Art Teacher Romance Ch. 07

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This is Chapter 7 of the Art Teacher Romance Series. I think this story benefits if you, the reader, know a little bit about the background of the two main characters, Terry and Anne. I recommend that you read at least one of the prior chapters; and I hope you will be inspired to read them all.

Also, you might enjoy the “Art Class with Julie” series which appears in the Erotic Couplings section. Terry, one of the two main characters in this story, is first introduced in “Art Class with Julie Chapter 03.” Other characters appearing here were first introduced in that series as well.

Comments and criticism is always welcome.

The highway stretched out for miles ahead. The flat Illinois landscape was broken up only by farm houses, barns and silos. Puffy white clouds added depth to the blue sky. For all its beauty, the landscape did nothing to stir Terry from her melancholy mood. After two hours of driving, she finally hit the city limits. La Salle, Illinois; Terry’s home town. Ten minutes after crossing the city line she was pulling her car into her father’s driveway. The little house where she grew was situated on an acre of open land. She tried to visit her father every month, just to check up on him. But she also came back when she needed the feeling of home.

“Kitten!” John Andrews shouted when he saw Terry come into in the house. Terry’s father, John, was a strapping big man, six foot five inches tall, topped off by thinning straw colored hair. He wore blue dungarees, a tan colored canvas shirt, and broken in work boots. This was how he dressed every day but Sunday. John Andrews was the only man Terry ever truly loved. Terry ran up to her dad, wrapped her arms around his big body and hugged him tight.

John had been calling Terry ‘Kitten’ pretty much all her life. Certainly as long as she could remember; probably even before her mother died when Terry was just three years old. Growing up after that it had always been just been Big John Andrews and his daughter Terry. She didn’t allow anyone else to call her ‘kitten;’ not even her step mother, who John married after Terry left for college.

Terry had no secrets from her father; not about her life style and not about her friends. John knew that Terry wouldn’t be bringing home a son-in-law for him. That wasn’t Terry. John understood and simply wanted his daughter to be happy. But today he could tell she was not happy.

“Why the long face, Kitten” John asked holding his daughter at arms length to look intently into her eyes.

“Oh, Daddy,” Terry whispered, as she slipped back into his arms, rested her head his against his chest, and started to cry. John held her tight, patting her back gently with his big bear claw hands. After two or three minutes of this, Terry settled down.

“Take yourself a minute, Kitten,’ John said. “Go upstairs and wash your face, put on some comfy clothes. Then come back down here and tell me what has you so upset.”

Terry stood on her tippy toes, kissed her father’s cheek, and ran upstairs. She went into her old bedroom. Her father had updated the room since she first left home for college fifteen years ago. It was still a girl’s room, pink roses on the wall paper, lacey curtains covering the windows, but not a little girl’s room anymore. It was still Terry’s room. She took off her shirt and faded jeans, tossed them into the corner for later; a teenage habit that only reemerged when she was back at her father’s house. She walked into the bathroom where she took off her bra and panties. She wanted to take a shower before talking to her father. He’d understand the delay.

She started the water in the tub to let it get hot and then turned the lever to shift the flow up to the shower, stepping into the bathtub just as the hot water started raining down. Terry let the warm water wash over her head, down her breasts, along her thighs; the warmth soaking into her emotionally exhausted body. She could feel her muscles loosening up; she realized that she had been clenching her back and shoulders together, maybe for the whole time she was driving from Chicago. As her whole body finally relaxed, Terry felt the intense urge to pee. Making sure the drain was open, she let go with a hot stream. Her pee merged into the water flowing down her belly and over the vee of her crotch; then swirled down into the drain.

Now fully relaxed, she took a step backward in the tub, allowing the force of the shower spray to pound against her pubic hair. The first ripples of pleasure soon radiated from her pussy. Not really thinking, but only moving as the need came over her, she used the middle finger of her right hand to lightly caress her inner pussy lips for a minute or so. The water from the shower continued to pound down on her as she slowly moved her finger up along the side of her clitoris. Terry leaned back, tilting her head back slightly, to allow the full force of the shower to come down on the hood protecting her delicate flower bud. She continued to stroke along side her clit, focusing all of the sensations güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on this one little point of pleasure. She felt her knees start to wiggle as the first waves of an orgasm began to course through her body. Terry quickened the motion of her hand, as she felt contractions in her sphincter and high up in her pussy. A small squeal of pleasure peeped out of her throat as she gasped for breath. When she was done, Terry stayed in the shower for three or more four minutes, regaining her composure. Then she got out, dressed and went back downstairs to talk to her father.

“Hey! Wait a minute, young lady,” John bellowed as Terry came down the stairs. “That shirt was hanging up neatly in my closet the last time I looked!”

“Yep, that’s exactly where I found it; hanging up in your closet,” Terry answered, a smile fully taking over her pretty face. The first smile her father had seen from her this visit. For as long as she could remember, Terry was always the most comfortable when she could wrap herself up in one of her fathers big shirts.

“Oh, heck, its worth giving up a shirt just to see you smile. Now come on, Kitten, sit down on the couch and tell me what’s got you so upset.”

Terry knew she’d have to tell her father, well not exactly everything, but enough so he could see what she’d been through. And really, that’s pretty much why she came for this visit. Her Daddy would understand her. Terry sat on the couch; John sat down next to her. Terry leaned her head against her father’s shoulder.

“I’ve been seeing someone, Daddy,” Terry began. “Her name is Anne.” Terry explained how she and Anne had met three months earlier on the North Shore commuter train in Chicago; and how they lived in neighboring suburbs. “Anne is really wonderful. Pretty. Caring. I kind of fell for her right from the start. And you know, that hasn’t really happened very much for me.”

“I know, Kitten, you’ve always been kind of picky with your friends.” John reached over and took his daughter’s hand, comforting her with that simple gesture.

“Well, unfortunately, I don’t always make the best choices. Anne is married to a guy she loves. They’ve been married for twenty two years. She’s a little older then me, as you probably figured. She even has two kids in college. So I guess I should have known right from the start that getting involved with her was a big mistake. And it really was my mistake. I kind of pushed and she kind of let me and next thing I knew, well, you know.” Terry could talk to her father about anything, but the details were never necessary. John knew what two people could do; it didn’t matter their gender. That part wasn’t important and he didn’t need to hear it.

“I’d see Anne maybe two or three days a week, when her husband was in New York on business. He’s in finance or something like that. So for two or three nights each week, I could be with her. The rest of the time, I’d work, or spend the weekends painting, getting ready for my gallery opening. The last three months have been really happy.”

“I thought you seemed sort of flighty the last time you were here,” John said, referring to Terry’s visit on Easter weekend.

“Yep, that was pretty much right in the middle of everything.”

“Well, I’m not sure how I feel about my daughter getting involved with someone who is married. What did you think would happen, Kitten?”

“I didn’t really want to think about it, I guess,” Terry said, accepting the mild rebuke from her father. “I knew that I couldn’t see Anne all the time. But when we were together, I was so happy; I figured I could put up with it if I didn’t think about it too much.”

“But?” John asked.

“But, then I started to think about it.”

Terry’s thoughts drifted back to Wednesday, just two days ago. She had arrived at Anne’s house at 5:30. Terry had stopped off at the supermarket to pick up two fish fillets and some vegetables for their dinner. Anne was waiting for her; she had already poured two glasses of chilled white wine and had a soft jazz mix playing on the stereo. As had become their custom, Terry and Anne split the cooking chores; Terry prepared the fish while Anne made the salad. Both women enjoyed the closeness that came from working in a kitchen together. When dinner was ready, they sat side-by-side at the counter and began to eat.

“How was class today?” Anne asked.

“Pretty good,” Terry answered as she cut into her fillet. “We’ve started working on painting complex geometries; arches with Roman columns, soccer balls flying into goals. It sounds easy, but the shading and perspective always catch the students. They need the practice and an occasional correction from me. So it’s not that exciting, but technically demanding. Some of the kids get it, some of them don’t.”

“What about Julie, is she in that class?”

“Uh, huh,” Terry smiled. “Why? Do you want me to invite her over so she can do a painting of the two of us? That could make for some interesting geometries. Maybe something a little indecent? güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Or a lot indecent? She could do something with me burying my tongue into your dripping pussy. Or maybe us going down on each other, sort of a sixty nine kind of thing.” Terry popped a piece of fish into her mouth.

Anne laughed even though Terry was being a lot more crude then Anne was usually comfortable with. “Stop it. You’re terrible. I was just asking about her. She’s a very nice young woman.”

“Yep, with a very nice boyfriend. Lucky guy if you ask me.” Terry leered at Anne while she said this.

“You wouldn’t touch her, would you?”

“I’ve thought about that. I don’t think so; certainly not while she’s my student. That’s just wrong. And she’s a lot younger then me, too.”

“Hey wait a minute,” Anne interrupted. “Julie’s only ten years younger then you. You’re twelve years younger then me. Am I robbing the cradle?”

“Sure you are. Keep up the good work.” Both women giggled at the joke.

“So, what are you doing this weekend?” Terry asked as she took another sip of wine.

“Well, on Friday, Rob and I are going out for an anniversary dinner. Twenty two years; I can’t believe it’s been so long. We’re going to the Country Club. Sylvia and her husband are treating us. You remember Sylvia?”

“Red hair; great tits but fake, cute ass, likes you to watch her in the steam room? I remember her.”

“She doesn’t like me to watch her; that just happened. But I guess you got all the rest of it right. Anyway, that’s Friday night. Then during the weekend we have to pick up our daughter. Her finals are over tomorrow, and we promised to drive out to bring her home. So that’s Saturday driving out there and Sunday driving back.”

“So she’ll be home all summer?” Terry asked, a concerned note in her voice.

“Sure. Schools over; she’ll be home.” Anne said finishing off the last drops of wine in her glass and then refilling it half way. Terry and Anne finished their meal in relative quiet, only the background jazz music filling the silence. When they finished, Anne washed the dishes and Terry dried.

“Come on, let’s watch some television before we head up to bed,” Anne suggested as they both moved over to the large sofa facing the television.

“Anne, before you turn on the TV we need to talk.”

“Sure; what about?”

“Well don’t you see. Your daughter’s coming home. Tonight I’m going to sleep with you in your guest room, the same as we’ve done every Tuesday and Wednesday night for the last three months. But your daughter’s coming home. We can’t keep doing this. I certainly can’t be here with you when she’s around. And you’ve been married for twenty two years. Anne what have I done to you? I know you love your husband. You’ve told me that. What if he finds out about us? I don’t want to be a home breaker. I don’t want to be responsible for breaking up your marriage. I’d hate myself if I ruined your children’s home. We’ve got to stop this.”

“Wait. Wait. Wait. You’re going too fast for me. Even when my daughter is home, I could still stop by your house sometimes.”

“What? For a little afternoon nookie?” Terry said with just a touch of spite in her voice. “Now you’re not being fair to me. I like being with you. It’s not just about the sex for me.”

“Terry, you’re scaring me a little.”

“I’m sorry Anne. I’m kind of scared too.”

“I’ve been living in the moment with you. I figured we could just keep being together like we’ve been.” Anne said.

“I’m not sure I’ve been much better about this.”

“Terry, I don’t want to lose you.” Anne said; the first sign of a tear started to form in her right eye.

“You aren’t. You won’t. That’s not what I want either. But I think we have to break this up.”

“Break it up?”

“Us. I think we have to stop sleeping together. I mean making love. We can’t have that kind of relationship” Terry said with a crack in her voice.

“Will we be able to have any other kind of relationship?” Anne asked. Tears were streaming down both cheeks.

“I don’t know. I’m willing to try. I want to try. I don’t want to lose you as my friend.”

“Oh, Terry,” Anne whispered as she pressed her face against Terry’s shoulder. Terry rubbed Anne’s back to calm her down.

“Look, Anne. Everything’s going to change. We’ll have to work a little harder at being friends and not jumping into bed with each other. That’s the relationship you have with most of your friends. You don’t go down on Sylvia every time you’re in the locker room together?” Terry said, with a silly tone to her voice. “Okay, maybe that was a bad example. But you know what I mean. We can do it.”

“I want to try.” Anne said through a series of sniffles.

“The one good thing is, we don’t have to start until tomorrow. Tonight, I get to treat you like a queen” Terry proclaimed, bringing a big grin to Anne’s face.

Terry stood and helped Anne get up from the couch. Television would wait for another day. Holding hands, güvenilir bahis şirketleri the two women made their way upstairs to the guest bedroom. Their bedroom. As they entered, Terry grabbed Anne around the waist and pulled her in close. Terry kissed Anne with hard pressed lips, slipping her tongue into Anne’s mouth. Terry rubbed her hands firmly against Anne’s back, the strong grasp pressing both women’s breasts tight against each other. Terry slid both of her hands down to Anne’s butt, squeezing her cheeks in a firm grip. Anne responded by mashing her crotch against Terry’s.

Terry released her grip so she could undress Anne. Terry started with her blouse buttons and then pulled the opened shirt off of Anne. Next, Terry released the hook on Anne’s skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor. Anne kicked off her shoes at the same time she stepped out of the skirt bunched up at her ankles. Anne stood in front of Terry in just a light purple sheer bra and matching bikini brief panties. Terry pulled the stretch fabric bra up over Anne’s head, releasing her small, firm breasts. To Terry, Anne had the best breasts of any lover she had ever had. With Anne standing in front of her, Terry could perfectly cup each breast in a hand. Anne’s nipples were slowly hardening under Terry’s attention. When they were fully erect, Terry bent down and lightly licked each nipple, sucking them into her mouth one at a time.

Terry directed Anne over to the bed. “Lie down,” Terry said as she pulled the covers back While Anne got comfortable, Terry quickly got undressed. Her own light weight denim shirt was held closed by a row of snaps, which quickly popped open. She dropped her jeans with the flick of her hand and kicked off her tennis shoes nearly as quickly. Reaching back, she unsnapped her bra, tossing it to the side. Her breasts were larger then Anne’s but not huge. The nipples and areolas colored a large section of the front of each breast. Terry put her fingers in the sides of her thong underwear and pulled them down. She stood alongside Anne fully naked.

Anne lay in the bed, head resting comfortably on the pillow. She felt excited but slightly worn down. The discussion with Terry about breaking up their relationship had dampened her spirit, much the way that a good blues song can change your mood from giddy to mellow before it plays through.

Terry began gently rubbing her hands on Anne’s breasts. She made sure to move her hands all around, not spending more or less time on a nipple, or the soft undersides. Just smooth, consistent stroking. Next Terry lay down on the bed next to Anne. Using just the tip of her tongue, Terry outlined the edges of Anne’s right ear, tickling the little hairs along the way. Anne sighed with pleasure.

Terry continued using just her tongue to connect with Anne, moving down to the crease above Anne’s arm pit. The soft, delicate skin there served a double pleasure: for Anne the stroking sensation sent pleasant ripples through her body; for Terry the light musky smell caused her own pussy to swell. Terry did not linger, though, moving back to flick her tongue again across Anne’s nipples; first the right side, then the left. With Anne now fully aroused, Terry used her left hand to gently stroke Anne’s wet pussy. Terry first pressed down on Anne’s pubic bone, moving her hand in a circular motion to spread the sensation. Using the same hand, she ran her middle finger up and down through Anne’s extended inner pussy lips. They parted easily, allowing Terry access to her intensly lubricated hole. Terry penetrated Anne with the full length of her middle finger, stroking up as she did so, then pulling her finger out. Terry repeated this same motion several times as Anne began to moan with pleasure. Soon, Anne was pushing her pelvis up to meet Terry’s hand. Terry simply left her hand pressed against Anne, her finger deep inside, rubbing back and forth. Anne came quickly, squeezing her thighs together against Terry fingers before settling back down against the sheets.

Terry was not finished. As this was to be their last time together as lovers, Terry wanted to prolong their love making for as long as possible. Terry rolled on top of Anne, sliding her right thigh between both of Anne’s thighs. When Terry turned slightly to the side, the two women’s pussies were essentially rubbing against each other. Terry and Anne used this position frequently as it provided a balanced experience in their limited love making opportunities. Rubbing back and forth, Terry felt her own pleasure rising. She pressed her hips down against Anne. For her part, Anne grabbed Terry’s ass and pulled the two of them tightly together. Anne began grinding her hips against Terry, magnifying the pleasure for both women. Terry felt her own pussy swelling with pleasure. She was very close to cumming. With her hands still holding onto Terry’s ass, Anne slipped her middle finger down to wet it in the lubrication seeping from Terry’s pussy. Then she slowly pressed it into Terry’s anus, just up to the second joint. The sensation was far beyond Terry’s expectations. Her sphincter clamped tight on Anne’s finger, while her abdominal muscles contracted and pushed downward. Terry was sure she saw stars shooting in her eyelids as her orgasm rolled through her body. Anne’s second orgasm followed quickly after feeling the extreme reaction of Terry’s body.

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