Auntie and Her College Nephew

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Most stories seem made up, but this is a true story that is about me and my favorite aunt. It involves a nephew innocently sleeping with his aunt when she moved in with our family after her divorce.

Aunt Helen had been married at the age of 18 and stayed married to Daniel until she was 32. She and Daniel had a great boat and they taught me to water ski when I was a small boy. Helen was fit and cut a good figure in her bathing suit. I noticed even as a boy that men took second looks at her and she drew the attention of most men when she entered a room.

After her divorce, she put her furniture into storage and moved into my family’s spare bedroom with only a couple of pieces of furniture and a single bed. She was my favorite aunt and she took me to movies and spent money on me, which is something my parents could not have done.

Aunt Helen invited me to sleep in the bed next to her most nights. We would snuggle and spoon. She’d say, “come on, let’s spoon and keep each other warm”. Even thought I was 18 at the time, I looked much younger. I wore my pajamas and she wore her nightgown and everything was good and innocent.

I must confess that it felt mighty nice pushing against her backside and I couldn’t swear that she didn’t push back. My cock would sometimes get hard against her ass but She did not acknowledge my erection in any way and everything remained good. The bank eventually transferred Aunt Helen to Atlanta after a year, so that ended my time of sleeping innocently and spooning next to her in that little bed.

Some time later I was a college freshman at the university. On weekends I would drive to Atlanta to visit my girlfriend and stay on Aunt Helen’s sofa. I had my own key to her apartment and let myself in and out as needed. My girlfriend wasn’t exactly a prude, but I had never had casino oyna sex with her and we did not spend the night with each other. She was a sexy girl and very affectionate, but we had just never gone, “all the way”. I always had to drop her off at her dorm before heading over to Aunt Helen’s apartment to sleep on her sofa.

One night Aunt Helen and some of her friends had plans to attend an art opening at one of the local galleries, while I headed out to an evening of drinking and a couple of parties with my girlfriend.

After dropping my girlfriend at the dorm I opened Aunt Helen’s apartment door with my key and was surprised to see she was up dancing with loud music on. She was drinking a glass of white wine and there was a mostly empty bottle on the countertop. She had loosened up a bit, dancing solo all over the living room. Aunt Helen opened a beer for me and said, “come on, let’s dance”. I was already a little tipsy, but I drank the beer while we played the music loudly, she drank her wine and we laughed at our stupid dance moves.

After a while it was time to turn out the lights, stop the music and give it a rest. I got on the sofa in my usual place underneath a single blanket and pillow while she went to her bedroom and climbed into bed. In a few minutes I heard her get up and make a trip to the bathroom. “There’s no sense in you sleeping on this sofa, come get in my bed. We can spoon and keep each other warm like the old days”.

What little apprehension I had about hopping in the sack with Aunt Helen were quieted by the beers. Besides, I really did want to get in that bed with her.

So, I crawled under the covers, wearing only my boxers while I saw immediately that she was in the thinnest of night gowns. In an instant we were in bed. She was turned away from me and my knees were slot oyna spooned into the backs of her legs and her backside was pushed into my crotch. We held each other tightly and I could tell right away that she had on nothing underneath the nightgown. Not knowing where this was supposed to lead, I kept still with my cock against her ass and I tried not to move as it got firm, which was a near impossibility.

I was able to lie against her with only the slightest of movement against her ass as my cock grew stiff and swollen. She was feigning sleep with a big sigh while her ass moved against my stiff cock which she now had to feel. I reached my hand up and rested it on her hip only to find that her night gown had risen up and my hand was touching her naked skin. My heart was pounding for so many reasons, as she let it lie there and made no effort to move my hand. I was rock hard and excited beyond measure as my small movements turned into hard pushes and she pushed against me in return.

What she did next was the most exciting moment of this whole evening. She reached back and raised her nightgown in one motion, baring her ass and pushing it against me. At this moment there was no doubt what she was doing and there was no turning back.

My cock slipped out of the slit in my boxers and touched her bare ass, skin to skin. She reached back once again, tugging the leg of my boxers downward, telling me to slip them off while she pulled her nightgown over her head and we were both completely naked.

We laid naked with my hard cock pressed against my Aunt Helen’s ass when my whole body began to shake. The excitement of the moment was more than my 18 yr old body could take. I shook for about a minute when she reached behind and put her hand on my bare ass, pressing me closer against her. We stayed like that canlı casino siteleri for a while until I calmed down. Then she began to move her ass in a circular motion against my cock while I pressed against her warm ass, humping until i almost came.

She sensed I was about to cum and she stopped her motions, reaching around and grabbing the shaft of my cock and holding it firmly, saying, “sweetie, I don’t want you to cum too soon”.

She held my throbbing cock until she had me under control, then she released my cock and pushed her ass against me again, this time moving slowly, then a little quicker until I was about to burst. Then she turned over and pulled me on top of her, putting my cock on her belly and wrapping her arms around my back pulling me tightly against her, saying, “Come on”, come on, baby boy. Cum on me, cum all over me”

My knee and thigh were nested between her legs as she humped me and squeezed her legs together tightly. She rubbed her pelvis against my thigh while my cock moved up and down on her belly. I let out a groan and cry while I shot my load all over her at the same time she had her own room shaking orgasm and screamed aloud.

She held me even more tightly than before while we lay together in each other’s arms with my cock against her and the slippery cum on her belly. After the longest time she turned over with her back toward me pulling me closer, my hand cupping her breast with her hand over top of mine.

We stayed like that until I fell asleep. I heard her get up and go to the bathroom where I heard the water run. Then she came back to bed and held me close.

The next morning she got up and left early to get coffee, but came back in about an hour. She was smiling and chipper, with no obvious remorse from the night’s activities. I wasn’t too sure how to handle this, but I followed her lead with no regrets on my part either.

There were many more nights with Aunt Helen, but there will only be this one first time. I’d like to receive feedback and would like to tell you more. Please be in touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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