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Lisa lay on the soft, goose down comforter listening to the sound of her own deep breathing. As her breasts rose and fell with each breath, the middle finger of her right hand toyed with her thick, rubbery labia, occasionally slipping upward to nudge her still sensitive clitoris, or slip downward over her still tingling entrance. Evidence of her latest tryst slowly dribbled out of her, lubricating her exploring digit as it trickled its way between the cheeks of her shapely ass.

The sound of a car door closing in the driveway was not lost upon her as she thought back to her latest lover’s thick penis and powerful thrusts. Lisa didn’t flinch at all when she heard the front door close, and footsteps approach the bedroom from the entry foyer. She knew her husband was home, and she was more that ready for his arrival.

Matthew slowly made his way down the hallway; his heart threatening to explode from his chest as he thought about the sight that awaited him. His telephone discussion with Lisa earlier in the day had left him excited all day long. While the couple had had several threesomes before, tonight was the first time Lisa had ever brought anyone home for the purpose of having sex without him being there. The thought of his pretty wife in bed with another man while he was at work had kept him painfully erect for the past seven hours. Now it was time to see if she had actually gone through with it. He unbuttoned his shirt as he walked through the doorway and looked at his wife who reclined on their rumpled queen-sized bed.

Lisa turned her head in her husband’s direction as he dropped his work shirt beside the bed. Her tummy quivered in renewed excitement as she watched Matt’s expression. Slipping her finger deep inside her still tingling pussy, she gazed downward to the bulge in his work pants. She heard him gasp quietly as her finger withdrew, revealing the wetness deep inside his wife’s pussy: the wetness caused by the semen of another man.

Matt’s eyes remained riveted to his wife’s cum-filled vagina and the glistening finger which delved in and out of it, spreading the creamy mixture over her blood engorged, widely splayed labia. Stepping out of his pants, and quickly pulling off his shoes and socks, he climbed onto the bed beside Lisa, his left hand unconsciously seeking out, then cupping her still heaving breast.

Lisa quietly broke the silence. “Hello.”

“He was here?” Matt asked, knowing the answer already.

“You just missed him,” Lisa nodded. “You probably passed each other two blocks from the house.”

“You did it?” He asked, again already knowing it to be the case.

“Mmmm yes. He fucked me good. Right here in our bed.”

Releasing her breast, Matt slid his fingertips downward, over his wife’s flat tummy. Lisa shuddered as she closed her eyes to enjoy the feelings she knew would soon come. Slowly withdrawing her own finger from her soaked sex, she parted her legs to give her husband easier access to her still throbbing pussy. Her breathing deepened audibly as the fingertips traced their way through her neatly trimmed pubic mound, and trailed over her erect clitoris. She gasped as his fingertip slid through the slick mixture of fluids, between her labia, and across her entrance. Matt’s own breathing had deepened as well as he felt the result of her latest lover’s most recent visit.

“Did you go down on him?” He asked as his finger slid inside his wife’s cum-filled vagina.

“Mmmm, oh yes,” she replied as her hips rose, driving Matt’s finger deeper inside her. “He has a nice thick cock. I sucked him until he was nice and hard.”

“Did he lick you in return?” Her husband asked as he slowly stroked his finger in and out of her unbelievably wet opening.

“He sure did,” she replied as she reached for her husband. Guiding him over her body, she continued. “He kept his tongue inside me for hours.”

Slipping his finger out of his wife, Matthew positioned himself between his wife’s legs, and slid the very tip of his almost painful erection between her thick labia. Lisa sighed as she felt the warmth of her husband’s cock as it teased at her still dripping entrance.

“I came at least five times while he was licking my clit,” she whispered as she felt Matt prepare to penetrate her. Undulating her hips upward to meet him half way, she closed her eyes once again. “Fuck me Matt. Fuck me like Nathan just did.”

Matt needed no further urging. His body slowly moved forward, slipping the entire length of his swollen cock deep inside his freshly fucked wife in one smooth stroke. The couple groaned in unison as Matt’s rigid member buried itself in the buttery slickness of his wife’s semen-flooded vagina. Lisa inhaled deeply through clenched teeth as she felt the very tip of her husband’s thick organ brush past her cervix.

Matthew held his position and looked at his wife’s pretty face, relishing the feeling of her slick, warm tunnel as it slowly milked his cock. Lisa opened her eyes and looked back up at her husband as casino oyna her hips slowly writhed beneath him, creating gentle pressure between her throbbing clitoris and the base of the swollen member.

“You feel so good inside me,” she whispered. “Can you feel his cum in my pussy?”

“Yes,” he hissed. “You’re so hot and wet.”

“He really filled me good,” she replied. “I came so hard I almost passed out.”

Matt’s hips began a slow rocking motion, firmly pressing his cock deeper inside his wife’s semen-soaked vagina. Lisa gasped as the tingling sensation in her clitoris traveled through her body.

“Fuck me hard, Matt,” she moaned. “Fuck me hard and fast.”

Matthew picked up his pace only slightly, thrusting steadily into his panting wife. “I want to enjoy this,” he replied. “I’ve been waiting for this all day.”

Lisa’s hips rocked upward, matching her husband’s thrusts as his pubis met hers. Leaning forward, Matt’s lips met Lisa’s in a deep kiss as his thrusts increased in tempo. Supporting his weight on his elbows, his left and captured her breast and began to gently knead the soft flesh. Lisa broke the kiss and hugged him closer, thrusting her hips violently upward into her husband.

“Your cock is driving me crazy,” she panted in Matt’s ear as she worked her hips into him harder and faster. “It’s pushing his cum out of me. I can feel it running between my cheeks.”

Matthew thrust in and out of his wife faster as she worked her hips against him even harder. Lisa’s inner muscles began to milk at his rigid cock even faster, signaling her approaching orgasm was even closer than he’d realized. Raising up onto his forearms, he redoubled his efforts, pounding his throbbing erection in and out of her quivering pussy at a frantic rate. Lisa looked deeply into her husband’s eyes as she felt the first convulsive wave of her orgasm begin to crash through her.

Matt watched in fascination as Lisa’s cheeks suddenly turned a deep red color and she inhaled deeply. Closing her eyes and forming her lips into a wide oval shape, her upper body suddenly spasmed, propelling her shoulders off the bed as her stomach muscles contracted. Lisa’s face, neck, and chest turned a deep crimson and her breathing stopped all together as her body convulsed in the throes of her orgasm. With a loud guttural groan, she finally exhaled, her inner muscles clamping around Matt’s still rapidly thrusting cock.

Fighting to hold back his own climax, Matthew watched with growing excitement as his wife groaned, panted, and thrashed beneath him. The vaginal muscles surrounding his rigid cock spasmed as they clamped down on his trembling erection. Feeling the pressure build deep inside his loins, he thrust even harder into his still orgasming wife, causing her to shriek incoherently as her orgasm intensified.

“CUM!” Lisa screamed as she felt Matt’s cock expand deep within her heaving body, stretching the very entrance to her spasming pussy.

With a loud shout, Matt felt his first explosion of semen travel up the length of his rapidly thrusting erection, only to erupt deep within the walls of his wife’s still climaxing vagina. She grabbed at his rippling buttocks, pulling him tightly against her wildly thrashing hips as spurt after spurt of his warm semen filled her quivering pussy.

Lisa let out a long, low moan as she felt her orgasm dissipate. Matt continued to pummel her as his cock erupted deep within her, adding his warm load to that of her previous lover. With a final satisfied groan, he collapsed on top of his still gasping wife, his cock still dribbling the last vestiges of his pent up climax deep within her eagerly receptive body.

Sometime during the night, Matthew rolled off of his wife, his now flaccid penis pulling free of its slick enclosure. Lisa woke only briefly enough to cuddle up against him, then quickly falling back to sleep as the combined loads of her two lovers slowly dribbled out of her cum-flooded pussy.

Matt woke up the next morning alone on top of the bed. Looking at the clock, he realized Lisa was already at work, and had been for a couple of hours. Rolling onto his back, and staring up at the ceiling, he smiled to himself as he realized they hadn’t even gotten under the covers the night before. He looked over at her side of the bed, as if looking for evidence that the whole thing hadn’t been a dream. The telltale signs were there on the comforter as he knew they would be. It was only when the pressure in his bladder reached the point it was no longer comfortable to ignore that he got out of bed…

“Executive Services, this is Lisa, how can I help you?” Lisa said into the phone several minutes later.

“Hi. My name’s Matthew and I’m looking for a sexy little brunette to have several hours of hot sweaty sex with. Do you have anything like that in stock?”

Lisa smiled as she recognized her husband’s voice on the phone. “Well, I’m sure we can find someone who might be able to help you out. Were you wanting her services slot oyna for the whole day, or just a quick nooner?”

“Actually,” Matt laughed, “I was thinking about something long term.”

“I know just the person,” she teased.

“So do I,” he replied. “She wore two of us out last night.”

“And she enjoyed every minute of it, too.” Lisa sighed.

“I did too,” Matt replied seriously. “That was one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done.”

Lisa hesitated only a second before answering. “I’ll admit, at first I was scared to death. I like for you to be there when we do things with someone else.”

“I know you do, and I like to be there,” he replied. “But last night was something I’d been thinking about for a very long time. I’m very glad you actually did it.”

Lisa hesitated for another second, then answered, “I am too. Matt, I have to go. Someone just walked in to the office.”

It was the way she had said, “Someone,” that made Matt ask her who was there.

“Nathan’s here to fix the copy machine again,” she said in a quiet voice.

Matt felt his cock throb. “Are you going to get him again?”

“We’ll see,” she replied. “I’ll see you tonight.”

“Ok, sweety, I’ll be home at around 11. Bye bye.”

“Bye bye.”

Lisa put down the phone and turned her chair toward Nathan, who stood before her desk, a toner cartridge in one hand, and his toolbox in the other.

“Well, hello there,” she said with a smile.

“Hi.” Nathan replied, rather shyly.

Sensing his discomfort, she decided her office was not the place for discussion. “Well, I’ll let you into the copy room,” she said, grabbing the key from her center desk drawer.

Nathan followed Lisa out of her office and down the hall to the copy room, his eyes riveted to her shapely behind as it wiggled seductively beneath her lavender skirt. He resisted the almost uncontrollable temptation to reach out and pat the swaying globes of her ass as she stopped to unlock the copy room door. He sighed to himself as she opened the door and stepped inside.

The door automatically closed behind Nathan as he stepped inside. Almost immediately Lisa put her arms around him and looked him deeply in the eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Nathan looked down toward his feet as he thought about how to say what was on his mind. After several seconds, he finally blurted, “I want to apologize for last night.”

Lisa was taken aback by the statement. “Apologize for what?”

“For . . . Well, you know. . . For doing what I did.”

“Good heavens, don’t apologize,” Lisa smiled. “I loved every minute of it.”

Nathan looked back up at Lisa. “I don’t want to be a problem. I don’t want to cause trouble between you and your husband. When you invited me over for a drink, I had every intention of being a gentleman about it. Maybe stay for one drink, then leave. I had no idea we’d end up in bed.”

“Well, it’s not like I didn’t encourage you,” Lisa smiles sweetly. “Why do you think I invited you over?”

“What if your husband finds out?” Nathan asked in mild alarm.

“He already knows,” Lisa said, matter of factly. “He came home right after you left, and picked up where you left off.” Nathan looked at Lisa with a surprised expression on her face. “I called him and told him I wanted to invite you over last night,” she explained. “I told him I wouldn’t mind if you got me into bed.”

“Jesus!” Nathan exclaimed.

“Matt told me to take you to bed, then he would be home to finish what you started,” Lisa continued, her hand reaching down to cup the flaccid, yet still sizable bulge in his slacks.

“He knew?” Nathan asked, incredulously.

Teasing his zipper downward with her hand, Lisa looked deeply into Nathan’s eyes. “He knows, and he approves. He fucked me silly after you left.”

Nathan stiffened as he felt her hand snake its way into his underwear and wrap around his stiffening cock. Looking into the brunette’s eyes, he smiled for the first time. “I wish I’d have known.”

Freeing his thickening organ from his slacks, she smiled at him. “It’s not exactly the type of thing one advertises. Besides, I wanted to see how you’d react before I committed to anything.”

“How did I do?” he smiled as she stroked his cock to complete hardness.

Lisa looked down at her handy work and smiled. “Looks like you did just fine.”

Nathan gaped as Lisa bent forward and let her tongue swirl around the very tip of his now throbbing cock. Taking a more comfortable position on her knees before him, she relaxed on the thickly carpeted floor and suddenly engulfed his erection. His hips slowly rocked forward of their own will as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

Nathan’s groan of pleasure broke the silence as Lisa drew more of the velvety shaft into her mouth, relishing the flavor of him. Slick pre-cum drooled out of the organ as she reached up to unbutton his pants, Nathan’s hands soon came to rest on her shoulders as his pants and canlı casino siteleri underwear fell to his ankles. Lisa worked Nathan’s throbbing cock in and out of her mouth as she fondled his balls. Grasping the shaft by the base, she withdrew it from her mouth and ran her tongue along the underside. He looked downward to find her staring back up at him as she ministered to his hard cock. With a grin, she again closed her eyes and took him as deep into her mouth as she could.

Nathan looked upward and groaned again as her warm mouth began to quickly move back and forth, her tongue scrubbing along the bottom of the crown of his penis.

Occasional sucking noises accentuated the sudden lustiness of the situation. He ran his fingers through her hair as she licked and sucked at his rigid shaft. Suddenly she pulled away from him, leaving his wet cock bouncing in the open air. Lifting her skirt to reveal her pantiless crotch, Lisa again moved toward Nathan.

“I want you to fuck me again, Nathan,” she whispered.

The repairman couldn’t believe what was happening. First the unexpected seduction, and fabulous sex, of the previous night, now this beautiful woman was practically begging him to fuck her. He’d never believed anything like this could ever happen to him. And her husband knew and approved of the whole situation!

He turned to Lisa as she bent over the copier, lifting her skirt, presenting her upturned ass to him. He saw that her labia were thick and glistening with her lubricating fluids as he moved closer to her. Taking his rigid cock in one hand, he reached forward and slowly stroked her fully exposed ass cheeks. The velvety feeling of her creamy globes excited him further. He stroked his already throbbing cock as his fingertips traced their way down to her extremely wet pussy. Positioning himself behind her, he slid an exploratory fingertip between the thick lips. His finger came away coated with her juices as he positioned the tip of his erection at her entrance. Holding her by the hips, he pressed forward, penetrating her slick pussy.

Lisa hissed through clenched teeth as his rigid cock split her labia and slowly slid deep inside her. She marveled at his self control as each inch slid into her. Expecting him to quickly plunge himself, she was pleasantly surprised to find Nathan willing to take his time and enjoy what might be their only chance to fuck like this. Once he was buried completely inside her, he leaned forward even more, increasing the pressure of his hips against her.

Groaning with pleasure once again, he began to slowly withdraw. He slid himself halfway out of the shivering woman, only to bury himself deep inside her once again. Lisa’s hips slowly swayed from side to side as she reveled in the feelings growing deep in her tummy. Nathan leaned forward and reached beneath the sighing woman. Sliding a finger between her swollen labia, he gently strummed her clitoris as his hips took up a smooth, steady rhythm. Lisa moaned and reached for her own breast as Nathan began to thrust into her harder. Gently squeezing a blouse-covered nipple, she rocked her hips back and forth into him. She groaned aloud as his thrusts became more urgent, signaling his climax was rapidly approaching.

Nathan suddenly jumped, his cock pulling free, causing Lisa to look around behind her, and straight into the eyes of her boss.

“I wondered what was taking so long with a simple toner cartridge replacement and paper jam,” he said.

Fearing the worst, Lisa let her skirt drop back down over her hips as she stood up straight. “Well, Robert,” she stammered, “I’m sorry I embarrassed you like this. I’ll be back in the morning to clean out my desk.”

Robert gently held her elbow as she tried to brush past him. “Not to worry,” he said quietly. “I’m a man of discretion. I know how things like this can happen.”

Lisa looked at her boss, her cheeks a deep red with embarrassment and frustration. “What do you mean?” She finally asked.

“I mean that my office is undoubtedly more comfortable than this copy room. It’s certainly more private.”

Nathan, having pulled his underwear and pants back into place watched the interchange between boss and employee in silence. He knew Robert basically held his career in his hands, and that the best thing for him to do was absolutely nothing.

“You mean as long as you get some pussy I’m not fired, right?” Lisa bristled.

“Not at all,” he stated flatly. “I have no intention of firing you. I was simply extending an invitation.”

Lisa looked deep into her boss’ eyes, looking for any sign of deception. She found none.

Robert gently reached up and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. “I’ve been watching you for quite some time. While I’ve never been overt about it, I’ve made it no secret I found you very attractive. Knowing you were married, however, I’ve made no move to pursue you.”

The tiny brunette had to admit this was true. In her years of employment with this firm, he’d never made a pass at her. Sure, he had a roving eye, but many men did. Robert had always acted in a professional manner toward her, and she had reciprocated. She also had to admit that she had found herself attracted to him as well.

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