Bennie the Cuckold Ch. 02

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Please read Bennie The Cuckold before reading this as it will not make sense.

This is a cuckold story, the kind where the husbands finds pleasure in watching his wife getting laid by another man. I beg you not to read and comment if you are not into this kind of story. Just go read a plain vanilla story where people just have sex end of story.

NB: I am from Africa, thus our English is very different from many people reading this. For instance you say color, we say colour. Oh one last thing, with my first story I used American units which got me confused, I will keep it African from now on with metric units (meters and not feet), Please convert.


Time is 10:35 at night. I didn’t know what to do at this point. Never been so degraded in my entire life. I decided to do the good old therapy that has proved to work every single time, well temporarily that is. I hit my fridge and take out a couple of beers. Sat in the dining room and drank my sorrows as Stan was having the time of his life with my wife. At one point as I am laying there feeling sorry for myself on this couch I heard footsteps, coming from upstairs, then she emerges. Walks straight to me and looked me in the eyes, “honey, I love you more than anything in the world, I know this is what’s best for our relationship. I know you love me too. I am only doing this to help improve the situation. With Stan sleeping with me you will loose the weight, I get to have the best sex you could never give me to me, you also get satisfaction. I know you had these fantasies and kept it secret, I watched your internet history a couple of times” She continued “all I am saying is that we all have something to win”

Without replying I took a sip of my cold beer, there was silence in the room for a couple of seconds. She broke the silence by telling me that she loves me and planted a kiss on my forehead. She turned around and left for the kitchen. Poured a glass of water and went straight to bed. I drank a few more drinks and passed out.

Sunday morning 09:30. I open my eyes halfway and my head is spinning. Feeling nauseas and dizzy. You all know that moment when you regret drinking the booze. Stood up steadily and limped to the kitchen counter, poured a glass of water and took a sit. At this point I started having a flashback of yesterday’s events. Was I dreaming? I think I was dreaming. Touched my my lips and chin and felt the sticky cum from last night, all dried up now but still smells like cum. This was an indication that it wasn’t a dream. As I sat there all the shame started hitting me hard. How can a man allow another man do this to him and still endorse it? I knew I fantazised once in a while about dominance and cuckolding, but I never in a million years thought I would actually do it.

I thought to myself “what am I to do?”. Then I heard the door open and giggles coming from upstairs. Quickly got out of the kitchen and went to the basement in shame. Didn’t want to see them, I don’t think I am ready to see them yet. My heart was beating a lot faster. As I stood there hoping and praying that they don’t join me in the basement gym. I looked around me and the memory from the night before was replayed in my mind. The replay was broken by the basement door opening as they walked down the stairs. “Oh Bennie you down here, ready for the workout I see?” Cried Stan. I just agreed with a head knot.

“Good Bennie, I guess we will be joining you”. At this instant my wife Sharon emerged from behind Stan, wearing her bikini. See, I don’t know how to explain this, but seeing her at that moment changed something in me. That second, right there and then. I think I realized exactly how much I am in love with her at that instant. I looked Stan straight in the eyes, “Stan I want you out of our house in 10 minutes, this is my house and that is my wife.” I felt stronger than ever before, I was putting my foot down finally and damn did it feel good.

They both looked amazed, Stan took a sit on the bench and took a deep breath “look pal, I don’t know how this will end but it will end today. We all know that you enjoy this scene, so I will give you five minutes to illegal bahis reconsider getting rid of me. If you decide to get rid of me after the next five minutes, I will pack my bags and you will never ever see me again. I promise I will not use the photos I took as a black mailing tool. However if you decide that I stay, we will never have this conversation again. I will continue fucking your wife, I will be very rude to you.

I nodded with a lot of confidence, Sharon resumed “Bennie, I will never stop screwing Stan, even if you do loose the weight” he is a much better lover and knows how to make me cum multiple times. Like I said I love you very much but I need to have good sex. Your dick is way too small and I don’t think that after screwing Stan I will be able to feel you inside of me.” Sharon paused to give me some time to digest “Now is either you accept your new role, or I am leaving with Stan right now”.

I tried saying something, but nothing was coming out. We stood in absolute silence for some time.

Sharon broke the silence once again “look, I will make it easier for you, I am leaving you, Stan let’s go pack”

They turned and walked out of the basement, I stood there still in absolute silence.

Do I swallow my pride and allow this sick fantasy to be my reality, or do I let this wife go? Then it hit me, ran quickly to the master bedroom to find Sharon packing, “stop” I yell louder than I wanted to, “stop Sharon, I agree, he makes love to you better than me, but one thing that I disagree with is you only sleeping with him, what about me?”

Sharon replied “ok, if you allow me to sleep with Stan in our bed, and do as I tell you everytime, I will award you. Once a month I will share a bed with you. Uhmm make that twice a month.”

“Twice?” I yelled. “Yes twice, and that’s if Stan or myself are happy with your behavior” she echoed.

I froze there for some moment. Sharon sighed and went back to packing her bags. I pleaded with her to stop “ok, ok Sharon, I will do it, you get to fuck Stan anytime you want” she chipped in “and?” She asked “And you sleep with him in our marital bed as your lover.” He took her and kissed her deeply. Sharon broke the kiss and knelt before her, took the boxers down. The big tool popped out and it was already rock hard.

That thing had veins, “see Bennie, now you are talking, I want you to apologize to Stan, ask him to fuck me good because you clearly can’t” I did as I was told with my head bowed down in shame. “Good boy, now go make that breakfast, oh and Bennie, no way back from here pal. You made your choice”

I made Sharon’s best breakfast. Avocado, bacon, cheese and half done eggs, served with blended coffee. As I am busy with the breakfast I hear the Sharon moaning. At this moment I realize that I am still butt naked and with a raging hard on.

I realize that this is where I belong, behind the kitchen counter making breakfast for my wife while she is fucking a stud on our bed.

As all this is going through my mind The door bell rings, as I look at our glass door with curtains open enough to see the person knocking, I see my Sharon’s friend Millie staring and waving with a smile.

“Shit!!” I hurried to the basement to get some clothes, put my t-shirt on and my track pants.

As I make my way back I realize that the hot couple is very loud upstairs, and Mollie will find this very awkward. Try very hard to think of something to prevent her from coming in and hearing these moans and groans. At that moment the sounds died as I think they both climaxed. “Phew” Went quickly to open up for Millie, but me being clever and trying to conceal this odd situation in my house I opened the door and stepped right on the entrance as to block her from going in. “hi Millie, how are you” She gave me a hug as she usually does pretending she didn’t see me naked earlier on. “Good, thanks yourself?” “Good, good, Oh Sharon is not here, she went to the shops about an hour ago.” Millie was disappointed at this but asked to wait for her as it has been long since they saw each other.

As a result she asked to be let in, to which I denied and asked illegal bahis siteleri her to rather wait for her in the garden. Then I notice she is staring at my chin, and she asked if I had over-smeared some lotion. Dam mit I forgot the cum, I yelled: “oh this, is egg’s albumen, I am on a treatment prescribed by a herbalist for my acne” as I am busy trying to justify I hear Stan shouting behind me “Bennie what the fuck? You burning the eggs you piece of shit!” I turned quickly to run to the stove but the eggs are black and smoke filled up the room, quickly managed to remove the pan. “I am going to punish you for this you small penis sissy, you are a pathetic excuse of a man” I tried to alert Stan about Millie being in the doorway, but He is too mad at me to notice my head signals. He grabbed me by my T-shirt and pulled me closer “I am gonna make you cry little boy” At this point Millie cleared her throat with shock in her eyes.

Stan looked and this turned into the most awkward moment for the three of us. Here I am being bullied by a man wearing only shorts in my kitchen next to my wife’s friend. There was silence for what seemed to be hours, but it was properly like 30 seconds.

Stan released me and went to meet to Millie with a hand shake. She followed suit and shook his hand. “Bennie didn’t tell me we have a visitor, please come in” Stan said welcoming her inside. Just then Sharon came walking down the stairs wearing just her panty and a bra “why is there so much smoke in here? oh I am starving, where is our food you pathetic small pen…” Sharon stopped talking as she noticed Millie standing there.

Millie yelled “sharon!” And she seemed happy to see Millie and they greeted with hugs and some very small talk. Millie then asked, “what is going on in here?” Sharon asked her what she means by that.

“Well I come here to find your husband covered with cum on his face, cooking breakfast in the nude, then he is bullied by this half naked strong man in his own kitchen. You come down the stairs half naked as well in the presence of this stranger asking expecting Ben to prepare food for you. Exactly what is going on in here? You taking drugs Shaz? who is this man?”

Sharon laughed a bit and asked Millie to sit down so she could explain exactly what’s going on.

While they are all seated Sharon explained the ordeal to its fullness. Millie was astonished, “wow so you mean Ben is like that small? So small that you need another man?” Sharon answers by looking at me, at this point I am very red. “Bennie drop your pants, now” Millie was shocked at the way in which Sharon commanded me. I think she was shocked as she in not used to this, I know Millie’s long time boyfriend Baron. He is a real macho kind of guy. He is one of the boys who made my life a living in high school, anyway I will talk about him some other time.

Reluctantly I dropped the pants. “Lift the tummy fool, you know she can’t see it with all that fat hanging” I followed the orders. Millie gulped in shock. Followed by a laugh “oh my word, that can’t be real” All this attention got me turned on. “That’s got to be the smallest penis I have ever seen, Sharon how do you even…” She lost her words and laughed harder.

“So you see my friend? This is what I have o deal with, a little clit on massive fat.

“So that’s where Stan comes in handy, see?” Sharon explained holding out her arms. “Okay, but why is Stan so rude to Ben then?” Asked Millie, Stan jumped in “I think bennie should explain that to you Millie”

With a huge sigh I just hang my head in shame “I get turned on when I get humiliated”

Millie laughed even more and asked to be excused as she took more than enough for a day. She said her goodbyes and left.

I made breakfast and served the couple. After putting a tray of food on the coffee table , I felt a very hot smack across my face which lead me to fall to the floor. “My lover has been hungry since the morning you piece of shit, next time when Stan ask for food you better ensure he gets it fast understood?”

I cried a yes, “yes what?” “Yes mam”

“Good! Now sit back and watch Stan do me good”

Stan canlı bahis siteleri positioned Sharon in a doggy style to face me with her back to him. It seemed like this man is always hard. He didn’t even bother with any foreplay as she was already wet. Even though she was very wet, he struggled to penetrate her due to the size of his shaft. He grabbed her hips and started pumping her, when I look at my Sharon, I saw a mixture of pain and enjoyment. Soon as she got used to the size of the shaft all I could see was enjoyment in her eyes. She started moaning harder and harder, screaming louder. Stan just kept bowling and she tool it all. Sharon climaxed in about 3 minutes. But Stan was not close to the end point. I took out my cock and started jacking off to the same pace as Stan. I came in about 1 and half a minute.

They on the other hand continued with Stan punishing her pussy for over an hour, I think my wife came four times. I have lost count of how much I came that day. I heard Stan growling and moaning. At this point I knew what was happening, He shot a massive load into her pussy.

“Go bennie go, your turn. You know what today I am feeling very generous with my slut, fuck her first before eating my seed off her”

I jumped to the opportunity, I saw Sharon was not too happy with that, but I didn’t care since the big boss had spoken. I quickly went behind her tucked my belly and slid my cock. As I was busy fucking away I saw her talking her phone and I think she was on a social site or something “tell me when your dicklet is inside me” she was not even aware that it is in yet. I tried to push as much as I could.

She continued chatting and giggling. I shot up my load inside. She just turned on her back and instructed me to eat her clean.

I was so turned on by the unfolding events that I started jacking off again as I was eating her pussy. “Enough looser,” Stan commanded. “Stand up and Jack off for mummy and daddy.” Stan moved into the sheets now and cuddled with Sharon

She was now in her arms and yelled “jack off quicker Bennie” she continued “mummy wants to see that little thing erupt. That’s it, jack it off you useless piece of shit” she started sounding a lot more rude and disrespectful. “That thing is so useless, can’t even make a virgin cum with that thing. From now on we gonna call it a man clit. Pathetic excuse of a man” With the words of encouragement, I came under 40 seconds.

“Well well well, I never seen you come so quick dicklet” she said as Stan jumped in with a heavy voice “now listen up bitch-boy,” From now on I call the shorts around here. Here are the rules, you are gonna sleep on the couch from now on. Don’t give a shit if you loose weight or not. You will do everything we tell you to do or I will beat the shit out of you. If you try and go against me staying here again I will send your photos to your workplace and post them on every social site.” As he was telling me the rules I got a hard on. “Piece of shit, look Stan he is getting turned on when you boss him around in his own bedroom” they both laughed as I turned red. He continued “you will never put your clit-cock into her cunt until I say so, I am gonna make all your sick fantasies come true, do you understand?” I mumbled a yes. He replied “yes Big Stan!” I repeated his words. “Finally, I need you to look your part, you are to wear panties around the house from now on. Since you are fat and can’t fit into her panties, you are gonna go buy yourself panties tomorrow after work.” I nodded my head. I don’t know how I ended up here but I was on cloud nine now, very excited. The shame and resistance had varnished. Completely vulnerable and broken, oh and so horny.

“Now to show that you agree I want you to crawl to the bed, and kiss my cock.” As I complied I heard a click, it was Sharon taking a photo of me.

I was ordered to go clean the house. What a weekend I had.

Days passed with me adjusting to my new life. Wake up, go to work and come back to find a mess to clean.

I was a completely broken man. Stan would make me clean the pool wearing only panties and a bra.

It is thursday, I am at work and I get a text from Sharon it read “Millie is coming over for the weekend, she talked to Baron, her boyfriend about our situation and he didn’t believe her, so Baron wants to see for himself. See you later!”

“Oh crap, not Baron the Bully!”

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