Beauty and the Geek Ch. 29

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Stopping upon the sidewalk at a corner of two intersecting streets, Brian needed to pause and catch a breath. His lungs burned and his legs felt like flimsy rubber ready to give way beneath him. He didn’t know how long he had been running, nor how far, but when he looked around it dawned upon him where he was. He hadn’t had any destination in mind when he left his house, but somehow he had ended up outside the apartment building where Samantha lived. In the back of his mind Brian knew at some point he would have to confront her.

Wiping the short sleeve of his sweat-soaked tee across his forehead, Brian approached the apartment’s entrance. He stared at a call-button he had pressed many times before while dating Samantha, contemplating how badly he wanted to push it.

“Brian?” said a high-pitched voice from behind.

Brian spun to see a short girl with dark tangled hair, several strands of it falling across her thick-rimmed glasses. “Sam,” he swallowed, “hey.”

“What are you doing here?” she asked, taking note of Brian’s sweatpants and the way his grey shirt clung to his torso from sweat.

“I was out for a run,” Brian replied. “I guess I’ve wanted to talk to you, because somehow I ended up here.”

Sam dug in her purse for apartment keys as she approached Brian and the door, “You shouldn’t be here. My attorney advised me that I shouldn’t have any contact with you or Charlie.”

Brian stepped out of the way of the door. “Why are you doing this?” he asked bluntly.

Sam held the keys in her hand and looked at Brian, her eyes softening. Despite her best efforts, she still cared for him; still wanted him in her life. She realized it was over between them but had regretted her attempt to come between him and his girlfriend. She hoped some day they could be friends again.

“Wasn’t it bad enough that you faked a pregnancy in an attempt to break me and Stacy up? Now you’re trying to ruin my comic book?”

“I’m not trying to ruin it,” Sam murmured without conviction. “I just want what I’m entitled to.”

“What does that mean?” Brian wondered, maintaining a calm tone. “You’re suing Charlie and me for intellectual property, but we created Captain Darkness when we were in high school — long before we ever met you.”

“I had a lot of input for the initial twelve issues, your first story-arc,” Sam argued. “When you and Charlie were at his apartment every day last summer working, I was there a lot too!” She sniffled, trying her hardest not to cry, “A lot of those story ideas were mine, Brian, and you and Charlie just cut me out after we broke up. I bet my name won’t even be mentioned in the credits of your comic.”

Brian blinked, unable to refute Sam’s words.

“I’m not disputing you and Charlie’s ownership of Captain Darkness,” Sam continued explaining. “I would just like to be compensated for the first twelve issues Marvel commissioned you for. The issues I helped craft.”

Sam lifted her keys to open the apartment’s entrance, having spoken her mind, “I’ll see you in court, Brian.”

“Wait,” Brian blurted. “Sam, wait.”

Sam sniffed again, pausing against her better judgment.

“What if we gave you a third of the profits from the first twelve issues? Plus, I’ll make sure you’re credited in each issue as a co-plotter.”

Sam gave Brian’s words a disbelieving stare.

“We never meant to cut you out,” Brian explained. “I never… I never meant for any of this to happen, with the book or between you and me. I’m sorry I cheated on you, I’m sorry we broke up… I’m sorry about all of it. You’re right, you deserve credit for your story ideas.”

Sam contemplated Brian’s offer for a moment, “Will Charlie agree?”

“He’s in Mexico on his honeymoon right now,” Brian noted, “but yeah, I’m positive he won’t have a problem with it. You know Charlie, he’s a fair guy.”


Miley stamped her bare foot on the floor, “Charlie, you’re being completely unreasonable!”

“But I want to go to the beach,” Charlie complained, facing Miley within their hotel room. “We’ve already done it twice today, and it’s not even noon yet.”

Miley folded stern arms across her bikini top and made a dejected expression, “How am I going to get pregnant if you don’t make love to me? We’ve been trying for weeks and I’m still not knocked-up.”

“You’re going to wear me out, you know that? What’s the hurry, anyway?”

“I want to be a mommy,” Miley pouted cutely.

Charlie sighed and approached his wife, wrapping her into his arms.

Miley clasped him and pressed the side of her face against Charlie’s tee-shirt-covered chest, “Do you think there’s something wrong with me? You’ve been pumping me full of your stuff ever since we decided to get pregnant, but nothing happens.”

Charlie caressed his hand through Miley’s mass of dark curls, “There’s nothing wrong with you, we just need to be patient and let nature run its course.”

“Maybe I should see a doctor just in case,” Miley suggested sagely. “Do you think there are any fertility doctors here in Cancun?”

“We’re almanbahis not seeing a fertility doctor in Mexico,” Charlie stated firmly. “It’ll have to wait until we get home next week.”

“Fine,” Miley reluctantly relented. “But I want to take one more pregnancy test before we go to the beach.”

“You’re becoming obsessed,” Charlie warned.

“I have to pee anyway,” Miley noted, padding in bare feet into the adjoining bathroom. Various bikinis hung from the shower rod and wadded-up beach towels littered the floor. Miley made a foul face at the mess, “Geez, when does housekeeping come?”

Charlie followed her and snorted, “Reminds me of our apartment.” He opened a small travel bag on the bathroom counter and found a box of drug store pregnancy tests.

Unbuttoning her skimpy jean shorts, Miley pushed them down her legs to sit on the toilet. She wasn’t wearing underwear and her mons had been recently shaved free of pubic hair.

“This is the last one,” Charlie remarked, pulling a wrapped stick out of the box. He tore open the wrapper to remove a white-colored stick of plastic.

“Already?” Miley sounded mystified.

“You’ve been burning through about a dozen of these things a day,” Charlie reminded, offering her the test.

Miley glanced at the stick briefly before lowering it between her thighs. “I hope being pregnant makes my boobs grow,” she said, unconcerned with how many tests it took.

“But then you’d have to buy all new bras,” Charlie joked.

Miley giggled, “I’ll need a whole new wardrobe once I’m pregnant. You know – clothes that’ll fit around my baby bump.”

The tell-tale tinkling sounds came from the toilet beneath Miley and both of them went quiet with anticipation. Neither of them truly expected different results, but hope is sometimes a difficult flame to quench. When she was done, Miley lifted the test stick and stared at a small indicator window. She asked, “What color do we want?”

Charlie looked at the box in his hand and read the directions for the hundredth time that week, “Baby blue. If it’s blue that means the test is positive.”

“Isn’t positive bad?” Miley asked, wiping between her legs with a square of toilet paper.


“Positive is bad. Whenever you’re waiting at the doctors for tests you want negative results. Negative is good, positive is bad.”

“Not in this case,” Charlie assured her.

Miley looked confused, “Are you positive?”

Charlie shook his head, “No, we want the test to be positive.”

Miley’s face twisted, “Huh?”

“Positive is bad when you’re testing for cancer,” Charlie explained. “But it’s good when you’re testing for pregnancy.”

“Oh yeah,” Miley nodded, finally agreeing. She stared at the plastic stick, as though she could produce a positive result through sheer force of will.

Charlie sounded anxious, “Is it changing colors?”

“How long are we supposed to wait?” Miley asked in a voice dripping with disappointment.

Charlie looked at the box’s directions once more, “Um… two minutes.”

With a disgusted sigh Miley placed the test on the sink counter and rose, pulling her shorts up. “I’m never going to be pregnant!”

“It hasn’t been two minutes yet,” Charlie tried to remain hopeful.

“It’s not going to change,” Miley growled, fastening her shorts and marching out of the bathroom. “You’re right, Charlie. I’ve become obsessed. I’m going to drive myself crazy peeing on one of those stupid things every six hours. Let’s just go to the beach.”

Charlie glanced at the test resting on the sink counter and let out a frustrated sigh. He assumed it would only be a matter of time before Miley would get pregnant, but doubts were creeping into his mind. What if there was something wrong? What if he was sterile? He wanted Miley to be happy, he’d do anything to make her happy, but Charlie felt helpless in the face of mighty mother nature.


‘Today on The Monty Williams show: who is the father of this young woman’s baby? Is it her husband’s? Her boyfriend’s? Or could it be the product of an incestuous affair with her twin brother? Stay tuned!’

“Jesus,” Stacy said out loud, even though she was alone on the couch with no one else to hear. Her thumb worked the remote control in her hand to change television channels, “Daytime TV sucks.”

She clicked past several other unpromising shows, including three soap operas, a boring news update, and a cartoon featuring an annoying character made out of cheese. When a knock fell on the front door of her parent’s house Stacy happily dropped the remote onto the couch cushion and rose. “Finally!” she exclaimed, “It’s about time Publishers Sweepstakes showed up…”

“Hey doll,” Brian greeted after she opened the door.

“You’re supposed to be holding a giant check,” Stacy joked dryly.

Brian walked into the house, freshly showered and changed from his earlier run, “Huh?”

“Never mind, you’re just in time to save me from going crazy due to insane boredom.”

Brian looked at almanbahis giriş Stacy’s raggedy tee shirt and cotton pajama bottoms, “You realize it’s almost two o’clock, right?”

“I haven’t made it to the shower yet,” Stacy said as she led the way back to her couch. “Do you have any idea how terrible daytime television is?”

“Not really,” Brian replied, letting himself fall into the couch beside Stacy. “Struggling with the semester break, huh?”

“Desperately,” Stacy admitted. “I never thought I’d say this, but I miss homework –and classes won’t start again until after the holidays. With Miley gone, I literally have nothing to do. I think I need to make more friends.”

Brian casually picked up the remote and began flipping through channels, “You need a hobby.”

“Shopping has always been my hobby,” Stacy pouted. “But I hate going alone and Miley’s in Mexico -“

“Forget it,” Brian answered before Stacy could even ask.

She caressed his shoulder enticingly, “Pleeeeaaaase?”

“There’s no way,” Brian denied. “The last time you took me shopping I ended up standing around in every woman’s lingerie section in the mall for three hours, holding your bags.”

Stacy teased, “Yeah, but you got to enjoy all that lingerie when we got home.”

A blushing grin decorated Brian’s cheeks at the memory, “I’m still not going shopping with you.”

“What if I promise to take you to the comic book store?”

Brian looked enticed.

“I’ll give you a whole hour,” Stacy sweetened her bargain. “You can geek-out with that little perv Chip the whole time.”

“I think Theo’s working today.”

“Whatever,” Stacy pled disinterestedly. “Just get me away from this boring house and take me shopping!”

“Fine,” Brian finally relented. “But you promised — a whole hour!”

Stacy beamed a smile and kissed Brian on his cheek.


Miley lifted her sunglasses to peer at Charlie. She was stretched out on a beach towel, her bikini-clad body glistening with a sheen of suntan oil. Charlie was sitting next to her staring blankly towards the gently rolling ocean. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“Nothing,” Charlie replied distantly, sitting with his arms wrapped around his knees. He wore a pair of baggy trunks.

Miley sounded amused, “Isn’t that my line? C’mon, tell me what’s bothering you. You look like you’re trying to solve all the riddles of the universe with one thought.”

“I just wish I could make you pregnant.”

“It’s not your fault. You’ve been doing your part more than adequately.”

“What if it is my fault?” Charlie worried. “I could have bad sperm or something.”

“Bad sperm? Baby, there’s nothing wrong with your spermies. You shoot like a gallon of the stuff every time we have sex.”

Charlie shook his head, “I don’t think there’s any correlation between sperm count and the amount of seminal fluid discharged.”

Miley lifted a brow at the clinical statement, “Charlie, quit talking like a nerd.”

“I’m just saying. What if I’m sterile or something?”

Miley shrugged, “Then we’ll adopt.”

Charlie glanced aside with surprise, “You’d be okay with that?”

Miley nodded, “Sure. Unless you’d want some other guy to stick his thing in me and knock me up?”

“No way!” Charlie’s eyes widened with alarm.

Miley giggled, “I’m kidding.” She leaned her shoulder into Charlie’s, “You know I’d never let any other guy within two miles of my cootchie.”

Charlie looked visibly relieved, “But you’d seriously be okay with adopting?”

“Of course, think of how awesome that would be. We’d be giving some poor homeless baby a family.”

Charlie nodded absently, “Yeah that would be pretty cool.”

“I don’t think you have to worry though,” Miley noted. “If there’s any problem it’s because your little sperms are having trouble swimming all the way up that gigantic cock of yours.”

Charlie snorted with amusement at his wife’s humor.

Miley continued, “I do want to be pregnant though, if at all possible. I want big boobs and puffy nipples and an adorably round tummy.”

“You’d make a sexy mommy,” Charlie agreed, picturing her pregnant.

Miley leaned closer and lifted her lips towards Charlie’s ear, “I want to have our baby sucking on one of my nipples, and you sucking on the other. I want to feed you both my milk.”

Charlie cleared his throat at Miley’s dirty talk, shifting uncomfortably in the sand.

“Don’t you want that, Charlie?” Miley whispered. “Don’t you want to see my tits swollen and leaking with milk?”

“Yes,” Charlie whispered. He felt Miley’s hand groping near his crotch and looked around the beach to make sure no one was watching them.

“I want that too,” she cooed into his ear. “I want you both to feed from my body. You can have breakfast every morning, just like our baby, and take it right from my breast. You could drink my milk while I jerk you off like a good wife. We could begin every day that way.”

Miley could feel Charlie’s erection grow through the material of almanbahis yeni giriş his loose trunks, “You’re not sterile, baby. I know it. You’re going to fuck a son into me, into your wife, and I’m going to let him grow in my body. You’ll both feed from me because that’s what I am, Charlie – I’m your woman. My body belongs to you, to give you pleasure and to make your babies.”

“Jesus,” Charlie whispered, his cock leaping under his shorts.

“Fuck a baby into me,” Miley practically begged. “Fuck a baby into me right now.”

Charlie nodded urgently, Miley’s naughty words having made him incredibly horny. He intended to lead the way back to their hotel when he began to rise, but Miley had a different idea. She shook her head and tugged his hand, indicating the ocean.

“Where are you taking me?” Charlie asked confusedly, adjusting the fit of his shorts so his raging hard-on wouldn’t be so visible to the beachgoers they passed.

Salt water sloshed around their ankles as Miley pulled Charlie into the water. “I need it now,” she smiled.

“You want to do it right here?” Charlie looked concerned. “In front of everyone?”

Miley continued into the water. “No one will know,” she said, leading Charlie until the water was chest level.

“I don’t know about this -” Charlie worried. Before he could finish voicing his concern, however, he felt Miley draw close and tugging his trunks down his waist. “Miley -!”

“Shh,” she quieted him, curling an arm around his neck and maneuvering her own bikini bottoms off. Miley pushed the small wad of material into Charlie’s hand and told him, “Hang onto these.”

“Oh fuck,” Charlie sighed when he felt Miley impale herself onto his erection. Her smooth warmth surrounded his length, a stark contrast to the cooler waters of the ocean. He glanced around at the thin crowd of people swimming nearby and concluded he and Miley would simply appear to be a pair of young lovers in an affectionate embrace, whispering sweet nothings.

But Miley’s whisperings were well beyond sweet.

“Make me a mommy,” she whispered into his ear, the hand of her clasping arm caressing the short hairs at the back of Charlie’s head. “Put your seeds into my womb and make me the mother of your child.”

Charlie gripped Miley’s bare ass beneath the ocean’s surface, supporting her weight as she curled her legs around his thighs. She was rolling her hips subtly to create the needed friction between them.

“I want to carry your child inside me,” Miley whispered hotly. “I want everyone to see my round tummy and know that my man fucked a baby into my me. I’m going to wear tight shirts two sizes too small so the hem shows off my swollen belly. Everyone will know that your baby is inside me and that I’m your woman.”

“Oh god,” Charlie moaned when Miley pushed her hips into him, burying his cock into her depths. Her bikini bottoms slipped out of his hand and hung in the water for a moment before he regained enough faculties to grab them. “You belong to me,” he muttered. “You fucking belong to me.”

Miley nodded wantonly at his words, “I know, baby. I’m all yours. My body is yours. You can grow as many babies as you want inside me. I’ll keep them safe for you. I’ll be the best mother ever. I’ll love our babies and feed them my milk. Just put one in me, Charlie. Put a baby into me. Please… please make me a mommy.”

Charlie licked at Miley’s earlobe before sucking it between his lips and nibbling on it. Below the water, his hips began thrusting into Miley with short but sharp motions.

“That’s it,” she encouraged him. “You can feel your cum inside, can’t you? Your seeds are boiling to come out and fertilize me?”

Charlie could feel the damp ends of Miley’s hair sticking against his shoulders. Her firm ass filled his palm and her breasts pressed against his chest, the wet material of her bikini pressed between them. The smell of Miley’s suntan oil blended with the saltwater and filled his nostrils. Her dirty talk filled his ear, drowning out the sounds of playing children and splashing swimmers. He opened his eyes to see her blue orbs staring back at him, full of love and sexual desire. Miley dominated Charlie’s senses the same way she had dominated his entire life for the past three years.

The memory of her pulling him into a high school bathroom suddenly flashed through Charlie’s mind. That was where it all started. She asked him to see his cock. It had been the most improbable of beginnings which started their roller coaster romance, an impossible origin which was also the beginning of Charlie’s life. Prior to that day Charlie had been an awkward child, uncomfortable in his own skin and uncertain of what he wanted in life. Ever since that day Charlie has known exactly what he’s wanted in life — Miley.

“I’m gonna cum,” Charlie grunted almost silently. So lost had he been in the memories of the prior three years, Charlie didn’t realize Miley was already mid-orgasm. She clutched at him tightly, her nails clawing at Charlie’s bare back. Soft whimpers escaped her throat as Miley was attempting not to writhe too obviously. When Charlie announced his impending orgasm, she nodded lovingly and kissed him.

A muffled sound burst from Charlie’s lips just as Miley sucked his tongue into her mouth, his semen flooding her insides.

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