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“So – What do you think?” said the man behind the desk, “I can phone the police and you can take what’s coming to you – or you both can avoid going to prison and we’ll do it another way. Although I must warn you – there was a lot of money involved so it could take quite a while for you to pay it back.”

Steve looked across at his wife –both were at a loss for words. They were in an awful mess and couldn’t see a way out. Over the last year the couple had embezzled a lot of money from the company that they both worked for. Now, having been caught here they were, sat in the office of the company’s founder with his two accountants, his lawyer and his secretary. It was only yesterday that they had been confronted and had resigned their-selves to being put under arrest and the shame of having to tell their only daughter that most likely they would be going to prison – and to expect the resulting scandal.

“We can pay most of it back straight away,” said the wife Linda, “Most of it’s still in our reach and we will sign our property over to you to make up the shortfall.”

“That’s not what I meant,” snapped the boss sneering with contempt. “You think it’s that simple, do you? Just because you happen to have been caught you think you can simply give it back as though it was a game. No, you will have to pay for your crime and for having the audacity to think you could fool me.”

Looking around the room Steve saw the others smirking with self-satisfaction, enjoying the plight. They all had a reputation for being evil and nasty, including the boss’s secretary who was just a girl in her mid twenties.

“Can you tell us what the alternative is to calling the police? We can’t work without wages can we – it would be a bit obvious when we are dying of starvation?” Steve said.

“First of all,” said the boss slowly, “Let me remind you that you can’t afford to be sarcastic and arrogant. I could have you both taken to a far away place and nailed to a tree. Or maybe you’d like to take a closer look at how my men lay concrete. How would you like to become part of a bridge?”

Usually Steve would have laughed at such “tough-guy” claims – but he knew now that this particular man was capable of carrying out his threats. No one was laughing – the situation was serious.

“Sorry,” he said meekly, “What are the alternatives?”

The man gave an evil smile and told Steve’s wife to stand up. She obeyed and looked confused.

“You’re not a bad looking woman, are you? Maybe you could help keep me amused whilst I think of an appropriate solution. I like to watch people being amusing and playing games. Or maybe you could help entertain my friends and clients. My accountants here tell me it must have been you that “cooked the books” – you must have been the brains behind the operation. It’s only right that if I punish you myself that you should have to do most of the work.”

He laughed and the others joined in giving each other knowing looks. “That’s very fair and reasonable of you boss,” said one of the accountants in a mocking voice.

“Right! Tell you what we’ll do. Sleep on it and let me know tomorrow. Option one. Police – and all that it entails – go before the courts – do your time. Option two. You pay back everything you can – and sign your house over to me – and then you submit yourselves to whatever punishment I think fit. But should you try to fool me again it will be the last thing you ever do. Understand me?”

The couple nodded and rose to leave.

“Yeah! That’s it – get out!” They hurried away as quickly as they could.

They certainly didn’t watch any TV that evening. Thinking things over silently and independently it was a long time before any of them spoke.

“So what do you think?” Steve asked his wife. “It’s clear that if we take our punishment from him it will include you giving sexual favours. We lose the house and everything. And who knows how long it will go on for? But he must have something else planned for us.”

Linda looked up and offered her thoughts. “I don’t think we have much choice have we? If we have a way of avoiding prison I think we should take it. It was peanuts to him but a lot of money to us and in the eyes of the law – we could go down for a long time – and after his lawyers have finished with us we would still lose everything. Not to mention that when we came out of jail no one would ever offer us a decent job. We might as well take his punishment – at least we stay out of jail. Giving him sex is not a big deal anyway.”

Everyone knew that amongst the boss’s acquaintances’ there was a little clique of people that indulged in swapping and sex parties. Some of it was supposed to be quite kinky but a lot was exaggerated. The more that Steve thought about it, if his bosses friends did it for pleasure, making his wife do it would be quite an easy punishment. Though he wasn’t sure how he’d feel knowing that his wife was having sex with someone else. It would feel weird – and maybe he’d be jealous – but he thought – an easy cross to bear.

“How would you feel letting another man use you as casino oyna a sex toy?” he asked her.

“I could live with it,” she answered without hesitation. The thought seemed to excite her – Steve could tell by her body language. Dangerous things had always excited her – which is why they were in such big trouble now. Maybe this would be easy – but just one obstacle remained – what to say to their daughter.

The problem was solved for them when she walked into the room and demanded to know what was going on. Their daughter, Carla, was no fool, so they decided to come clean with her. Steve started the story, then Linda took over, and nothing was left out. When they had finished speaking Carla took just a minute to offer her opinion.

“Take the punishment – giving sex is better than prison. And what will you going to jail do for my reputation?”

Steve was taken aback by his daughters forthright comments and apparent selfishness.

“You got yourselves into this – don’t take me down with you.”

“So you’d give your body away to keep out of jail – that’s what your mother will have to do?” asked Steve.

“Yes!” she said slowly, “If I could use sex to keep out of trouble I would.”

Steve looked on his daughter in a different light – and felt a stirring in his loins.

“It’s settled!” said Linda firmly, “We will go for it, and hope we find a way out.”

The following morning, both turned up for work as usual and at a convenient time sent a message to the boss. An hour later they were summoned to his office. The conversation was short and to the point – they would submit to his punishment.

The boss man moved from behind his desk and told the couple to sit down on the wooden chairs in front of his desk. Along the far wall was a sofa on which his secretary sat, legs crossed and showing plenty of thigh. Steve felt his cock harden slightly as he looked up her skirt. The boss stood beside his wife and his hand gently massaged her shoulder.

“I’ll arrange for you to speak to my lawyer to sort the money business out.”

As he spoke his hand dropped down to cup Linda’s right breast.

“Nice tits,” he remarked. Linda stayed still looking to the front. His hand moved to the buttons on her shirt and he began to unfasten them. Still standing over her he slipped his hand inside her bra and tweaked her nipple. Linda threw a glance at the secretary whom, with a smile on her face was watching intently. She felt humiliated and very self-conscious as the man’s rough hands made her jump slightly.

Steve, helpless to do anything else could only stare at the sight of his boss playing with his wife’s tits. Then he too became conscious of the secretary’s presence and somehow it felt more embarrassing. Something else that Steve noticed was how the girl kept flexing and relaxing her thigh muscles and fidgeting on the seat as she watched. An unexpected feeling came over Steve as his gaze moved to and fro from his wife to the young girl. He was beginning to get aroused. Watching his wife’s submissiveness and how the man was making her squirm had given him an erection. That was complimented by the view up the secretary’s skirt and how the leg that was crossed kept raising slightly, giving a hint of the triangle of flimsy material that covered her pussy.

The girl noticed Steve’s interest and to his joy and amazement she smiled and slowly uncrossed her legs, hesitating before she placed her foot on the ground. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs and she left her knees open giving him a better view of her pink panties. Giving Steve a big smile she continued to watch her boss and the woman and at the same time stroke her thighs and tense then relax her pussy muscles. Steve realised that the girl was becoming very turned on by what the boss was doing with his wife.

Linda sat quietly and was becoming conscious that her feelings of humiliation were not quite as unpleasant as she first felt. She too had noticed the girl’s reactions and though she was a little bit scared she was also fascinated by the fact that just watching her had aroused the secretary. There was also something about the fact that another man was touching her sexually in front of her husband that caused a certain excitement. The hands touching her breasts, although rough and without finesse were adding to her now pleasant sensation. The silence was broken by a command from the boss.

“Why don’t you unzip me?” It was apparent by his tone of voice that it wasn’t a suggestion – it was an order. Could she do it – in front of an audience – in front of her husband? What would he want her to do – just rub it? What if he told her to suck it – what would her husband do?

She hadn’t planned for this – maybe she would have found herself in a room with more than one man – she had thought of that. But not having to do things while her husband watched – and the young girl who was until now just another co-worker. Linda’s eyes darted to the girl – whose fingers had now crept closer to her pussy. Clearly, thought Linda, observing the girls’ facial expression, she is hoping I will slot oyna obey. Glancing across at her husband surprised Linda – although his face gave nothing away she noticed a bulge in the front of his pants. Now is that through watching me or watching the girl, she thought?

In truth, as Steve knew, it was both – watching how the young girl was becoming so turned on and purposely giving him a show was very erotic. However it was nothing compared with the unusual arousal he was getting from seeing his wife with this man. The blank expression was because of his confusion. When he heard the man tell her to unzip him something inside wanted her to refuse – yet he also was becoming more excited waiting for her to comply. He quickly admitted to himself – he wanted to see his wife take out the man’s penis!

Very slowly Linda’s trembling hand went to the man’s zip and she carefully unfastened his pants.

“Before you take it out – pull your skirt up – I want to see your panties.” The man’s voice was controlled and calm. Linda hitched up her skirt and exposed her stocking clad legs. Steve took a sharp intake of breath as Linda’s hands returned to the man’s fly.

Slipping her hand inside his trousers she closed her fingers around his hot stiff rod. Steve watched her face and noticed how her eyes narrowed and the corners of her mouth turned upward almost forming a smile. Her lips were closed but when the thick shaft sprung into view she involuntary ran her tongue across her mouth and licked her lips.

She would have preferred to have been alone – she would have been able to relax more – she was beginning to enjoy it!

For a woman who liked to live dangerously sometimes a new thrill was about to be experienced. As the man stood quietly still reaching down playing with her nipple, Linda, without any prompting began to slowly masturbate him. Turning slightly to the side she looked straight at her husband. That’s when the thrill hit her – here she was wanking another man’s cock while he was feeling her tits – and her husband could only watch. She watched Steve squirm and fidget in his seat and she wondered just how tormented he was.

Linda waited for the next instruction – it was bound to come – he would ask her to suck it. Still looking at Steve she almost brushed her cheek against his throbbing member. Now she wanted to suck it –she wanted her husband to see her with another man’s cock in her mouth. Casting a quick glance at the girl Linda noticed how wide her legs were and what her fingers were doing. Watching me, thought Linda, turns her on, and then she spread her legs wide.

Looking back at her husband, Linda smiled and while she had his full attention she opened her mouth and still looking Steve in the eye she closed her mouth over the man’s penis.

Steve was feeling tormented and confused inside – but he had an overwhelming urge to take out his dick and wank whilst he watched. He didn’t, but instead rubbed his hand over the bulge. He hadn’t expected his wife to become so enthusiastic and willing. She was doing more than what had been asked of her. Would she suck him to completion – let him ejaculate into her mouth? As he watched he saw that his wife had dropped her spare hand to the space between her legs and was now copying the girl. Her hands were very busy – the other pumped his shaft into her mouth as her lips sucked and tongue licked. The man now gently held her head helping her maintain the rhythm.

Steve took in the scene before him with disbelief – then became aware that his cock was now out of his pants and he was wanking whilst he watched.

The man climaxed without warning and shot his sperm into Linda’s mouth. Taken by surprise she opened wide and Steve saw the white sticky liquid on her tongue start to dribble down the side of her mouth. His hand began to work faster and Linda’s eyes widened as she realised what her husband was doing. Out of the man’s dick shot little spurts of cum and Steve watched as they sprayed into the open mouth of his wife. It was too much for Steve as his own spunk shot from his penis.

Linda was shocked by her husband’s actions – but pleasantly so. She now wanted to be fucked – by any of them – by both. It wasn’t going to happen this time.

Fifteen minutes later saw them both back at their jobs having been given instructions that they would be seeing the lawyers that afternoon.

Steve was in a daze – did that really happen? The man had actually done or said very little – how could he make that happen with so few words or actions. Maybe that defines what having “Power” is – “Control.”

They both went through the motions and said the right things at the meeting. The financial side was taken care of and brought to a satisfactory conclusion – for the boss that is. Steve couldn’t believe what he had witnessed his wife do – and she couldn’t believe how much it had aroused him. More importantly, she couldn’t believe how much it had thrilled her and the kick she had got from it. She was still as aroused now as when she was hoping she would be fucked.

They were both impatient to canlı casino siteleri get home – though they found themselves a little hesitant about discussing the events.

“What do you feel like?” asked Steve.

“I’m still reeling from it,” she answered.

“I didn’t expect you to be so enthusiastic,” Steve commented.

“I thought it best if we convinced him that we would keep our word. It seems you enjoyed watching,” replied Linda, avoiding her husband’s gaze.

“I think you enjoyed it too, didn’t you?” Steve said without sounding confrontational.

Linda nodded sheepishly, “Yes – I shouldn’t admit this but it gave me hell of a thrill.”

Steve walked toward her and quickly pulled her skirt high. He almost ripped her shirt as he undid the buttons. Linda was quickly inside his pants and when she felt his hardness she pulled at his belt. Dinner would have to wait.

By the time their daughter came home, who had eaten out, the couple had dressed in bathrobes having just showered.

“You two look like you’ve had an interesting time – showered together early?”

Steve still found he was a little embarrassed when his daughter mentioned anything to do with sex in front of him.

“So what happened?” asked the girl in a more serious tone. “Did you sort things out at work?”

“Yes,” answered her mother, “I think we’ll be staying out of prison.”

Their daughter looked relieved then sat thoughtful for a few minutes before she asked, “Did the boss make you have sex with him?”

“You shouldn’t be asking that!” snapped her mother.

“You’ve told me everything else – you said it was part of the deal. Why pretend it’s not going to happen?”

“Well no – I didn’t have sex with him,” said Linda, deciding she may as well answer her daughter. “But I just had to give him a little favour this morning when he called us into his office.”

After another thoughtful minute Carla asked, “Sexual favour?”

Linda coloured up as Steve tried to hide his embarrassment behind his hand.

“Don’t make it hard for us. Yes! A sexual favour.” Linda wished she’d kept quiet.

“You both were called into the office? So Dad was in the room while you performed a sex act with your boss?” It was more of a statement than a question. No answer was forthcoming.

Linda and Steve stole a quick glance at their daughter expecting her to be upset or disgusted. Instead she still looked very thoughtful – and intrigued. Her curious eyes went first to her mother, then her father. An almost imperceptible smile came upon her face – but she said no more.

Almost a week passed before they were summoned to the office. The instruction that they were given was to attend the boss’s house next evening in formal evening dress – though they would be serving drinks – and other duties. Steve and Linda both wondered what other duties actually meant – though thought it wise not to ask. Without admitting the fact to each other the couple had separately let their imaginations run free and were almost looking forward to the evenings “chores.”

As they were ready to leave the house their anticipation and lack of “feeling of despair” wasn’t lost on their daughter.

“No one would guess you were about to be punished would they? You almost look like you’re going to a party as guests of honour.” Carla eyed her mother’s dress. “You have certainly dressed for the occasion.”

Carla was right – her mother was attired in a very sexy low-cut dress. It was made of the sort of material that clung to every curve of her body – and against the light was almost transparent. A panty-line would have killed the image so thong and self-supporting stockings had been Linda’s choice.

As Steve admired his wife suddenly he was aware that his daughter’s eyes were now focused on his crotch. He moved and turned quickly to disguise the bulge in the front of his trousers – but not before his daughter caught his eye – with a sexy wicked grin on her face.

“Enjoy yourselves, won’t you?” she said facetiously as they left the house.

As they drove away Steve was the first to speak, “I suppose she’s right – we know what is likely to happen and we seem almost to be looking forward to it.”

Linda thought for a minute then replied, “Well I guess that’s right – at least now I’ve heard you say that I know that we both are feeling the same way.”

Steve looked confused – Linda explained.

“Almost looking forward to it.”

Steve felt his dick stiffen at his wife’s admission. She was expecting to be made to have sex with other men – and she was looking forward to it.

Linda was relieved – and pleased – that Steve hadn’t blown his top at her admission. After a couple of silent minutes she reached over and gently rubbed the front of his trousers.

When they finally arrived at the house Linda was in surprisingly good spirits. She knew now that she could abandon herself to whatever sex acts that she was expected to perform without worrying about her husband’s reaction. Her imagination had created a desire and longing to actually experience submitting to the whims of other men. Somehow the thought that her husband would watch now made it more erotic. The experience in the office had changed her opinion – now having an audience would add to her arousal.

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