Ashley’s Plot: The Fuck Forest

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As Ashley walked up to the entrance of the Forest of monsters her legs trembled. For in all her endeavors to reclaim the relics of her once all powerful tribe she had never had to leave so much to chance. She knew that the monsters of this forest were violently evil and cruel. Still she had to get the next relic if she ever hoped to restore her tribe to the power they once had.

“Ashley wait up, ” Brawlen running full force up to meet her carrying all his and her gear. Swords, armor, magic spells and other items that they thought they might need. “You forgot this.” He handed her a small bottle of dark yellow liquid.

” Oh thank you Brawlen baby. I’ve been so wrapped up in thought that I had forgotten to cast the protection spell. ” She opened the small bottle and poured its’ contents over her head. She chanted an old tribal spell and the dragon urine turned her blue skin green as it flowed over her body covering more than the bottle could have possibly held. Her spell complete she took the silver armor and sword and the bag of spells and strode into the forest leaving Brawlen behind.

“Ashley stop. ” Brawlen was desperately trying to get ready faster as not to lose her. He tried to use the dragon piss but he couldn’t remember the spell. So he just smelled of pee and had no protection. He grabbed his sword and ran after her. His armor still lay on the ground. As he chased after her his massive tattooed body rippled with power his love of her was so deep that he forced a bond with her. ” Ashley I’m coming wait for me. “

Her body stopped in mid-step as her mind felt him. “Brawlen how did you do this. ” She turned around and he embraced her. His powerful arms pulling her closer to him. His lips pushed against hers and his tongue darted down her throat.

” Don’t leave me like that ever again. ” Brawlen was commanding. This quest had brought out the warrior in him. “Now lets get your relic back. ” He took the lead and Ashley fell in behind him.

As they carefully tread through the wood her eyes never left Brawlen’s body. Her cunt started to get moist as his body moved before her. The rubbing of her pants on her crotch was driving her mad. Her hand moved down between her legs and worked her clit. Rubbing her nub she started to fall behind as Brawlen stalked forward. Placing her arm against an old fur tree to steady herself as she rocked on her hand to an orgasm. Bringing her shaking hand to her mouth she sucked her sex off it.

When Ashley had finished and composed herself she called out to Brawlen: No response. She became nervous as she found that she did have deeper feelings for him-not just as a fuck toy-And was worried for his safety. Ashley should have worried for herself. Her guard down the forest seized the chance to molest her. Vines on the forest floor moved to her legs and wrapped around them. Pulling her legs out from under her she panicked as she saw her legs, Blue skin streaked with green. No, She thought. Her cum had washed off the dragon urine leaving her unprotected from the waist down.

Vines pushed up in to her sex. Ashley gasped as three vines pumped her cunt filling her. More of the over grown vegetation pushed into her cunt bringing the number of vines to nine. The nine three inch thick fake cocks jerked in and out of her once tight hole. Her pussy was creaming around the vines. As the vines pulled out they shot greenish liquid all over her quivering body washing away the rest of the protection spell. As she rubbed the vines cum into her skin she was pissed off. That fucking dragon lied to me, I blew him for over an hour and let him fuck my ass; he even had me eat a load of his shit, Just so I could get him to piss for my spell and it didn’t work I still got raped by the forest. ” I’ll have to make sure I thank him once I’m done here.”

“Ah I need you, Fill me with your cum. Piss all over me. I’ll do anything you want. ” A sing song voice rang in Brawlen head. Brawlen had lost Ashley but he didn’t care. He had a need to find who sang this song that haunted him. He came to a clearing and there was a pond. The pond was golden and there was a woman in the water. Not just any woman, this was lust given form. She reached out to Brawlen and he walked into the warm water, into her arms. His hands grasped her breasts roughly and she moaned into his ear. He licked her nipples and bit them as they grew to two inches long and turned dark red. His hands pulled her hair back. She looked up in to the night sky and he thrust his cock into her twat. He pumped her hard splashing water into her ass.

“Fuck my ass. Make it bleed. Please. ” Her eyes pleaded with him to use her hole. The stunning woman flipped around and Brawlen pulled out of her pussy. Slamming into her small asshole it tore and blood flowed around him as he fucked her ass harder than he had ever done anything. She cried and he couldn’t care less he was mad with lust as he pounded her bloody ass in to pulp.

“Fucking whore take it all,Yes. ” Brawlen shot his load up her ass. He canlı bahis şirketleri tried to remove his cock from her ass but he was held tight her blood had formed tiny but strong tendrils that griped his cock. She laughed at him and swam down under the water pulling him with by his cock. He fought hard to free himself but his cock was firmly held in her ass. He was doomed.

Ashley had pulled herself off the forest floor and made her way deeper in to the wooded hell. As she passed a clearing she thought she heard Brawlen’s voice warning her.

“Don’t go near the water Ashley. “

She turned and walked farther down a long forgotten trail. She had walked very far without any more trouble. When out of the air fell a huge boulder that landed right in front of her.

“Hoe what brings your fine ass up in this here forest. ” A giant black rock man stopped her on the trail. He held a fistful of chains that stretched behind him in to the darkness. She heard a low growl and grew fearful of what would happen to her.

“I wish to pass. I need to get to the center of the forest. ” She felt no need to lie to him as he seemed to know already.

“If you wish to pass by me you must fuck my pets. ” He rattled the chains and four monsters came out of the darkness.

The first one she saw was a wolf that walked like a man. The man-wolf had the head of a wolf the body of a man, The legs and arms of a wolf. He smiled a toothy grin of broken and rotted black slime covered teeth. In between his legs hung a fair sized cock but it was knobby. He howled; His eyes burned for her but were black as coal.

The man-wolf pounced on Ashley ripping the rest of her armor and clothes off. He tore into her flesh with his claws leaving her naked and bleeding. ” My name is Keima, ” His voice was low and growly, ” And I’m going to fuck you first with this. ” He was jerking his knobby cock to full erection and when done it looked like a gnarled tree branch.

Ashley dropped to her knees to worship his cock. Opening her mouth she took his meaty cock down her throat. She worked his hanging nuts with one hand and fingered his ass with the other. He grabbed handfuls of her hair, Pulling her face down his two foot cock till her nose was buried in his thick fur patch. Her mouth working hard to suck his juices. She was loving this full feeling in her mouth when the cock grew bigger knotting up pushing her jaw wider then it has ever gone. He fucked her mouth faster, pumped harder and filled her mouth with his were-cum. He still didn’t pull out his knot still locked in her throat he relaxed and pissed in her mouth. She gulped it down and he filled her mouth again. Her belly full of cum and piss she was happy. The man-wolf pulled his cock out of her mouth with a load pop. He laid down at his masters feet and groomed himself.

Ashley sat there with her face destroyed. “More, Fuck me you beasts, Now. ”

A bull-man that was as wide as he was tall walked up, Pulled out his cock and pissed at her. The head of his cock was huge and the cock itself was monstrously large. Ashley knew that she could not take that in her mouth so she got on her hands and knees. Taking her were-shit covered fingers slid them in her ass, Pulling and stretching her anal ring. She worked her hand up in to her shit hole. Harder, She pushed her arm sinking in to her forearm. Her hand came out covered in her shit. She wiped it on her tongue and smeared it on her face.

“I want you to know who it was that wreaked you ass for life Ashley, So when you cum from my cock in your ass call me Minataros. ” The massive Minataros towered over her cock in hand jacking it hard.

“Pound the shit out of my ass mighty Minataros. ” Ashley had placed her head down in the puddle of piss he had sprayed at her. Her ass pointed up so he could drive his cock in all the way.

He placed the head of his cock at her bud and rammed in to her. Ashley yelped in pain and got a mouthful of his piss as he placed his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart gaping her ass. Her ass pulled and sucked his cock deeper into her.

” Oh fucking lords, Oh no, No, Yes, Oh yes; I’m cumming oh fuck: Yes oh yes, Again. Oh Minataros my lord my ass is your forever no one will use me like you can. ” Ashley came so hard she shit on his cock.

“You dumb whore I haven’t even fucked you yet. I just put it in. ” Minataros spat at her. His snot covering her back flowed down in to her hair. Hocking another glob of spit he covered her ass it flowed into her around his cock.

“Oh master please I’m done. You fucked me out. I’m so sore. ” Ashley cooed as she fondled his huge nuts. Her cunt was dripping wet.

The Rock God spoke up, “Yo bitch If you quit now you cannot pass. “

“Fine. Fuck me and lets get it over with. ” Ashley was pissed. She had never not gotten her way before, But they saw right through her act.

Minataros pulled his cock back, Pushing Ashley down with one hand, and saw that she had shit on his cock. “I’m going canlı kaçak iddaa to fuck your shit up for this cunt. ” He took his hand, Wiping some of the shit on her hair. And plowed back into her ass. His ring in his nose swung back and forth as he slammed into her harder with ever thrust. Driving her down into the ground her legs buckling under the pressure of his pounding frame. Her face hits the piss puddle with a splash. He fucks her harder pushing her deeper into the ground her head under the piss puddle. She can’t breathe panicking she clenches her ass.

” Yes. ” The man-bull stood up as he came in Ashley’s ass. She was impaled on his cock hanging straight out above the ground ten feet in the air. He pushed her off his cock and she fell with a dull thud on the ground. He shook his cock at her flicking her shit on her body. She opened her mouth and caught some shit in it she chewed it up then licked her hand that had her shit still on it. She cupped her hands and dipped them in the piss bringing them to her mouth she drank deeply.

“Ah that’s good stuff, Who is next. ” Ashley said between slurps.

Ashley was amazed to see a huge metal man walk out. The ebony Rock God called it Robot. It had many cocklike arms and steam come out of it’s head.

“On your back whore.” The robot voice was cold and monotone.

Ashley complied. As she was lowering her self to her back she was struck by a metal cock and fell hitting her head, Hard.

“Ouch, Fucker, Why did you do that. ” Ashley rubbed her head messing up her piss stained hair more than it was. Bits of twigs and grass were tangled up in it.

“You don’t talk. Shut the fuck up cunt. ” The robot shot four of cock tentacles out at her. One landed in her mouth, One in her cunt and two in her ass. They’re really cold Ashley thought. As the robot fired off twelve more cock-tacles. Her body was lifted in the air by two of them. The other ten ravaged her body. As four more joined the two in her ass pulling her apart from the in side, Five more found her cunt pumping her full of robot pre cum. The last one shoved in to her mouth along with its twin slid in to her belly by way of her throat. She flopped around. Getting beat up by the fuck-a-TRON 5000. The ultimate sex machine. It let her cum but only to hurt her worse.

“Fucking robot finish already, Dammit. ” Ashley said with her mouth full of robot cock but it sounded more like, “Ucking glop-ot slurpish ahreadeee. “

The robot was growing tired of toying with her. It began to spin her in circles on the bed of its cocks. As he came with a cock he would pull it out of her. Its cum was flying out of her holes spraying the forest. As each cock left her the speed picked up. Now she had one cock left in her and was spinning so fast that she threw up some of the cum and piss in her belly. It splattered on her body. The robot yanked the cock out of her and she flew through the air landing with a roll at the feet of a dragon.

“Oh fuck me running, What’s up you fire breathing bitch. ” Ashley recognized him as the dragon whose piss was supposed to make a protection spell for her.

“Why hello my dear. How have you been. ” The dragon was smart and wrapped his tail around her blocking any exit.

“What you going to do to me this time. ” Ashley knew she still had to please him to move forward.

“You look hungry. My friends have worn you out. You must be tired. ” Why was he being so nice to me Ashley wondered?

“Yes, I am tired and hungry but please just fuck me so I can move passed you all. ” She stroked the dragons face, Licked his scales all the while fingering herself.

” Then I will feed you, And you can sleep as I fuck you would you like that. ” The dragon said as he smiled slyly.

“Please any thing you want just finish. ” Ashley was getting desperate.

The dragon stood turned around to walk away. “Stop, Please. ” Ashley had started to cry if she did not get the dragon off she wouldn’t be able to get passed the Rock God. The dragon winked at her and farted as he covered her in his shit. From head to toe she was coated not one bare spot of flesh remained.

“If you can finish eating that before I cum on you you’ll be done if not you will finish eating my shit and will then drink my piss, Deal. ” The dragon knew that she could not do it but it would be fun to watch her try.

“OK deal. ” Ashley shoveled load after load of shit in her mouth and chewed till her jaw ached. She no longer found shit gross and she even liked the taste, This helped her get over half her body cleaned off before.

“Ah ha ha ha. I’m cumming bitch come here. ” Ashley walked her shitty feet made it hard to stay upright when she got to the dragon’s cock he blasted her with his cum. Totally drenched she didn’t see the dragon fill a golden goblet with his piss.

“Ashley you must now finish eating everything. ” The dragon snorted.

Ashley was ready for this she calmly rubbed herself smearing the cum in with the shit. She humped the pile of canlı kaçak bahis shit on the ground as she licked her fingers clean. “Oh dragon would you like to make another deal. ” Ashley was thrusting her crotch into the shit her ass humping up and down.

” Good one, What would you have to offer up at this point. ” The dragon thought he held all the cards.

“It is true that a dragon can’t get someone pregnant inless they willingly let it happen, Right. ” Ashley had found a way to ease her suffering for the moment any way.

“Its true so what. ” The dragon hissed. “So have you ever heard of a male dragon fucking impregnateing a elvin bitch? “

” No, Humans some times. So what. “

“So I will willingly let you fuck me and knock me up. How would you like to be the first dragon to do that. ” Ashley had gone to far even if she wanted to stop him there was no way now.

“You will still have to drink half my piss but you can wash yourself in the rest, But oh yes I will Knock you up. ” The dragon mounted her, she guided his huge cock to her cunt hole and looked in his eyes.

“Fuck me. ” He slammed into her with such force she came and on every out stroke she came again. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me, Oh lords fuck me. Cum on baby I want your offspring in me. Shoot me full of your cum.

The dragon had never had a willing woman and never had pussy at that. When he could no longer hold out he came flooding her cunt with baby goo. Ashley held his face and kissed him their tongues mingling.

Ashley’s eyes went wide as she felt new life stir in her womb. Panting she declared” I will come back and we can raise our child together. “

“Fuck that I don’t want no screaming brat around all the time. I just wanted to get you pregnant. Dumb cunt. ” And he flew away.

“Oh well I can pass now right. ” Ashley looked to the Rock God with dragon cum flowing down her legs.

“Not quite yet. ” The Rock God had his cock in hand and was aiming it at her face.

“You want a blow job don’t you. ” Ashley went down on him. He felt like gravel in her mouth. She worked her face on his hard rock cock. Her body drained of energy still she pressed on. “OK fuck my face. “

“Yes, I’m cumming take it all whore. ” The Rock God’s thick cement like cum filled her mouth ran down her throat and sat heavy in her belly.

“Now will you let me pass, Please. ” Said Ashley with the taste of his thick cum still on her tongue.

“You really are a stupid whore. You’ve been in the center of the forest this whole time, look there is the tree of the sprites. ” The Rock God had a good laugh at her.

“Shit you fuckers used me, Got me pregnate. ” Ashley was so pissed she didn’t see the Rock God move.

“You asked to get by us now you can, Not our fault your to stupid to look around before you open your mouth, Your ass and cunt. But the whole getting you knocked up that was you too, If you remember you traded that for not having to eat all Lemnos’ shit, Piss and cum. Now if my memory is correct you have half a goblet of piss to drink still. ” He had picked her up and tossed her into the goblet with a splash.

The dried shit and cum on her body came off in the piss. It floated on the top a nasty film. Ashley dunked her head under to clean her hair and got a large mouthful. Splashing up she took a hard gulp and downed the piss. She looked at the Rock God. ” I like piss so this is no punishment, So fuck you. ” She Drunk more and more some times getting the shitty film mix. It all went down.

The Rock God had long ago left but still Ashley drank the piss. Once she had finished it all she got out and went to the tree. Rubbing the heart inside the diamond the tree opened up and out stepped a tricorn. It was huge, Bigger than the Rock God an almost as big as the dragon. It flapped its’ wings and the three horns on its’ head glowed red, Yellow and blue. It spoke to her.

“Why do you seek me. ” The tricorn’s eyes penetrated her soul.

“I wish to restore me tribe to the glory it once held. ” Ashley was so close to it she could feel it’s heat.

“If you choose the right horn you can make a wish for anything you want but choose wrong and you will pay. It held its’ head down to let her pick. She touched the yellow one. It disappeared and in her hand she held the wand of the sprite queen the relic she had fought so hard to get. “You chose right. ” The bicorn now gave her another chance. “If you would like another wish you can pick again but the same applied if you chose wrong you will pay. “

As Ashley thought about if she needed to risk another trial to get a wish-She already had the wand-or if she should just leave. Brawlen fell into her. Bloody and dying he looked up at her lifting his hand to hers.

“Ashley I’ve found you. ” Brawlen was bleeding from his crotch his cock was ripped and most of it was gone.

” My lords, Brawlen what happened to you. ” There was no response his eyes blank and his skin cold.

Ashley Had forgotten the bicorn. “He may still live if you wish it so. ” The bicorn bent down again. Ashley picked the red one and Brawlen sat up alive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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