Another Saturday Night Pt. 04

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My eyes popped open…

It took me a few moments to clear my head and remember where I was or what was going on. I was laying, not in my bedroom, the sheets were a mess under me. What time was it? Fuck, I was sore. Noises coming from the other room. I…uh…yeah ok, now I remember. Boyfriends house, hard cocks, gangbang, cumming. MMmmmm, oh my God the cumming. FUCK I was sore.

I’d finally been able to get myself to move, I was just so fucking comfortable laying there. Sounded like they were having a pretty good time in the other room. I rolled myself out of bed. Oh, fuck my hips. Walking was an unsteady affair as I hobbled into the other room, leaning heavy in the doorway.

The guys were sitting around playing some video game. Abstract things were on screen from my viewpoint, that’s all I know. But, there was plenty of testosterone flowing. They stopped when they saw me standing there naked and still exhausted. My lover jumped up, handing his controller off, he was hugging me and saying something. Mmmm, hugs.

“How long was I asleep?” I heard the sound of my exhausted voice croak.

“Only around 45 mins baby. You want to lay back down?” His tone was so sweet. He did this to me…lol. He’d better be sweet.

“Shower…hydration…sustenance…” I got them out weakly, but I made my demands clear.

He walked me into the bathroom and started the shower, then helped me in. The water felt soooo good, running over me, making me clean. It was already waking me up and energizing me. I grabbed the soap and a washcloth and scrubbed. Mmmmm, that’s better. The hot water was helping loosen me up. The more I moved the more the kinks were working themselves out. I contemplated how good it would feel to fill the bathtub up and just soak.

I squatted down a bit to wash between my legs. Oh my poor pussy. Shit he had reamed me out good, fucking baseball bat of a cock. Mmmmm. I stroked myself lightly and she responded by reminding me what I’d done to her…lol. Yessss. Wash, rinse, repeat. A nice long shower had me rejuvenated, ready to face the world again.

Stepped out, toweled off, wrapped the towel around my hair, and made my way to the kitchen completely naked. Well, if the towel around my hair doesn’t count. I was feeling so much better. I walked past the doorway on my way to the kitchen casino oyna and the boisterous voices got quiet, Heh. Whispers.

I sat at the kitchen table. My lover turned and grinned at me, setting a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast in front of me, a cup of hot tea followed. He kissed me softly and ran his hands over me, then say next to me. We chatted while I scarfed down my food. I was so hungry I couldn’t even taste it, but it was delicious…lol.

I sat back in the chair and stretched my legs out before resting my feet in his lap. He was stroking my legs and giving me a massage I enjoyed my tea. Once my tea was done I felt human again. We discussed his party preparations in detail…lol.

I stood up, stretched and yawned, he told me he had changed the sheets on the bed if I wanted to go back to sleep.

“Why would I want that? You set this whole thing up, the least I can do is be obliging.” I grinned at him and headed back to the front room.

I stood in the doorway and took the towel off my head, shook my hair out and stretched to my tiptoes. I rubbed my arms, squeezed my tits, patted my tummy, and smacked my ass a couple of times for good measure.

“All right gentlemen what’s next?”

The guys were frozen watching me, their game suddenly forgotten.

“Ok, ladies choice. Strip. Let’s get a better look.”

The sudden flurry of movement in the room caused a vortex. A flash of light and a hearty Hi-Ho Silver and the furniture had been moved and all three stood there naked in various stages of arousal. Nice. Very nice. All of them were in pretty good physical shape. Nice looking cocks. I let my hand wander down and started stroking myself while planning what I wanted next.

I had an evil idea.

“Gentlemen have a seat on the couch.”

I chuckled to myself. Bare asses, balls, and taint, he was going to have to burn this couch now. Heh heh heh.

I pulled the coffee table back around in front of them and sat down facing them. I spread my legs wide and pulled one foot up on the table next to me. Leaning back, making sure they could see how wet I was, I started stroking myself slowly. All three were glassy-eyed watching my fingers.

“OK, show me.” I purred.

They looked confused. Well two of them did. One was already tugging on his cock watching slot oyna me.

“Gentlemen show me how hard you can get. Tho YOU I already know…”, I said grinning at thundercock, “but I want to see from this angle.” I smiled, keeping my eyes on their hands and cocks.

The other two grabbed their cocks and slowly started working them for me. Fingers dancing, fists stroking and tugging. You know you would think there was really only one way to do it, but it’s interesting to watch. I’ve seen a lot of guys jerk off for me and it never ceases to amaze me. But, it’s beautiful watching those big strong hands doing something so delicate. It’s usually more than just tugging on them. You have to know the combination of moves if you want to do it right.

I watched, entranced. All three were hard for me now. The mechanical movement of them pumping together. In sync, out of sync, back in sync again. It reminded me of an animation I saw of the pistons in a car engine. Those fucking stiff fleshy obelisks begging for release. I could see the pre-cum at the tips. I slipped two fingers inside me and closed my eyes. I let the orgasm take me. My pussy tightened and I was floating. My eyes opened and I was shaking a bit. They were staring at me, panting.

I licked my fingers, then stood up. I pushed the coffee table back to the side and got down and crawled over to them. Standing up straight and proud for me, my throbbing cocks. I went straight for the one in the middle, the one I’d had in my mouth before. I ran my hands up his legs and cupped his balls in my hands. Warm and heavy. He moved his hands away, I squeezed and looked up at him. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started to jerk him slowly. I leaned forward and wrapped my mouth around it sucking him hard and working my tongue around it.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and started fucking my mouth slowly. I watched the lust in his eyes grow and I reached for the cocks on either side. No hands, I let him fuck my mouth deep, never taking my mouth off of it while I jerked the other two. I could hear them breathing heavy, saying dirty little things to me one moment and begging the next.

I felt my lover come up behind me and pull my hips up. I assumed it was him, or he had more in the house I didn’t know about, but I recognize the feeling of his hands canlı casino siteleri on me. The tip of his cock slid from my ass to my pussy and made the circuit a few times more before he was pushing inside me. My pussy was still sore from the fucking I’d been taking most of the night. It hurt, but in that good way, I didn’t want him to stop. I pushed back into him and felt his hands tighten on my hips. Mmmm. He was deep. He started fucking me slow. His cock feels sooo fucking good inside of me. My blow job became a hummer and I was jerking the other two to the rhythm I was being fucked. Oh fuck yes. My baby knows how to fuck me..

I started cumming, and he went deep with a couple of hard thrusts. He was talking to me, calling me names, slapping my ass hard. He was fucking worked up watching, feeling how hard he was inside of me, hewasn’t going to last much longer. His cock exploded, hot sticky cum streaming and filling me up. He moaned for me before his hands went weak and were shaking. He slid out of me and I felt his cum leaking out of me. My poor pussy. After tonite I was going to need some serious rest. He patted my ass weakly, then I felt him stroking my back followed by a kiss on my shoulder.

The guys had been watching and cheering him on, growling their approval. Their comments getting more and more aggressive as their cocks got harder. My hair was being pulled harder and the dick in my mouth was aiming for the back of my throat, but then stopped.

He smiled down at me and he lifted my head off his cock. Oh he was fucking hard. I released my grips on the other two for a moment as he helped me to my feet. He maneuvered behind me and pushed me to my knees on the couch. Lifting my hips and pushing my head down on the back of the couch he pulled me apart and slid his slippery cock from my asshole to my pussy. He rubbed slowly, taking his time. The tip of his cock stopped and pushed inside my pussy. He smacked my ass and slid into me deep. A few strokes and he was all the way in.

I rested my head on the back of the couch settling in for a good fucking. I reached out to find the cocks on either side on me. He slid out of me, a minute laterl I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole. His hand on my hip started pulling me back. I took a deep breath and relaxed. It popped to mind that I hadn’t had anal tonite. I found that odd. I love a cock in my ass. The orgasms makes me squirt.

I moaned and pushed back, my asshole relaxed and opened up. It didn’t take long before his balls were against my pussy…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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