Back to Haunt Me Ch. 01

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Standard disclaimer

Firstly this is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. I did a quick check and couldn’t find any porn actress by the name of Cindi Suxx but you never know. Jane and Mike Robinson, on the other hand are reasonably common names and, if you’re one of them, please be assured I’m not writing about you — unless, of course, you want it that way!

Secondly this story is a fantasy about incest and light BDSM. If this isn’t your cup of tea then don’t bother reading any further. Please note that I’m not advocating or opposing either, just writing about them.

Thirdly I’m a Brit and I write about Brits. Both I and all the characters involved have English accents and, in particular, use ‘mum’ and ‘mummy’ where our US cousins use ‘mom’ and ‘mommy’.

Finally, all the characters are, of course, over eighteen.

That said, enjoy the story…


“Ooh, big boy, fuck me, fuck me up the arse, ram your big fat prick up my bum hole ’till you fill me up!” The voice, my voice, came as clear as day from the lounge. I hadn’t heard it in years, I thought it was in my past but, now it seems, it had come back to haunt me.

First let me explain. I’d been in a fix; recently widowed and with the loan sharks circling I needed cash and I needed it fast. The bank were worse than useless, I’d run out of credit everywhere, and I was right out of options. Had I been on my own I probably could have coped but my son, Mike, was ten years old at the time and he had to be my prime concern. Keeping Mike housed, clothed and fed was all I was bothered about; the rest could go hang.

And that’s when I saw the add in the listings magazine. I’m no fool; I knew what they meant when they talked about ‘glamour’ photography but it was a chance for quick cash, enough to get me through, enough to see me back on my feet. Nervously I phoned the number and made an appointment. I was expecting some problems with my age, twenty eight at the time, but, apparently, that wasn’t an issue so, two days later, I went down to town and found the back-street office where it all happened.

The interview wasn’t what I expected at all. I was ready for sleaze and all my senses were on full alert but Mr Jacobs, the producer, was very straightforward and businesslike. OK, so he had me strip off in his office so that he could ‘check me over’ but he was so matter of fact about it all it was no more embarrassing than stripping off for the doctor. Apparently he was pleased with what he saw because, with the proviso that I shave my pubes, he offered me a shoot right away. He explained that there was a big market for ‘mum next door’ shoots and that, as I had no tattoos and my breasts are natural, I was perfect for what he wanted. Payment, well, that depended on how far I was prepared to go. Top wack was for videos featuring anal sex. I blushed at the thought but, when he showed me what he was offering, my resistance started to crumble. With one shoot, one simple shoot, I could pay off all my bills and have a little over. Maybe Mike and I could go for a short holiday; heaven knows we needed one.

But, just before we finished, Mr Jacobs did the one thing that helped me to trust him, the one thing above all others that persuaded me to go ahead.

“Before you sign,” he said, “have you thought through exactly what you’re doing? Once it’s done it’s done and, forever after, it will be out there. Of course we’ll use a false name but we can’t use a false face. Five or ten years down the line this might come back and haunt you. Are you ready for that?”

It might be a sleaze ball industry but Mr Jacobs was no sleaze ball; here he was being genuinely concerned about me. From then on I felt I could really trust him. What he said did stop and think but, what the heck, it would be one little video shoot among so many out there; what were the risks, realistically?

A few days later found me down at the studios ready for my first day’s filming. The plot, for what it was worth, was about a young lad sent on some errand to his sexy neighbour’s house and she then proceeds to seduce him. The ‘young’ lad was almost as old as I was but, what the heck, no one is that fussy. It turned out his name was Mark and we actually hit it off pretty well; he had a wicked sense of humour, this was far from his first shoot and helped me get to know the ropes and relax into the part.

And then, once we got going, well, I rather enjoyed it. Jane Robinson, my real name, would never indulge but Cindi Suxx, my screen name, was up for anything and it was quite liberating to indulge in all the dirty, slutty things I’d fantasized about but never, ever dreamed that I’d end up actually doing. Once I’d got into role and become Cindi Suxx it all came naturally and, when we finally got down to it and Mark started fucking my backside, after some initial pain, the anal sex was actually pretty much a turn on and my moans of pleasure weren’t entirely put on for the camera. Indeed, by the casino oyna time we got to the money shot I was disappointed to find that, apparently, it’s de rigueur for the guy to shoot his load all over the girls body and I even felt a little cheated when I found out he wasn’t going to come inside me.

When it was all over Mr Jacobs congratulated me, said I was a natural, and offered me more work. Now porn star wasn’t my first career choice but, well, the money was good and times were hard so I agreed to do two more. Both were pretty much along the same lines as the first one but with different guys each time, in fact the second time was with two different guys. I guessed that this would be the only time I would get the chance to find out what it feels like to be what the trade calls DP’d, or what we mere mortals would think of as fucked both ways at once. In fact, when we got down to it, we spent so much time arranging limbs so that the camera could see the action that there wasn’t much actual fucking. I was quite impressed that the boys could keep their hard-ons with all the mucking about going on.

And that was that, or so I thought. I’d paid off my debts, I’d put a few bob in the bank and I’d had a bit of fun. It was time to put Cindi Suxx to rest; time to return to being Jane Robinson and having the sort of career that you can tell your mum about.

And now, eight years later, I’ve returned home unexpectedly and coming from the lounge is the sound of Cindi Suxx urging the ‘boy next door’ to fuck her up the bum hole. Quietly I closed the front door and went to peer through into the lounge. Mike was sprawled out on the sofa; his laptop was wired up to the TV, his trousers were around his knees and he was busy wanking off as Cindi Suxx rode anal cowboy. Just as Mr Jacobs had warned me my past had caught me out.

“Having fun?” I asked softly. Mike’s reaction was priceless. He spun round and, in doing so, fell off the sofa and on to the floor. He clasped his hands over his prick, god knows why, and blushed a bright shade of scarlet. All the while Cindi Suxx was reaching a noisy orgasm and urging ‘big boy’ to fuck her harder.

“Mum!” Mark cried out. “What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t have any appointments this afternoon so I thought I come home and catch up on my tax returns. Look, can you switch that off please?”

Mark did something with his laptop and the video stopped. For a long, long moment we just stared at each other.

“I’m going to put the kettle on,” I said and I turned and headed for the kitchen. I heard Mike going back and forth to his room and when I returned to the lounge it was as if nothing had happened. Well, until I turned the TV on and got no signal.

“Mike!” I called out,” the TV’s broken, come and fix it.”

Sheepishly Mike came out of his room and into the lounge. After a couple of minutes of him fiddling with wires the TV burst back into life. He stood up and was about to head back to his room but I stopped him. We needed to sort this out and, realistically, the sooner the better.

“So, you’ve found out about my little secret,” I said.

“Mum! How could you?” Mike asked. “I mean…”

“How could I? I’m not the one caught with his pants down having a good old wank over pictures of his mother. I wouldn’t be so sure you have the moral high ground here,” I started but, as soon as I did, I could see his face drop. Ever since the death of his dad in that road accident Mike and I have been close and now, with him being eighteen and all, I could feel us drifting apart. If I bawled him out it would just make things worse. The last thing I wanted was for this to drive a wedge between us.

“Please, Mike,” I continued, “come and sit down. We need to get past this, to sort things out between us.” I patted the sofa next to me and, reluctantly, Mike sat down.

“Look, honey, it’s not my proudest moment but it was a long time ago and I badly needed the money. Where do you think I got the cash to open the tanning salon from? Anyway, no one got hurt, and, apart from you, nobody knows anything about it, so where’s the problem?”

“I don’t know, mum, it’s just that… it’s just that…”

“It’s just that you’ve never thought of your mum having sex? Is that it?”

“Sort of, but anal, mum, that’s so slutty.”

“Anal pays more and, anyway, talking of slutty, you seemed to be enjoying it. And I’ll bet it isn’t the only mucky video you’ve downloaded. You must have watched quite a few before you came across one of my little gems. One rule for you, one rule for me, eh?”

Mike just bowed his head and I knew I was losing him.

“Mike, it’s OK,” I said gently. “Really, it’s quite flattering that you find me sexy. It’s not every mum who gets to see her son getting off on her naked body.” I decided I had to keep this light and easy and get everything out in the open so I continued. “I gather you’re quite a Cindi Suxx fan; how many of my videos have you got?”

“There’s more than one?”

“There’s three slot oyna altogether. That’s the full extent of Cindi Suxx’s brief but glorious career. I guess if you found this one you can find the other two. It’s been years since I’ve watched them. Do you know, now they’re out in the open, I wouldn’t mind having another look?”


“Well, OK, it was a bit of a shock when I came in and saw myself on screen again after all these years but, now I don’t have to hide it from you anymore, I wouldn’t mind checking them out again, just for old time’s sake.” I saw the look on his face. “What, do you think I should be ashamed of them?”

“Well, it’s not exactly the sort of thing you show granny, is it?” Mike replied.

“No, and I’d be glad if you didn’t go showing them to all those friends of yours either but, just the two of us, I wouldn’t mind checking them out again.”

“What, you want us to watch them together?”

“Why not? I think I’d prefer that to the idea of you watching them on your own. Look, I’ve got to make our tea. Why don’t you go on line and see if you can find the other two so that, after tea, we can give all three of them the once over.”

“Mum, I can’t believe you’re asking me to do this.”

“I told you, I don’t see anything to be ashamed of, well, not between the two of us, anyway, and, now the secret is out, I’d like to share them with you. Let you know what your mum used to do before she got old and wrinkly.”

“You’re not old and wrinkly. You look just as good now as you did back then,” Mike said firmly.

“I’m glad you think so. Now come along, we’ve got things to do,” I replied before getting up and heading for the kitchen.

As I cooked the meal I thought over what had just happened. Having Mike wank over videos of me ought to have been a bit yucky but, somehow, it was kind of nice. I mean it’s very flattering when an eighteen year old finds and old broad like me sexy, even if he is my son. What’s more, and I know I’m not supposed to feel like this, I find Mike pretty sexy too. Part of me wanted to re-watch the videos for old time’s sake, part of me had a very different motive; I wanted to share something intimate with my son. Did this make me a bad person? It wasn’t as if I was going to hurt anyone. Anyway what I wanted was immaterial unless Mike…

At this point some very naughty thoughts crossed my mind. I mean, I’ve been so busy with the salon that it’s been ages since I’ve had time for any lover apart from my vibrator and a girl’s got needs. Sometimes a bit of vibrating plastic simply doesn’t do it. Wickedly I thought about Mike’s prick; it seemed a waste if all he did was play with it himself, if I could just…

The cooker timer buzzed to let me know that tea was ready. I plated it up and put it on the table before calling Mike down from his room.

“So, did you find the others,” I asked once we were both settled.

“They took a bit of finding but I got them in the end,” Mike confirmed. “‘The Twins Next Door’ and ‘Home For The Holidays’, yeah?”

“God, that takes me back,” I sighed. “Can you rig up your laptop the way you had it earlier. Then we can both sit and watch them together.”

“If you’re sure you want to; it does all seem a bit weird.”

“Yes, I’m sure. Now, any more potatoes or have you had enough?”

We finished our meal and, as I washed up the dishes, Mike connected his laptop to the TV. Then I went and joined him in the lounge. I sat on the sofa and insisted he sat beside me. First up was a re-run of ‘Backdoor Neighbour’. I couldn’t help but give Mike a running commentary, pointing out the many flaws in the video. After all, most viewers are too fixated on the action to spot, for example, where the boom mic gets into frame. When we got to the start of the anal section I couldn’t suppress a groan of pleasure.

“Oh, god, that’s a moment I’ll never forget,” I sighed.


“Well, it is. That’s the moment I lost my anal cherry and, in case you hadn’t noticed, Mark is quite well endowed. It took quite a bit of lube to get him up there, let me tell you.”

“Please, mum, too much information,” Mike said but his eyes were glued to the screen and he seemed to have a new appreciation as Mark’s prick eased its way in and out of my back passage.

By now we had got to the bit where I was riding Mark for all it was worth. All the while I was urging Mark on using the dirtiest language Mr Jacobs could write for me. Mike was squirming in embarrassment; he’d certainly never heard me use language like that before. However, a tell-tale bulge in his jeans showed that he was enjoying it too. On screen I reached another climax before Mark and I changed places and I wanked him off until he shot his load all over my face and tits. As I rubbed the jism into my skin I looked up and smiled at the camera.


“Yes, sweetie.”

“How much of that was acting?”

“Some, but not all of it. It’s quite difficult to get off when every mover is choreographed. canlı casino siteleri I mean you can’t always do what you want to. For example, although I don’t mind having jism all over my face, I’d have much preferred it if he’d come up my backside.”

“Aw, mum…”

“You were the one who asked,” I pointed out gently, “but, yes, I did get off on it generally, still do, for that matter.”

“Still do?”

“Well, I would do if I had a boyfriend. What with the running the salon and looking after you I never seem to get round to it nowadays. What? Does it worry you that your mum likes to have her arse fucked?” I saw Mike squirm a bit. It was one thing having Cindi Suxx use that sort of language but coming from me, well, that was different. “Anyway, let’s move on. ‘Home For The Holidays’ next please,” I continued.

Mike clicked the mouse a couple of times and, moments later the next video started. There was precious little to chose between ‘Home For The Holidays’ and ‘Backdoor Neighbour’ except for slight differences in the weak excuse for a plot and a different co-star, Andy.

“Mum,” Mike started, “he’s… black.”

“Michael Robinson! I have not brought you up to be a racist! Andy was a really sweet guy and we had a lot of fun doing this one. Whether he’s black or white or green with purple spots has nothing to do with anything.”

“OK, mum, sorry, I didn’t mean it like that,” Mike said, mollified.

Actually Andy’s skin colour did have a lot to do with it. There was something deeply horny about his dark chocolate skin against my pale flesh. This was, after all, before I set up the tanning salon and it was quite obvious I hadn’t had much sun that year. He took me doggy style and the sight of his big black cock all shiny with lube as it slid back and forth into my tight little rosebud was just perfect.

“Ooh, god he was good,” I moaned in recollection. “I hardly needed to fake it at all for this one.”

Mike glanced across at me before returning his stare to the screen. I glanced down; the bulge in his jeans was, if anything, bigger.

“Honey,” I said softly as I ran my fingertips up his thigh, “if this is getting uncomfortable you can get it out if you want. I don’t mind.” I finished off by tapping the bulge gently.

Mike pressed pause and looked at me.

“It’s OK, really,” I continued. “After all, it’s perfectly natural that it’s turning you on and, given what we’re watching and seeing as how you’ve seen everything I’ve got, it’s a little late to be shy.”

There was another pause as Mike just looked at me. I could almost read his mind as the urge to play with himself fought against his reticence. I knew that all he needed was the slightest nudge.

“Tell, you what,” I added. “If you get your prick out I’ll show you my tits. You can’t say fairer than that.”

Without waiting for confirmation I peeled off my tee shirt and took off my bra. I put them down on the sofa next to me. Mike stared at me goggle eyed.

“How do they compare?” I asked as I turned to him and gave them a little wiggle. “Sagging a bit? Not as firm as back then.” I pointed to the TV screen where my tits were also on display.

“No, mum, they’re not sagging, they’re prefect,” Mike replied.

“You are sweet. Now, I’ve done my bit, now it’s time to do yours. Let’s have a look.”

Mike undid his fly and hoicked his prick out. No wonder he had been uncomfortable; it was rock hard and standing tall.

“That’s better, now we’re both comfortable,” I said. “Press play, will you.”

We returned to the video which now moved on to me deepthroating Andy. I explained that we had thoroughly washed his prick after it had been up my bum and, half jokingly, I reminded Mike about the need for sexual hygiene. Now that we were both relaxing a bit I put my arm around Mike and let him snuggle into me, his head against my naked tits. All the while his hand was busy stroking his prick, not vigorously but just enough to keep things ticking over. It should have been weird, it should have been yucky, but it just felt natural, mother and son, enjoying the TV together. The fact that I was half naked and he had his prick out and was playing with himself didn’t feel out of place at all.

Meanwhile, on the TV screen, we had got to the money shot and, as ever, Andy pulled out of my mouth and came all over my face and tits. As the white goo dripped down me I explained to Mike that Andy hadn’t really come that much, his jism had been enhanced by the magic of cinema.

The final video was ‘The Twins Next Door’. The twist this time was that there were two guys having their way with me and it wasn’t long before practically every combination had been tried. When we got to the DP section it had been quite cleverly edited so that it appeared to flow smoothly and was not the logistical nightmare I remembered. Most of the time I was riding cowboy on Wayne, one of the ‘twins’, whilst Stevie, the other one, came up from behind and took me up the arse. One shot had me fully penetrated and I turned to the camera and gave a moan of pure pleasure.

“God, mum, you’re such a slut!” Mike commented.

“It’s acting, remember,” I replied. “I’m not the slut, Cindi Suxx is.”

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