Best Summer Job Ever!

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For 30 days so far this summer my job as a lifeguard at Spankas County Country Club had sucked. Stuck with the early shift it was my job to watch the pool from 6AM to noon and clean the men’s changing room and toilets both before and after my stint on the pool. Needless to say it wasn’t quite what I envisioned when I applied for the job. All the hot girls in bikinis didn’t show up until an hour or two after my turn watching the pool had ended and I was stuck with the middle aged office drones getting in an hour’s swim before the office. Basically I was wishing I’d taken that job washing cars at the local dealership like my buddy Mark did.

Day 31 however was different. I wandered into the pool area at 5:05 confident that my boss would never catch on to my technically late arrival at work as he was as likely to be awake and at work at 5 in the morning as a polar bear was to be wandering down a beach in Hawaii. All should have been quiet, yet there was the unmistakable sound of someone swimming. I checked the gate and sure enough it was unlocked, with a key that wasn’t supposed to exist hanging around the handle. I strode in to the fenced off area, the full force of my 19 years, high school diploma, one year of university and 30 days of employment at the Club my full claim to authority. A woman was doing laps in the supposedly of limits pool.

“Hey, you can’t be in here, the pool is closed!” I shouted loud enough that the woman in the water would be able to hear me.

The woman stopped abruptly, shocked by the interruption, her head popping above the surface with a confused expression on her face. “Who are you? Where is Dave?” she asked.

I thought back to my first day on the job and what I’d been told about the guy who was the morning lifeguard last summer. “Dave graduated from University this year; he got a fulltime job as an accountant. What does that have to do with you having a contraband pool key though?”

She flushed red, whether from the exertion of treading water or from getting caught I don’t know, before swimming over to the side of the pool and hauling herself out in front of me. With a single movement she removed her goggles and swimcap, shaking out her hair and smiling. “Dave and I had an arrangement last summer, I slipped him a 20 every week and he let me use the pool before it officially opened…”

I examined her closely. 40, 5’5, dripping wet and with long brown hair, she had a body that a woman half her age would envy. The black one-piece swimsuit she wore was both modest and revealing in equal measures, not showing nearly as much skin illegal bahis as any bikini, but clinging tightly to reveal her athletic body. Finally this job at the pool was providing the kind of sights I’d been dreaming about all summer.

“Dave was breaking the rules then too. Having someone in the pool without a lifeguard on duty is an insurance issue. He’s lucky he didn’t lose his job and I’m sorry but an occasional 20 bucks isn’t enough to get me to risk mine,” I said with as much conviction as I could muster.

She pouted, a playful gleam in her eye. “Well I suppose you’ll just have to get here a little earlier to watch me while I swim, won’t you Mr. Lifeguard?”

I thought about it for all of a millisecond. “Let’s say you gave me a hundred dollars a week. I can guarantee to get to work a little early to supervise you while you swim. You understand however that as it’s outside the pools normal operating hours I’ll have to watch you very, very, closely at all times? Purely to keep the insurance company happy of course,” I grinned.

For a moment my heart stopped with trepidation, but luckily she smiled back.

“That’s fine with me; we wouldn’t want to upset the insurance company,” she winked.

“Of course that doesn’t address the fact that you were here unsupervised this morning. There ought to be some sort of penalty for that,” I ventured, doing my best to push my luck as far as it would go.

A grin to end all grins flashed across her face. “What are you going to do Mr. Lifeguard, spank me?”

I gulped and flushed red, hopefully for only a second. I had actually been looking for a little bit of extra cash, but this could be even better.

“Why not? You’ve been a naughty woman after all,” I said with as serious a face as I could muster.

“You wouldn’t,” the woman said confidently.

“I would,” I replied. I sat on the nearest sun-lounger and patted my lap like I knew what I was doing and was sure she would comply, despite the fact internally I was almost certain she’d laugh her head off and walk away.

The only reason she seemed to hesitate is that my concept of time seemed slower than usual. To my delight she lay down on my lap, dripping water onto me as she did so. She turned her head to look at me and stuck her tongue out. “You’re right Mr. Lifeguard, I’ve been a very naughty girl. Do what you have to do.”

I pondered for a moment if she might be playing chicken, expecting me to back out at the last second. After all, she was twice my age and probably didn’t think I’d be crazy enough to spank a 40 year old woman illegal bahis siteleri like her no matter how gorgeous she was or how enticing her butt looked. If you’d have asked me half an hour ago I’d have agreed that I wasn’t that crazy. Turns out I am though. I ran my hand across her damp swimsuit clad backside and smiled. Just for a moment I swear there was a moment of trepidation in her eyes.

“Very Naughty,” I repeated as I raised my right hand and slapped it down on her ass. The blow landed in between her cheeks and didn’t seem to impact either with any force, so I switched my aim to her left cheek and let loose another spank.

She made a sharp intake of breath and her hips pushed down, separating my knees slightly, forcing me to sit with my legs more apart. Satisfied with the result I tried it on her right buttock to much the same result. I began to smack her butt quickly, alternating cheeks, trying to make the most of what I feared would be a short opportunity, half of me believing that at any moment she’d call me a monster and run off crying. After two full minutes of slaps, spanks and swats her feet were kicking gently at the floor, her torso wriggling in my lap in a way that made me quite excited. Each blow was accompanied by a little squelch as my dry hand made contact with the wet fabric of her bathing suit.

“Oh Mr. Lifeguard your hand is so hard,” she said mockingly.

I laughed and thought about telling her the hard thing poking her in the stomach wasn’t my hand, but I figure she knew that already. It was a good a cue as any to spank her harder though. I stopped spanking and used both hands to squeeze the ass of the swimsuit together, hiking it up in the process, revealing both her buttocks in all their glory, if at the cost for her of a slight wedgie. Her left cheek was a light pink to the angrier red of her right cheek, a situation I decided to rectify by aiming 30 seconds worth of smacks at her left buttock alone. With one hand holding her swimsuit in place, I spanked with the other hand putting hours at the gym each week into my task.

“OW! My butt isn’t a pair of bongo’s you know!” she protested, twisting back to look at me, a mixture of admiration and indignation in her eyes.

I switched back to smacking both cheeks. Spanking hard and with little in the way of rhyme or reason I spanked each cheek randomly, going between them at will.

To my great delight she let out a series of yelps. “Ow, Ouch, that stings!” she said, with enough emphasis to make me believe her.

“Well duh! You are being punished after all,” canlı bahis siteleri I replied with far more enthusiasm than was strictly necessary. I stopped and squeezed each cheek with my hand before going back to spanking them with gusto, watching intensely, savoring their slowly changing color.

We must have gone on like that for 3 more minutes, her breathing increasingly erratic, and my soul jumping for joy. Unfortunately I heard the familiar clank of a nearby shed being opened as the gardeners arrived to fetch their lawnmowers. Discretion being important I had no choice but to stop lest we be discovered. For a full minute we sat there while she recovered her composure, my hand caressing her ass instead of spanking it. Thank heavens for the fence around the pool for providing us with some privacy!

Obviously she wasn’t as worried about being discovered as I was, because she rolled off my knees and on to her own, licking her lips hungrily as she looked up at me.

As she pulled down my swim shorts with a look of what can only be described as feigned surprise my throat went dry, to dry for me to utter anything.

“Mr. Lifeguard, it seems there was something else hard around here besides your hand,” she winked, taking my erection into her mouth without hesitation.

Whereas the only other girl I’d been with was slow, tentative, with my cock unsure if it would even fit in their mouths, this woman devoured it with gusto. In one smooth motion she wrapped he lips around the head and took the length of my shaft into her mouth and down her throat. Looking up at me with her big blue eyes she began to bob her head up and down as I groaned. Outside the fence the hum of the lawnmowers started, which drowned out the sucking and slurping.

I was shocked, this whole morning had been shocking, and as such I wasn’t mentally prepared for her expert ministrations. That was the excuse I told myself later anyway, not lasting as long as I might have hoped. Really though, she did seem an expert, sucking me until I had no option but to spurt into her waiting mouth. If the jolts of warm sticky cum into her mouth bothered her she made no signs of discomfort, continuing to milk my dick dry with her mouth until I had nothing left.

With a swallow and then a smile, she stood, resting her hand on my shoulder to support her wobbling legs. I stayed silent, unable to find the words to express just how happy I was.

“I’ll see you the same time tomorrow Mr. Lifeguard,” she purred in my ear before kissing me on the cheek.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then,” was all my pleasure addled brain could think of to say. I could do nothing but watch as she scampered away, out the pool area and off towards the women’s changing rooms.

The only coherent thought going through my mind was that this was the BEST SUMMER JOB EVER!

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