Becoming a Submissive

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Again many thanks to Bron Zeage for his patience advice and editing , without his help this would not be here .

Merci encore Monsieur



She spends a week-end with her sister Marge.

It has been a little over a year since my week-end with Rick


I no longer see Rick. He and his wife finally divorced and he has retained custody of his daughter. And moved back to the west coast,


He and I maintain a cordial relation and remain friends.

My Sister Marge.

She was an enigma and a problem for me. I had let her touch me in a sexual manner in her van. True, I was so horny that time I was almost out of my mind. The second time at the cottage, during my week-end with Rick. It was more curiosity It bothered me that the first woman to touch me sexually was my own sister. Actually, I had a problem dealing with the fact I really enjoyed making out with her and the realization that I was bisexual. I knew that my Mom and she were bisexual, but discovering this about me was a bit disconcerting.

To add to my introspective, I promised my sister, I would spent a night with her let her “use my body” as she put it. And, not withstanding my questioning of my sexual orientation, I was looking forward to it with both hesitation and trepidations.

There was also the conversation with our Mom. She seemed quite at ease with me and Marge making out. She even told me a few women she knew would appreciate having me in their bed, including her. She had refused to answer my question when I asked if she played with Marge. It shook me up and worried me. If I got involved in an incestuous relationship with my sister, would I someday end up in bed with my own mother? To say I was in a quandary is an understatement.

I had to talk seriously to Marge. I called her and set a meeting in the municipal park. We could find a seat out of the way and have a talk in private. Sitting next to her I was wet and could feel my pussy lips swelling. I hoped she did not notice.

“Did you change your mind about repaying you dept Fran? If you have hesitations you know I won’t hold you to it or hold your backing out against you. Be very sure . This has to be of your own free will.”

“No, that is not the reason for our meeting. I will admit that I am a little afraid of where it may lead. Mom let escape that you liked to dominate your women”

“The main reason, Marge, is I have a question for you, it is important to me.”


“Do you and Mom make out?”


“Are you sure?”

“Ok, I’ll come clean. Once we were at the cottage, just me and Mom, I was horny and I made her understand that I was available to play if she wanted. She sat me down and told me that both her girls were very sexy and she loved us, but that having sex with her own daughters no matter how tempted she might be, was a line she would not cross.”

“Yet, she seems ok with us having an incestuous relation.”

“Strange, don’t you think?”

“She is not always easy to understand.”

“This is the week-end that I told her I like dominate and use my women. She arranged for me to meet a Dominatrix friend of hers, to be trained in the does and don’ts. You do not want to do permanent harm to a submissive. You want to play with her. She has to enjoy it too.”

“That worries me some, that dominatrix streak in you. I certainly would not want to be whipped, burned, cut, choked, or suffer great pain.”

“I am a Dom. I am not into hurting my pets. I may spank their ass until it is good and red, mess with their nipples, pussy and clit, or some bondage if they like it. I will also use nipple and pussy lips clamps with or without training weights, inflict some moderate pain depending on what they tolerate. I am not into breath restriction. The only thing I put around the neck of my pets is a collar and a leash. If they are tied or in any way restricted, I don’t leave them alone for even a minute. Scat games, forget it. I am not into any of that dirt. I do however love to fuck them with a strap-on, both in the pussy and the ass. I have different size dildos to go with it and I let them choose the size they like.”

That was getting me hotter still. I could feel my pussy twitch and my clit and nipples getting engorged and swelling , my nipples were getting hard and sticking out. I was trying to hide this but Marge was looking at my nipples sticking out trough my blouse. I knew she noticed but did not say anything.

“That clears things, some. These dildos of yours, they are big?”

“Don’t take what you see on the net as normal Dom/sub behaviour. These women having things 5 or 6 inches across and over a foot long inserted into their holes are exceptions and most of them get damaged down there by these things and sooner or later have to have the damage surgically repaired, aside from other problems.”

“My biggest dildo would be the size on very well hung man. Some of my pets only like to serve me and be a bit humiliated. One likes to have her tits and canlı bahis pussy spanked hard and then I get her to lick and tongue fuck my ass while masturbating and finger fucking herself. She is quite good at it. I wonder if she does it to her husband.”

“I have even two sluts I use for their husband’s pleasure, before they fucks their brains out. No, I don’t let the husbands touch me, only the women. Another guy is a widower. I sometimes take a slut to him for an evening of games. He is not really rough, but loves to fuck their mouth and ass and is quite found of bondage,”

“One more very important thing, I will never do anything to you that you don’t want, and you will be able to stop everything at any time.” In my head I was already fantasising about being used by her. I know I was squirming on the seat I was hoping she would take me then and there.

“That pretty well answers my questions. Thanks Marge.”

I was so hot I was afraid I would come. My panties were wet and I was breathing hard.

“Little sister you seem to be all horny. I think that you are more tempted that you let on, but today I will not help you to get release. You will only get release from me if and when you decide to submit to me.”

This disappointed me a lot. I needed release so much, I was almost shaking with desire. But I realised later that this was probably her way to push my buttons .She knew me well and she just told me enough to accomplish her purpose, that is getting me to be submissive to her.

“Take time to consider everything. I will not bring the subject of your supposed debt up again. Once your decision is made, let me know, Fran.”

We exchanged a kiss and each went home. The first thing I did at home was get naked, lay on my bed and finger fuck and masturbate until I was exhausted.

At least I did not have to worry about ending up in bed with my Mom, if Marge could be believed and I did believe her. She would not lie about something like that, but there was a lot for me to consider and carefully ponder before making a decision.

I definitely had the hots for Marge, but did I want to go down that road. I was hesitant, but I was also curious about exploring a world Marge had hinted at.

After all, an incestuous relationship was not quite a normal thing or something I had prepared for until a month ago. Such a relation had never entered even my dreams, or nightmares if you prefer.

And, she wanted me to be a submissive to her. Did I want that? Would I like it and not stop? It was a very slippery slope considering I was tempted to try it.

If I did not want to continue after a first experience, would she try to pressure me to continue? I did not think so, but I had to consider it.

She was my sister. I trusted her not to hurt me, but in the heat of a scene, as they call it, would she go further than planned or agreed to? More importantly, what did I want to experience and what did I not want to do or have done to me? The more I thought about it, the more my pussy got wet. I could feel my juices run down my thighs, just fantasising about it

One thing I knew for sure I would definitely be a pet or more to Marge, in other words her slut. I had to explore that side of my sexuality.

I would have to have another talk with Marge and do further research on the subject. Sex was one thing, but being used and undoubtedly abused, suffering some pain, even if light, was a different thing. I needed to set some limits, but considering our talk earlier I did not think she would go too far with me.

After some research on the net, I contacted Marge again. We met on Tuesday at the little cafe where we normally go.

“So little sister, you have decided to be a pet for me?”

“Yes but I don’t want to be caned. I saw the marks it leaves. I am willing to submit to anything else at least for one time, to see where my limits are.”

“Ok Jimmy is leaving Friday after work to go and help his father replace the roof on his house. That leaves us until Monday. He took Monday off. When are you free during the week-end? “

My pussy was already twitching just thinking about the weekend.

“I have no plan for the whole week end.”

“Come with me in my van I have things to tell you.”

Once in the van, “Now remove your panties slut.” That both surprised and made me hornier.

“Spread your legs and play with yourself while I give you your instructions.”

I did not play with myself fast enough for her. She took my nipples through my blouse and bra and squeezed them till I let out a loud, “Ouch.”

“Now slut, when I give you an order, you obey immediately.” I wasted no time doing as I was told and inserted a finger in my cunt. She opened my blouse took my tits out of my bra and gave them each a good slap I almost came right there. To my surprise the pain was good.

“I did not tell you to finger fuck yourself. I said play with yourself and don’t make yourself come until I say you may.”

“Now, my instructions to you. Don’t talk. Listen carefully.” You will call me Mistress at bahis siteleri all times when we are playing. You will do as you are told immediately unless you have used your safe word which I will give you later” . Immediate blind obedience would be required of me. This surprised and scared me a bit. Could I comply with such control over my actions? I was an independent woman, more used to giving instructions in my professional live than being given orders. For now I obeyed and did not say a word. I let Marge finish with her instructions to me.

“I will call you slut or bitch as I see fit. Come on now, squeeze that cunt of yours hard and pull on that nice clit.” It was hard not to come doing this. Squeezing and pulling on my clit sent feelings of pain/pleasure down my legs and up all the way to my nipples.

“Tonight, you can do whatever you want, even have yourself fucked by half the town, but as of tomorrow, Wednesday, you will not touch yourself. I want you good and horny Friday evening. Is that clear?”

I managed to nod. I was on the edge of an orgasm. She must have noticed

“Bitch, I did not say you could make yourself come yet.”

“Friday, you will be at my place at exactly 8 p.m. You will wear a blouse and a short skirt. No bra or panties. You will be freshly shaved. You will come in the side door. On the hook next to the door there will be a collar and leash. You will put it on. You will undress and go in the den and wait for me with your hands behind you back, kneeling on the floor. If you disobey any of those instructions, there will be punishment.”

“Now bitch show me how much of a slut you are. Make yourself come. And don’t forget to stretch that clit of yours.”

I fingered myself while pulling on my clit till it hurt. As I was on the edge, she took my nipples and squeezed them hard. I had a great big orgasm. One of the biggest I could remember. The pain mixed with the pleasure was a feeling I had never before experienced.

“You will make an excellent slut little sister, if you let me train you well.”

Her voice was hypnotic to me .I was a bit apprehensive at the meaning of being trained, but at the same time my curiosity was growing The idea of my faith being in the hands of another was exciting. I did not know what the training would include, this filled me with anticipation. I was also a little afraid, I has seen some pretty scary thing during my search on the net, (Women suspended from the ceiling by their tits with ropes, whipped with cats of nine tails, caned until there were welts all over their backs, ass and legs, and more ) I definitely had a submissive side to me. It was screaming to get out. This I fully realised now but, how far I would go worried me some.

Marge was looking at me and rubbing my tits, giving me time to think, she must have known the battle going on in my head . Some Doms I knew had their subs service their friends. Loaned them out to other Doms. She had mentioned the widower to whom she brought some of her sluts to play. She had given no details, but I presumed both of them played with the sub. Was he the only one with whom she shared her subs? Did she humiliate her slut in public or expose them in these get-to-gathers for those involved in the life style?

She also told me before that she would do nothing or have me do nothing to which I did not agree. I had to trust her or not. If I trusted her, it was time to give in to my submissive side.

“Mistress I will be your slut and submit to any and all training you see fit to put me through and accept any punishment for my shortcomings. I will be a good slut for your pleasure and my only wish is to serve you well. I accept to have all my limits explored under your guidance.”

“Ok Slut I will be your Mistress and trainer. I am a harsh Mistress, as you will discover, but I take good care of my sluts,”

“Now eat me, slut. I need to come too.”

She lay back on the seat and spread her legs. I went down on her and licked and pushed my tongue as far as I could into her. Finally, I sucked her clit while finger fucking her. She had a nice orgasm and I was pleased to have pleased her. I licked her clean until she told me to stop.

“That was good slut, but you still need some training in how to really please a woman. I will take care of that this week-end”

“Yes Mistress. It will be my pleasure to be trained to serve you better.”

We kissed and she said I had to go home. So did I. I noticed the way she had looked at me. There was a lot more than sisterly love in her eyes. It was the look a lover gives you. Could she be in love with me? If so, was it bad or good? I had extremely deep sentiments for her. Could two sisters fall in love? I decided not to worry about that.

I masturbated till my pussy and clit were sore. I was exhausted. I fell asleep, hoping that Friday would come along fast.


I pulled in my sister’s drive 5 minutes late. I did as instructed, once in the side door. I got naked, put on the collar, went in the den and knelt with my hands bahis şirketleri behind my back.

Marge came in. She had her hair in a pony tail wearing black stockings and shoes with heels. Her makeup was fantastic. She looked great. I immediately started to get wet. I could feel my tits, clit and pussy swelling. Something came over me and the most important thing in the world to me at that instant was to please her. I did not care what I had to endure.

“You are late slut. You will be punished for that.”

“Sorry Mistress.”

She bent down, took my nipples squeezed them and twisted.

“Ouch, humm.”

“I did not give you permission to speak slut.”

“First you have to learn how to present yourself properly. Get up, face me, hands behind your head, legs spread and push your hips forward.”

“That is better I will examine you. I find a hair anyplace, your punishment will be more painful.”

She started to run her hands slowly all over me. Her hands were soft and warm. I could not help moaning. I felt my juice running along my thighs. She ran a hand over my pussy I pushed myself against her hand. She picked up a small crop on the table and gave a hard slap on each of my ass cheeks. It stung, but after a second, a nice warmth replaced the pain.

“Don’t move bitch. I did not give you permission. I am not finished with my examination.”

“Your safe word is Red. That should be simple enough for even a stupid bitch such as yourself to remember.”

She massaged my breasts and passed her tongue on my nipples. I was so hot I could feel the inside of my cunt twitch. I wanted to come in a bad way. She turned my head and kissed me hard. I looked in her eyes. I surely saw lust, but also something else which I could not define. We looked each other in the eyes for a few seconds.

“Slut, looking a Mistress or Master in the eyes is normally a severely punished offence, but it pleases me to look into your beautiful hazel eyes. You have permission to do it.”

“Now bend over bitch, hands on the floor. I will examine your ass.”

In this position, with my ass in the air, I felt so exposed, humiliated and hornier by the second. I hoped I was pleasing her.

“Spread your legs more slut, “she commanded, accompanied by two hard slaps on my ass.

She brought a hand between my legs all the way to my lower belly and slowly brought it back over my cunt. She opened my ass cheeks and rubbed my butt hole. Her fingers ran all the way up my crack. I thought I would die if she did not let me come soon.

“I see my slut wants to come.”

“Yes Mistress. Please let your slut come. She needs it.” She grabbed my hair and stood me up.

“You slutty bitch. You are here for my pleasure, not yours. I will decide when you come. It will not be before you have been punished for being late. Luckily for you, it is time for your punishment.”

This filled me with trepidation. I wanted to be punished and allowed to come. Mostly I wanted to please her. There was a pair of nipple clamps tied to each other with a chain on the table. She sucked my nipples to get them good and hard, even though they already were and snapped the clamps on my nipples. She unhooked the leash from my collar and snapped it on the chain joining the clamps.

“Now it is time for your punishment slut.”

She not too gently pulled me by the leash towards the bedroom. Being pulled by my nipples, in a sense, I could not resist. I realised I had abandoned complete control over what awaited me. This for a reason I could not realise, made me happy and hornier, if possible. I was willingly putting my fate in Marge’s hands


In the room, she took four padded bracelets from the side table and put one each on my wrists and ankles. There were rings on them and lengths of rope in the rings. The bed is one with tall posts at each corner. She took me to the foot of the bed, standing up, facing the bed, proceeded to tie my wrists to the tops of the posts, one on each side, spreading my arms , then my ankles to the bottom of the posts, close to the floor. I was well spread.,ass, legs and back were exposed, thefoot board of the bed was low and I am fairly tall. My tits, belly, cunt and half my thighs were also exposed to punishment from the front.

She proceeded to examine me, slowly running her hands all over me. I was completely humiliated and helpless in this position, but it only increased my need to come. She kissed me and I had a good look in her blue eyes. I am sure a saw love there.

“Now slut, I will administer your punishment.”

She took two clamps with weights attached and clamped them to my pussy lips. She gave a little tap on the weights to make them swing. The pain and pleasure were exquisite. I wanted to come so much. My hips were gyrating as much as my bonds allowed. She took a paddle from the table.

“Now slut, I will give you five slaps with this on each of your ass cheeks, for your five minutes late.”

Whack! The first one stung. So did the second one. By the third, tears were coming and I almost used my safe word, but I wanted to please her. I bit my lower lip and tried to endure. I must have gone to a different state of being. The pain became pleasant. I took all ten slaps.

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