Bi Secret Life Ch. 06

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This is my latest experience which happened this week and was a first for me.

I had been chatting to this guy for about 2 weeks, he seemed genuine and was bi curious and wanted to try another man for the first time.

His name was Mark ,he was 52 and married but wanted to explore his bi sexual side, we managed to arrange a meet at his house when his wife was away.

The day of our meet came around and I had a shower and dressed in jogging bottoms boxers and a long sleeve top and then drove over to Mark’s house which was about a 15 minute drive. I arrived at his house which was quite a large house in a nice area, I parked up and went up to the front door.

I rang the bell and waited for an answer and it wasn’t long before Mark opened the door.

“Hi you must be John” said Mark as he pulled the door wide open for me to go in.

Mark closed and then locked the door.

“My wife is away but my daughter has a key so I just want to make sure were not disturbed” said Mark as he walked over to me.

“So how do we start then?” asked Mark.

“However you want to start” I replied.

I thought I better take control and see how far he would go, I moved close to him and kissed him passionately on the lips, for a few seconds güvenilir bahis he seemed to respond then he pushed me away.

“Sorry maybe that’s not what I want” said Mark as he backed away.

“So what do you want to do, tell me or your just wasting my fucking time” I shouted as I was getting horny and didn’t think I was going to get any action from Mark.

“I want to do something but I’m sure what” said Mark.

I was now getting frustrated so I pulled down my jogging bottoms and boxers to show Mark my hard cock.

“Look just do something to it, kiss it, wank it or suck it just do something” I said.

Mark then dropped to his knees and took my cock in his hands and started to slowly wank me off, I placed my hands on the back of his head and guided his mouth towards my cock, he didn’t seem to resist and I felt his lips on the end of my cock.

I pushed him further onto my cock and he started to suck me, he was a little rough at first but I give him some advice on how to do it and he started to suck harder and faster.

I didn’t want to cum to soon so I pulled Mark up and kissed him passionately again, this time he didn’t stop, as we kissed my hands went down and undid his jeans and I moved my hand inside to feel what türkçe bahis was a very swollen cock, as my hands caressed it I could feel Mark kissing me harder.

We broke the kiss and Mark suggested we go upstairs, I kicked off my trainers and bottoms and took off my top so I was now naked and followed Mark upstairs. We went into his bedroom and began to kiss, as we kissed I pulled down his jeans and he kicked them off.

My hand moved down to his cock which was about a very nice 7 ins and I began to wank him off, his kissing become harder as I wanked him faster, Mark then broke the kiss.

“I’m going to cum” he shouted.

I started to wank him faster and within seconds I felt his warm cum shoot onto my hands.

I gently pushed him down onto the bed and as he watched I licked his cum off my fingers, I then lay down between his legs and licked off the cum that was still on his cock.

I wasn’t sure if Mark wanted to carry on once he had cum as I have know guys to cum and then want to stop, but Mark seemed happy for me to carry on as my tongue moved from his cock and over his balls and down to his ass.

Mark was fairly thinly built so I parted his legs and opened his ass cheeks so I could lick his hole. I pushed my face quite güvenilir bahis siteleri far in as my tongue could rim him, I began lick Marks hole and as I did I could hear him breathing deeply.

“Oh fuck that feels great” shouted Mark as my tongue pushed further in to him.

My hands got underneath his body and lifted him slightly as I pushed my face further into his ass. Marks hands grabbed hold of the back of my head. I continued to lick his hole and get his ass as wet as possible.

I pulled away and moved up to lay beside Mark and pulled his leg across my body and rolled over so he was now on top of me. I pushed him slowly down so my hard cock was now in contact with his wet asshole, I pushed him down a little more and my cock pushed inside his ass.

“Oohh yes” shouted Mark as he felt my cock push inside.

I gave a hard pushed and my cock went fully inside him.

“Oh fuck yes , that’s good” Mark now screamed.

Mark sat up so he was now riding my cock, he started to move up and down on me, he was slow at first but then began to get faster, I could feel I was close to cumming, I was so turned on as he rode my cock.

As he got faster I couldn’t hold on and I felt my cock spurt cum into Marks ass, as this happened we both let out a cry.

Mark pulled off me and as he did I could see his ass dripping with cum, he lay beside me on the bed as we both recovered.

We both dressed and said we would arrange another meeting next time his wife is away.

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