Backscratch Ch. 04

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Having spent the day in nude incestuous play on the beach, Mom and I headed home.

Mom drove for a long while in silence. I think we were both reliving the last few hours of passion in our minds. I kept looking over at her. Mom’s light cotton sundress was clinging to her body in places, and gently moving in the breeze in others. Tight across her chest, her nipples were at full attention; like they usually were. Her thighs were very exposed as the material rode up her skin. She never turned her head to look back at me, but she knew I was watching her. Her lips would curl into a slight smile.

“How naughty we both are.” She finally said, waking me from my slight dozing. “So very naughty together.” She added wistfully, quietly. She had my full attention now. “I love to be completely nude with my son.” She glanced in my direction. “It excites me to show you my nude body, even though that is so naughty of me.” She caught my eye again, briefly. “And it really excites me to see your naked body.” She was thoughtful for a time. “You are such a handsome, young man.”

“I need a coffee.” She stated suddenly and jerked the car off the road. We went to Bigbucks and got her a coffee. I didn’t feel like one. I was hyper-aware of her bare feet and erect nipples in her dress; the cut of her cute sundress left no doubt that she was braless. Walking back to the car she asked me to drive the rest of the way. “I just want to relax and put my feet up on the dash.”

As I drove down the freeway, her right foot was raised up on the dash, and the breeze through the window forced her dress farther up her thighs until her pussy was visible. She had her eyes closed, her face in the sun and her thumb in her mouth as I stole glances at the very top of her labia, shining in the sun. The fine downy hair on her thighs shone in the sunlight. She was gorgeous!

“That is such a beautiful view.” I said quietly, not sure if she was even awake. The corner of her mouth curled up in a slight smile, the only indication that she was in fact awake. There was a very slight adjustment in the position of her leg, allowing a bit more of her soft, swollen labia to show. I glanced at it again and again, thinking how wonderful that would feel against my tongue.

Exiting the freeway, I drove the long winding road home, anxious to get there and see what might happen next. I recalled saying,

“I can’t wait for a shower” as we had gotten in the car. Then my mother replying,

“Together?” Mom had asked teasingly, before pulling her car out onto the road. I wondered if we would. There were times when Mom enjoyed teasing me in our conversation, and then she could turn quite serious, about our getting too out of hand. I had to keep control of my expectations.

I turned up the driveway and parked alongside Daniels car. I turned off the engine and we continued to simply sit in the waning sunlight, filtering through the trees. Long slashes of sunlight fell across moms face and bare neck, deep amber at sunset.

“You really are such a beautiful woman.” I whispered, more to myself. Her mouth curled up again, in the same slight smile. Slowly her eyes opened and came around to me, dreamily. She just smiled at me for a long time.

“And you are my handsome man.” She countered. After a very long look she continued, “We are in this together, aren’t we? We are making mutual decisions, together.” She was repeating my words back to me. “I am glad that we both love each other far beyond how a parent and child are supposed to.” Her eyes looked a bit misty. “I love you so much sweetheart, like lovers.” She turned in her seat to face me directly. “Am I really the woman for you? You said that, in all the world, of all the girls in the world, you want me?” I smiled and nodded.

“Only you.” I told her. “You are the one I want. Forever and ever. You are the one, my best friend, my mother… my lover.” She grew serious at this last statement. “I want you to be my lover.” I whispered, hopeful. “In every sense of the word.” She slowly moved towards me, her eyes never leaving mine. Her hand cradled my face as we kissed. Her tongue was soft and full in my mouth. She was moaning loudly as we kissed. After a long passionate French kiss we parted. Her forehead lay against mine. Slowly her eyes opened.

“I want you in the same way… darling.” She whispered. “In every way. Even in THAT way.” We exchanged a sober look. “I never really believed that we could resist each other forever. I just want you too badly. I need your cock to spread me open and fill my body, slip deeply into my vagina, flood me with your creamy love, again and again. All my life.”

We kissed again, more passionately. Her hand dipped down to caress my cock through my shorts. “Mmmmmmm, yes darling. This wonderful, thick hard penis needs to find its way home to my vagina… again.” Her hand slipped up the leg hole of my shorts and caressed the bare skin. “I cannot resist forever. You will have to fuck me darling! I want to give myself to you. Like a virgin, getting beautifully fucked for the very first time.” Looking casino siteleri into my eyes, she whispered, “I want my son to fuck my pussy. Ease this fat cock between my pussy lips and deep into my vagina. I want your sweet sperm dripping out of me after. I want you to flood my pussy with cum every night. I want to feast on your sperm every morning.”

“I accept that this makes me a bad mother in some people’s eyes.” She continued. “I don’t care. They haven’t been through what we have, endured the agony that we have. They have no right to judge our love.” I simply listened and nodded. “We are for each other. I am for you. I give myself to you, for your love and pleasure. My body is for you to enjoy and have in any way you want, whenever, wherever.” Her look now was even more serious. “We are… as husband and wife; alone together, in the world. You will sleep in my bed, be my husband, make love to me like a lover and I will care for you always, providing, pleasuring. We won’t care what anyone thinks of us.”

We shared another long kiss, and then went inside. We went about putting our picnic stuff away, sharing mild, almost shy smiles. I had no idea what to expect next, but was achingly hard from the thought that I might actually get to fuck my mother. I was putting the wine glasses away on the top shelf when her arms came around me, hugging me from behind. Her softness was pressed against my back. Her hand slipped down and over my bulging penis.

“Oh baby. You need relief. I want to wash your sweet cock.”

We headed for her bathroom and she quickly doffed her sundress, exposing her nude body to me again. I slowly undressed as I watched her turn on the water, her perfect, curvy bottom as she bent over to feel the temperature. She remained in that position long enough for me to strip and gently press up against her from behind. Her wet pussy lips enveloped my erection, as I pressed into her.

“Oh yes, baby!” she moaned aloud. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me like this.” She turned and looked over her shoulder at me, with such a burning, passionate look, that I actually spurted a bit. I didn’t quite ejaculate, but my cock spit a bit of pre-cum that actually spurted slightly. It ran down her thigh. Her hand dropped between her legs and gathered some, sampling it on her tongue. “Mmmmm Benjy, you have such yummy cum.”

Once in the shower I stood at the back of our large shower stall and watched as she stood under the spray, turning herself, seeming on auto-pilot, under the water. I was dazzled watching her body work as she moved. Muscles flexed and relaxed, her breasts swayed gently, enticingly. She then turned to me.

“Be a love and do my back?” I took the bar of soap and washed her back, feeling every contour of her fitness. She stood, head hanging as she held her hair out of the way. I washed over her sexy bottom and down her thighs. I reached around to the front and did her sexy quads down to her knees.

She moved her legs apart to give me better access. I soaped her thighs right up against her swollen labia. I heard her exhale deeply at that contact. My cock was now dancing against the small of her back. I simply teased the edges of her lips and over the hood of her clit, I traced my fingertips through the downy patch of hair, pulling it very slightly. My hands caressed and explored her hips, her tummy, her ribs and finally took her breasts in my hands. Her nipples were incredibly hard!! I strummed over them, running fingertip circles around the hard tips. Our hips were dancing against one another.

After a long time teasing her breasts, she turned in my arms. She gazed into my eyes, smiling. We kissed, then she got down onto her knees before me. I redirected the shower spray away from her as she took the soap from me and began to soap my cock and balls.

“Oh sweetheart.” She breathed. “Oh baby, this cock.” She worked both hands up and down my length, squeezing tightly. “I am such a naughty Mommy.” She whispered, gazing at it. “To be stroking my son’s big cock, washing it, loving it.” She mused. “But to want it so badly… to want it in my mouth… to suck it and drink it… ” she fell silent, watching it slip in and out of her hand.

“I am such a naughty Mommy to want it in me. To want you to slip it into my vagina. To want her own son to force his fat cock into the tightness of her little vagina.” She was musing to herself, with that faraway look. “To allow her own son to fuck his mother, to take her deeply, to want it.” Her eyes came slowly up to mine. “Oh Benjy, darling, I want you to. I want you in me. I want this big, beautiful cock inside of my vagina. Make love to me. Make me feel alive again.”

I stood on shaky legs watching her jack me slowly, lovingly. I was getting close, but did not want to force the issue. She seemed to be coming to the conclusion, all on her own, that we were going to actually fuck. I felt I needed to let her work it out for herself. If I said anything about it I might break the spell and she might retreat. She moved me into the spray and rinsed the soap off me.

“Feed slot oyna me darling?” she asked. She settled into a comfy spot on the tile and opened her mouth. “Feed me your cock. Push it in my throat, darling. I want to swallow you. I want to deep throat every perfect inch of you.” I moved a bit forward and gently pushed the head into her mouth. The feeling of her lips closing around me was perfect. She guided my hands to her head and nodded. My hips began to move gently. Her hands grabbed my thighs and pulled me closer. My cock worked in very deep and she gagged. I immediately backed off.

“No.” she begged, “don’t stop pushing. Fuck my mouth, darling. Make me take it.” I began to thrust again; she gagged again, but kept pulling me forward, nodding slightly. Her eyes were tightly shut as she choked a bit but kept wanting more. She pulled off for a deep breath. “Yes, Benjy. Do it. Force me! Make me take it all in. I want to deep throat you.” I began to thrust again. Her eyes were tearing, but she took it and took it. I could feel the thick head lodging into the back of her mouth, between her tonsils. Her stomach lurched each time.

Her hands held my hips tightly, nails digging in, as she tried to force her throat around the head. It slipped in a little ways; the feeling was incredible, tight and moving. She backed off a bit and tried again. The same amount slipped in again. Her throat swallowing was like a perfect massage on the head.

“Do it! Do it! Force me!” she cried out, taking another gasping breath. She glanced up with a determined look that told me she wasn’t kidding. I cradled her head tightly as she gazed up into my eyes. I slowly slid all the way in again, feeling to tight constriction of her throat. Her eyes never wavered as I took firm hold of her head, and began to push, hard. I felt her throat muscles give way and I slipped in deeply. Mom’s eyes rolled back and her stomach lurched heavily, but she just held on for dear life and took it all the way in!

Buried to the hilt, her nose in my stomach, I worked my hips gently and fucked her throat with a movement of a couple of inches. It was the most incredible sensation. Her hands tried to push me back a bit, but I held on and fucked her throat a bit more.

“Oh god, mom! Yeah! Suck it! Swallow that cock!” I was crying out. “Take it all.”

Finally she pushed hard and got me out of her mouth, gasping and coughing. I suddenly felt terrible about abusing my mother in this way.

“God Mom. I’m so ss… ” I was about to apologize for the abuse.

“No!” She cried out. “No!! Again. Do it again! Sweet cock!” She worked her mouth down over the head again. For a brief second I was shocked into stillness, but then grabbed her head and rammed it into her throat again. Mom made a frighteningly sexy coughing noise as it cut off her wind, but she took it again perfectly. I jammed it in and out of her throat a few times and repeated my withdrawal. She would gasp for breath and then beg for it again.

We continued like that for about 5 or 6 more times before I began to shoot deeply into her throat. Her eyes were streaming tears and she was beet red in the face as she suffocated, but she just held on for a moment longer, allowing me to flood her with my cum. On the verge of passing out she withdrew my length, leaned into me and, cradling my cock against her face, panted and coughed a bit. I was reeling, about to collapse, but was completely dazzled by what had just taken place.

I finally reached down, pulled her to her feet and then wrapping my arms around her, pulled her up and onto me, her legs going around my waist. Her head fell against my shoulder and she caught her breath. I turned her so that she was in the spray of the shower and simply held her there. Her lovely round bottom was in my hands and her full lips caressed the top of my softening penis. We stayed like that for a while, both of us panting hard.

“Fuck!” I finally managed. “Holy fuck!” Mom raised her face and looked into mine with a growing smile. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came.

“Holy fuck is right.” She said with a giggle. “I did it.” She then hugged me hard! “I did it, baby. I took it all!”

“Yes you did!” I assured her. “That was… fucking unbelievable!!” She just nuzzled into me and hummed happily.

I finally set her down on wobbly legs and she leaned into the hard spray of hot water. I relapsed into my amazed self, at the simple fact of being nude in the shower with my mother; not to mention what had just happened. Just the shared nudity was enough to start me up again. I gazed at her nude shape for a moment and then wrapped my arms around her body, holding her tightly.

“I love you so much.” I whispered into her shoulder. Her hands gripped my arms and she moaned her agreement. “Oh mom, I love you so much.”

She turned and we kissed, long and deep. Then she shut off the water and we got out and dried ourselves and each other. Not another word was spoken as we made our way through the habits of after-shower activities and then she took my hand canlı casino siteleri and led me slowly to her big bed. I trailed along watching her nude body move as she pulled me by the hand. She gave a heavy tug and the bedclothes flew back. I had spent a lifetime seeing my mother, sometimes actually watching her, but now the experience of her being so comfortably nude with me was beyond thrilling.

She sat on the bed and took my hands in hers. “Come. Lay down with me.” she whispered. I climbed in and lay down next to her. She rolled me away from her and spooned up behind me, arm reaching around to stroke my chest. “My baby.” She cooed. “My sweet, sweet, darling baby. I love you so much.” We snuggled our naked bodies together. I reached around and pulled her thigh up over my leg, stroking it gently. “My Benjy. My son, my beautiful manly son. My darling. My lover.” She fell silent for awhile. “You are mine now.” She whispered. “And I am yours. More than a husband, you are my life now. I give myself to you completely, darling. Will you do the same for me?”

“I will.” I told her. “I do.” Her grip tightened. “I am yours and yours alone, forever. All that I am… all I ever will be… is completely for you.” I held her hand against my chest and gripped her thigh over mine, as I felt her gently sobbing into my back. “Shhhhhhh.” I soothed. “Shhhhhhh. I got you. I’m right here for you. I got you.” An emotional dam had broken in her and released a gush of pent up emotions. Her body lurched softly with her sobbing. I simply held her to me. After the long while I could hear the rhythm of her sleeping. I nodded off shortly thereafter.

I was suddenly awakened by her body lurching in a dream. I was a bit chilly and pulled the covers over us. She rolled onto her back and remained asleep. I turned to face her and just reveled in the sight of my mother’s nude breasts, gently rising and falling as she slept. Her nipples were still a bit erect, perfect nubs rising above her areolas. There was a fine bit of hair that was backlit by the faint light from the bathroom. I studied the freckles, the shape, the placement of her breasts, as if the spell might be broken at any time and I might not ever see them again.

Slowly I pulled the covers down off her exquisite body, a tiny bit at a time; exploring every inch with my eyes. Her ribs were pronounced a bit, at least the first 4 that I could make out. They rose and fell slightly. Her waist was beautifully shaped as if an hourglass had been used as the model for her. Her belly was flat and taut, her navel cute and tight. Her hips bones rose up on either side, creating a lovely gentle valley between them. Slowly, slowly I eased the sheet down exposing the tiny bit of downy soft hair, low on her tummy. Her pubic mound rose enticingly from the flat of her belly, capped with this nice soft hair. I yearned to kiss it, to rub my face in it.

One leg was laying straight out, while the other was splayed open as she slept. I eased the sheet down until her pussy came fully into my view; absolutely lovely. Her swollen outer labia were a deep pinkish color. Her lighter colored inner lips were peeking slightly, her clitoris just visible between them. The skin looked so soft. Smooth as silk and ready for my kisses. I could smell her aroma. It was heady. My cock was pounding now. I imagined what it would look like when I spread her open with the thickness of my penis. Gently, slowly in leaned down and kissed her mound. She stirred slightly. I kissed it again and then slowly snaked my tongue over the hood and over her clit. Mmmmmm that taste!! It slithered lower between her lips.

Her hand gently found my face and pulled me away. “Mmmmmm darling, yes!” she cooed, still half asleep. “I felt your tongue on me.” I told her that she had. “Did you taste Mommy? Did you get a taste of Mommy’s pussy?” I said that I had.

“May I lick you some more?” I asked.

“Oh sweetheart, darling. You will. I promise you will. But not right yet. I still want to wait. I don’t know why.” I looked up into her sleepy, smiling eyes. “Benjy Darling, you are going to eat my pussy a lot! All the time. Every fucking day. I can barely stand to wait anymore. I am dying to give it to you. Give it all to you. To feel your lips, your tongue, your fingers in me, but not quite yet.” We shared a long look. “I’m sorry sweetheart.” I smiled.

“We’ve got all the time in the world.” I told her. Her smile turned wistful.

“That is what I’ve been thinking… until lately.” Her smiled faded. “Your father used to say that, ‘All the time in the world’.” She was distant now, thoughtful. “We don’t really know though.”

I moved up on my elbows to see her better. Her sadness had returned. “There is no way to know how much time we might have, you and I. I think that’s why my mind has changed, over this idea of… being together… completely.” We shared a long gaze. “Benjy… sweetheart… I want you to have me, to eat me, to fuck me, to take all possible pleasure from my body. I am yours.” I smiled, she remained serious. “I have resigned myself to being the kind of terrible mother that lets her son have her body, to use however he wants, to live a life of complete incest. You and me, together completely in that way. I just need a bit of time to prepare, emotionally.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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