Aunt Annie Pt. 01

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Malorie looked up as her son Martin came in the kitchen door. “Hey sweetie, how was school?”

“Great. I aced my physics test, Mr. Shelly loved my paper on the European colonization of the African continent and I’m taking Katerina Wilson to the prom.” Her son replied happily as he grabbed a pop out of the fridge.

“Hey, that’s great. You worked hard on that…wait, who’s Katerina Wilson?”

Martin grinned at his mother, “Remember the redheaded cheerleader you commented on last winter at the Garfield basketball game?”

Malorie turned and looked at her son, trying to hide any suggestion of disbelief, “The one with the huge…long legs?” Seeing the big grin on her boy’s face, she hugged him, “I remember her. Your dad told me he was leaving me for her and I told him I’d join him. That’s great! She’s really beautiful.” She stopped, trying to ask…

“I know, right? She’s in my Physics class and we’ve been lab partners, so when she told me she and Craig had broken up, I blurted out the question and she said yes.” He blushed, “I was actually totally shocked.”

“Who’s Craig? Do I know him?” His mother asked. “I mean, this isn’t going to be a problem.”

Martin looked suddenly serious, “Yeah, well, I hope not. Remember 8th grade, the guy who kept beating me up? I never told you his name, you’ve seen him. He’s the quarterback on the football team. Kind of the star of the school.” He grinned again, “But hey, Kat said yes, so I guess that’s his problem. I’m going up to start on my math homework.”

Malorie watched her son bounce out of the room. As proud of her son as she was, she knew how social dynamics work in high school…hell, in life. ‘Christ, I love him, but that girl is way out of his league.’ She thought.

Mark came in from the garage and kissed his wife, “How was your day? Anything exciting happen at the store today?”

“Nothing. It was quiet all morning, however, um, remember that cheerleader I sort of tease you about?”

“The redhead?” Mark felt his cock throb. He looked back at the stairs, “Um, why are you bringing her up? Perhaps a quickie before dinner? You have the red wig? Martin’s out with his friends?” He pulled her in close.

Malorie gently extracted herself, “I wish, but no. He’s up doing his math homework.” She looked thoughtful, “Actually, when he studies, we could pretty much do anything we wanted. But, perhaps that’s a good segue. You know our boy is really bright, I mean off the charts. I mean, you could say he’s a nerd?” She blushed, admitting this, but seeing the questioning look on her husband’s face, “Ok, so guess who agreed to go to prom with him?”

“No idea. He’s been out on a few dates, but nothing ever serious. Wait! You mean the cheerleader?”

“Holy shit! If you could see the look on your face right now.” Malorie laughed, “Look, this is serious. I know where your mind is now…prom night, the cheerleader. But the prom is a month away and she just broke up with the school’s quarterback.”

“You mean Craig Wilson? They were going together? He’s going to State this fall and pretty much the pros after that.” He looked at his wife, “Oh fuck. I see why you’re worried. She might have said yes to simply make Craig jealous.” He rubbed his face, “I really hope you’re wrong.” He looked back at the stairs, “I guess we’ll find out.” He looked at his wife, “Unless you want me to talk to him.”

“No. I mean, yes, but I cannot think of what you’d say. ‘Son, I heard you asked a girl out who is way out of your league. I just wanted to be sure you know what you are doing.'” She laughed, “Perhaps we’re just over thinking this.


Marty sat down in Physics lab and looked up with a grin seeing Kat walk in. His grin faded fast when she wouldn’t meet his eyes. As she sat down, he looked at her, “Kat, what’s wrong? You look like you lost your best friend.”

Katerina looked over at the boy who’d been so good to her. Listened whenever she had fights with her boyfriends, helped her get through Math and Physics and couldn’t think of what to say. Finally, she sighed and looked at Marty, “We should talk about prom. Can we walk over to Pizza Hut at lunch?”

Martin had a sinking feeling, but perhaps it’s about the dress or where to go to dinner, or last-minute plans seeing as how it’s just 10 days away. “Sure, that’s fine.”

When he came out the front door he saw Craig and Katerina talking. She pushed his arm away and apparently said something to make the larger boy back away, hands held out in surrender. As Craig passed Marty he glared at him and bumped his shoulder before heading back into the school.

Kat hugged the boy as he came up and broke away, “Come on. You’re going to hate me. I feel really bad about this, but Craig came over last week and we sort of got back together.”

Marty stopped, feeling all the blood rush out of his head, “What? He cheated on you. Slept with Laurie. Shit! He slept with your sister!” He looked back at the school, “What does someone say to make up for that?” He looked hard at the girl, “And you want to go to the prom with him rather than me. Is that it?” Seeing the apologetic look on her face, he spun on casino oyna his heels and headed back into the school.

“Marty, Marty wait! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She cried.


Malorie looked up as her son slunk in the front door and head immediately upstairs. ‘Oh fuck!’ She thought, ‘He has never done that. Never not greeted me before going to his room.’ She went and got water out of the fridge and headed upstairs. Knocking on the door, she opened it and saw her son face down on his bed. “Hey sweetie, how are you? Something happen today?”

“Go away, mom. Sorry, but all I want now is to just be alone.”

“Ok, I brought you some water.” She put it down and started for the door, “Look, you don’t have to say anything, but sometimes it’s good to get it off your chest. What happened? Did you fail a test? Did something happen to a friend?”

Martin looked over, “No. Everything is fine. Except…” He felt like he was going to cry and swallowed hard, “Um, Katerina got back with her boyfriend and, well, I guess we’re not going to the prom.” He buried his face in his pillow.

“What? Just over a week away and now she’s telling you? That fucking bitch!” Malorie swore loudly, “How did you find out? Please tell me she didn’t text you.”

Martin turned his head hearing his mother say fuck for the first time. “No, she actually tried to be really nice about it, but Craig! Christ, the boy is a slut. He’s slept with half the school and she is taking him back. He even slept with her sister.” He rolled over and looked at his mom, “Why? Why do really bad people seem to always win? I mean, Leo Durocher was right ‘Good guys finish last.'”

Malorie hugged her son, “I know, right? I wish there was something I could do…” She sat up, “Look, if you want me to order out, anything you want, or if you want to go out to a restaurant, let me know.”

“Thanks, mom. I’ll just have to deal with it…” He looked suddenly panicked.

“What is it? You just had a thought.” His mom asked.

“Shit, sorry, um, I pretty much told everyone the Kat was going to the prom with me.” He covered his face and groaned, “I’m going to be the joke of the school. Also, now it’s too late to find someone.”

Malorie shook her head and stood up. “I’m sure everyone is wrapped up in their own world, you know, graduation, other plans…” She almost said prom plans but caught herself.

“Thanks, mom, but I doubt it. Now I have to cancel the limo, the dinner reservation, the hotel room.” He rolled over and faced the wall.


Mark walked in and saw his wife drinking a glass of wine, “Ok, something’s wrong. You never drink in the afternoon.” He grabbed a beer and sat down next to her.

“Katerina is back with that quarterback and going to the prom with him. Christ, I knew this would happen. I knew it!”

“Look, you might have known this would happen, but what could you have done?” He looked up the stairs, “Shit, I feel like punching out that asshole Craig Wilson. That takes serious balls to steal someone’s prom date.”

“I wouldn’t mind it if you did, but there has to be something we can do to make him feel better.” Malorie sighed.

Mark took a swig of beer, “Um, don’t get mad or anything, but what about your sister?”

“What? What about Annie? We haven’t seen her in five years since she moved to Vero Beach and started doing…”

“I know. Call her. I think it’s time you called in that favor.” Mark said.

“What favor? Getting her back in the will? She deserved it. Mom and Pop should never have reacted the way they did.”

“Yes, but if you hadn’t intervened, think about how she would have felt…remember how she looked at the reading of the will? When she got her equal share? She didn’t expect it. She owes you.” Mark said.

“Ok, she owes me. What do you want me to do? Ask her to knock off a high school kid?” Malorie glared at her husband.

“No. I want you to call her. Get her to fly up, hell, I’ll pay for the flight, but get her up here to be Marty’s prom date.” He looked at his wife, “See? Imagine everyone’s face if our boy has Annie on his arm at the prom. The cheerleader is very pretty, but your sister is on a completely another level.”

“Damn! I might have married you for that huge cock of yours, but you might actually be using another part of your body to think. How does it feel?” Malorie laughed, “That’s a great idea.” She got up and grabbed the phone.

“Hey, Annie. How are you? I know, long time. I was hoping I didn’t get your voicemail, I have a favor to ask…Really? But wait until you hear it…”

Mark listened and saw the look of joy on his wife’s face. When she put down the phone and came back, she kissed her husband, “You are getting the best blowjob you’ve ever had tonight. She’s dropping everything and heading up tomorrow.” She stroked his crotch, “Now I just need to call someone to give you that blowjob.” She grinned. “Let’s go tell him…actually, ask him if he’s ok with us finding him a date.”


Martin looked up at his parents, wondering slot oyna why they would look so happy. Apparently, there’s some other part of their lives that isn’t a disaster. “Hey. Sorry about earlier, I was a bit upset.” Martin watched as his dad sat in his desk chair and his mom sat on the bed beside him.

“You remember your Aunt Annie?” Seeing her son nod, she continued, “Well, did you guys get along?”

“Are you kidding?” Martin looked at his mom, “No offense, but most of your family treated me like dirt, but Auntie Annie was always great. I loved it whenever she came to visit since even though she was older, she always played with me at the family get-togethers, explored the woods…”

Malorie looked over at Mark hearing him chuckle, “Well it could be she’s just five years older than you and my other brothers and sister are quite a bit older. Anyhow, I’m glad you guys got along. We just talked to her and she’s coming for a visit and we thought you might want to ask her to the prom.”

Martin looked thoughtful, “This seems out of the blue. I thought she did something that pissed off your family. I mean, I remember all of a sudden everyone quit talking about her and she hasn’t come to any of the family picnics since, when? I was 13, so five years ago?” He looked at his parents, “What did she do anyhow? No one would ever tell me anything.”

Malorie looked at Mark and sighed, “I guess we thought you were a bit young and Mom and Pops told us under no uncertain terms never to mention her name again.”

“Your mother almost got cut out of their will also, when she confronted your grandparents about the will. In fact, she came home after telling them they can cut her out also unless Annie is put back in. They called that night to put her back in, but quite sternly told us if they ever heard her name again we’d be out also.” He looked at his wife, “I’ve never been more proud of your mom. Annie has always been one of my favorites also.”

“So, why? What did she do to Gramps and Gramma?” Martin asked.

“Nothing, actually. Look, remember that your grandparents were pretty religious. Annie is bright, really bright. She had acceptance letters from Stanford, Northwestern and Case Western Reserve in Cleveland. Her senior year she and some friends headed to Florida for spring break and well, she met a guy. This guy did films.” She looked at her son, “Ever hear of an actress name Penny Nichols?”

Martin blushed, “Um, sure mom.” He looked over at his dad, “I mean, I’ve heard the guys talking about her. She’s, I guess she’s an adult film star.” He looked back and forth between his parents. “Are you saying Auntie Annie is Penny Nichols?” He glanced at his iPad.

Malorie laughed, “Yes. She’s all that. Actually, she’s extremely successful at it. Your father has been great at following her career. She’s one of the few that’s made money at it. She produces, directs and stars in her films now.” She looked at her husband, “I’m sorry we never told you, but you were a bit young and well, we didn’t want you to think less of her since you both seemed very close.”

“That’s cool. I mean, I’ve never really seen much porn, but I’ve heard the guys at school talk about her. I mean, they have pretty much described her and what she does.” Martin blushed furiously.

Mark looked at his wife and back at Martin, “You don’t watch porn? Really?”

“Well, I mean, I’ve seen it on phones, you know, when the guys want to…I guess you told me no porn, I just never wanted to disappoint you.” He looked down, “I have sometimes clicked on links where there might be pretty girls, um, naked.” He looked up suddenly, “Wait, you think she’d want to go to prom with me?”

Malorie could see the gears turning in her son’s head, the humiliation gone, replaced by pride walking in with Penny on his arm. “Yes, Annie told me many times she always liked you the best out of all the nieces and nephews. I’m sure she’d be thrilled to go with such a great looking guy.” She stood up and grinned at her husband, “I’ll go fix dinner. I’m sure you need to do some research. Don’t bother with Google, try PornHub.”

Martin felt a rush realizing his parents pretty much told him to check out porn…Annie! He couldn’t even think about how many times he’d thought about her. He felt his cock throb remembering fantasizing about that cute body, her great ass, her creamy skin always prone to blushing. He remembered wondering what she looked like under the tee shirts or tops she wore. She always had to wear a bra since she was blessed with humongous breasts. After the door closed, he grabbed his iPad and opened Safari. He stopped, hearing his parents in the hall outside his room.

“He’ll be fine, look, the odds of seeing the one with you in it are slim. She’s done dozens of videos…” He heard his dad’s voice trail off as they headed downstairs.

‘Holy shit! Mom was in a porn video with Auntie Annie?’ He searched and soon saw hundreds of links to videos starring Penny Nichols and gasped. ‘Oh wow!’ He found a porn star review site and grinned. ‘This pretty much describes her perfectly.’

“Penny Nichols is the quintessential innocent young girl, naively finding herself at the mercy canlı casino siteleri of older men. Her peaches and cream complexion, tiny frame and willingness to please make her the go-to girl in many family situations. Her amazing figure is always a pleasing surprise when her clothes come off as she has such a girlish figure when clothed, but wow, when those natural tits spill out, tantalizingly bouncing free. This reviewer often has to scan to the moment she pulls her shirt over her head, sometimes replaying it over and over. Check out the attached link of a compilation of all her best moments and count the number that are just this situation. I cannot tell you how many raging erections Penny has triggered.” Martin grinned feeling his pulsing cock under his stroking fingers reading this. The reviewer went on to describe the various shoots and situations and how no matter how many times he’d watched, the girl always seemed so fresh and unaware of the impending depravity she was to initially endure, then cum to embrace.

He clicked on the reviewer’s favorite video and saw Annie walking in on what appeared to be the character’s father jerking off. He smiled seeing the instant blush on her face and how she jerked back but was fascinated with what could have been the first erect penis she’d seen. She unconsciously slid her hand up her plaid skirt, apparently fingering her panty-covered slit then stroked her hard nipple with the thumb on her other hand. He fast forwarded to when she unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra releasing the most beautiful mounds of flesh he’d ever seen. His hand shot down inside his underwear feeling his cock get instantly hard. He looked over at the door thinking he should lock it, but his eyes were glued to the screen. He knew that face, that figure immediately. He yanked his pants down, furiously stroking his cock as he saw those breasts he’d fantasized about. ‘Fuck! He’s right, they’re huge, they’re even bigger than I remember.’ He came across a girl/girl one and couldn’t believe his aunt was there, on his screen, eating pussy. He’d never seen a pussy being eaten before, but seeing that beautiful face buried between another blonde’s legs, but when the camera panned back showing the clean shaven pussy, the pink puckered asshole, he immediately came shooting jet after jet up onto his chest.


Mark came up behind his wife, “I think we should act out your sister’s video, you know the one where she submits to her boyfriend’s boss?” He ground his hard cock into her ass while cupping her tits. I could bend you over the arm of the couch.”

“Get real, Martin is right upstairs.” Malorie sighed pushing back against that sizeable rod digging into her. “Do you think we did the right thing? I mean, prom night, wouldn’t Marty expect…you know, to get laid?”

“So? That’s an issue only if it results in a baby. I might be jumping to conclusions, but I’ll bet your sister is on the pill.” He laughed, “Fuck, if you really think incest is all that bad, why did you lick your sister’s pussy in that shoot?” He felt like pulling off her shorts and panties right there.

“I guess. I still have no idea why I agreed to that. Annie told me not to judge until I tried it.” She leaned back and kissed her husband, “I know this might sound weird, but what if Marty’s cock isn’t, you know…up to par?”

Mark looked thoughtful, “I assume he must be packing something. Not to brag, but he did acquire a lot of my other features. I mean, you’re his mother, haven’t you seen him naked?”

“Not in years, so no. I guess it is what it is.” She pulled his hands off her tits. “Look, we can’t do this here, now, you’ll just have to wait until tonight.” She pulled away, “Go, you have to go pick up the ribs. I promised Marty we’d have any dinner he wanted tonight.”

Mark reluctantly stepped back, having to adjust his cock. “While I’m gone, perhaps you can peek in on our boy and find out if your sister will be happy. I’ll bet you he’s jerking off right now.”

“What? I can’t do that. I mean, he’s probably not doing anything. He’s probably studying.” She looked at her husband’s face, “Right, and he’s probably reading the Koran in Chinese.”


After cleaning up, Martin crawled back on the bed and thought about the comment his dad made about perhaps his mom being in a video. No search came back for Malorie or for Penny Nichols’s sister. Finally! He felt a rush seeing his mother sitting on a couch reading a magazine. He checked the site, Moms Helping Out. ‘Of course. Mom is 15 years older than Annie, that totally makes sense.’ Apparently, she chose Molly Summer as her stage name…or someone chose it for her. He watched in fascination as the daughter’s boyfriend knocked on the door. ‘Holy shit!’ He again yanked his pants down as his cock resurged, seeing his mom…HIS MOTHER! reach down and stroke the front of the boy’s pants. He guessed this ‘boy’ was supposed to be a senior in high school. Perhaps he was held back a half-dozen grades, it’s possible. Anyhow, the boy pulled back at first, but not that far. Then it happened. His mom pulled off her dress (He’s actually seen her wear a dress maybe 20-30 times in his entire life) and reveal her amazing breasts, body. No underwear. The boy’s eyes, as were Martin’s, glued on the tear-drop shaped globes bouncing around as she ripped open the boy’s pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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