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It was a regular Saturday at Mom’s Place. That’s the name of the diner we usually meet at for a burger or just to chat. I don’t care much for booze and drunks are even less attractive to me, so I don’t go to bars. I just hang with a group who gets together for fun things like the day hike we took today and then for food and chat afterwards.

The composition of our group is always in flux, except there are a few of us who are “regulars”. I’m one and so are Jerry and Pete. Jerry brought a new girl to the hike I’d never seen before. She was quiet and very sweet-natured, a cute brunette just dressed in a white tee shirt and jeans. I was wearing a Crab Shack tee and shorts and everybody else was dressed about the same.

Jerry was hitting on the new girl, Mary, pretty heavily, making off-color jokes and she took it in good humor, but I could tell it was not a match made in heaven. Her distinguishing feature was her breasts. They were quite large, maybe a EE cup size on her slim frame. I thought the contrast between her figure and her breasts was remarkable. I figured if she had boobs like mine, we could be twinsies. I wear a size 3 and guys just don’t stare at my A cup boobies. I don’t mind, though. I’m bisexual and I don’t really enjoy being stared at by guys. Girls are usually canlı bahis şirketleri much more subtle and I like that better.

It was getting late in the evening and I was tiring of the same old boob jokes I’d heard Jerry utter. He’s very attracted to girls with big boobs. I think his mom never breast-fed him when he was a baby and so he’s trying to make up for lost time. Anyway, Mary made her apologies and said something about going to the ladies’ room. I had a hunch and I followed her a half moment later.

I waited by the sink for her to finish her business in the stall and wash her hands. I smiled at her and just said, “Hi, I’m Laura.”

“I’m happy to meet you, Laura. I’m Mary. Is Jerry always like this?”

I laughed and nodded. “Yeah, it gets pretty old, but he’s harmless.”

She gave me a sardonic smile and seemed to be waiting for something. I just decided to go for the gold. “Do you ever fool around with other girls?”

Her smile warmed up nicely. “Other girls like you, maybe?”

I moved a bit closer and looked into her eyes. “Yeah, like me. I think you’re really cute and I was hoping you might be interested.”

She grinned at me evilly. “A long cruise, was it, sailor?”

“Too long.”

“You want to just drop down on the tile and canlı kaçak iddaa go for it?”

“I actually had this counter in mind.”

“That would be very comfortable, yeah.”

“It could be.”

At this point, we couldn’t contain ourselves. We were laughing uproariously. “Oh, my G-d, I love that movie. I wanted to be both Maverick and Charlie. She was so cool and he was such an arrogant pilot.”

Mary smirked, “Naval aviator.”

“Yeah, a Naval aviator. Shit I watch that movie every time it comes on. I can’t believe you’re into it, too!” I couldn’t help myself. The sight of her great mams bouncing up and down as she laughed was making me hot.

Nobody else was in the ladies’ room but us at that point. I took a chance and I held her hand and led her into the handicapped stall and latched it. Looking into her eyes, I asked, “May I?”

By way of answer, she pulled me close and kissed me. The sensation of her lovely pillows against my chest was inspiring. I held onto her with my left hand as I slid my right under her tee shirt, over her bra and then I found her erect nipple.

The feel of her wonderful breast under my hand was amazing. I tried to undo her bra, but she wasn’t having any of that. “No time, love.”

Her hand found its way into my shorts, canlı kaçak bahis into my panties and into my slit which was very slick and moist at that point. She slid a finger inside and pulled out some lube for my clit.

I pulled her shirt up and at least began nibbling on her nipple as she began to finger me. Her moans increased my horniness and I gave her a sharp nip before I joined her in some serious mutual masturbation. It took only a couple of moments before we were both ready to climax. I kissed her and she kissed me and we circled each other’s clits more and more rapidly until she began to cum first and I followed her in just a few seconds.

She stiffened as she came and I was moaning, working hard to keep from making more noise. As my clit became too sensitive, I held her hand close to my cunt and she hugged me close.

Mary began to relax and giggle. “Shit, Laura, that was fun! Want to do it again?”

I smile at her. “Very much. I want more time to enjoy your lovely boobies, though. You don’t mind that I’m only an A cup, do you?”

She kissed my lips again. “No, sweetie, they’re really cute and so are you. I envy girls with small titties. No backaches and cheap bras and buying clothes off the rack.”

We went back to the mirror and straightened up, repaired our lipstick, and I reached into my purse for my little notebook. I wrote my name and numbers and handed it to her. She did the same in my book.

“Call me soon, kay?”

I grinned right back at her. “Count on it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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