Beauty and the Beast Ch. 04

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I wake up with my head on Masters chest, his hand stroking my strawberry blonde hair, like every morning for the past two months. I smile and untangle myself from Master and walk to my dresser and pull on a pair of bright red boxer briefs before heading to the kitchen. As I make our omelets, a task I’m now so used to, my mind wanders.

The past two months I have learned a lot about Master. He is a very kind man, he has brought many other slaves home, most of which were in a very bad way. He cares for them and when they’re healthy he give them to a friend of his who is just as nice as himself. I’m the only one he has kept.

Aside from the other slaves, Master and I have fallen into an easy routine; I get up and make breakfast, he’ll shower then join me for breakfast, then he goes to his office, I clean the dishes, shower, tidy the house, make his lunch and if there are no more tasks Master lets me stay with him while he works, I sit on his lap and watch until it’s time to start supper, after supper dishes are done we relax and watch tv or we play before bed. Today is no different; we go through the motions but don’t play before bed. I fall asleep happily in his arms.

I open my eyes and know something is different than normal. It takes me a minute to realize that I’m alone, lying on my back with my wings splayed out. Normally I’m cuddled into Master with my wings folded neatly to my back. Sitting up I see a vase on my dresser with white roses in it. I smile and clamber out of bed to smell the sweet fragrance of the beautiful flowers. Pulling on a pair of jeans, I go to find Master, I follow the smell of bacon to the kitchen and see Master standing in front of the stove in a pair of sweatpants.

I stay in the hallway so I can discreetly watch him move around the kitchen, “Are you going to stand there all day, Pet?” I gasp as my cheeks heat up. His rich laughter fills the room, smiling I walk into the room and wrap my arms around him and lean against his strong back. His hands rub my arms, affectionately.

“Master, why are you making breakfast? You could have woken me if you were hungry.” Turning in my arms, he wraps his arms around me and kisses my head.

“First of all, you look so beautiful in your sleep with your wings splayed everywhere. Secondly, today is a special day. You get to sleep in on special days.”

“Master it’s a Thursday, why is today special?” My brow knits together while I try to figure it out.

He pulls back to look me in the eyes, “You really don’t know Pet?” I shake my head ‘no’. He grins hugely at me, “Then I won’t ruin the surprise.” Leaning down he delivers a smoldering kiss on my lips causing me to shiver and my wings to twitch.

“I don’t understand.” Have I forgotten an important day for Master? His business deal he had in the works perhaps? No, that doesn’t close for a few more weeks. What else could it be?

“Now, go sit at the table,” with a playful smack to my ass, Master turns back to the stove. Still confused, I go to the small round table and sit in my chair. I’m still trying to figure out the occasion when a plate of chocolate chip pancakes is placed in front of me. I smile, chocolate chip pancakes are one of my favorites.

Master sits across from me with a similar plate and we eat breakfast quietly. Master says he’ll do the dishes and sends me into the living room to pick out a few movies for us to watch. He knows I love watching movies and cuddling with him as well as pancakes, I still don’t understand what’s going on. It’s Thursday, Master should be at work right now, not watching movies with me.

I shake my head and browse the book case filled with movies and select canlı bahis şirketleri two scary movies without giving it much consideration. Master likes horror movies and if I get to cuddle into his side, I don’t care what it is we watch. Master comes into the living room and starts the first movie.

Huddling close to him, my heart begins to beat rapidly I begin to think about something one of the recent slaves had said to me. Her name was Richelle, she wasn’t here long and was very quiet but she was one of those people who see everything. She would be in the room and you’d think she was in a place all her own but she absorbed everything around her. Just before she left she said something odd, “You don’t understand what you feel, do you?”

I remember looking at her and saying, “Of course I know how I feel.”

She rolled her eyes and tossed her long hair over her shoulder, “Yes, but do you understand what it is? Do you understand that it’s love?”

“Love?” I tested the word, unsure. I know what love is, my parents loved each other, but she couldn’t mean I feel that way about Master. He is my Master not my lover. “You’re out of you mind!”

Richelle put her hands up in mock defeat, “Okay, whatever you say.”

Could she have been right? Was I in love with Master? The feeling I get when he holds me, or when he gives me little gifts here and there, is that love? If it is, should I tell Master or keep it to myself?

By the time the second movie had ended I had come to the conclusion that I am in love with Master and that he can’t know. He could get angry or be upset. Richelle had been sent away from a good Master because she fell in love and I don’t want to leave my Master.

“Okay Pet, stay here while I put something together for lunch.” While I wait I listen to Master move about the kitchen, occasionally he’ll curse and I imagine him dropping something or nicking his finger as he’s done many times. He returns holding a wicker basket in one hand and a blanket draped over another, “Come on, follow me.”

We leave the house and walk through the woods and come to a small clearing next to a lake. I smile and hurry to the lake, my wings flapping slightly, dropping to my knees I run my hands through the cool water. I hear laughter behind me and turn to see Master sitting on the blanket watching me. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothings funny, that was just really cute.”

I blush and turn back to the water, “It’s very beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here, it reminds me of home.”

“Do you know how to swim?”

I nod my head, “Yes, my previous Master taught me when I was younger.”

“We can go for a swim if you like.”

“Really?” I smile happily. “I would love to, I haven’t been swimming in a long time.”

“Yes, go ahead,” he softly chuckles.

Choosing to ignore it, I stand and carefully fold my wings to my back before diving into the cool water. I surface and float happily with my face to the sky. Relaxing in the water, I run my fingers through the water before there’s a load splash and water cascades over me. Opening my eyes I see his blue eye dancing with childish glee.

I splash him and swim away before he grabs my ankle hauling me back though the waves, laughing I manage to break his hold and swim back towards the dock. His hand grabs my arm and spins me and I pause as our eyes lock. The muscles in my stomach clench tightly and there’s a tingling beginning in my groin. Masters eyes flash green, as they often do when he’s aroused, his eye become half lidden. Coming closer, he grasps my waist and pulls my body flesh to his, his lips get closer before stopping a meager inch canlı kaçak iddaa from mine.

I trace my hands up his muscled arms, over his shoulders and fist in his hair and then I close the gap between us. I intend to kiss him gently and pull away but a feeling, almost like fire traveling through my veins, courses through me and I kiss him with force. Master nips at my lower lip pulling a low moan from my lips before he pulls away with me following, desperately trying to retrieve the feeling, “Now pet, let’s not get carried away. Besides it’s time for lunch.”

Master helps me out of the water and we go to the blanket and Master hands me a sandwich before eating his own. We sit and talk awhile, I keep trying to figure out how today is special but Master refused to tell me. He would just shake his head and laugh before saying ‘you’ll find out soon enough, pet’. I tried to get information from him while I sat on his lower back as I rubbed his tense shoulders, unfortunately that didn’t work. The remainder of the afternoon is spent with Master propped up against a tree and me lying down with my head cushioned on his lap.

As the sun started to fade Master began to check his watch quite a bit which was unusual for him, “Okay, come pet, it’s time to go home.” I happily walk hand in hand with Master all the way back to the house.

“Master, may I ask you something?”

He looks down at me and smiles, “Of course Pet.”

“Master, you hardly ever look at your watch, why are you today?” I keep my eyes cast on the ground as the house comes into view.

“You will understand soon Pet,” Master drags his knuckle down my cheek.

We reach the house and Master holds the door open for me before leading me into the kitchen. We entered with him right in front of me though it didn’t take him long to step aside and pull me into an embrace, my back to his front. The sight before me made my heart flutter but also left me very confused. The kitchen table had two steaming plates of food, a bottle of wine, lit candles, rectangles wrapped in pretty paper and a cake with unlit candles. “Master, what’s going on?”

Master plants little kisses along my shoulder before whispering in my ear, “Happy Birthday Joshua.” He planted more kisses behind my ear causing me to shiver.

“You never call me by my name, Master.”

A soft breathy chuckle echoes in my ears, “Does it bother you when I call you Pet instead of Joshua?”

I find myself my shaking my head, “No, I like it.”

“Go and sit down, supper is getting cold Pet,” I listen and move to sit in my chair while Master pours some wine for the both of us and places my glass in front of me. We smile at each other and eat dinner while we make small talk. Though I did learn he found out my birth date when he bought me.

After dinner Master put the plates in the sink and lit the candles on the cake and sang me happy birthday, it was the funniest thing I have ever heard. “Okay Pet, blow out the candles and make a wish, it will come true.”

Closing my eyes I think of what I want most of all, I want Master to make love to me without anything between us I think before I blow out the candles. Master hands me the rectangular presents and tells me to open them. While here I learned that I enjoyed reading quite a bit so Master got me books I had been looking forward to reading.

We ate some cake and retired to the living to watch a video. I was snuggled into Masters side when he asked me something at made me blush crimson from head to toe, “What did you wish for?”

I swallow around the lump in my throat and speak softly, “Why do you ask Master?”

“If I don’t know what it canlı kaçak bahis is, how can I make it come true?” I blush a deeper shade of red, “What is it Pet? Is something wrong? Tell me please.”

I close my eyes, “I don’t want you to feel like you have to do it because I wished for it.”

Master put a finger under my chin and turned my head towards his face, “Pet, I promise you that I won’t do whatever it is just because you wished for it.”

Taking a deep breath I decide to just say it because the worst that could happen is that he says is no, “I wished that you would make love to me without anything between us.” I keep my eyes cast down as I heard his intake of breathe. “I’m sorry Master.”

“Sorry? Why are you sorry? I’m glad to know what you’re thinking.” His lips burn against my throat as he makes his way up to my lips.

“Why are you kissing me?”

“Is this not what you wanted Pet?” He pulls away confused.

“I want you to want me that way and if you did you would have done something about before tonight,” my throat closes as I begin to feel tears sting my eyes.

“Oh Pet,” He laughs. “My silly, silly angel.” He plants kisses along my cheeks, drying the tears that had already escaped down my face. “I have wanted you since I laid eyes on you. I told you I would never do anything you didn’t want, I was waiting for you to be ready. Does this feel like I don’t want you,” Master takes my hand and places it on his crotch where I find his member hard.

I look at him and offer my lips for a kiss which he takes. The kiss starts gentle and sweet but turns fierce with hunger and need, “Can we take this to our room, Master.” I whisper as I break from his mouth.

Standing, Master grasps my hand and quickly leads me to our room before stripping himself bare, I want to start undressing myself but I can’t help but watch him. His muscles ripple as he removes his shirt baring his naked back to my view. I’ve seen him naked before but for some reason this feels so much more erotic. He’s completely nude and about to give me my birthday wish and all I can do is stare at Master with my jaw on the floor.

He turns and smiles at me before strutting over to me. I close my eyes and feel his warm hands on my hips before slipping down to the waist of my pants. He dips his fingers below the band, removing them and, leading me to our bed. I open my eyes as he leans me back in the middle of the bed.

Master follows me onto the bed and lies between my parted legs supporting himself on his elbows on either side of my head. His mouth descends and he claims my lips with fiery passion. I wrap my arms around his neck trying to keep his lips sealed to mine; he smiles slightly before tracing his tongue along the seam of my lips. I let his tongue invade my mouth with a soft moan. Our tongues dance together as our hands roam freely, exploring each other knowing that we won’t need to worry about going too far to stop ourselves.

He breaks away from my lips moving to attack the sweet spot where my neck meets my collar bone. He sucks at the spot and nibbles lightly; I moan loudly knowing I’ll bare his mark for a few days. Master continues to trail kisses down my chest where he pauses to torment my nipples before moving on. His tongue dips into my belly button and I feel my groin clench deliciously in anticipation.

Master looks up at me through the pieces of hair that has fallen into his face and licks his swollen lips, “You look incredible angel, spread out for me. The way you’re looking at me makes want to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week. But seeing you blush that innocent pale rose and those gorgeous wings splayed out make me want to make love to you forever. God, you’re perfect.” My blush deepens and he kisses my stomach, nipping at my hip bone.

His hand encircles my aching erection making my back arch and my hands fisting in the sheets, “Please Master.”

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