Back Together

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You meet me at the airport. You are wearing your short tartan skirt with sexy panties, tight t shirt to show off your nice big tits, and knee high black boots and you are freshly shaved. As instructed, in your bag you have: a dildo, rope, bottle of wine, a carton of cream and a banana. At the hotel we kiss passionately. It has been so long. I have yearned to taste you all this time and now here we are again. We open the wine and drink several glasses each.

I remove your t-shirt. you are wearing no bra. I run my hands around your soft skin, and cup your breasts in my hands. Kissing your lips, I then move down – kissing your neck and taking each hard nipple in my mouth in turn. You remove my shirt, running your hands down my chest all the way to my cock, which you hold in your hands as we kiss. Quickly you unzip my pants and soon I am naked. Leaving your skirt on, we move to the bed and lay down, kissing all the while. Our tongues entwined like our legs and hearts.

On the bedside table we have set up everything we need. You stretch out forwards with your arms out in front of you and I take the rope and bind your hands at the wrist. Now that I have you where I want you I lift your skirt, pulling your panties to one side. Your freshly shaved pussy is slick with your juices and I am eager to taste. canlı bahis şirketleri My tongue dives deeply into your pussy, pushing as far as I can manage. Gasping with pleasure you moan softly. Your taste is all that I have imagined after this time apart. Now I slide off your panties, but still leave your skirt and boots on, cos it looks so hot. I take a picture as you thrust your arse up higher in the air, so I can tongue you deeper in your pussy and arse. My tongue flicks across your clit and you gasp with delight. I continue to lick until you shake and have one of several orgasms.

I slide the dildo into your tight, soaking wet cunt, its not a large one so it fits nicely inside you. Slowly I slide it in and out of you as i run my finger along your arse crack, sometimes easing it in slightly. I take a photo of the dildo sticking out of your pussy. Soon, I will replace it with my cock. I pull the dildo out after a while, and kiss your throbbing pussy before removing your skirt and throwing it to one side. Apart from the boots, you are naked now. There are juices running down your legs and I lick them up. I enter you from behind. Because of the rope you slide forward, so you are laying prone with your legs up high and wide and i find i can get deep inside you this way. I take a photo so you canlı kaçak iddaa can see how it looks when we are masturbating together later.

My balls are slapping against your arse cheeks as my cock goes deeper into you. We both moan softly and you raise yourself up a bit higher. After I untie you, you climb on top of me, easing your throbbing snatch onto my cock. You lean forward and we kiss deeply, in rhythm to our fucking and you taste yourself in my mouth. It turns you on even more. I take pictures of my cock sliding into you and of your tits bouncing as we fuck.

Soon, you turn around to our favourite postition. You are facing away from me. I take a picture of you from this angle, where I have the best view of your cunt and arsehole which I can finger or rub as you ride me. You are fucking me so hard that you are starting to cum again. I too feel the cum rising in my cock, but I want to hold off for now. after your orgasm stops, I pull out. what I love about you, is that it doesn’t matter how much you have cum, you just want to keep fucking.

Opening the carton of cream, I pour some over your tits, which are now glistening with sweat. The cream runs down your tummy and it looks cool, like jizz. Then, you pull your pussy lips apart so I can pour the cream into your hungry cunt. I watch canlı kaçak bahis as some of it runs back out and take a photo. You raise your legs up high as I slide my cock into you. the cream feels great as it moves around inside you on my cock. Some of it runs out and I take a photo.

We fuck harder as your legs move higher and my penetration deeper. Your vaginal muscles contract around my dick and I shoot my load inside you. I have been saving my cum up for over three weeks so there is heaps of it. Still inside you, I take the banana and unpeel it quickly. I withdraw and stuff the semi hard banana into your pussy. I push it in far enough to cover it and pull it out. You cross your legs so no cum leaks out, sit up and take half the banana from my mouth. Meeting in the middle we kiss.

Standing up, we move quickly to the coffee table near the bed. Climbing onto the table you squat over it and push the remaining cum and cream from your cunt. I take photos as it slides and and lands on the table. we lean over the table and lick the mixture up, our tongues meeting where we swap the jism and cream into each other mouths. We kiss deeply, the mixture moving around in our mouths as we swallow it down. I catch the rest of the jizz and cream that it smeared around your pussy and arse and rub it over your tits. I take some photos and we finish off with you cleaning my still hard cock with your mouth.

Sated and happy, we go back to the bed where we lie in each other’s arms, talking and kissing until we fall asleep. It is so nice to be together again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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