“Bet he’d be happy knowing what he taught you came in handy one day.” I offered, not knowing what else to say. I hadn’t known Jack, just like Dare had never really known Peter, our Biological father. My brother had lived with his rather abusive mother until he was sixteen, when he emancipated himself. I’d lived with casino oyna Dad and my mom until twelve, when Dad passed from cancer, then just with my mom until I was fifteen.

There had been a short time when my brother had lived with the three of us, however. I’d been eight at the time, and it had been shortly after Jack’s death for Darian. His physically and mentally abusive mother had forced Dad to take custody — who’d happily complied. It was my mother who’d eventually forced Dad to give him back, less than a year later.

Darian had a rough childhood, but as soon as he broke free of his mother he’d flourished. He’d graduated high school a year early, had gotten a scholarship to an Ivy League school, and even patented a few programs which completely paid for his house… upfront. By his 20th birthday, he had more than enough resources to get me away from my mentally unstable mom, and we’d grown close those first few years. It’d been like living with a really cool, rich uncle.

We’d hardly ever talked about his dad though, mainly just ours. I always had felt out of sorts whenever something had reminded him of his dad and he would get that sad expression on his face, even though I’d do the same thing about our dad on occasion.

I watched him intently in silence as he gutted and scaled the fish I’d caught. Honestly it was disgusting, but not really all that much more than, say, cooking a turkey (the whole process, that is.) I forced myself to watch every detail, and found he was a fairly decent teacher — he’d show me how to cut, what to get rid of, the easiest way to remove the scales and entrails.

The sun wasn’t strong enough to use as a fire-starter yet, so he used his Zippo to get it going. I was surprised he had one, making a mental note to go through all the supplies later in the day.

Breakfast was a feast, compared to the day before. A dozen of those delicious berries, six full mushrooms each (the white and brown ones were safe) and those were seasoned with salt. Additionally, he sizzled up half the fish and would use the other half as bait for a bunch of snares; and the big black shitake mushroom as big as a small dinner plate to top it all off. Of course the fish and shitake we’d have to test as we had the first mushrooms.

“You caught the fish,” He offered, “So you pick.”

I thought about it, “I’ll try the mushroom. Seeing the fish gutted sorta… y’know.”

“Hard to eat something when you’ve seen its face, isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” He gets me so well. I smiled.

He gave me a sliver of the mushroom, and cut himself a piece of steaming fish. It could have used a bit of salt, but other than that it was quite yummy.

I shifted on the hard ground, regretting how I’d forgotten the flotation devices we’d converted into pillows back in the cavern. I winced slightly, and what was worse he noticed.

“Still sore,” His tone didn’t make it a question.

No sense lying, “A bit. No blood, though.” I’d been relieved when I’d checked, on my last trip to what Darian affectionately called the cesspit. He assured me a “proper” outhouse was very high up on his “list of shit to make.”

He shook his head slightly, “I’m really sorry…” He started, and not for the first time.

“No, remember I said no more sorries. I’m pissed at myself enough as it is, I don’t need you being guilty, too. I knew what I was doing-” My voice dropped a decibel, “-Lover. I shouldn’t have rushed.” It was very true — If I’d been patient and went slow I wouldn’t be hurting… but then again I might have still been a virgin. And that would have been completely unacceptable.

“You’re just upset you can’t fuck me. I’m upset at why you can’t, ‘Nik.”

I did a double-take, “I’d be offended if you weren’t telling the truth. Is it wrong to want the man I love?”

…Shit. Wrong question, Annika! I belatedly realized I’d delved into a subject I was still avoiding talking about at this point. The morality of incest was definitely not something I wanted to bring up this early on.

However, he just seemed to think about it for several long (agonizing) seconds, using the time to thoroughly chew his food.

Finally, he answered. “No, Angel.” My heart skipped a beat, but he continued, “I might want to… no, I might be expected to say otherwise, but in my heart I know different. I love you, and you love me. Wanting to express it through energetic bouts of lovemaking is the very definition of right.” He slipped an arm around me, “Not to mention fun, healthy, and intensely erotic.”

“Perv,” I joked, tasting his lips lightly, my worries instantly vanishing.

He winked, “Just wait ’till I tell you some of the thoughts I’ve had about you. Remember that one Halloween party?”

I laughed, “My schoolgirl outfit? Are you kidding me?” I’d worn it two Halloweens ago. It’d looked like it had come from a Lover’s Lane catalogue.

He shook his head adamantly, “You slot oyna have no idea. I don’t think I took my eyes off of you that whole night… those cute braided tails, short skirt… knee-high socks, very sexy.”

I blushed furiously, “Not as bad as you, dressed like a vampire. You know I had a thing for vampires.” I had been twelve when the whole “Twilight” fad had been popular. I’d been an Edward fan, naturally.

He shrugged, “Hey so did I.” He sighed lightly, finishing the last bit of fish. “Look, you’re going to have to take it easy today. No hiking or anything that’ll strain you, ok? I can’t stand seeing you in pain.”

Yesterday, I’d have fought him on the issue. Guilt was a powerful motivator, “Ok, Dari.”

He blinked, “Well… ok then. Thank you.”

I giggled slightly at his shocked expression, “C’mon, I’m not that bad. I can listen to reason every once and a while.

He stared at me for several long moments. “…Anyways I was thinking, while I’m out scouting today, do you think you can make some rope?”

“Rope,” I decided not to pursue the fact he’d be going off to scout by himself.

He briefly explained the process, which was basically tying and braiding lengths of wet tree bark. At my request, he showed me which trees and how thick to make the strips, which actually peeled off rather easily.

I got so into it, it was a surprise when he walked up to me some time later in full “battle” gear; with his makeshift leather leggings and my smaller pair strapped around his wrists up to his elbow, and a sharpened obsidian tipped spear he’d made last night through a process he’d called “Flint knapping.”

“Oh! You’re leaving now?” Suddenly, I was overcome with second thoughts. What if he got into trouble? Or got stung or tripped and snapped his neck?

He noticed my expression, pulling me into a strong, comforting embrace, “I’ll stay close, I promise. I don’t know how far sound will travel into these trees, so I’ll whistle really loud every fifteen minutes, and when I get back you can tell me how many you hear.”

I frowned, “That doesn’t help today, though. What if something happens to you?”

He kissed me then the same way he’d kissed me the night before… curling my toes and shaking me to my very core. After an eternity of our tongues tasting and touching, his hot breath caressed my face, “I’ll be very careful, I promise. I won’t be gone for more then,” he let me go and checked his watch, “Three hours. And you’ll hear me coming every fifteen minutes.” He pinched his lower lip, pulled it slightly and let loose an ear-splitting whistle that surely could be heard back in Illinois.

“Well I won’t hear you now. I’m deaf!” I yelled theatrically, rubbing my ears.

He just rolled his eyes, kissed my cheek and waved, “See you at twelve.”

I pouted my lip, “Fine. Should I make lunch?”

“I’ll bring some berries and ‘shrooms, and check the snares on the way back. Maybe you could catch another fish? It was delicious, honestly.”

I nodded, but wasn’t really paying attention, “Stay safe!”

He blew a kiss, “You too, Angel.” He disappeared into the tree line.

And I sighed.

Four gradually less piercing whistles later, I was hunched beside the water, making rope. It was tedious; tying lengths of paper-like, wet bark together. Then braiding three arm lengths together, tying that to the already made rope, then repeating the process all over again.

I’d made maybe thirty arm-lengths of rope before I decided I needed a break. There’d been no shade at the water’s edge, and I could have done it in the cavern but I wanted to be able to hear my brother’s whistles. I’d barely heard the last one, but dutifully waited for the next… even if I was getting restless.

Not restless, I thought, distracted. For some reason, my thoughts kept returning to the previous night… especially Darian’s kisses.

My hand retraced the path he’d kissed down my neck. God, he was a fantastic lover; teasing me until I could hardly stand it. And then he just took me… first my virginity, then with his mouth… then he’d slammed into me…

The heat beating from me had very little to do with the sun. “Time for a swim, girl,” I told myself contritely. “Gunna go crazy thinking about it.”

I slipped off my blouse and my brother’s shirt I’d been wearing as a skirt, diving into the cool water to defuse the heat. It’s odd to be able to drink the same water you swim in, but I took advantage, not even bothering to use my hands. For some reason I’d never do that in front of Darian. Wasn’t… Polite, I guessed.

I languished under the waterfall for a few moments, and hauled myself inside the cavern. I pointedly didn’t look at the hot spring… or the body-sized imprint my naked body had left in the slightly dirty stone floor.

The mostly deflated raft that served as our bed was sitting near the stream that ran through a portion of canlı casino siteleri the area, and we’d built a small campfire just next to that. The raft no longer had sides, we’d cut them off to use the plastic for other things, but the base worked effectively as an inflatable mattress. Two flotation devices covered with the silk-like interior material of Darian’s suit jacket served as pillows, while a flimsy kimono and the remains of his suit jacket doubled as blankets and sheets. We’d both disdained feeling the metallic emergency blankets next to our bare skin, but we used both outside and under our makeshift bedding.

Our belongings were propped next to the wall, in some places on the wall where there were assorted small ledges. A compact mirror next to the stream was our bathroom area, for teeth brushing, shaving, and the like. Set at the opposite end of the stream, it even functioned for waste disposal in a pinch, though I made Dari promise me not to go in here — even though he’d snuck away from me the previous night to take a piss.

Guys, I rolled my eyes. They’ll pee anywhere. Meanwhile I had to take a ten minute walk to the “cesspit” for all my bodily functions. Maybe I was just jealous.

He’d taken his backpack with him, but all the items that had been in it were tucked neatly near the other small pack, and something immediately caught my eye.

Is that brandy? I hefted the large bottle, unable to read the Japanese label, but it was clearly blackberry liquor of some sort — likely brandy or spiced rum, Darian’s favorites. A dozen smaller bottles were tucked neatly into a bit of cloth, these labeled in English; Vodka, whiskey, rum, gin. I grinned, as they were obviously stolen from the complimentary mini-bar back at the hotel. While part of me immediately thought my brother was above such petty behavior, I mentally thanked him regardless.

I replaced the large bottle and went through the rest of the supplies, noting the interesting bits such as birth control, motion sickness, and heartburn pills. A collapsible cup that much to my surprise, showed a naked, rather pretty Japanese geisha when extended. It wasn’t exactly Darian’s taste, so I assumed he’d bought it for a friend.

Additionally there were some pretty Japanese, glass-covered works of art that were more his style, and I spent a couple moments setting them up to make the place more “homey.” We’d some spare bits of wood inside for the fire, and using some twigs as makeshift thumbtacks by wedging them firmly into cracks in the cave wall, I was able to hang the abstract pictures above the bed.

Returning to my snooping… or rather, my taking of the inventory, I noticed a small chrome case tucked discreetly under a small folded pile of boxer shorts. My curiosity peaked. What was he hiding under there?

Inanely, I looked over my shoulder as if someone would catch me. Against my better judgment I quickly grabbed the case and opened it, finding a number of hand-rolled cigarettes, rolling papers, and a bag filled with green, bud-like clumps of…

I frowned. Darian disdained cigarettes, much less unfiltered ones. I’d half a mind to chuck them into the water! Was he a hypocrite or something?

It was at that moment the smell hit my nose. Oh. “Ohh!” My eyes widened. Weed! Dare smokes pot! There’d been such a big controversy over it a few years previous, and I remembered discussing it with him. He’d been pro-legalization, explaining how in a great many ways it was no worse than alcohol, and in some ways much less harmful. Which really must have been true, because it’d been legalized federally for two years; though was highly taxed and strictly regulated. DUI for marijuana was an automatic prison sentence, and even smoking in public was worth a hefty fine.

I’d never tried it, not even in college. It was still illegal for me, being just over a year shy of 21. I heard it was mostly used by party-goers or “easy” girls that used it for sex. Apparently someone had figured out smoking it made sex more enjoyable.

…Enhance sex with Darian? Is that even possible? I closed the case, returning it to its hiding place. Something to ask him about… Maybe I could convince him to let me try some, and then we could…

I shook my head, heat once again flashing through me. What was wrong with me? It’s like the day after my period, can’t get sex off the brain. I glanced down, noting the stiff peaks poking through my bikini. Did losing my virginity turn me into some kind of sex maniac?

Giggling slightly, I made my way over to the hot spring. Addicted to sex? I thought as I slipped off my clothes.

I settled gradually into the water, finding the nook near the wall, my hands moving down my body of their own accord. I gasped as I grazed against the throbbing top of my sex, realizing how hot and swollen I’d become.

With a lover like Dari… Who wouldn’t be?


“She’s got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood… memories where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky…”

“Now and then when I see her face, she takes me away to that special place… and if I stay too long, I’d ‘probly break down and cry-ay!”

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