Another Summer Day, New Friends

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It was later in the summer of my 18th year. My older neighbor, Mike, and I had shared my first m2m experience earlier that season. It had been a mutual, VERY enjoyable time. The feeling of comfort, safety and sensual lust…I don’t think it could have gone any better!

Here’s a quick reminder of my neighbor: He was a “cool guy,” a little taller than my own 6-foot-1, good looking and fit, but with a little extra padding. He was in his late 40s/early 50s and married to an OK-looking wife. They had a nice, clean home in our suburban neighborhood with a private, fenced backyard that ran next to our shared alley.

A few weeks after our first experience, I was over at his house doing a little yardwork. It was nothing much, just pruning a couple of trees, trimming some hedges; just a neighbor kid helping out a cool guy. It was warm, so he suggested we take our shirts off. It wasn’t an unusual suggestion, though I had an interesting feeling that that day just might be another fun one.

Now the last time we’d been alone together, we had gotten comfortable enough to explore each other. We’d broken the ice, as it were, by watching a little porn, which led to some pleasant mutual fondling and then the hottest experience of my young life — so far.

After some playtime in his garage, we’d made our way back into his house, and with his gentle guidance, I got to touch and suck my first cock. The memory still gets me rock hard to this day! If you’d like a quick reminder, I suggest you read my earlier tale, “My First M2M Experience.”

Anyway, as we were working, Mike casually brought up our good time together and asked me if I ever thought about it. I glanced down, smiled somewhat shyly and nodded yes.

“All the time,” I managed to eke out.

He laughed and said he thought about it a lot as well. He mentioned that he’d “casually” told a good friend of his about our shared fun, adding that he hoped that didn’t upset me. For some reason, it didn’t. I trusted Mike, and my young lusts were aflame again.

He said his buddy, Tom, was another guy in our ‘hood, a bit older than himself, probably in his canlı bahis şirketleri mid-to-late 60’s. “Just another regular, ole guy, retired, and living out his golden years.” It seemed Tom’s wife had passed away several years prior, and he and Mike had taken up a friendship. “Nice enough dude,” Mike said. “Kind of a loner. He didn’t know too many people in the area anymore, really.”

I just listened. I liked to hear Mike talk, and as I’ve said before, there was something about an older man that just captivated my attention, not to mention my young lust.

“Yeah, Tom’s said he’d seen you around, here and there. He said he thought you were quite the looker!”

I’m sure I blushed, not exactly how to respond to the compliment.

“Anyway,” Mike continued, “I invited him over to hang out, maybe have a beer with us, whaddya think about that?”

I mumbled something like “that sounds like fun,” yet I could feel a stirring in my cock. “When were you guys thinking about doing that?” I asked, hoping my voice didn’t give away my impending excitement.

Just then, we heard a voice holler over the fence, “Hey Mike…you home?”

“Well, speak of the devil himself,” Mike said, dropping a quick wink at me before hollering back over the fence: “We’re out here in the backyard, Tom. Gates’s unlocked. Mind you throw the catch when you come in!”

I glanced up, squinting into the halo of sun that surrounded our visitor. As he stepped forward, his tall frame blocked out the haze, and I got my first glimpse of Mike’s pal. He was also tall — I’d put him around 6-foot-3 — with a full head of grey hair bordering on white, solid build with a bit of a belly. Due to the temperature, he was dressed in a pair of madras shorts and a short-sleeved button-up.

“Hey there neighbor” he intoned, putting his hand out to shake Mike’s. He turned to me with a pleasant smile, arm outstretched and said, “And you must be Dave. Heard a lot of nice things about you son!”

I reached out to accept his shake, my hand all but swallowed up in his firm grip. I’ll admit my knees went a little weak when I heard canlı kaçak iddaa this attractive older man call me “son.”

“It’s very nice to meet you as well, sir,” I said.

“No, no,” he chuckled, “no need for ‘sirs’ here amongst buddies my boy!” But with a sly glance, and a low wink at Mike, he said, “Not yet anyway, right boys?”

We all had a quick laugh at that, then Tom asked what we were up to. My neighbor quickly broke down that we’d just finished trimming and were about to have a cool drink if he’d care to join us.

“It’s getting a bit warm out here anyway, so why don’t we gather up these tools and toss ’em in the garage.” Mike said.

Chapter 2

I quickly gathered up the trimmer, rake and everything else we’d used and made my way to the side door of the garage.

“Quite the helper ya got the Mike,” Tom said. “I need to find myself an upwardly mobile young man myself one of these days!”

I felt my cheeks redden and found myself saying, “I could give you a hand sometime, if you need. If you think I could be of some assistance, that is.” I heard a low chuckle from the two mature men as they followed me into the back building. My unseen blush deepened.

As I was hanging up the tools, I heard the sound of a couple of cans cracking open. I turned to see the two men upended their beers. It was a little cooler in the garage out of the direct sun, and I felt my nipples start to firm up.

“Well, that’s right neighborly of you, Son. Real fine!” Tom said.

Mike glanced at me, then passed a look at Tom, saying, “Dave’s a good kid, although he’s filling out to be quite the man this summer!” I didn’t have anything to say, so I kind of just shuffled my feet. The silence and a slight tension hung in the air.

“I see you’ve still got that old reel-to-reel projector out here buddy,” The older gentlemen said. “Molly [Mike’s wife] got ya keepin’ it outside.”

Mike guffawed. “Yeah, she doesn’t see the point anymore, at least since we got that new VHS machine in the house. She can watch all her shows on the box inside these days.”

I thought back to canlı kaçak bahis the first time Mike and I had watched a movie on the projector, the real beginning of our playtime.

“I still like it though,” said Mike, his large hand dropping down to adjust his swelling crotch. “I still got some great flicks for that baby. Why, Dave here and I watched one not too long ago I seem to remember us enjoying!” He winked at me, and I grinned back. “At least I seem to remember we did. Ain’t that right, Davie?”

He dropped an arm around my bare shoulders, and I replied, quickly, “Oh yes, sir!”

I felt Tom’s presence draw smoothly closer. I looked up. His smile was infectious as he reached out and rumpled my hair in his big hand. “Did you two have a good time together Son?” he asked huskily.

I could almost feel the heat coming off of him as I nodded my head. “I had a great time that day,” I almost whispered. I turned to Mike and found his smile reassuring. “Didn’t you sir?”

I felt Mike’s arm leave my shoulder and move down my bare back. “I did indeed…Son.” His manly hand cupped my young buttcheek. “I most DEFINITELY did!”

I basked in his approval and felt myself press slightly back into his embrace. My teen cock throbbed as I let this mature man grope me.

Tom’s voice was thick as he said, “I’ll bet that was quite a sight,” and tousled my hair. I felt the sexual tension as this new man, this new Daddy, sized me up. His gaze intent, he ran his coarse finger down my hairless chest, his thick finger tracing my now painfully stiff nipple.

My eyes were glazed as Tom tugged on my young teat, then I strained into his grip as he lowered his heavy paw onto my bulging young meat. “You like Daddy feeling up that young cock Son?”

“Yes!”, I gushed. “Yes, Daddy.”

Mike’s own hand left my ass and found my hand. He placed my trembling fingers on Tom’s massive bulge. “I think he likes what you’re packing, Tom. You like Mr. Tom’s cock, Davie?” I could only nod mutely, my fingers wrapping tightly around the hot thickness forcing its way through the denim. “You want to feel it, now, don’t you?”

“Please!” I heard myself beg. Then, taking the back of my neck in his other heavy hand Tom pulled my ear in close to his lips. “If you take Daddy’s cock out, you’re gonna have to be my good little Boy. Do you want to be Daddy’s good boy, Son?”

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