Beautiful Torment

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Rose, Eric and I have been sent to audit the billing from your branch. We tour, we finish our work, we have lunch, we meet with your colleagues, and we hang around your office to finish up and say goodbye. We have a several hour drive ahead of us, it is late afternoon and we are exhausted. No one wants to drive, so I offer but only on the condition that we are able to stick around for a bit and get our energy up.

“I can put some coffee on,” you offer, heading into the kitchen, “I don’t drink it myself, but I know they always keep some around.”

“Not exactly what I had in mind,” I call to you from your office, “Usually we try to do something athletic, get the blood pumping.”

You lean against the doorway, eyebrow raised, “There is a park a couple blocks over, but I have work to get done here. You guys are on your own there.”

“We need four to play for even teams,” I plead.

“Why do teams need to be even?” you ask, looking at Rose, “Sometimes a little mismatch is fun.” She agrees and I note with pleasure that your hands grazed briefly during this exchange.

“What about girls verse guys?” Eric looks to the group, I can’t tell if he is feeling the situation out, or if he hasn’t caught on yet.

I shake my head, “I want to play with a girl.”

You smile at me, “Which one?”

Rose is also grinning, “Yeah, who do you want on your team?”

“Do I have to decide?”

You’ve walked over to your desk and are cleaning it off, because you can clearly see where this innuendo is going, “Look, I don’t care what game you play, but you all have to work together. And because I’m tired of talking about it, and it seems like he’s the one in charge, you two will canlı bahis şirketleri do what he says.”

I quickly and boldly add, “So do you. You have to do exactly as I say.”

This freezes you because you weren’t entirely expecting any of what happens to follow, a part of you believed this was all tease and posturing. You can hear my belt buckle approving of what might happen next.

I tell you to get on the desk and lie down on your back with hands in your lap. You are in a form fitting dress, thin stockings and heels. You keep it all on neatly looking and position yourself obediently. We are also formally dressed, but in pants, with Rose in a button down top.

Eric and I get on each side of the desk nearest your head. I tell Rose to straddle you just above the hips and to show you what she did during the drive to your town.

“Mmm”, she licks her lips and one zipper at a time is pulled down. Then, grinding into you, she leans forward and slowly starts tugging on each cock, one in each hand.

I instruct Eric to massage one of your breasts, while I begin to fondle the other. Rose is to kiss you and force your eyes to one stiffened length and then to the other as she continues her rhythmic strokes.

I have Rose rip open your dress so Eric and I can firmly rest our hands on your exposed tits. She is to grab each of the men by the back of their balls and alternate feeding you, though I stipulate that I want her to wait till each of us has a small running drop of clear liquid emerging from our cockhead.

“Stuff her mouth”, I tell her.

You get a nice taste of Eric and then before you can relax into taking him deeper, you are fed my salt. And canlı kaçak iddaa then Eric again. I tell Rose to linger longer with the alternations.

Rose is now to focus on your chest and to rub over your pussy through the dress. Meanwhile, Eric and I have figured a way that when your lips are around one person’s cock, the other has a grip in the back of your hair to control the mouth fucking.

You are gasping and cumming by now.

Eric uses the scissors from your desk to cut Rose’s ass and panties free and reposition her wetness over your face, while she continues to finger you—but I tell her to pull and stretch and free your pussy to the air and for her to lick too if she can reach. And I tell you to lick her, but put your hands on our balls and gently squeeze and massage. You are not to touch our cocks. We will stroke ourselves while you do this.

We arrange ourselves now on either side of you lengthwise, me grabbing Rose’s hair from your pussy to level her mouth over my dick and I tell her to tighten it up and dry it off. Eric positions his cock near Rose’s opening and I tell you not to stop licking her clit as he slowly pushes through. I enter you at the same time and you are in delirium, as Rose is in charge of rubbing and licking whatever part of your cunt is exposed between my pulsing thrusts.

Whenever you get too loud, I tell him to fuck your mouth and whenever Rose gets too loud, I shut her up with my cock. This pits you two against each other, and soon each of you is angrily nibbling and pulling on each other, which of course only makes each of you cum and scream more. It’s perfect.

Of course, you know we switch places. But we start to take more liberties canlı kaçak bahis with Rose, propping her up on the desk next to you, putting your faces together and mouth fucking them at the same time. We have her hold you down and spread your pussy open so taut you are visibly bruising, since Eric and I are alternating fucking you senseless. Literally, you are going numb. You plead to submit Rose to the same, when I finally remember she has a strap on in her bag. And as a twist of your words, subject her to fucking you while again your face and tits are ruined with wet cocks.

When we get to your ass, you take it with ease. Rose has been sliding all your juices in that direction for an hour now, and we start to experiment with double penetration, but only after repeatedly making you cum. Rose’s tongue and fingers come in handy, and we push her ass to drive her pussy over your face to muffle your beautiful torment.

It’s running late and Eric and I want to spill our full load. We tie you lengthwise, so the rope runs over your pussy and under the desk, and another one tightly across your tits. These come from a closet in the other room. We each sit on the desk, and put our feet over your body. We take turns lifting Rose on top and she rides us, maintaining eye contact with you while she fucks. Eric barely grazes finger trails over your body. Rose brings us close to climax and we her, Eric and I take turns standing on the desk over you and aim for your face.

Mine drops in thick white pearls. His has a little spray and then a rope across your neck and cheek. You madly try and turn your tongue to get what you can. You ask Rose to help.

“Put it on my tongue, please.”

She’s too busy working on a squirt of her own and she leans one hand on Eric’s shoulder while she rubs furiously and we open her up taut to gush. Hands running on her thighs as she loosens moisture across your brow, your neck, your tits. We leave you like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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