Bacchanal Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: This Is Why You Came Here

Eventually I wandered out of the kitchen to see what else was going on. The girl suspended from the ceiling had been replaced with a guy who had been bent over and bound to a wooden horse; he was currently being spitroasted by two strapping young men, but there were several other people watching and waiting, including a woman sporting a glistening dildo that looked like it was never meant to fit into any human orifice.

The dogpile was still in full swing, and while I wasn’t quite back to fighting strength, I saw several girls who were occupied with sucking and/or eating, but had no one to return the favor. I wasn’t sure what proper orgy etiquette was, so, choosing one at random, I bent down where she was enthusiastically licking and fingering another cunt.

“Excuse me,” I said politely. “May I?”

She nodded, and I took my place behind her, the scent of her arousal making my mouth water. I ran my hands up the backs of her thighs, spreading her open for my tongue. I began with butterfly-light strokes along her pussy lips, working down but never quite touching her clit. Repeating my actions on the other side, I was rewarded with a muffled ooooooohhh and her legs spread wider, inviting me to turn my attentions to her deliciously wet nub. Instead, I licked along her slit, pushing my tongue inside her just enough to make her squirm before teasing my way up to her perineum, and from there, her delicate rosebud. casino siteleri

I heard a faint MmmmoohhhhFUCK! from my anonymous little cunt, and took that as a sign to probe further, using my tongue to press into her sweet pucker. I slipped one finger into her wet pussy and explored until I found the rough, slightly spongy patch of her g-spot. She squealed as I rubbed my fingertip over the area, but never stopped her own ministrations on the girl beneath her.

At some point the girl she was eating must have cum, because she slithered out from under my girl, and her tongue joined mine. This prompted me to lay back and pull my girl—a long-haired honey-blonde—on top of me so I could continue fingering her pussy and finally giving her swollen clit the attention it deserved, while her partner (curvy, with a sleek raven bob) took over tongue-fucking her ass.

So engrossed had I gotten in pleasuring her that I didn’t even realize I was fully engorged again, until I felt a pair of lips slide over the head of my dick. I groaned in delight, then, to feel not one, but two mouths sucking and licking my shaft and balls. Instinctively I opened my legs further, giving them more room to work, and was surprised when someone grabbed my ankles and pulled them wider. I heard giggles and oohs, then grunted as a third mouth joined in, a wicked butterfly fluttering against the sensitive skin of my ass.

It was perfect—mouths sucking on my cock and balls, a warm, wet tongue slot oyna flickering and probing at my tight sphincter. I wanted to watch what was being done to me, but as soon as the blonde had gotten up from my face, someone else had replaced her, leaving my vision blocked by the thighs and pussy surrounding me.

I cried out, then, more in shock than in pain, when something small and slick was pressed into my ass. Before I could protest, I heard a small click and felt a gentle buzzing inside me. “Fuck!” I gasped. Whoever was controlling the little device began moving it around, back and forth, in and out, sometimes leaving it halfway in, vibrating against the sensitive nerves of my anus; sometimes pushing it all the way in so it stimulated my prostate.

The mouths were gone, then, as the girls took turns bouncing up and down on my cock. The plug stayed, however, eventually moving faster and faster while the vibrations became more intense. I was babbling by then, strings of obscenities laced with pleas to be allowed to cum, all shouted against the cunt currently riding my face.

Finally, when I didn’t think I could take anymore, the mouths were back on me, sucking and licking like they’d never stopped, and my control came to an abrupt end. “JesusfuckingChristfuckYES!” I screamed as the pleasure tore through me, draining my balls in another eruption of warm, sticky cum. The plug was gently withdrawn and the girls licked me clean, then drifted off (with a salty-sweet kiss canlı casino siteleri from each of them) to find other playmates.

After two intense orgasms in the same day, I needed a rest, and stretched out on an unoccupied couch to watch more of the debauchery around me. As I was reflecting on the thorough and skillful fucking I’d just experienced, a burst of laughter drew my attention back to my surroundings.

A miniature bed had been set up in an alcove, and a girl with cotton candy pink pigtails was stretched out on it, her pink-and-black-striped stockinged legs spread wide, her ankles and wrists cuffed to the headboard. A group of men and women surrounded the bed, some of them taking turns delicately brushing feathers over her nipples, down her stomach, and of course up and down her glistening clit.

Even bound as she was, she was trying to move her hips in an attempt to gain more friction; the laughter I’d just heard had been at a particularly desperate try, coupled with a moan of pleasure—however long they’d been at the game, she was intensely aroused. The group, however, didn’t seem inclined to grant her release any time soon.

Intrigued, I wandered over and picked up a feather from a nearby table. There was no order to the turns being taken since the object was to tease, not to give any kind of relief. Very occasionally, someone would use a mouth or finger instead, stroking or licking or gently biting. I tickled her a few times—the sole of her foot, across the very top of her mound—before bending over and ever so lightly letting my warm breath blow across her clit. A strangled groan told me that might have brought her closer to the edge than I’d intended, so I backed away.

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