Another Night of Wrestling

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After losing to Cecelia and enduring the embarassment of facing people at work after what happened to me, I thirsted for a rematch. A woman named Sue that I worked with offered to get me in the next time they had wrestling set up and that maybe I could get my rematch that way. She did not go every time and had missed seeing me lose to Cecelia. This was probably a good thing since I’ve been trying to go out with her for some time. I had the thought that maybe I could “kill two birds with one stone.”

She called me on Friday afternoon and gave me an address. I arrived and she was waiting for me outside. (She was wearing a very short skirt and it looked good on her.) This was a house that we had recently foreclosed on and it was vacant. Typically, this is the kind of “venue” they used for their wrestling exhibitions: vacant, spacious, upscale, and at the edge of town. These events are supposed to be 100% female only, but she got me in, anyway.

Two women from work, Marie and Ashley, were going to go at it. There was a lot of bad blood between them. Things at work had boiled over, hot words were said, and there was nothing left for them but a physical confrontation to set things straight.

Marie is a stout-looking woman with short dark hair. She looks farmgirl-strong and has a hot temper. Ashley is a tall skinny girl with a lot of bushy brown hair and loads of attitude. Neither of them is popular and the crowd of about twenty people there were looking forward to seeing how this one played out.

Me, I wanted Cecelia. But, I found out that Cecelia had been sent out of town on business and wouldn’t be there. At least I was with Sue. The night had potential anyway.

Marie and Ashley didn’t even wait to change into swimsuits. They just waded into each other and started slapping, punching, and kicking each other. Ashley was hopelessly outclassed. It didn’t take long for Marie to establish dominance and start the beatdown. Marie punched her in the face several times and Ashley’s nose and mouth were bleeding. Marie pulled out several handfuls of Ashley’s hair and literally kicked her ass. Then she grabbed Ashley by the hair and the seat of her pants and ran her out the door.

The crowd went wild. The güvenilir bahis wine was flowing and the women were cheering. I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen. Then, a woman I know named Rebecca came out in a swimsuit. She was short and blonde and kinda chubby, but cute overall. She was going to take on this guy named Tim that works in the mail room.

Sue clued me in on this one. Tim has asked Rebecca out on dates constantly since he started working there a couple of months ago. She’s told him no and that she’s just not interested, but he won’t give up. She wants to fight him in order to get the message across that she wants him to leave her alone. Sue told me that Tim-from-the-mail-room has no clue about what he’s in for. He thinks this is some kind of a game and that this is his chance to get with her. Poor guy, he’s in for a rude awakening.

Tim came out wearing boxer shorts. He’s somewhat overweight and soft-looking. He seems to think this is funny somehow. He has no idea that Rebecca is out for blood.

Once they get the signal to start, Tim starts toward her in a non-threatening way with a big smile on his face. Rebecca runs toward him and plants a big kick right in his big belly. He grabs his stomach and goes down hard. The crowd goes wild.

I looked at Sue and she was wild-eyed. She was yelling, “Kill him! Kill him!”

Tim’s on the floor trying to get his breathing back to normal. He gets on all fours and tries to stand up. Rebecca goes up behind him and grabs the waistband of his boxers with both hands.

“No! Please don’t!” he screamed.

He tried to hold on, but she snatched his boxers off in spite of his best efforts. The women were laughing at him. He tried to cover up his junk with both hands, but all that did was leave him wide open for her to punch and kick him without any resistance.

He finally started putting up his hands to protect himself and the women started to howl with laughter once they got a good luck at his sex organs. He had a very small penis but his scrotum was hanging really low.

Sue was talking to an older woman next to her and she said, “It looks like it’s about two inches long!” The older woman said something I didn’t hear and Sue said, türkçe bahis “Me, too! I can’t believe how far his nutsack hangs down for having such a little dick!”

Tim was trying to get off the floor and he was on one knee and trying to stand. Rebecca ran up behind him again and this time she reached up under his ass and grabbed his low-hanging scrotum. She pulled and squeezed and twisted his scrotum and brought him to a standing position.

“Please let go! Please let go! I give up! I quit! You win!” he screamed.

She gave him a good hard squeeze and said, “Are you ever gonna bother me again?”

“No! Never! I’ll leave you alone, I swear!”

She led him to the door and Stephanie was standing there with his clothes in her hand. She tossed them out into the yard and Rebecca released his scrotum. Tim was gone like a shot.

The women cheered, whistled, and celebrated. I felt sorry for the guy. Apparently, I was the only one, though.

That was it for the action that night. Or, so we thought. Not long after Tim left, Ashley came back and she brought her mama.

Ashley’s mom was a big woman in her late 40’s, I’d guess. She had a lot of bleached blonde hair, big shoulders, big arms, big legs, and a big set of boobs. Except for the boobs, she looked like a linebacker.

“Where’s that bitch Marie?” she screamed out.

Marie spoke up and said, “I’m right here.”

The woman just walked right up and waded into Marie. The two women were standing toe-to-toe and really duking it out. Marie was getting the worst of it and starting to lose ground. Fortunately for Marie, the old girl couldn’t keep up that pace for long.

Once the woman ran out of gas, she was at Marie’s mercy. Unfortunately for her, Marie has no mercy.

Marie just kept pounding away until the woman went to her knees. Marie grabbed a handful of blonde hair and just punched her repeatedly in the face.

That’s when Ashley ran out. The woman was helpless by then and Marie start tearing her clothes off.

“Please don’t!” she cried. “Please!”

In much the same way as Tim’s begging was futile, so was hers. She tried to cover up, but piece by piece, Marie stripped her down to nothing. Her dress, güvenilir bahis siteleri bra, and pantyhose were torn to shreds. She tried to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands, but gave that up in order to try to fend off the blows. With her trying to defend herself and Marie pummeling her, the woman’s big titties were flopping around all over the place. Eventually, the woman was left lying on the floor spread eagle and totally defenseless.

Marie asked for some help. Stephanie held the woman’s hands and Sue’s older friend grabbed the woman’s ankles. Marie took off her belt and beat that woman’s ass with her leather belt. When they released her, she was crying and running for the door. Marie stood there triumphantly with a fat lip and a cut over her left eyebrow.

The women were cheering and screaming for more. It was a crowd drunk with blood lust and Sue was as caught up in it as anyone. She looked at me and said, “Come with me!”

She grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to a bathroom. She locked the door and took off her skirt and her panties and then she unzipped me and pulled out my penis. She gave me a couple of strokes to make sure I was good and hard and then she bent over in front of me. I grabbed her hips and I was pumping just as hard and as fast as I could go. She was moaning and biting her lip and I could feel her body go rigid every time she climaxed.

When I was done, I pulled out and cleaned myself up. She put her skirt back on, but the panties had fallen into the toilet, so she couldn’t wear them. “I’ll just go commando. Won’t be the first time,” she said.

As we were leaving, I asked if I could go home with her.

“Thanks, but no. I’ve had fun, really. But, no,” she said.

On Monday, Tim was a no-show. I found out that he called in and quit his job. I had tried to call Sue all weekend and left several voicemail messages without hearing from her. When I saw her, before I could even say anything, she told me, “Friday night was fun, I might even want to do it again sometime, but I don’t want to date you. Just friends, okay?”

I was obviously disappointed to hear that.

“Look, I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, and that quickie in the bathroom was pretty hot, but I prefer, um, ‘more,’ if you know what I mean.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“At least I didn’t squeeze your nutsack to death!” she said cheerfully.

Well, at least there’s SOMETHING for me to be grateful for.

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